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  1. Besides Spider-Man there's nothing coming out between TS4 and TLK (two potential double feature pairings) that could cripple remaining legs though.
  2. I think there's bound to be some audience overlap given how much both predecessors grossed tho
  3. Although if Danny Phantom indeed is moving I could put Scrooge in February or early March if there's no family competition.
  4. I had thought of putting either Scandi or Zelda in Spring since fantasy movies seem to do well there, but Pillars was too big of a threat. It's possible I put Scrooge in May (as long as it's within the first half of Y7 I'm good) but I have to see the surrounding competition first.
  5. And here I was thinking of ways to pander to you including putting Zoey Deutch in a bunch of stuff... Darn you, Numbers.
  6. Considering you've already made your guess and you were wrong, you don't get a cookie for this one.
  7. I'll make this a tiny bit easier: You were all right on Rising but only one of you got BTS correct.
  8. You'd get one, but it'd be filled with raisins.
  9. It allows people to read it without having to read 80 other films at the same time so the benefits outweigh the detriments imo.
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