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  1. I am here for the full embrace of me' boi Packer Also, I don't know what's going on
  2. Was it really that hard for them to just fix what was broken on Mojo instead of breaking it further? Because this is genuinely horrendous.
  3. Tbh that's an argument for creating an entirely separate sub-forum just for spoiler discussion threads, which I'd be 100% for since I don't like how they're in the Box Office Discussion forum either.
  4. Wasn't there a separate thread created when all the Endgame stuff leaked? Wouldn't it make sense to do that for TRoS rather than have it clog up this thread?
  5. Is that Keri Russell on the poster below Billy Dee Williams? Edit: No, it's Kelly Marie Tran. Twitter wouldn't let me zoom in.
  6. I agree. It has basically everything going for it — liked first film, better reviews so far, only two year gap, prime release date, no major action film since at least Thermal, nearly all of May to itself outside of Green Arrow and a pretty lackluster June. Losing a third of its audience on OW would be implausible IMO.
  7. Some of these are honestly kinda off the charts. And Our Brand is Crisis was a poorly received late October dump job that released in two thirds of the theaters Forgiveness is in. I don’t see how they’re comparable.
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