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  1. The 7:00 PM showing at my AMC was actually almost sold out. I was kinda surprised. People generally seemed to like it. Overheard someone say afterwards it was the "best movie they've ever seen" but the theater's near the university so it was probably a film student
  2. Just casually decided to browse Mojo and I saw this and I was like
  3. As far as comic book character studies go, Logan was better. Phoenix was great, though. B-
  4. Unfortunately I was kinda lukewarm about it. Phoenix is phenomenal obviously but it seems like he's doing the best he can with a poor script.
  5. IIRC when it announced Hurt was going to be in Civil War it got added to the thread title and it remained like that forever.
  6. One of the AMCs in the Minneapolis suburbs had a screening last night, and they had a private security team monitoring the theater I was in. I figured afterwards that they were also hired to look for people recording on their phones but it kept me on edge for the whole movie because of all the talk about potential shootings.
  7. First up, January. All Kinds of Bull — ★★ *finishes watching All Kinds of Bull* Espionage Project — ★★½ It’s filled with too many plot contrivances to count, and it’s definitely below both Tom Cruise and Matt Damon’s caliber, but at the end of the day you’re really here for the action sequences and it mostly delivers. Making Waves — ★★ Wait, “all four oceans”? What?! Nevertheless, despite its good intentions, you can’t shake the feeling that we’ve all seen this before. Walking with You — ★★★ While the third act of the film devolves into schlock, for the most part it’s a touching story boosted by a pair of good central characters. The Power of Love — ★★★ This is basically just Mr. and Mrs. Smith with superheroes instead of secret agents, and there's a bunch of tropes from other movies thrown into the mix as well. But despite being kinda derivative, some of the comedic setups are funny and both Wu and Hiddleston's characters have good chemistry.
  8. Hopefully this time I'll make it through all the films this year! Instead of taking requests this time, I'll be doing monthly reviews, and each film will be graded on a five-star scale. Afterwards, I'll do a Top 25.
  10. Forgot to make one of these. Doing that right now.
  11. The July 15th spot is up for grabs as I'm delaying Star Fox to Year 7. I've certainly made a lot of progress but it's not ready for Year 6. I will say this though: whoever gets the #1 spot in my review thread this year gets a pre-read.
  12. I feel like it left my audience cold (one guy booed when the end credits rolled) but I dug it. Only big complaint is that the scene with the killer space baboon seemed like something from a different movie. Also I can’t want to eat Subway at the airport on the Moon after spending $125 on a blanket. The future is gonna be awesome! A-
  13. ...Maybe. The problem is that I had to change the third act quite a bit last weekend and I’ve been sort-of struggling to wrap my head around the whole thing. I’ll make my decision by Saturday and if I decide to push it to Y7 then I’ll either replace it with something smaller or let you all fill that date.
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