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  1. bumped since the oscar picks thread is up
  2. Just know that you can't claim anything that is in the public domain. So certain characters in and of themselves cannot be claimed. That said, if you start working on something, people will stay away. So for example, technically, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, etc are so old they can't be claimed, so what cookie has claimed is the right to Ducktales itself.
  3. A literary quote comes to mind: "There are no endings, and never will be endings, to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was an ending."
  4. Back to May after all. Very crowded month if everything gets made.
  5. It's been mentioned repeatedly that no Star Wars films do test screenings. There are insider screenings for people related to the studio and production, but the random public does not get a chance for an advanced look.
  6. Personally I believe the Advanced Schedule should be done either by whomever does Part 1 for the Year, or whomever does the Year's actuals, to keep each year from having too many cooks (likewise the CC/Metacritic threads should probably be run by whomever is doing the Oscars that Year).
  7. IMAX only. Furthermore, to avoid a rush to post, I propose this: One person is designated to post the AS thread. Everyone PMs that person their IMAX dates. That person then posts the thread with those dates all incorporated simultaneously, taking into account the sequel deference rule. If two non-deferred films tie for IMAX or overlap for IMAX, that is up to those posters to sort out. I think this works better than someone getting dates simply because they were first to post.
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