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Batman: The Killing Joke film

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9 hours ago, Kathemy said:

It was rather okay but... well, to be honest it felt a little uninspired. It didn't add a lot of oomph on the graphic novel. The ending felt a bit off for a movie. Still I kinda liked it.


that's kind of how I felt.  While I did like it, it did kind of came off with a whimper.  I liked when they finally got into the actual book stuff,  but yeah it didn't seem to have the impact like the graphic novel did

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2 hours ago, Morieris said:

I haven't read the graphic novel, but it felt odd, like two different stories, one where what happens near the halfway mark serves as a catalyst to ...everyone else.


well the first 20 minutes or so were in the graphic novel.  It was added on to make the story fit a full length movie time so I can understand your point of view

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