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  1. No MOS, BvS, SS, WW, Batman talk | No Marvel talk | No Snyder vs Whedon talk
  2. mother! (2017)

    Is this the most devided-opinion movie on this site? The reviews go from one of the best of the year (A+) to total dogshit (F-)
  3. This is absolutely not the China now.
  4. WTF is a F cinemascore? a Fucking Frightening Fearful Failure?
  5. $500m by a fucking war movie, yes WB better kisses Nolan's ass while putting forward a blank check for his next project.
  6. Weekend Actuals1. It $123,403,419 $5m up from estimates!
  7. What a year for WB. Two major major successes and both are big surprises. And just last year they were getting made fun of.
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread

    "My anus is taking punishment"
  9. IT's Madness!: IT over Gravity DOM (274.09m)

    Damn this now has a good shot at it.
  10. Then it means it did not have the great reception as you thought it did. The reception from the general audience isn't necessarily in line with from critics or online reactions.

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