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  1. It's that Every Other Year Time Maybe this time we'll get something that isn't Star Wars or LOTR dominating
  2. It is time for the fifth edition of BOT's Top 100 Film Scores of All Time! One of the most important aspects for many films is its score, the musical background that helps push the action and atmosphere of a scene forward. The music of a film can invigorate, excite, inspire joy, grief, fear, and terror, it helps bring the emotions and tensions out in a scene. It can be powerfully evocative and grab your attention and pull it along, or it can be more subtle and quiet, slowly luring you in. Talking about film music is a recurring topic in many threads on this forum, and it's once again time to see what the consensus for this place is concerning what film scores are our top choice. Especially with the turnover in members and their changing opinions. The rules for eligibility are simple: 1) The score must be from a theatrically released motion picture that was released worldwide prior to January 1, 2021. So no 2021 films are eligible. 2) The score must have a majority of its material composed for the motion picture. This disqualifies films with a majority of their music being pre-existing material, such as, for example, adaptations of Broadway musicals, Tarantino films using licensed songs and music pieces, films using predominantly classical music (like 2001: A Space Odyssey), etc. 3) Musicals originally made for the screen are eligible. I will leave it to the individual member's discretion to decide whether music written as themes for a song that also plays freestanding from lyrics can be considered part of the "original" score You can submit lists of 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100. The lists are weighted so that the options with more listings have greater value for each ranking. The scoring for the 5 options is as follows: List of 10:1- 1002- 903- 754- 605- 506- 407- 308- 209- 1010- 1 List of 25 List of 50 List of 75 List of 100 1- 100 2- 99 3- 98 ... 100- 1 If you do end up submitting a list that falls outside one of the above categories, PLEASE NUMBER ALL ENTRIES so I can keep track of how many in case I need to ad hoc an improvised scoring system Lists can be posted in this thread if you want to share, but I would ask that you PM them to me so I can easily keep track of them all in one bunch rather than sift through a thread to see if I missed anyone. Also feel free to use this thread to promote the scores you really love and discuss the merits or demerits of them with others. Deadline for submissions is tentatively Sunday May 9, 2021 at 9:00 PM PST. There may be extensions if necessary.
  3. This was fun. The plot/characters are extremely streamlined, so much so that you could basically now take a handful of particular people out and the movie as a whole would not notice. You can tell there were some subplots and character beats that got ripped out entirely.
  4. With the Boffies done I am shooting to open the thread for this on March 29th
  5. At least I actually have an opinion on the film instead of just putting on a constant performance art griping
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