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  1. I started watching it today and tbh it seems too out there to be really competitive at the Emmys
  2. Maroon 5 is doing the Super Bowl halftime show I mean, who cares what happens this season, if it's just leading up to that
  3. Who knows, maybe now he'll finally learn how to direct a musical.
  4. Kinda slow, exacerbated by the fact that I've got 3 essays due this week.
  5. Gonna be the worst day on the internet when the trailer for this thing drops
  6. I mean, these are the Emmy Awards
  7. Alpha

    CAYOM Magazine

    Iffy uh, Johnny got the stiffy, uh
  8. For some reason in Philosophy 101 today I was thinking of that Tele post parodying iJack all the way back from 2013 and giggling all the way, but I was caught off guard when the professor asked me why I was laughing when we were talking about the morality of killing I need better things to think about
  9. People angry online they won't show a piece of cloth is the most 2018 thing.
  10. Can't wait till all the alt-right nerds try to get Dinesh D'Souza's documentary nominated for an Oscar
  11. Citizen Welles Director: Jay Roach Composer: Theodore Shapiro Genre: Biographical Drama Date: August 21st Studio: Alpha Pictures Format: Live-action, 2D Budget: $30 million Theaters: 2,955 MPAA Rating: PG-13 Running Time: 103 minutes Cast: Armie Hammer (Orson Welles), Patton Oswalt (Herman J. Mankiewicz), Jeffrey Tambor (William Randolph Hearst), Jeff Daniels (George J. Schaefer) and Marion Cotillard (Hedda Hopper) Plot Summary: The story behind the production of Citizen Kane, Orson Welles' (Armie Hammer) classic masterpiece. Plot:
  12. Dead Space Director: Andres Muschetti Composer: Benjamin Wallfisch Genre: Sci-Fi Horror Date: October 16th Studio: Red Light Films Format: Live-action, 2D Budget: $60 million Theaters: 3,349 MPAA Rating: R Cast: Jeremy Renner (Isaac Clarke), Natalie Portman (Kendra Daniels), Jason Clarke (Zach Hammond), Karen Gillian (Nicole Johnston), Steven Ogg (Johnston), John Cho (Chen), Kyle Chandler (Dr. Terrence Kyne) and Viggo Mortensen (Captain Matthias) Plot Summary: Based on the video game of the same name. A massive mining ship comes in contact with a mysterious alien artifact and loses contact with Earth. Engineer Isaac Clarke (Jeremy Renner) is sent on a repair mission that becomes a fight for survival as the floating vessel has become a complete bloodbath. Plot:
  13. Stargazer Director: David F. Sandberg Composer: Alan Palamo Genre: Sci-Fi Horror Date: January 10th Studio: Alpha Pictures Format: Live-action, 2D and IMAX Budget: $20 million Theaters: 3,138 MPAA Rating: PG-13 Running Time: 94 minutes Cast: Thomas Mann (Alexander Powers), Jane Levy (Samantha), Dylan Minnette (Luke Powers), Bruce Greenwood (Dr. Madison), Jeff Daniels (Dr. Schlossberg) Plot Summary: A video game collector (Thomas Mann) discovers a mysterious arcade machine named Stargazer. Full Plot: COMING SOON

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