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  1. Come on there was little to no Avatar memes on internet. That's what is the most important.
  2. politics>sports>games>comics>movies>music>.....>everything else>....>porn Porn has fanboys? I mean what are they fanboying about. Who has the better boobs or something?
  3. This makes me wonder what a Fanboy thread from a Politics website will look like. Will it be worse than this thread or not. And BTW which field has the worst fanboys? Movies, Gaming, Politics?
  4. Neytiri: He's gonna kill us all! He's gonna kill us all!!! Neytiri's son: Mom! Mom! He's here to help! Quaritch: Come with me if you want to live.
  5. I came here for some Jimbo-fanboying photoshop works. I was not disappointed.
  6. I guess it's safe to expect The Meg II now? And in Meg II, that meg will fight other ocean monsters! (This is not the plot in The Meg right? I haven't yet seen the traile so I dont know)
  7. That's a great Fri number for the shark movie isn't it? I bet @baumer is very proud of its performance.
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