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Putting China BO Numbers in Perspective

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vc2002    6,472

We have a "putting in perspective" thread at the international box office forum, but since we have a China forum now, and plus China is such a fast-growing and fast changing market, I guess we could use a stand-alone thread to discuss what it means in terms of American dollars, for a film's gross at China. Quote from baumer's post to explain how this works.


For example, jajang and some of the other Aussie posters helped ascertain that for every one dollar a film grosses in Australia, it would be equivalent to about ten dollars in NA. So for a film to make 30 mill in Australia, it would be like a film making 300 million in NA. The same can be said for Canada. The UK was something $6.00 to $1.00 and so on. Can anyone help with this? It's a great tool to see how films are really doing in other markets.I'm going to try and update this as best I can:Australia: 10:1China: 4.5:1New Zealand: 60:1Russia: 9:1Brazil: 13:1Germany: 9:1Italy: 11:1Japan: 5:1Mexico: 14:1South Korea: 10:1Spain: 12.5:1UK: 6:1Sweden: 35-40:1





Here's my thought posted last year


China should be around 2:1 at this point.


TF4 $300m in China -> $600m in the US:  TF4 is supposed to be the highest grossing film of all time in China, so it shouldn't be equal to Avatar's 750m DOM which was a surprising breakout. $600m looks fair.

Xmen DOFP and Captain 2 both made $116m in China -> $232m , pretty close to their actual DOM takes.

TASM2 $96m in China ->  $192M very close to the DOM take


And now Ape II looks to be another $100m grosser in China -> $200m in the US. Even closer



During last two years normal blockbuster level in China seemed to at $100-150m, but F7 and TA2 are definitely raising the bar here. So maybe it's lower than 2:1 now?

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Gokai Red    757

Despite F7 and AOU raising the bar, it seems the average blockbuster gross hasn't changed that much in the past year or so, so maybe instead of 2:1, the ratio is something like 1.85:1. I anxiously look forward to the day when the ratio is 1:1 or even more in China's favor.

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