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CAYOM Comic-Con Year 10

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Opening the official Comic-Con thread now so players will have the chance to schedule their presentations accordingly.

Remember that Part 1 re-opens Friday night so if you wish to hold a presentation it's best to do it before then.


Current Schedule:

Numerator Pictures - Wednesday 10:00 P.M EST / 7:00 P.M PST

Cookie Pictures - Thursday 5.30 P.M EST / 2:30 P.M PST

Alpha Pictures - Thursday 9:00 P.M EST / 6:00 P.M PST


Time and dates are subject to change.

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Year 11, Trimester 1 Preview


In a dark auditorium we see some screened footage of a boy talking to his mother, the mother saying she remembers how excited she was at his age. The scene of them talking goes on for a minute and the crowd is a bit restless since they are unsure what it's all about. But then, as the kid goes to leave the house, the mother tells him "don't forget, you'll need plenty of these...AND TOSSES HIM A POKEBALL! The crowd starts going nuts once they realize what the film is. We see footage showing Professor Elm giving the traditional new trainer pep talk, intercut with shots of several Pokemon in action, many of them new to the movie franchise. We also see shots of several other characters during the monologue, including gym leaders Falkner and Whitney, and a suspicious teen boy with red hair. As the monologue ends the main character from the beginning picks up a Pokeball from Professor Elm's desk and tosses it...and out pops a TOTODILE! The crowd is mixed between those who love the Starter choice and those who like the other options more but the energy is huge.


We see some footage of the main character traveling with his Totodile and taking in the sights of Johto. We see shots of the various new towns and cities visited in the film to give a sense of the big new world to explore. We see a scene with the main character talking with his neighbor, a teen girl, about what he wants to achieve in his Pokemon adventure. The footage is definitely trying to strike a balance between showing the new world the film will explore, showing character bits, and having some action beats, all without giving too much away. We see some brief action shots of the main character fighting his rival, going up against gym leaders, and finally facing down a man in black, who tells him "You can't stop us. Our plan is about to...blast off." The footage reel ends as the crowd loves Team Rocket coming back for more.


The lights turn on as various crew members for the film walk out to applause. The director talks to audience about how the new Pokemon trilogy will find great ways of making connections to the original three films while still charting its own course and exploring new and fascinating areas of the world mythology. "Of course being able to set the films in a whole new continent works great" he says, adding that Johto allows for new environments, new characters, and tons of new Pokemon to build a team around. He says that a couple characters from the original trilogy will have brief cameos in this film, and admits under pressure that one of them will be Bill Nighy's Professor Oak. As the crowd demands more secrets, the crew decides to instead introduce the main cast members.


Playing the main character, Ethan, will be Isaac Hempstead Wright. His redhead rival, called Zack, will be played by Chandler Riggs, and Camren Bicondova will play Ethan's next-door neighbor Lyra. Tom Hollander will play the quirky and goofy Professor Elm, and Amy Poehler will play Ethan's mother. Appearing as Gym Leaders Falkner and Whitney are Iain De Caestecker and Maika Monroe respectively. And finally Adam Driver will co-star as the mysterious and evil Team Rocket man at the end of the footage, Mr. Proton.


After a short round-robin with the cast, the stage clears as the director says Pokemon: The New Frontier is targeting a February release date.




The auditorium grows dark again and a new footage reel starts. We see a ragged, dirty man in a cell looking weary as a voice narrates to him about how he failed to save the people he cared about, but how he is now going to have the chance to get his revenge. The man escapes from the cell, does some fancy moves to disable some guards, and winds up in a foot chase along parapets high up before diving over the side for a long fall into water to get away. The footage then shows shots of a dystopian-looking steampunk world with the people in fear and in poor shape as propaganda announcements state that Corvo Attano, the former Lord Protector and convicted murderer of the Empress and kidnapper of her daughter, has escaped custody. The announcements tell the people to be on guard and to report any sign on Corvo, who is highly dangerous. We then see Corvo, hooded and masked on a building ledge. He comments "they have no idea" before seemingly teleporting across a huge gap between buildings and then again teleport-jumping a couple stories up. The crowd oooohs at that. The camera shows a bright mark on one hand glowing as he travels this way across the city. He comes across a pair of guards but before they can do anything he clenches the one hand and time turns to slow motion as he waltzes behind the two guards and disables them before they can react. The crowd again gets a kick out of the reality bending abilities.


The footage then shifts to plot and character elements, showing Corvo in a room with several others who say they believe he is innocent and can offer him a path to clearing his name as well as getting revenge on those who framed him. We see Corvo have his own individual scenes with each of his allies, some of whom are friendly and supportive, others being more suspicious and stand-offish. We also see some shots of Corvo's antagonists as they scheme for control of the city as well as how to protect themselves from Corvo's wrath. We also see just how bad a place the city of Dunwall is to live, with shots of abandoned, desolate sections filled over by bleeding victims of plague and swarms of ravenous rats. We see one shot of a guard in the wrong place at the wrong time being vomited on by a dying plague victim, which attracts a rat swarm that rushes over him to kill him. The crowd is split between the squeamish and those who think it's pretty cool.


After a few more shots of Corvo in action swordfighting enemies and dodging gunfire, we get a wide shot of the city from above as the narrator from the beginning remarks about how the city stands on the brink of salvation or destruction, and all it needs is the right push in the right way. Slowly the screen morphs into an otherwordly realm with a ghost of a man in the middle of the frame talking to the camera. The man is addressing Corvo and says "I'm giving you this gift so you can make that push.....I'll be fascinated to see what you do with it." The screen fades to black and the crowd applauds as the director Christopher McQuarrie comes out on stage to talk about Dishonored.


McQuarrie says he was disappointed that production for the film had been delayed by the destruction of several key exterior sets in a freak storm, but adds that the extra time has allowed them to go back to the drawing board with some scenes and make them even better. He says what attracted him to Dishonored was the setting, a steampunk world that is beset by a strange and deadly plague and which is surrounded by a supernatural force that its citizens are incapable of understanding at best or are downright terrified of at worst. McQuarrie says that he had loads of fun with his crew storyboarding and choreographing Corvo's use of his powers granted to him by the Outsider, though McQuarrie adds that as audiences will see, Corvo is not the only one with those abilities. 


The audience wants to know more but McQuarrie says unfortunately with pickup shoots and editing needed in order for the film to meet its March release target, he has to run. But he tells them to expect a full trailer released in the not-so-distant future.



The stage clears as a PA announcement says there will be a break before the next set of appearances.

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-0:15 Studio CEO Sebastian Peters just came on stage. He says the panel is set to begin in 15 minutes. The delay is said to be caused by technical issues.


-0:13 We should start by saying welcome to our live coverage of Cookie Pictures Group's first ever Comic-Con presentation. I'm your host, Craig. :)


-0:12 We've heard some interesting developments in the past few weeks, including the Russo brothers being involved in a studio project.


-0:10 Rumor has it it's based on a property the studio acquired a while ago.


@MovieFan Mirror's Edge?


-0:08 Hi MovieFan! MIRROR'S EDGE is confirmed to be directed by Pierre Morel. The Russo project is also said to be based on a video game, but not that one.


-0:07 The most interesting development though will be Duckverse initiative, starting with next year's THE BLACK KNIGHT.


-0:06 In addition to a new trailer and details on that film, Mark Dindal is going to announce further Duckverse films, one of which is probably Scrooge McDuck 3.


-0:05 Cookie Pictures apparently has huge plans for the franchise, with the end goal being a Marvel-style cinematic universe.


@DucksRock I wanna see them do Darkwing Duck!!!


-0:04 Hi DucksRock! :) Darkwing Duck would be neat, but I wouldn't count on it. The studio is focused on expanding the Scrooge McDuck series first.


-0:03 There's going to be a good focus on the creation of original IPs as well. Duckverse is huge, but executives say it can't carry the company on it's own.


-0:02 Expect trailers for THE SCAVENGER WARS, DEEP_WEB, and others.


-0:01 Leaks say James Franco and Seth Rogen will be surprise guests at the panel. SECOND TO SINGAPORE 2 announcement incoming?


-0:00 The lights are going dim! Here we go!

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3:20 Looks like they're going to start with a trailer. The words "World Premiere" on the screen suggests a new project.


3:21 "911, what's your emergency?" Who's calling?


3:21 We're hearing what sounds like 911 calls coming from several people. They all seem to report on the same thing.


3:21 There seems to be this guy stalking them. A male caller describes him as a "6-foot five son of a bitch"


3:22 Green lines are forming on the screen as the calls get more and more intense.


3:22 This kid is going on about the guy looking like Jason Voorhees. So a guy in a hockey mask?


3:23 The lines are forming a face, or rather, a mask.


3:23 The other calls vanish as we focus on this one panicking woman. The man seems to have broken into her house.


3:23 He seems to have found her! We hear her scream and the call cuts off.


3:24 What's this? A website?


3:24 We keeps scrolling through this very sketchy-looking website. There's still images of what seems like roleplaying scenes taking place in badly-lit basements. Or is it roleplay?


3:25 The user clicks on this one called "WOMAN MID-20S SLEDGEHAMMER". That doesn't sound promising.


3:25 Oh shit, it's the hockey mask guy! He's seen on the video feed, staring into your soul.


3:25 We see a chatbox opening up next to the video feed. A user called DirectorOfTheMacabre comes online.


3:26 "Let me see her face" Macabre types. The hockey mask guy turns the camera as we see a woman strapped to a chair in the background. The room itself is very badly lit.


3:26 "Hit her". The masked guy walks up to the woman and slaps her.


3:26 "Hit her harder". He starts beating her. The woman cries and says something, but the audio quality is very bad.


3:27 Sounds like she's pleading for her life. "Bring the hammer, I paid good money for this" Macabre types. The masked guy walks off the screen.


3:27 Oh shit that's the sledgehammer


3:28 Some of the people sitting beside me are panicking right now. This is freaky in how real it looks.


3:28 "WAIT" Macabre types. Hopefully he means to spare her.


3:29 "Go directly for the face". I guess it was a fool's hope.


3:29 The trailer cuts to black just as the killer is about to strike the woman in the face with the sledgehammer, and the words DEEP_WEB comes on screen.


3:30 Wow that was freaky as shit! What a way to start off your conference.

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3:30 Sebastian Peters comes back on stage. He jokingly says "that's our show, everybody!"


3:31 I think the crowd is too mortified to laugh at that joke, though.


3:31 Peters starts going into detail on the film we just saw called DEEP_WEB. The underscore is intentional.


3:31 It's being directed by David Robert Mitchell, known for the indie success IT FOLLOWS


3:32 The film is about a small town being terrorized by a savage killer torturing and murdering his victims while live-streaming it on the deep web.


3:32 The film will be presented in a mockumentary format. It follows a group of journalists and an FBI agent investigating into the murders.


3:33 The clip we just saw was the film's opening sequence in fact. Peters said the creators did plenty of research into the supposed existence of "red rooms" on the real deep web, and created a horror story surrounding it.


3:34 They're aiming for a release this fall, so we won't have to wait long. Personally it might just be a bit too intense for me.

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3:35 "And now for something maybe a bit lighter" Peters jokes. He calls the Russo brothers on stage!


3:36 They talk about their upcoming project called VANQUISH, based on the video game.


3:36 I don't think too many people know what the game is about though, so the Russo brothers are here to explain it.


3:37 It's a sci-fi action shooter that involves mechs and stuff.


3:39  The story is that in the future a robotics researches named Sam Gideon (played by Tom Cruise) is equipped with an Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS) that essentially turns you into a walking killing machine.


3:40 Ultra-nationalist forces have stolen a space station and turned it into a doomsday weapon, and Sam (along with his task force) has to stop them.


3:40 The story might sound a bit cliché, but it seems like the real attraction will be the crazy action sequences the Russo brothers have filmed.


3:41 They're going to show a short clip from VANQUISH! We start in what looks like a futuristic city under seige.


3:41 Gideon (Cruise) comes out already in armor. Occasionally it cuts to headshots of Cruise inside the suit.


3:42 Enemy soldiers spot him and start attacking. The visuals look very nice, but so far it doesn't look all that impressive.


3:42 Woah shit!


3:42 Gideon powerslides right into an enemy robots and blasts it apart within seconds! The action is super quick!


3:43 He starts battling the other enemy soldiers in similar fashion. We're treated to a whole bunch of crazy spectacle.


3:43 A giant mech arrives and starts firing hundreds of missiles at Cruise- I mean Gideon!


3:44 Gideon climbs the mech and starts tearing it apart limb by limb


3:44 He punches the robot in the face super fast! The crowd is laughing hard right now


3:45 Gideon brings down the robot in a spectacular explosion as the clip ends


3:45 The Comic-Con crowd goes nuts over that clip! If the whole movie is like that, it's going to be awesome!


3:45 The Russos thanks the audience for their time as the panel is about to move on to the next film, but not before Peters announces that VANQUISH comes out April Year 11!

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