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  1. The Scavenger Wars Part II - Director's Cut - Studio: Cookie Pictures Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller/Drama/Re-release Directors: Matt & Ross Duffer Producers: Sebastian Peters, Matt Reeves, Matt Shakman (re-release collaborator) Music: James Newton Howard Cinematographer: Dan Laustsen Release Date: February 24th Theater Count: 2,400 Formats: 2D, Dolby Cinema, Cinerama Budget (re-release): $5m (original budget $240m) Running Time: 148 minutes (2 hours, 28 minutes) Rating: R for sequences of bloody violence, sexual content, thematic elements and strong language throughout Original release: December 17th, Y5 Plot synopsis: Five years following the events of the previous film, the resigned Captain Lucina battles personal demons and a growing conspiracy that could undo a fragile peace and put both Khouga and the H.F.F in grave danger. Previous film (The Scavenger Wars, released Y3): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SsaPQQBs_mHWwAjSrM4fyrbiJ5JLdthnAX9rgHbLGfQ/edit (28,000 words) Plot: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oL6BrFrFi0pD9ggsQ6FEDdlFJTb-M3heBeeWL9X3VIw/edit (25,000 words) Scenes filmed with Cinerama lenses are written in green. Main Cast (* denotes voice and/or performance capture): Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lucina * Letitia Wright as Tamara * Bex Taylor-Klaus as Sunn * Sasha Lane as Sal * Taissa Farmiga as Luna * Sean Bean as Torann Kenneth Branagh as Arthur Hampstead Laurence Fishburne as Grand Admiral Radian Helms with * Ben Foster as Jarek and * Andy Serkis as Emperor Ares Minor/Spoiler Cast:
  2. My current schedule is to have Scav3 draft done and sent to Numbers by Super Bowl weekend and have it published by Valentine's. Zelda's draft I'm aiming to have done around Valentine's as well.
  3. @CayomMagazine After an exposé article detailing practices of queerbaiting over at Dreamworks Animation, both Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery have been permanently barred from Cookie Pictures properties. Dos Santos will have his producer credit stripped from future Scavenger Wars films, and Montgomery is no longer involved with SkyRiders. "I don't even care anymore. We're not letting them back regardless of what happens," Sebastian Peters bluntly said to reporters outside the studio gate, storming past them to go get some ice cream.
  4. @CayomMagazine Cookie Pictures has ended development on Scarf/Boots, citing studio dissatisfaction with the development progress. The project is in indefinite limbo.
  5. * Teaser released online on November 15th, Y6 and airing before screenings of Off-Road and XJ9-Rebirth *
  6. I enjoyed the movie overall even if it was stuffy AF and I disagreed with several creative choices. A three-year break after this was the right call, though.
  7. Actor age spreadsheet updated. McKenna Grace ties with Milly Bobby Brown as the youngest nominee and winner at the time they received their nomination/award.
  8. @CayomMagazine Following tonight's two Oscar announcements, Cookie Pictures has put out a press release stating that the thriller sequel For Whom the Bell Tolls (aka Ripper II) and the fantasy romance Scarf/Boots have marked release dates for November 17th and December 22nd respectively, the studio hoping to provide suitable counter programming for those release periods. The studio has also confirmed that on Christmas Day, December 25th, the studio will debut trailers and new information for The Scavenger Wars Part III, The Legend of Zelda: Secret of the Guardians and the announced Scarf/Boots.
  9. FTR here's how the IMAX windows look currently: Hypercompetency - 14 days Expedition: Everest - 21 days The Epsilon Syndicate: Art of the Dream - 14 days In the Doghouse - 14 days Pillars of Eternity: An Ancient Legacy - 14 days Brother Bear - 7 days The Legend of Zelda: Secret of the Guardians - 14 days The Rescuers: Burden of Dreams - 14 days One Piece II - 21 days* Daughters - 14 days* Call of Duty: Eye of the Storm - 14 days* Lena and the Featherweights - 7 days* Yang - 7 days The Scavenger Wars Part III - 14 days Should You Imagine? - 14 days Scoundrel - 7 days Temple Run - 7 days Attack on Titan - 14 days* The Gardens Above - 7 days* The Long Way Home - 14 days He-Man V: The Stench of Evil - 14 days The Formation - 14 days Return of the Last Six - 14 days 1906 - 14 days Megalo Box - 21 days* Starlight - 21 days* Heroes Within - 14 days Tower of Babylon - 14 days Green Lantern Corps: Home - 12 days Wanderers - ??? * Indicates split IMAX shares. See OP for details.
  10. @CookiePictures Also coming Y7. How 'bout that?
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