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  1. @CayomMagazine Screening for Harold Kingsley's Shadow of the Comet has reportedly finished. Judges expected to deliver reviews within next 20-30 min. #CAYOMFest
  2. All non-judges, post your reactions to the festival films here.
  3. Better late than never, it is time for the Second Annual CAYOM Film Festival, hosted by your judges: I, @4815162342, and @cookie. The reviews for the opening film of this year's festival, Kelly Reichardt's Bikini, will be posted shortly, but here's the current schedule for this year's selection of films: Day 1 - Wednesday, January 12th Bikini (dir. Kelly Reichardt, @SLAM!, In Competition) Shadow of the Comet (dir. Harold Kingsley, @El Squibbonator, In Competition) Day 2 - Thursday, January 13th Death is Not My Friend (dir. Emily Harris, @MCKillswitch123,
  4. lol "I haven't seen the movie but here's my opinion on it anyways" dumb
  5. Movie's great. Gonna generate some of the most annoying takes since TLJ.
  6. Yeah WB really bungled this one. I know a lot of people want to jump to the mixed reviews to explain this one (probably because it confirms their priors) but WB absolutely should’ve been able to get more people excited for a new Matrix movie. Say what you will about the sequels but the original is still one of the most popular sci-fi films of all time. And this industry practically runs on soft reboots that mine cultural nostalgia. This should’ve been a slam dunk with audiences and now Matrix 4 is probably gonna make less than half of what Dune made in October. Opening just five days after Far
  7. Yeah, it's much easier for people to center the debate entirely around this idea of "Marvel vs. A24" because you can conveniently ignore the fact that the marketplace for mid-budget movies made for adult audiences has completely dried up. Now, if a film doesn't cost more than $150 million and doesn't tie into some preexisting IP from people's childhoods than it's strictly an art film with no mainstream appeal.
  8. Sorta ironic that so many of the small-scale dramas/non-IP films like WSS look better on the big screen than any of the movies that supposedly demand the big-screen theater experience. Haven't watched the new WSS yet but so many of those images from the trailer make it look like it'll be a beautiful visual treat to watch in the cinema. Meanwhile, that first minute from the new Spider-Man -- I mean, woof! Looks like a YouTube Red show.
  9. Well, it is a really bad thing when in the replies to the same thread, the same guy I quoted goes on to devalue the contributions of a woman filmmaker (who wrote an entire 1/3 of the film, specifically the most important 1/3 of the film that drives home the central themes of the entire story), because he needs to stick to his incredibly reductive take. About a movie he admitted he hasn't even seen! BTW the "professional chef" analogy you make is a hilarious one, because in this situation the "professional chef who has a better understanding about what makes good, qualit
  10. Besides, the Twitter reactions have been much more embarrassing than anything 83-year-old old man Ridley Scott could say. I like this one especially because in his thread, the guy doesn't name any POC directors who he thinks the $100 million should be "allocated" to, or what genre the POC-directed film would be. Just reducing the term "filmmakers of color" to a cultural signifier for slinging insults at directors you don't like.
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