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  1. I honestly keep forgetting there even is a Hitman's Bodyguard sequel out.
  2. Cookie Pictures partnering with Universal Music Group B.V Presents Original Soundtrack by Laurent Perez Del Mar Collaborating with director Michaël Dudok De Wit a second time after 2016's The Red Turtle, french composer Laurent Perez Del Mar returns to the fantasy well with Everything We Miss, with much of its score inspired by the composer's earlier work and his use of orchestral arrangements, albeit more subdued to better accommodate the darker tone of the work. Due to the film's short length, the complete score only lists fourteen tr
  3. Gimme dat fantasy film And thank you for #1!!! 😁
  4. #1 - Everything I Never Told You #2 - Flightless Bird #3 - Bronx is Burning #4 - Sandboy #5 - World of Trouble #6 - Squirrel Girl 2 #7 - Everything We Miss #8 - Sins of their Fathers #9 - Christmas Shopping #10 - Space Between Trees
  5. First gif is Splat, Splat, Boom! (#23) Second gif is Dealer's Choice (#18) Third gif is Panzer Dragoon (#22) Fourth gif is Everything We Miss (#12) Fifth gif is Strangers in the Town (#14)
  6. The first gif is Olive's Hallowed Eve (#15) The second gif is Static Shock: Frozen Summer (#24) The third gif is Learning to Care (#11) The fourth gif is Dirty Hands (#17) The fifth gif is Mighty Fall (#20)
  7. First gif is The Last Airbender (#16) Second gif is Castaways (#25) Third gif is Olive's Hallowed Eve (#13) Fourth gif is Mighty Fall (#19) Fifth gif is Dirty Hands (#21)
  8. Olive's Hallowed Eve (This review contains spoilers)
  9. The Un-Title-Able Squirrel Girl Sequel It's not too dissimilar to a pre-read version I've had conversations about at length with @YourMother the Edgelord, so I'm not going to dwell too long on it. I'm going to leave any biases out of it as well. The Un-Title-Able Squirrel Girl Sequel does have a bit of an issue of being a movie of two minds. Not that it's a deal breaker, but the balancing act between Doreen's internal struggle of wanting more out of her life than superheroics, which is the closest the series has come so far to being more for older audiences than for chi
  10. So here's the tentative schedule for the weekend: Family sequel triple feature (Squirrel Girl, Olive, and Pokémon) tomorrow. New Tricks, Far Cry, and Awkwafina double feature (Sins of Their Fathers and Returning from Hell) on Sunday
  11. Princess Mononoke The Lion King Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Coco Wolfwalkers Beauty and the Beast Toy Story 2 Castle in the Sky Inside Out The Incredibles Soul Ratatouille The Prince of Egypt The Lego Movie How to Train Your Dragon 2 My Neighbor Totoro Moana Kung Fu Panda 2 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Up Mitchells vs the Machines (inform me if it's not eligible) Toy Story 3 Klaus Tarzan Shrek 2 Bambi Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
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