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  1. Speaking of remaking Disney stuff, I kinda want to write a remake of Race to Witch Mountain, except it's the taxi driver and the two alien kids inside the cab for the whole movie and I'd just build off of that.
  2. Alpha

    CAYOM Magazine

    In select theaters, Star Fox will also be projected using the latest in flipbook technology. (And yes, listening to music on vinyl is better than listening to it on digital, even if it's an album released in 2018. That's why vinyls are becoming popular again.)
  3. Alpha

    CAYOM Magazine

    'STAR FOX' TAKES FLIGHT IN YEAR 5 After years of being stuck in development hell at Alpha Pictures, the studio is pretty confident that Star Fox will finally be released on July 16th, Y5. Directed by John Kahrs (Paperman), the video game adaptation will feature a blend of 2D and 3D animation technology, in what the director hopes will be a "visually-stunning experience that will combine the extravagance of CG animation with the expressiveness of 2D". The movie is also being released in several formats on IMAX 70mm film, regular 70mm film, 35mm film, IMAX digital, 4K digital and regular digital screens. The film features the voice talents of Wyatt Russell, Winston Duke, Jimmy O. Yang and Bob Odenkirk as Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare of the Star Fox team, respectively. Brian Tyree Henry will also play a big role as Wolf O'Donnell, while Jesse Plemons, Douglas Hodge and John Magaro star as Leon Powalski, Pigma Dengar and Andrew Oikonny. James Cromwell will voice General Pepper while Kyle MacLachlan voices the villain Andross. Amanda Crew, Harvey Keitel, Alan Tudyk, and Kurt Russell have been cast in undisclosed roles. The film's plot is described by Kahrs as a "space Western and a good old-fashioned revenge tale". Alpha Pictures published this plot summary: Eight years after the disappearance of his father on the planet Venom, young hotshot pilot Fox McCloud (Russell) leads the Star Fox team, his father's old band of adventurers-for-hire, joined by brash daredevil Falco Lombardi (Duke), bubbly engineer Slippy Toad (Yang) and his father figure Peppy Hare (Odenkirk). When the team is contacted by General Pepper (Cromwell) of the Cornerian Army about the return of Andross (MacLachlan), the maniacal scientist responsible for Fox's father's disappearance, the team takes off to save Corneria and free the Lylat System, and hopefully for Fox, avenge his father's fate. The film's score will also be composed by Michael Giacchino, who when interviewed described the soundtrack as taking a lot of inspiration from the works of Ennio Morricone and the spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s. The film's first trailer is rumored to be premiering at the Year 4 Academy Awards.
  4. Alpha

    Overlord (2018)

    A really cool gem that flew under the radar for a lot of people. I'm glad they didn't just take the Cloverfield 4 route because it really works as a standalone film. The performances were all great, especially Adepo and Russell, and I especially loved the grounded feel to the whole movie. Catch it if you can before it leave theaters, which should be pretty soon considering its box office performance. A-
  5. Alpha

    CAYOM Magazine

    @AlphaPictures Expect an announcement tomorrow at noon about one of our upcoming projects for Year 5.
  6. I don't know if Rukaio will ever return, but if he doesn't I want We3.
  7. Alpha

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    In that case, I'll probably show a trailer...for the only movie I have scheduled next year.
  8. Alpha

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    Are we doing that thing again where we submit trailers for our Y5 stuff to premiere in the Oscars thread?
  9. Thanks for #9, #12 & #19. Lowkey wasn't expecting Citizen Welles to be on like any lists this year
  10. Alpha

    Y4 - Oscar Picks

    lol you're welcome guys
  11. In that case, I'll move Star Fox to July 16th and I'll opt for IMAX.
  12. If hating Ted Cruz is a crime then I'm turning myself in tomorrow

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