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  1. Kinda bizarre that this is coming after Shang-Chi when the latter hasn't even finished filming yet.
  2. I mean, I'm fairly confident they have been actively thinking of casting the next Bond knowing this will be Craig's last one. They probably even had a list of names to approach should the negotiations with Craig post-Spectre have gone south.
  3. Universal moving Croods to Thanksgiving seems to suggest a Soul delay or Disney+ release is expected.
  4. To be submitted out of competition at the Y8 CAYOM Festival From the director of '3:10 to Yuma' and 'Logan' COIN-OP YAKUZA Inspired by allegedly true events, in 1990s Japan an up-and-coming arcade developer hopes to collaborate with Japanese video game giant Nintendo on an upcoming game, only to have his younger sister be abducted by the yakuza crime syndicate, supposedly at the behest of a rival tech giant, in order to make him end the collaboration. In a race against the clock to get his sister back, the developer dives deep into the ties between the Japanese video games industry and the criminal underworld. Featuring Masi Oka ('Heroes', 'Hawaii Five-0') Kimiko Glenn ('Orange is the New Black', 'Gateways') Rinko Kikuchi ('Pacific Rim', 'Megalo Box') Hiroyuki Sanada ('The Wolverine', 'Mortal Kombat') Sho Kosugi ('Vengeance') Koyu Rankin ('Isle of Dogs') with John Slattery ('Mad Men', 'Iron Man 2') Ken Watanabe ('Inception', 'Godzilla') and "Beat" Takeshi Kitano ('Battle Royale', ' Ghost in the Shell') Directed by James Mangold Music by Marco Beltrami
  5. It's on Deadline and Hollywood Reporter too. https://deadline.com/2020/09/candyman-mgm-universal-release-date-2021-1234575640/ https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/universal-moves-candyman-to-2021
  6. Huh? 1. No Time to Die is a Universal/United Artists release, not Sony. 2. It has a release date. One that was clearly advertised in the latest trailer even.
  7. I think at best a post-COVID theatrical landscape would bring us back to 2019 levels and then continue in the direction it was already heading. Windows get shorter, tentpoles continue to absorb the market, etc. A post-COVID resurgence I just can't see ever being a thing.
  8. I mean even stuff like Terminator, Aliens and Robocop got toys and merchandise made out of them in those days, that doesn't mean those films were aimed at young audiences.
  9. Soul is going to premiere at BFI London next month so at the moment they're not looking to delay it again, at least.
  10. I don't feel like this would've been too complex to advertise properly. If anything there's perhaps an argument that the marketing's been a bit too purposely vague.
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