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  1. Sounds as good as being in middle school again.
  2. Real life is also coming into conflict with finishing my Year 5 stuff. I'm planning on getting a job next semester, and I'm thinking of transferring to another school, so both of those will definitely take up a lot of my time. But nothing's getting cancelled JUST YET.
  3. Damn, funny stuff my d00d!!!1
  4. Bohemian Rhapsody bout to be the worst best picture winner since Crash.
  5. @Xillix Just want to make it clear that Brad Bird is no longer directing Star Fox. It’s being co-directed by Joaquin Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery.
  6. Alpha

    Malcolm X (1992)

    That dolly shot of Malcolm X hovering through the streets of New York City as he approaches his impeding death will remain burned in my mind forever. A
  7. Reminder to continue to support independent movie theaters. I went to see Vice at my local theater, and they're the only multiplex I know that exclusively specializes in arthouse films (even if Vice was a wide release, they never screen blockbusters). Still kinda baffled that such a place exists outside of New York City and Philly (I recently moved to central New Jersey).
  8. S T A R F O X スターフォックス Director(s): Joaquim Dos Santos & Lauren Montgomery Composers: Nicholas Britell & James Murphy Genres: Animation / Science Fiction / Adventure Date: July 16th, Y5 Studio: Alpha Pictures & Hollywood Animation Studios Format: 2D / 3D animation — Presented in 2D & 3D digital, 35mm (2.39:1), IMAX 2D & 3D (1.43:1 & 2.20:1 in select 70mm showings) and Dolby Cinema showings Budget: $165 million Theaters: 4,093 MPAA Rating: PG-13 Running Time: TBA Cast: COMING SOON Plot: COMING SOON
  9. Alpha

    Vice (2018)

    A movie where the importance of its message outweighs the quality of its filmmaking. It has its hints of greatness, but it never reaches the kind of horror and dread that made The Big Short such a phenomenal movie. Maybe it'll get better on repeat viewings. Also, its going to really disappointing if THIS is the performance that earns Amy Adams her first Oscar. B-
  10. Alpha

    CAYOM Magazine

    Coming to theaters in Year 5: Ari Aster will direct a currently-untitled drama / psychological thriller starring Ethan Hawke, Timothée Chalamet, Jenna Fischer and Willow Shields. The plot is currently unknown, but it will reportedly tackle the theme of family dysfunction present in much of Aster's work, and it will be free of supernatural elements.
  11. Happy New Year, everyone!
  12. Witch Mountain (tentpole) - May 21st Star Fox (tentpole) - July 16th Computer Love (Oscar contender) - November 24th
  13. On second thought, I'm going to try and power through with Star Fox for Y5, and if I don't finish it, I'll give up the rights and then I'll move on to the original sci-fi animation for Y6.
  14. I'll take "Gritty is a worker" over NPCs and "soy boy" memes any day of the week.

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