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  1. That may be the case, but the CAYOM Festival resembles the Cannes Film Festival far more than TIFF. Cannes has a jury like ours, TIFF winners are decided by the festival audience as a whole. Cannes specifically categorizes films as competing for the Palme D'Or (IC) versus those that premiere OOC, like ours, and TIFF does not. So because of that, I think the competition at the CAYOM Festival should resemble the competition at something more like Cannes than TIFF, which means a more selective pool of submitted films.
  2. Again, no it's not a go. There's only a select number of people who have discussed the budget limits, and Redd is so far the only one who has raised objections to a significant IC budget limit decrease. Secondly, aside from Black and Blue I have no idea what people are planning on submitting to the festival so starting next week isn't a viable option, let alone determining how long the festival timeframe should be. In general Slam I think you just need to slow down and let discussions like these play out, and I feel like this happens a lot. If your intention is to try and take init
  3. I mean for the record no, the originally proposed budget cut was $20m, but I'm fine with $30m.
  4. Also that's not really a good reference point since TIFF and Midnight Madness vs. IC and OOC aren't exactly 1:1 comparisons. TIFF doesn't exactly delineate what films are considered "in-competition" and Midnight Madness is specifically tailored towards underground/independent genre fare which wouldn't apply to OOC films from last like The World That We Knew and Sandboy. A better comparison would be Cannes, which the festival was originally modeled off of in 2.0 and has specific "in-competition" and "out-of-competition" screenings.
  5. I mean, you don't have to submit Black and Blue specifically as your in-competition film, you could write something else and submit that OOC. One of the reasons we started the festival in the first place and instituted things like budget limits was to encourage people to use their creativity to write smaller films under specific constraints. It's what inspired several of the films that competed at the festival last year.
  6. I mean hold on, we're not at a deadlock. It's only Redd that thinks we should keep the IC budget limit the same and I want to hear why he thinks the limit is "fine where it is." Personally I think it's because most of our IC stuff fell under the $20m mark, and at IRL festivals you're not gonna see a lot of mid-budget stuff premiering IC.
  7. Wow, impressive song choice. Wonder where the WB marketing department got the inspiration to use "White Rabbit" in its entirety for a trailer.
  8. Would suggest halving the current budget limits on submitted films ($20m IC, $50m OOC). From the looks of it most of the submitted films (both IC and OOC) didn't break the $40m budget mark, and I think having lower-budgeted films helped to establish a separate identity for the festival apart from the rest of Y8. I also still believe we should establish a 10k word count limit for all submitted films, both IC and OOC, since without one we could end up in two scenarios: (a) the start of Year 9 gets pushed back to accommodate those writing longer films, and/or (b) we end up with a redu
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