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  1. I’ll add to what I said above and say that we hardly ever end up in a situation where the schedule is “overcrowded” enough to significantly hurt a film’s success. Most dates rarely have more than 2 or 3 wide-release films competing against one another, and even then having more films adds to the realism of the game. A schedule that’s slightly overcrowded (and again, that doesn’t happen much) is much more preferable than a schedule that’s practically barren because there’s not enough completed films. Frankly, I’m more than willing to risk having a overcrowded schedule by having a later deadline, if it means writers will enough time to complete their films.
  2. Go back and look at the box office results threads for previous CAYOM years and you’ll find plenty of examples of films that are able to coexist with each other and still be successful in their own right.
  3. Alright, it’s final. The hard deadline for submitting completed films is May 2nd, 2021.
  4. I didn't make the poll because it seemed like the general consensus was that the new deadline would be May 2nd. If anyone thinks the deadline should be an earlier date then I'll make the poll, but if we're all cool with May 2nd then I see no reason to.
  5. Unless there's any objections, it looks like Sunday, May 2nd will be the new Year 8 deadline. If that's cool with you, just like this post (don't worry, not a shameless ploy to get likes, it's only so I don't get a bunch of response posts like "yes" or "that's alright")
  6. It wouldn't since there's no way to gauge its in-universe popularity apart from the film itself. Better to just make it an original film.
  7. There really isn't a precedent. The Wild Thornberrys is an anomaly, and it should probably be changed by the writer of the film @YourMother the Edgelord since Paramount Pictures as a studio does not exist within the CAYOM universe. Hanna-Barbera may be owned by Warner Bros. in real life, but in CAYOM you might as well classify it as an independent production company that gets contracted to work on films distributed by your studio, since Warner Bros. doesn't actually distribute movies in CAYOM. Any other examples you would find are purely anomalies, simple as that, nearly all CAYOM movies are listed as being produced and distributed by the players' own studio.
  8. Hi @El Squibbonator, happy to see a new player join CAYOM. I would recommend that you not use real-life major distributors or production companies for your films like Paramount Pictures or Warner Animation Group. Other players typically create their own studios to distribute and produce CAYOM films (e.g. Numerator Pictures, Blankments Productions, etc.).
  9. I'd prefer if we keep any discussion about Year 8 outside of the Part 1 thread.
  10. The new deadline for submitting Year 8 films is March 1st, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.
  11. @cayommagazine Due to "creative differences," Harry Styles is reportedly departing the voice cast of Alpha Pictures' Beastars. Replacing him in the role of Louis the red deer is Timothée Chalamet of Call Me by Your Name and Jonny, Jonny! fame.
  12. Part 1's been updated. Like others have said, would encourage players to post any schedule changes here instead of in the Telegram chat.
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