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  1. Judging from some of the negative reviews it seems like critics wanted it to be another one of those “movies that we REALLY NEED right now” and are disappointed that it isn’t that.
  2. It's been kinda on and off for me. There's periods where I think I've got a great idea and start plowing ahead followed by periods where I go back to the drawing board and start working again. I'm not sure yet but I might need to reach out for feedback on my writing within the next few days.
  3. I liked the trailer overall but it really irked me how much that first shot looks like a drone shot because it is OBVIOUSLY a drone shot.
  4. I'll get that first post updated today.
  5. Now I'm imagining Disney executives watching Pulp Fiction in 1994 going "OK, but how will this appeal to everyone who loved Beauty and the Beast?"
  6. My job has been distracting me from writing but I'm still pushing forward. I think these next few weeks before classes start are going to be very productive for me.
  7. I'm halfway through Part I of Star Fox and it feels like I'm writing a novel.
  8. The fact that you think filmmakers make decisions like filming in B&W only on the basis of how it'll make them look "edgy and cool" says a lot more about you than it does about someone like Robert Eggers. Do you go through life only doing things that you think will be perceived as "edgy or cool" too?
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