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  1. Yeah I really could use an extension. Maybe by like 2 weeks.
  2. All this Lion King remake achieves is a moderately better simulacrum of anthropomorphic photorealistic animals interacting with one another compared to this. That doesn’t make it good animation.
  3. one of the biggest surprises of 2019 is that the dreadful Peter Rabbit movie did a better job of anthropomorphizing photorealistic CGI characters than Disney’s $250 million Lion King remake
  4. After seeing Midsommar yesterday, I'm inspired to finish that Ari Aster drama OC I've been working on for Year 7. Won't go into specifics, but what I can say is that it's not going to be a horror movie, but it's still going to be pretty heavy. It's also inspired by There Will Be Blood and Burning, not necessarily in terms of plot but in terms of tone.
  5. Right now my only priority is Star Fox, and so far that seems to be going well. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the final act of Part I, but I should be done with my first draft by the end of July. If there’s enough time leftover I may try and write an Oscar contender or two.
  6. Speaking of taking inspiration from music for writing
  7. @AlphaPictures Coming Year VI and VII... ------------------------------- @CayomMagazine In the midst of the ongoing production of Alpha Pictures' Star Fox, the studio has decided to split the animated feature into two parts: Star Fox: Part I, which will be released on the film's original release date of July 15th, Year 6, and Star Fox: Part II, which will be released on Memorial Day Weekend (May 26th) in Year 7. According to sources close to the production, Alpha Pictures executives were concerned that Star Fox's ballooning running time, which is estimated to be around four-and-a-half hours long, would be far too long for general audiences, even with an added intermission. However, directors Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery were reportedly reluctant to recut the film down to a more suitable runtime, arguing that trimming the film would eliminate important story elements and character development. Instead, an agreement was reached between the studio and the directors to split Star Fox into 2 two-hour films in order to preserve the filmmakers' original vision.
  8. So some updates about my work: I'm hoping to have the first two "chapters" of Star Fox up by next week. I'm trying to set a goal for myself of about 1,000 words a day for all my Y6 films, which should hopefully increase my productivity and get myself in the right frame of mind for writing. There's also going to be a big announcement about the film itself tomorrow that thankfully isn't another delay, but is still pretty significant.
  9. No one's written a Tarantino movie in this version of CAYOM yet, so I'm planning on getting around to that this year.
  10. @cookie Like everyone else has said, I hope you get well soon. I've been there.
  11. STAR FOX Best Picture Best Animated Feature Best Director, Joaquim Dos Santos & Lauren Montgomery Best Lead Voice Actor/Actress, Wyatt Russell Best Lead Voice Actor/Actress, Winston Duke Best Lead Voice Actor/Actress, Jimmy O. Yang Best Lead Voice Actor/Actress, Tim Blake Nelson Best Supporting Voice Actor/Actress, Brian Tyree Henry Best Supporting Voice Actor/Actress, Douglas Hodge Best Supporting Voice Actor/Actress, Jesse Plemons Best Supporting Voice Actor/Actress, Tessa Thompson Best Supporting Voice Actor/Actress, Steven Yeun Best Supporting Voice Actor/Actress, Bruce Greenwood Best Supporting Voice Actor/Actress, Kyle MacLachlan Best Supporting Voice Actor/Actress, Kurt Russell Best Adapted Screenplay Best Original Score, Nicholas Britell & James Murphy Best Sound Mixing Best Sound Editing Best Use of Action
  12. Once upon a time in the Lylat System... Release Date: July 15th, Y6 Directed by: Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery Soundtrack List: TBA Additional Original Music by: Nicholas Britell and James Murphy Cinematography Consultant: Roger Deakins Edited by: Joe Walker Based on: The video game series created by Shigeru Miyamoto and published by Nintendo. Studio: Alpha Pictures and Hollywood Animation Studios Genre: Animation / Science Fiction / Adventure / Space Western Animation Format: Digital animation done in the style of traditional cel animation — a hybrid of both 2D and 3D technology Premium Formats: IMAX 2D, Dolby Cinema, 35mm and 70mm Aspect Ratio: 1.44:1 (IMAX with Laser — all scenes), 1.90:1 (Digital IMAX), 2.20:1 (70mm prints), 2.39:1 (standard & 35mm prints) Image Formats: 2K DCP, 4K DCP, 4K Dolby Cinema DCP, 2K IMAX Digital DCP, 4K IMAX with Laser DCP, 35mm prints, 70mm prints Audio Formats: 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos, IMAX 12-Channel Production Budget: $150 million Theater Count: 4,106 (including around 350 IMAX locations) MPAA Rating: PG-13 Running Time: TBA STARRING: Wyatt Russell as Fox McCloud Winston Duke as Falco Lombardi Jimmy O. Yang as Slippy Toad Tim Blake Nelson as Peppy Hare Brian Tyree Henry as Wolf O'Donnell Douglas Hodge as Pigma Dengar Jesse Plemons as Leon Powalski Steven Yeun as Andrew Oikonny Tessa Thompson as Fara Phoenix Simon Pegg as Lieutenant William T. Grey Jennifer Jason Leigh Walton Goggins Jean-Claude Van Damme WITH Bruce Greenwood as General Pepper Kyle MacLachlan as Andross AND Kurt Russell as James McCloud POST-OSCARS PREVIEW: FULL PLOT: COMING SOON
  13. ALPHA PICTURES PRESENTS... (Sorry for not posting this right after the Oscars ceremony. Had an essay to finish and I did want to make some minor tweaks before I posted it.)
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