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  1. and for our last award... Best Film and the winner is...
  2. That concludes the admittedly scarce (and long delayed) Year 9 festival. Special thanks go to @El Squibbonator, @MCKillswitch123, and @SLAM! for participating with their submissions, and for the CAYOM audience for tuning in and being patient through the delays. As previously announced, the awards are limited to just three this year: Best Film, Best Lead Performance, and Best Supporting Performance, as voted upon by our judges. As only three films with rather small casts were submitted in competition, no runner-ups will be featured outside of Best Film. Without further a
  3. Should pass Lion King and Jurassic World for #6 all-time next week.
  4. Is there a reason(s) for why so many films are ineligible? PotD and Lost Daughter are both tipped as shoe-ins for screenplay noms at the Oscars, yet WGA is ignoring them...
  5. @CayomMagazine Screening for Emily Harris's Death is Not My Friend has just concluded. Judges' verdict are expected within the hour. #CayomFest #DeathIsNotMyFriend 💀
  6. I mean, if we’re going to argue the ’spirit of the category’, then it seems counteractive to me to have the current definition be so broad if even films that do check all the boxes put forward then aren’t going to be deemed to be in the ’spirit’ of it. In that case, I’d maybe add an additional qualifier like ”less than X views on letterboxd” so you have the quantifiable data but avoid the interpretation gap. Something like sub-75k views (or lower, if people prefer) would still allow for a broad range of films that most people can pick at least a couple out of that they’ve seen (and make stream
  7. I just went by what’s defined in the ruleset. Wether people want to vote for it or not should be up to them imo 🤷‍♂️
  8. A highly polarizing film, but given its low box office and seemingly low Oscar chances (GoldDerby predicts an outside chance at cinematography, maybe production design, and not much else), I think it could use a FYC post. The Green Knight, as a new take on Arthurian legend, is a story about bravery as much as it is about cowardice, the journey of one man whose desperate craving for honor and glory causes him to make a reckless decision that puts him on the path of an inevitable fate, but one he must fulfill for it is what an honorable knight would do. Dev Patel's Sir Gawain's quest takes him a
  9. Industry legends have been dropping like flies lately. 2022 taking no prisoners.
  10. They’re a lot shorter for live-action films, though. Shang-Chi only adds two minutes for international credits, I don’t see why Eternals would have a 15 minute+ difference.
  11. Couple of FYCs for Worst Feature Coming 2 America - The most boring comedy of the year, this decades later sequel wastes a talented cast (and Tracey Morgan) on a dull and overlong family conflict story that isn't so much exasperating as it is just limp and unfunny. Don't be fooled whenever Wesley Snipes shows up in an admittedly amusing villain turn, he's not in it very much. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Despite being less than an hour long, this felt like an eternity. The book-accurate character designs are done dirty by cheap and terrible animation t
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