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  1. With editing entering the final stages for The Long Way Home, Numerator Pictures releases the final credit sheet for it, with the majority of the cast having been revealed when the film went into pre-production during Year 5.
  2. Gotta do what's best for you, cookie. You'll be fine, just don't push it.
  3. Reshoots for The Long Way Home have resulted in Patton Oswalt and Sakina Jaffery joining the cast in minor roles.
  4. Italy's death count is deflated because they're simply not testing for or otherwise counting a wide range of potential deaths (Spain is doing this too, and apparently France has only just stopped doing it)
  5. Rome is a weird case in that it was only 2 seasons but the two seasons covered an insane amount of ground. The first season covers 7-8 years over 12 episodes, and then the second season covered 13+ years in only 10 episodes. So it covered all the ground it needed to hit but it really raced ahead to the finish.
  6. That's a very broad oversimplification. The reaction to it was complicated and mixed. There's some really great things in it, and some really headscratching things in it
  7. I personally wouldn't, since there's no real historical context for the latter other than just taking place in the past. As for the former, the "Confederate Gold" is a macguffin but the actual film really just uses the Civil War as a backdrop for a story that has nothing to do with it. But that's my personal opinion.
  8. Speaking of finales, the Battlestar Galactica reboot series finale is certainly something @Plain Old Tele
  9. Even if Season 5 wasn't up to the same level as prior seasons, I absolutely love the series finale for The Wire. It nails the concept of some good guys win, some good guys lose, some bad guys win, some bad guys lose, and life moves on
  10. On a plot level, LOST pretty much threw up its hands in the air and just did nonsense. But on a character level, it stuck the landing.
  11. Those details about the R0, 25% asymptomatic, and contagious 48 hours before symptoms show really makes me think there's a notable undercount in loads of places, even with testing getting ramped up.
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