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  1. While I see the logic of this as a big budget miniseries, I think a two part film is a good compromise. This film ended well on the right inflection/turning point in Paul's journey. I had some issues with a couple characters getting short shrift (Thufir, Yueh, Piter) but that would only really amount to a few extra scenes here and there. Nothing that'd require a miniseries treatment. A couple minor quibbles with world building details that were skipped over but again, it wouldn't take much time to cover those
  2. Dune was pretty good, close to being great. It definitely makes use of IMAX presentation
  3. Pretty good. A lot to love but several things held it back a bit. Primarily that even with all the additional time a few characters really got short shrift, even compared to the Lynch Dune, when you'd think there'd be more room to do things with them
  4. Rogue One is also helped in terms of looking back in that of the NuWars films so far it by far has the strongest third act. A strong finish to a film helps with opinions.
  5. I can't wait for Kendall to screw things up for himself again
  6. Movie deserves a 0 for giving Judy Greer actual time in the spotlight and then killing her off abruptly in a ludicrous series of events
  7. This particular aspect would be more meaningful if the song hadn't been released over 18 months ago pre-pandemic
  8. Seeing this in IMAX on Saturday afternoon and looking forward to it
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