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  1. Duckverse - 13 Voltron franchise - 14 Hunchback of Notre Dame - 15 Hunchback + Road to El Dorado - 18 Scavenger Wars - 18
  2. All three were in it (the first one was at the very end before they cut to Serkis)
  3. @4815162342 @Ethan Hunt @Hiccup23 @Hunt for the Wilderpasta @Rorschach @YourMother the Edgelord @Xillix For scheduling reasons and me needing time to work on the ceremony, the Y3 Academy Awards will be held on SUNDAY JUNE 3RD STARTING AT 7 P.M EASTERN with an OSCAR PRE-SHOW STARTING AT 6 P.M EASTERN. HOSTS AND GUEST APPEARANCES WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER THIS WEEK. You have until FRIDAY JUNE 1ST at Midnight Eastern to send in your votes. The votes must be sent in as follows: Rank your top to bottom picks in numbers one to five (in categories with six nominations, rank one to six), one being your first pick and five being your last pick. The rankings MUST be sorted from top pick to bottom pick. I will only accept a ballot if your picks look like this: I will NOT accept your ballot if it looks like this: Or any variation of the sort. I mean okay, if you send your ballots in minutes before the deadline I can let it slide but if you send the ballot in far earlier and doesn't fix it that would just be rude. When it comes to the acting ballots, the actor’s name must be listed BEFORE the name of the film they appear in. Same goes with composer and song names. SO START SENDING IN YOUR BALLOTS TODAY!
  4. Ethan when he sees that not only did Scavenger Wars (and Odyssey 2) smash Spark 1's nominee record but Spark 2 got a BP nom instead of Spark 1
  5. Tbh to this day I still don't understand how Faces & Voices got in. Nobody had it in their top 5 and it got four votes!
  6. Three out of the BP nominees are sequels Four are big-budget blockbusters You'll never see that IRL
  7. We could've had twenty noms, Numbers. Twenty noms.
  8. Director Actor Actress Supporting Actor Supporting Actress Voice Actor/Actress in a Leading Role Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role Original Score - Composer
  9. Aaand list complete.
  10. The full list of nominees.
  11. Should Ethan come for me know that I am ready to rat the person out who caused this.

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