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  1. Mid-to-late September seems to be when Thanksgiving Disney releases get their second trailer. Tangled 2nd trailer: September 16th, 2010 Frozen 2nd trailer: September 26th, 2013 Moana 2nd trailer: September 15th, 2016 Ralph Breaks the Internet 2nd trailer: September 20th, 2018 Frozen 2 third trailer: September 23rd, 2019 Only outlier being The Good Dinosaur on October 6th, 2015. So Encanto should have another trailer any day now.
  2. Part 2 - Winners Winners are lower in quantity than nominees, obviously, so we need to alter our approach from the previous topic. The winners are also decided by all voters collectively ranking five or sometimes more choices, rather than nominees happening through the five actors/actresses receiving the most individual endorsements. The share of nominees also play a factor in how likely it is for an actor or actress to win the award, as it would obviously be impossible for an actress to win in an all-male ballot, or vice versa. Lead Performance T
  3. Wait is this for real and not the Variety writer being facetious, because that's hilarious if it is.
  4. Gender Diversity in the Voice Acting Categories: An Examination In this two-part series, I will shed some light on the gender diversity in the only two acting categories in CAYOM that have male and female performers share the same ballot, i.e the Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Lead or Supporting Role categories. This is not intended as a commentary on individual performances, but rather as an overlook of ongoing trends in CAYOM voting when it comes to gender-neutral categories. Expect a similar examination to be made to directors in the future. Part 1 - Nominees
  5. They also pulled a Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness by withholding Blofeld's name for no reason. Like they already had the two dumb twists with "I am your long-lost adoptive brother out for revenge" and "I caused everything bad that's ever happened to you," but then they had to tack on the whole "oh by the way, I go by Blofeld now," even though it has zero bearing on the plot. Like, if they just called him Blofeld from the start, the twists later would actually make it matter somewhat.
  6. A Statement from Cookie Pictures President and CEO Sebastian Peters on the Y8 Academy Awards "I would like to begin by congratulating all the winners on Friday night, in particular extend my congrats to Blankments Productions and their longtime studio head Edward Nadny for eclipsing our studio's record of most wins earned by a single studio in one night, with twelve awards in total. Sandboy and Olive's Hallowed Eve are two of my personal favorite films of the last few years, and their wins are well-earned. I would now like to extend my congratulations to our own studio'
  7. I'd argue the serialization only really hit a roadblock when it tried to force classic Bond into it. That whole bit in Quantum with Gemma Arterton is just bizarre, and trying to make Blofeld some massive overarching villain and tie him into Bond's backstory in Spectre ended up being nonsensical. Both films are messes, but I wouldn't say the serialization was inherently the problem, especially since Casino Royale was the one setting that up in the first place.
  8. I agree with this. If the budget difference between IC submissions and OOC submissions is fairly neglilibe, then what would actually separate them? 30/75 is a reasonable middle ground imo.
  9. First post and franchises list have been updated
  10. As announced last night, the untitled Rian Johnson film is now called The Hunted.
  11. COOKIE PICTURES and COOKIE PICTURES A N I M A T I O N presents... ***
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