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  1. The only thing left planned for my plate now is Mass Effect: Ascension. Time for Hell Week.
  2. The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain Cast: Tom Holland (Charles), Florence Pugh (Jane Lane), Sam Heughan (Henry Wilmot), Andrew Scott (James Stanley), Rory Kinnear (George Pendrell), Sam Spruell (Richard Pendrell), George MacKay (Henry Lascelles), Tobias Menzies (Francis Wyndham), Samuel West (Edward Phelips), and Dan Stevens as The Colonel Genre: Period Drama/Adventure/Romance Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg Original Music by: Craig Armstrong Release Date: December 16, Year 6 Theater Count: 3318 Theaters Budget: $75 Million Running Time: 141 Minutes MPAA Rating: PG-13 for scenes of war violence, brief strong language, and some disturbing images Plot Summary: Inspired by a True Escape
  3. Pokémon: The Cinnabar Conspiracy Genre: Fantasy/Adventure Starring: Angourie Rice (Stephanie), Art Parkinson (Gary Oak), Jared Harris (Giovanni), Amy Acker (Kristin), Sophie Turner (Misty), Yun Lin (Janine), Rufus Sewell (Mr. Apollo), Riz Ahmed (Lance), John Boyega (Brock), Rutger Hauer (Blaine), Emily Mortimer (Ms. Atlas), with Ryan Potter (Ash Ketchum), with Tom Hiddleston (Bill), and Bill Nighy (Professor Oak) Guest Appearances By (In Alphabetical Order): Angela Basset (Agatha), Isla Fisher (Lorelai), Josh Holloway (Surge), Hannah John-Kamen (Sabrina), Dolph Lundgren (Bruno), Hiroyuki Sanada (Koga), Constance Wu (Erika) Release Date: February 18, Year 6 Directed By: Shawn Levy Theater Count: 4377 Theaters Budget: $175 million Running Time: 113 Minutes MPAA Rating: PG for fantasy creature violence, situations of peril, mild language, and some scary images Previous Film’s Gross: Pokemon: The Journey Begins (Year 2) $123,406,792 OW/$293,102,238 DOM/ $766,449,101 WW Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets (Year 4) $105,618,258 (3-DAY)/$128,885,437 (4-DAY)/$278,510,543 DOM/$801,662,583 WW Plot Summary: Background: These are Stephanie’s Pokémon so far: Silva- A female Venusaur Conan- A male Nidoking Spike- A male Beedrill Selene- A female Golbat Leviathan- A male Gyarados Houdini- A male Drowzee (Currently recovering from injuries) Ali- A male Mankey Io- A female Growlithe Minos- A male Tauros *MID CREDITS SCENE* *POST CREDITS SCENE*
  4. The full credited cast of The Most Wanted Man in Great Britain, which will be posted by tomorrow night: Tom Holland as Charles Florence Pugh as Jane Lane Sam Heughan as Henry Wilmot Andrew Scott as James Stanley Rory Kinnear as George Pendrell Sam Spruell as Richard Pendrell George MacKay as Henry Lascelles Tobias Menzies as Francis Wyndham Samuel West as Edward Phelips and Dan Stevens as The Colonel
  5. Maybe, maybe not. Depends on whether I can fit them into what I already have planned for that year.
  6. @Xillix you can remove The Dreams We Live and Until Dawn from the schedule.
  7. @Alpha Happy Birthday! May the Stars of the Fox go for 3 hours in Part 2
  8. Dropping this 2.0 filler in at the request of @YourMother the Edgelord Day of the TentacleGenre: Sci-Fi Comedy/AdventureCast: Joe Keery (Bernard), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Laverne), Skyler Gisondo (Hoagie), Kurtwood Smith (Dr. Fred)Directed By: Evan GoldbergWritten By: Seth Rogen and Evan GoldbergRelease Date: October 14thTheater Count: 3025Budget: $30 millionMPAA Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language, drug references, and lewd humorPlot Summary: Adapted from the classic Lucasarts adventure game. The film is done in a very quirky style, reminiscent of Paul, while also having the traditional Rogen/Goldberg raunch humor and jokes, though at a PG-13 level.In the late 1980s, Purple Tentacle—a mutant monster and lab assistant created by mad scientist Dr. Fred Edison—drinks toxic sludge from a river behind Dr. Fred's laboratory. The sludge causes him to grow a pair of flipper-like arms, develop vastly increased intelligence and a thirst for global domination. Dr. Fred plans to resolve the issue by killing Purple Tentacle and his harmless, friendly brother Green Tentacle, but Green Tentacle sends a plea of help to his old friend, the nerd Bernard Bernoulli. Bernard travels to the Edison family motel with his two housemates, deranged medical student Laverne and slacker rock band roadie Hoagie, and frees the tentacles unaware of what Purple was up to. Purple Tentacle uses trickery to escape and maniacally cackles about resuming his quest to take over the world.Since Purple Tentacle's plans are flawless and unstoppable, Dr. Fred decides to use his Chron-o-John time machines to send Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie to the day before to turn off his Sludge-o-Matic machine, thereby preventing Purple Tentacle's exposure to the sludge. However, because Dr. Fred used an imitation diamond rather than a real diamond as a power source for the time machine, the Chron-o-Johns breaks down in operation. Laverne is sent 200 years in the future, where humanity has been enslaved and Purple Tentacle rules the world from the Edison mansion, while Hoagie is dropped 200 years in the past, where the motel is being used by the Founding Fathers as a retreat to write the United States Constitution. Bernard is returned to the present. To salvage Dr. Fred's plan, Bernard must acquire a replacement diamond for the time machine, while Hoagie and Laverne must restore power to their respective Chron-o-John pods by plugging them in. To overcome the lack of electricity in the past, Hoagie recruits the help of Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Fred's ancestor, Red Edison, to build a superbattery to power his pod, while also playing some pranks on the other Founding Fathers and trying to sleep with Betsy Ross and change her ideas on the American flag, while Laverne evades capture by the tentacles long enough to run an extension cord to her unit, having to pose as a tentacle and use a mummy as a prop human to win a talent contest for “pet humans" and then instigating a riot by imprisoned humans to distract all of the tentacle guards. The three send small objects back and forth in time through the Chron-o-Johns and make changes to history to help the others complete their tasks.Eventually, Bernard uses Dr. Fred's family fortune of royalties from Maniac Mansion to purchase a real diamond, while also evading a pair of inept FBI agents who have arrived to arrest Dr. Fred for tax evasion and ransack the mansion for valuables, and both Laverne and Hoagie manage to power their Chron-o-Johns, and the three are reunited in the present. Purple Tentacle arrives, hijacks a Chron-o-John and takes it to the previous day to prevent them from turning off the sludge machine; he is pursued by Green Tentacle in another pod. With only one Chron-o-John pod left, Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne use it to pursue the tentacles to the previous day, while Dr. Fred uselessly tries to warn them of using the pod together, referencing the film The Fly. Upon arriving, the trio exit the pod only to discover that they have been turned into a three-headed monster, their bodies merging into one during the transfer. Meanwhile, Purple Tentacle has used the time machine to bring countless of versions of himself from different moments in time to the same day to prevent the Sludge-o-Matic from being deactivated. Bernard and his friends defeat the Purple Tentacles guarding the Sludge-o-Matic, turn off the machine and prevent the whole series of events from ever happening. Returning to the present, Dr. Fred discovers that the three have not been turned into a monster at all but have just gotten stuck in the same set of clothes; they are then ordered by Dr. Fred to get out of his house. The film ends with the credits rolling over a tentacle-shaped American flag, one of the more significant results of their tampering in history.
  9. Pokemon 3 is done. I am not posting it tonight since this thing definitely needs an edit, but it will be posted. I will work on other stuff over the coming week and circle back on the weekend to edit it, and post it then.
  10. Muschetti for his supercut actually wants to incorporate as much deleted material as possible plus film a couple new scenes, so we could actually be looking at six hours plus
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