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  1. If they moved up one key scene and dropped another they probably weren't key...
  2. CAYOM Magazine

    If it's stupid fun like the first two Mummy movies I wouldn't have a problem with it.
  3. CAYOM Y2 - Advanced Schedule

    OKAY FINE Atlantis: The Lost Empire - September 14th YOU'RE GETTING ALL THIS @spaghetti!
  4. CAYOM Y2 - Advanced Schedule

  5. CAYOM Y2 - Advanced Schedule

    Fuck it, time for a revamped slate: Atlantis: The Lost Empire - February 16th Lance - March 9th The Shadow Entities - March 23rd Metroid - April 6th Countdown to Extinction - May 18th TaleSpin - June 8th Mech Suit Heroine Rita - June 29th F-Zero - July 13th Splatoon - September 21st The Colony - October 5th The Scavenger Wars - November 2nd The Road to El Dorado - November 16th The Cat and the Canary - December 7th Voltron: Rise of Lotor - December 14th Rollercoasters - December 21st
  6. CAYOM Magazine

    November 22nd, Year 3: The Number One Dime aka The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck 2 (dir. Mark Dindal) December 20th, Year 3: Voltron 3 (dir. Fede Alvarez)
  7. CAYOM Magazine

    @CookiePictures March madness - LANCE and THE SHADOW ENTITIES now both launch March Y2. Rated R and PG-13 respectively. @CookiePictures Spin it! Start the summer with Baloo, Kit, Rebecca, Don Carnage and the fearsome Shere Khan when TALESPIN opens everywhere June 8th. #TaleSpin @CookiePictures You've got boost power! Rev up your engines for F-ZERO this November. #ShowMeYourMoves
  8. CAYOM Y2 - Advanced Schedule

    New dates: Atlantis: The Lost Empire - February 16th Lance - March 9th The Shadow Entities - March 23rd TaleSpin - June 8th F-Zero - November 2nd
  9. CAYOM Y2 - Advanced Schedule

    The underlying message/satire, mostly. Execution is everything.
  10. CAYOM Y2 - Advanced Schedule

    I'm gonna give you a fair warning about The Academy: you're walking a bit of a tight rope for me with that setup. Choose wisely and you will be rewarded. Choose unwisely and this is what I will do to your movie:
  11. CAYOM Y2 - Advanced Schedule

    Don't count your chickens before they hatch

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