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  1. This is the first time I've heard there's a new Snoopy cartoon out.
  2. Onward is gonna have one of the worst runs of all time for reasons entirely outside of its control. Crazy.
  3. Will there even be a box office to report this weekend?
  4. There are already multiple cases of people who've recovered from the virus that then got it again, so there's no guarantee they're immune.
  5. I'd argue $20 is a fantastic price if you're more than one watching it.
  6. Hilda and the Midnight Giant Best Picture Best Director - Jill Culton Best Animated Feature Best Ensemble Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Leading Role - Pixie Davis Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role - Michelle Dockery Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role - Himesh Patel Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role - Andrew Scott Best Adapted Screenplay Best Original Score - Thomas Newman Best Original Song - "Always on the Move" by Grimes Best Film Editing Best Sound Mixing Best Sound Editing Best Use of Action
  7. Studio: Cookie Pictures Animation Genre: Animation (Worldmeander) / Fantasy / Adventure / Comedy-Drama Director: Jill Culton Producers: Sebastian Peters, Mark Dindal, Suzanne Buirgy Executive Producers: Luke Pearson, Dana Terrace, Xander B. Irving Composer: Thomas Newman Original Song: "Always on the Move" by Grimes Animation Style: The film adopts the visual style of the original graphic novels (day scenes are in burnt orange and maroon like permanent autumn, nights are icy blue and dark teal) and uses software based on the "Meander" technology that allows hand-drawn animation tools (brushstrokes, thick, emotive lines, drawn to camera) to be employed and rendered in CG animation without sacrifice while including the added depth and stability of the latter. Based on: Hilda and the Midnight Giant (2011) and the Netflix animated series Hilda (2018 to present) created by Luke Pearson Voice Cast: Pixie Davies as Hilda, a spirited adventurer who explores her valley to her heart's content Michelle Dockery as Johanna aka "Mum", Hilda's caring mother who's nevertheless worried about her Himesh Patel as Alfur, a citizen of the elf kingdom that aids Hilda on her quest Sanjeev Bhaskar as Bulfur, the mayor of an elf town David Morrissey as The General, the high commander of the elf army and Molgren's closest confidant Lakeith Stanfield as The Wood Man, a creature made entirely out of wood that regularly wanders uninvited into Hilda and Johanna's home in order to read a good book with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as "The Midnight Giant", a gigantic creature that wanders at night and Andrew Scott as Molgren, the self-aggrandizing prime minister of the elf kingdom elected to drive Hilda and Johanna out of their land Note: All elf characters speak in a higher pitch compared to normal speech. Hidden/Minor Cast: Rating: PG for sequences of peril, crude humor and instances of mild language Release Date: August 4th Budget: $130 million Theater Count: 4,150 Running Time: 121 minutes (2 hours, 1 minute) Format: 2D, Dolby Cinema Premise: Hilda has spent her entire life living as a carefree adventurer out in the woods and valleys not far from the city of Trolberg, but when tiny elves attack her and her mother Johanna's house in order to drive them out, Johanna starts having second thoughts about the valley being safe for a young girl like Hilda. Unwilling to leave her home, Hilda embarks on a quest with elven citizen Alfur in order to convince the elf government to let her and Johanna live in peace. A greater conundrum soon emerges in form of the Midnight Giant, a creature tall as the mountains he wanders past, and now the race is on to uncover the giant's origins while the elf prime minister begins plotting a nefarious scheme. Plot: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xR9vyYv9UoJpM_IV9QR2tigue04dMbQN3LZEq4Ay_X8/edit?usp=sharing (22,800 words)
  8. Would Disney attempt to re-release this in a few months when the situation (hopefully) improves or will they just take the L and put it out on D+ in the summer?
  9. I think we're going to start seeing a lot of 2021 delays on top of the 2020 ones if the production shutdowns linger until the summer.
  10. More likely they're just waiting to see how the worldwide situation develops, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's next on the chopping block.
  11. So are all the publications that have seen it just gonna have to sit on their reviews until whenever it ends up coming out, or...?
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