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  1. Tuca & Bertie was really funny, could've been as good as BoJack Horseman if it was allowed to grow (and Netflix promotes it properly). Shame it got canned.
  2. They could always go up since it's still Friday afternoon on the East Coast, but jeez those numbers for Dora and Angry Birds are not looking good — neither does the other non-Good Boys openers.
  3. Well... it was still in a movie with a Spock around, and the movie took the time to show how it affected him personally. I guess I should rephrase it by saying that declaring she's dead in the opening crawl would be pretty disrespectful in my opinion.
  4. Killing off Leia before the movie even starts would be incredibly disrespectful IMO. Better to give the character a tasteful sendoff with the material they have at their disposal.
  5. Using IMs of previous R-rated comedies to compare Good Boys with: Tag — $23.69m Blockers — $28.79m The Spy Who Dumped Me — $26.75m Happytime Murders — $21.0m Hitman's Bodyguard — $28.06m $25m+ is definitely doable.
  6. A lot of MCU films are currently tied up in licensing deals with other services. Endgame will be available in December, and Infinity War, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man 2 and Ragnarok will be available within the first year. All Star Wars films up to Rogue One will be available at launch, and the rest will trickle in after that.
  7. If we assume it has a similar IM to previous shark movies: The Meg — $5.85m The Shallows — $6.54m 47 Meters Down — $7.86m And other August horror movies: Scary Stories — $4.62m Slender Man — $5.86m Annabelle 2 — $4.51m Even the best case scenario is pretty lackluster.
  8. I've seen this meme format a couple of times and I honestly have no idea what each of the three is supposed to represent.
  9. @CookiePictures Cookie Pictures is very pleased to confirm this partnership with Hourglass to bring the electrifying tale of Powerline to the big screen. #Seein'ItI2I
  10. As someone who's had much of the same problems all summer, I say do whatever you have to do to feel better. CAYOM will still be here. Have a Snoopy hug in the meantime
  11. Oh, okay. Easy to confuse the two these days But that's a pretty brutal drop for FFH. Figured Sony would use Angry Birds to boost it.
  12. Soon weekly grosses are just going to be Tuesdays and nothing else.
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