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  1. Why you're letting Da Berg and Coran down?
  2. And all the producing gigs Cookie Pictures will hand him in the near future
  3. Cookie's Corner's Preliminary Review of 'Mass Effect' Too many dead Turians. Gyllenhaal no good. Wait for Voltron. 0.1/10
  4. You can apply that to all the big gun sci-fis in this game tbf
  5. TFW you just finished a seriously wild 15-minute sequence
  6. cookie

    CAYOM Magazine

    Yeah but had he won in Y2 I would've gone ahead with that James Grey adventure movie starring him...
  7. cookie

    CAYOM Magazine

    Still salty over the Year 2 loss, I guess.
  8. TFW you wake up from a nap and @Blankments has liked many of your CAYOM-related posts
  9. If we don't even know what those movies are there's low chance they're making that date though so Bond 25 should be fine.
  10. cookie

    CAYOM Magazine

    So that means Seresin shoots at least three movies next year.
  11. Given that it's a similar concept to the NES/SNES Minis I don't mind the disk tray being only for aesthetics. The lack of thumbsticks is a major oof though.
  12. As Animal Crossing is taking longer than anticipated (plus gotta work in all the cameo requests) I'm pumping the brakes on it for now and returning to it next week while I finish up Voltron (the new goal is to hand in the pre-read version on Sunday, otherwise I won't bother).
  13. That’s the problem I have with what I call ’3D anime’ and shows in that vain. They try to emulate the movement of traditional animation but since CG is inherently smooth it just comes across like a video game cutscene that has serious frame rate issues. It’s often very distracting.

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