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The Viral Factor (OS)

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The Viral Factor (逆戰)

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Director: Dante Lam

Cast: Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse

Production Budget: $17 million US

Filming locations: China, Hong Kong, Jordan, Malaysia, Middle East, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Languages: Cantonese, Putonghua, English

Release dates


China - January 17

Singapore - January 19

Malaysia - January 19

Taiwan - January 20

Hong Kong - January 21


Australia - January 26

New Zealand - January 26

Non Asia-Pacific

US - January 20 (limited)

It'll definitely recoup its budget with China alone. Singapore/Malaysia/Taiwan/HK should combine for about 5-15m total. Australia/NZ seem to be limited release only.

Interesting thing about this movie is that it's getting a US day-date release with Asia.

Prediction: 40m

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No, it won't be. A lot of its gross hinges on China. I see something like 20-25m total there. The way that the holidays this year fell will allow movies to co-exist with each other there. Taiwan could do 5m but to me I feel that is the most unknown. It could go way higher than that or bomb. HK will do 3-5m. Singapore/Malaysia might do 2-4m each.

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Final UpdateChina - $20,116,137 (through Feb. 12)Hong Kong - $2,864,127 (through Mar. 4)Malaysia - $1,798,028 (through Feb. 26)Singapore - $778,284 (through Feb. 19)New Zealand - $9,397 (through Feb. 5)Australia - $38,000N. America - $213,231 (through Feb. 23)Not a bad run for The Viral Factor.

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