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The DC Extended Universe launched with the commercially successful Batman vs. Superman. Meanwhile on the CW, there is a DC show almost every day of the week this fall. Discuss the DC franchise here.
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  2. Reviving this thread since the DCEU is ALMOST complete. Man of Steel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) Suicide Squad Wonder Woman Justice League Zack Snyder's Justice League Aquaman Shazam! Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Wonder Woman 1984 The Suicide Squad Black Adam Shazam! Fury of the Gods The Flash Will rank later...
  3. According to ViewerAnon, some of the things from those reported leaks are accurate, but not everything. Interesting.
  4. the leaks seems confusing rather than interesting for the GA
  5. The details that have been said about the test screening certainly have some interesting implications for the future.
  6. ViewerAnon is the only one who seems to really know things about the movie, the others just make guesses
  7. The movie had its first test screening yesterday. ViewerAnon and Grace Randolph have made some rather odd/interesting comments about the movie with regards to the Snyderverse.
  8. If they just released a 3 hour cut of his JL in theatres (after letting the man grieve) it would’ve been well received (moreso than the Snyder cut since the length issues would be fixed) and this whole DCEU mess could’ve been averted.
  9. You are My bad. I admit I don';t pay much attention to Snyder since I simply don't like his films. And I keep on thinking , for some reason, that the 1992 Sam Raimi Army of Darkness is Army of the Dead. But I stand by my copinion that the Snyderverse DCU is not coming back.
  10. Dude...he did make Army of the Dead. It's on Netflix. Right now.
  11. Yup. Snyder fandom has lost touch with reality if they think the Snyderverse is coming back. And Sam Raimi did Army Of the Dead. You are probably thinking of the Dawn of th Dead remake, whcih IMHO was OK but not as good as the original.
  12. The Snyder fandom is crazy. I found Justice League and BvS to be terrible and I found the fandom they created was crazy. I found it even crazier when they actually managed to get a Snyder Cut made and the fact I actually enjoyed it (took 3 sittings mind) to perhaps be the craziest thing of all. Zack Snyder seems like a likable guy who's been through things no parent should ever have to go through so even though he disappointed me with 3 superhero movies, I still want to see more films from him. Army of the dead was a blast
  13. You have the option to just not watch if you're not interested 🤷‍♂️ The Release the Snyder Cut movement got a lot of hate and mockery, like if it was something delusional or that wouldn't change anything for the Justice League movie, but the Snyder cut was a streaming hit, got mostly positive reviews from critics and is unanimously considered an improvement over the theatrical cut, so the fans were right to ask. What is even the reason to oppose we getting the sequels the movie sets up? I would understand that if WB was giving you alternative Justice League sequels that would be a better fit for your taste, but they're not even using most of that cast and have shifted their focus to new characters. So I can only imagine you oppose it because you don't want other people to have movies that bring joy to their lives, and that's just petty. It's also very tone deaf to joke about suicide considering the tragedy that was behind what happened with this film.
  14. Well, it’s Grace Randolph, so take it with a grain of salt, but she claims that Batfleck doesn’t die in this. Gah, why did the movie have to be delayed?
  15. I decided to make this comment here instead of the official thread because the subject can cause distress to fellow DC fans, considering the history of the franchise. But I don't buy the VFX excuse for The Flash's change of release date at all. Filming wrapped in October, it already had more than 1 year of post-production in the previous release date. Now it will have 20 months (vs 14 months of Aquaman 2, a movie with much more elaborate VFX work). It was also placed before Aquaman 2 on the schedule, so it's not like Wan's movie running from Avatar would justify The Flash moving for story continuity either. The signs of extensive reshoots / retooling of the movie are there. But we have to keep in mind that people running DC Films and WB now are not the same that were responsible for the theatrical cuts of Suicide Squad and Justice League. If they are making significant changes in the film it doesn't mean the end result will be bad.
  16. I’m fully expecting to hear “Fuck you Diana”
  17. There is 'Lois speaks out' on the other side of the paper. And if there is Lois... And at the bottom we can see 'A comeback for Cobblepot'
  18. Lex is in Belle Reve (after the events of this movie)
  19. From what I understand, the first test screening for the movie just started. Edit: Never mind. Apparently it’s for Shazam 2.
  20. Yikes it sounds convoluted. Unless Cavill makes a appearance, we can say both affleck/cavill or gone from the DCEU. That would be unfortunate. Cavill's potential was never realized.
  21. The original Andrew Kevin Walker BvS drafts for a different movie back in the early 2000s were "dark" for their time, too... Keaton could have played him, then, but the rumors were they were going for a whole new cast... I think Warners might have also had Keaton in mind for a cameo in one of the new Superman iterations at that time, as well... Based on Keaton's first two films, it would make total sense that his Batman might have also eventually fallen off the deep-end for a while... so yes, I'm assuming it will all meld together in some nebulous "new hybrid history"...
  22. First screening on 26th. Hopefully we will see feedbacks about it but also no huge spoilers. This is a very important movie.
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