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  1. Alex-Bot came out of nowhere in the final act and served no purpose. Jakey G’s villain overall did shit without any clear motivation for why he did any of it. The original draft was worse. And Sam Rockbot was there and even more useless btw
  2. It's a horror movie after halloween, it was always gonna be in a free fall.
  3. cookie

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    Big name actor noms can give boosts sometimes.
  4. It didn't really do worse than The Emperor's New Groove tbf I mean I only have like the vaguest idea of what to do with it anyway so it's not going to happen anytime soon.
  5. I have two, one I can't announce yet and the other being:
  6. Question: Instead of doing yet another remake of an animated movie, is it okay if one jumps ahead and does a live-action sequel/spin-off to the original instead (I don't mean something tangentially related like I'm already doing with Countdown)? I don't have any real interest in direct adaptations anymore and doing my own thing with the material would be more exciting.
  7. Not sure why it’s stacked in a season that’s overcrowded with both in that case (and one week before Xillix’s own fantasy tentpole even).
  8. Is R&RHA a romance drama or an action movie, I'm legit confused now.
  9. You seemed so super adamant three days ago and then you move it anyway. But yes move it to the 12th
  10. cookie

    CAYOM IV: The Grand Totals

    If the gore is done through practical effects that would be next to impossible to edit out, I agree.
  11. cookie

    CAYOM IV: The Grand Totals

    Couldn't stuff like that be edited around though? I know the UK sometimes does that.
  12. cookie

    CAYOM IV: The Grand Totals

    I guess comparing Voltron to Transformers and Scavenger Wars to Apes/Avatar skewed my perspective a bit.
  13. cookie

    CAYOM IV: The Grand Totals

    That's... a pretty weak OS for the genre.

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