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  1. (Tentpoles in green) Y1 Ophidiophobia - Horror/Comedy - Directed by Ellory Elkayem Timmy's Winter Vacation - Family/Sports - Directed by John Schultz Mirror's Edge - Action - Directed by Pierre Morel Second Wind - Adventure/Comedy - Directed by Peter Billingsley Second to Singapore - Stoner Comedy/Action - Directed by David Gordon Green The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck - Traditional Animation/Adventure - Directed by Mark Dindal Voltron: Defenders of the Universe - Sci-Fi/Action - Directed by Jon Favreau Minnie's Treasure Hunt - Family/Adventure - Directed by David Bowers Rollercoaster - Suspense/Thriller - Directed by Luke Scott An Apple a Night - Family/Adventure - Directed by Thor Freudenthal The Little Engine That Could - 2D Animation/Family/Adventure - Directed by Jayson Thiessen The Rider - Action/Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi - Directed by Pete Travis The Executioner - Action - Directed by Dennis Gansel Stacie - Horror/Thriller - Directed by Ciarán Foy Bad Cop - Thriller - Directed by Gary Fleder The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Musical - Directed by Joe Wright Tubular! - Sports/Period - Directed by Rob Bowman Y2 Timmy's Winter Vacation 2 - Family/Adventure - Directed by John Schultz On the Beach - Drama - Directed by John Hillcoat The Road to El Dorado - Period Adventure - Directed by Matthew Vaughn Damnation Alley - Post-Apocalypse/Action - Directed by Nikolaj Arcel Voltron: Rise of Lotor - Sci-Fi/Action - Directed by Shane Black Y3 From Earth to Infinity: An Odyssey Through Space - Space Documentary - Directed by Tori Meyers Ripper - Period Thriller - Directed by Gil Kenan Second Wind: Stormy Seas - Adventure/Comedy - Directed by Peter Billingsley The Scavenger Wars – Sci-Fi/Action – Directed by Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Action - Directed by Pierre Morel The Number One Dime – Traditional Animation/Family/Comedy – Directed by Mark Dindal Y5 The Scavenger Wars Part II - Sci-Fi - Directed by Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer Y7 Hilda and the Midnight Giant - Animation/Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy-Drama The Scavenger Wars Part III - Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller - Directed by Matt Shakman Y8 Flightless Bird: The Downfall of the Boeing 737 MAX - Documentary - Directed by Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg
  2. My problem was always that Godzilla wasn't relevant to the story until he shows up at random during the Hawaii sequence, and even after then it's the MUTOs that keep driving the plot, and the movie doesn't apply the same Jaws-style approach to them, so it just became annoying rather than enticing. The first 40 minutes and the climax are both excellent, but the movie in between I could never care much for.
  3. 👏 two-time 👏 boffy winner 👏 Honor 👏 Kneafsey 👏 Put Wolfwalkers on blu-ray, Apple, you fucking cowards
  4. Please change The Wicker Man’s title to Untitled Detective Thriller. I’m dropping the WM branding.
  5. I’m relinquishing the rights to Wicker Man for the time being.
  6. My super votes based on the 22 films I saw last year:
  7. So no objections to Alpha’s post means May 2 is a go, or...? Just want confirmation so I can start planning my angle of attack on my projects
  8. I'd like until at least Easter Monday since it's the only time in the near future where I'll get days off from work.
  9. Because the OP hasn't been updated yet. I'd suggest looking at the "last edited" insert at the bottom to see when it was last updated compared to when you posted your film.
  10. Preventing disease (which is what the 95% efficacy refers to) is not the same as preventing infection. Very few vaccines do the latter to a full degree, but preventing disease goes a long way towards reducing transmission and infection since the virus gets less of a chance to multiply and spread. But it can still spread, which is why we still have to be careful.
  11. The vaccines don't stop you from getting infected and were never going to. The point is to effectively neutralize the virus from causing serious harm to your body by strengthening your immune system. It's not some magical protective shield from infection altogether, and you can still spread it. It's also why at least some measures should stay in place for a while longer.
  12. I think it's Hong Kong. You can see the Bank of China tower on the right.
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