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  1. You didn't see any Emmys being awarded to Chernobyl. BECAUSE. THEY WERE NOT THERE.
  2. I can easily imagine. As for your commercial casual places, Denny's is very much a flat experience. You'll get decent food at a decent price,but it'll pass from memory by the next meal.
  3. The story and the mythology went into the loony bin, no question about it But it was always a character driven show and all of the major character/emotional moments in the finale landed like Sully, IMO.
  4. If there's a cousin Jon would swoon for it would be Arya
  5. As disappointed as I have been with Episodes 3-5, I still want Episode 2 to get a Writing Emmy nomination. Because I do love that episode.
  6. I don't believe in those kinds of artificial limitations. If people on their own want to self-select, power to them.
  7. Which is fair but it is still odd to take two random people and have them co-direct
  8. I mean odd in that I don't see any reason why Travis Knight would be a co-director
  9. Huh, multiple musicals on Christmas. Challenge Accepted.
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