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  1. ALPHA PICTURES PRESENTS... (Sorry for not posting this right after the Oscars ceremony. Had an essay to finish and I did want to make some minor tweaks before I posted it.)
  2. I haven't been super involved this year but I'm really happy that A Woman in the Crowd won BP. It was my personal favorite CAYOM film back in 2.0. Congrats @Blankments
  3. @cayommagazine Alpha Pictures will NOT be debuting a new trailer per se at the Y5 Oscars, but the studio does promise something for Wednesday night.
  4. (I was originally gonna submit it in lieu of a trailer for the Y5 Oscars but I have another teaser for that occasion.)
  5. The main theme of Tomorrowland is that because humanity decided not to embrace a more positive vision of the future, and instead imagined an apocalyptic one, the world is going to end and humanity is doomed. Thus "think positive or die". It earned the film a lot of ridicule when it came out and so that's where the joke kinda started. I've seen it pop up before when someone types Brad Bird into a post for a couple years now, like how a couple of other names on the site have a little joke textbox accompanying them. Personally I think it's a little funny but I can understand how someone who doesn't get the joke would get creeped out.
  6. My gripe is with college washing machines. Half of the washers in my dorm's laundry room are broken
  7. I'll find another date soon but I'm feelin' kinda lazy rn
  8. Star Fox (Science Fiction / Adventure) - March 18th - dir. Lauren Montgomery & Joaquim Dos Santos - IMAX + Dolby Cinema
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