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The DC Extended Universe launched with the commercially successful Batman vs. Superman. Meanwhile on the CW, there is a DC show almost every day of the week this fall. Discuss the DC franchise here.
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  2. The original Andrew Kevin Walker BvS drafts for a different movie back in the early 2000s were "dark" for their time, too... Keaton could have played him, then, but the rumors were they were going for a whole new cast... I think Warners might have also had Keaton in mind for a cameo in one of the new Superman iterations at that time, as well... Based on Keaton's first two films, it would make total sense that his Batman might have also eventually fallen off the deep-end for a while... so yes, I'm assuming it will all meld together in some nebulous "new hybrid history"...
  3. First screening on 26th. Hopefully we will see feedbacks about it but also no huge spoilers. This is a very important movie.
  4. Nah. I don't think they will erase Affleck, but I think that he will die/sacrifice himself for the timeline. So everything really happened with a few changes. > Lex in jail because of the capitol building bombing > Neither Lex or anyone created Doomsday, cause Zod is alive > Superman didn't die > Earth has its protectors and Steppenwolf never came here So Man of Steel and Batman V Superman are still canon with changes and Justice League never happened.
  5. People on Reddit seem to think this means that BvS only happened in broad strokes with Keaton’s Batman instead if Affleck.
  6. Looks like MoS and BvS are still canon, and only JL will be erased. So maybe things will not be like the leaks.
  7. Recent Batgirl leaks with the mural suggest even more that the new timeline will suggest Keaton was always the DCEU Batman. Wonder if it will mean technically Batman and Batman Returns are canon in the timeline.
  8. Who is telling WB that this is what fans want? It is beyond sad that WB had fucked this up as much as they have, and they have been screwing it up since day. As a money-making film, Man of Steel was highly flawed. The movie itself was good, not great, thanks to questionable script choices in the 3rd act. The marketing was incredible, but opening it just a week before the Monster U/World War Z combo was insanely stupid. Obviously the next wave of decisions w/ Snyder, Batman and co. were beyond flawed. And now they are sitting on Henry Cavill (who has grown more famous and popular si
  9. It should be noted that Snyder didn’t envision the DCEU as an expansive ongoing franchise like the MCU. He had a definitive ending planned. Justice League 3 was supposed to be the final movie in his series, and it would’ve ended in such a way that would’ve required WB to reboot everything after that. Clearly though, WB has long since moved away from that.
  10. There wasn't supposed to be DCEU. WB and Snyder initially planned for a Man of Steel trilogy. and Then Avengers (2012) , still the best MCU movie, came out.
  11. Kinda remarkable that it's almost 9 years since Man of Steel and it hardly feels like the DCEU has gone anywhere forward.
  12. Aren't They kinda young to be the holy trinity? Is this all the tricks, with their backs against the wall, that WB has up it's sleeves? Gender Swapping? These moves already have DC fans in a hissy fit and it'll also prove to be narratively disastrous.
  13. Not spontaneously, that would be deranged. But I f the topic comes up naturally, sure? And the topic comes up very naturally given the thread we’re in.
  14. I mean, people are still actively complaining about it as if it’s a big deal?
  15. Why would they not? It’s not like the ending has improved with time, it’s the same as it was in 2013.
  16. Do people still have a problem with how MoS ended?
  17. As I just noted elsewhere -- you can perceive the writing/story as one thing -- but the creatives involved CHOSE to go that direction -- they introduced the concept of the Phantom Zone in the movie -- they could have thrown Zod back in there, too, but they chose to go in a different direction.
  18. The scenes in Wonder Woman where she receives the photo from Bruce would have to go, as well.
  19. If DC wants good movies, they really should just start over on everything and make good standalone movies and to NOT try copying Marvel on everything. Ben Affleck assessed the state of things...clearly saw the writing on the wall and wanted out. Nuke the Snyderverse from orbit, its the only way to be sure.
  20. Seems fine to me, JL has many different teams so if the movies work and are good then great. I’m hoping they can figure out a way to keep Cavill or incorporate another Superman though.
  21. If nothing else, these past few weeks have confirmed that WB hasn’t given up on an interconnected universe after all. At this point though, I’m much more interested in Matt Reeves’ Batman universe. I probably would’ve been more interested in this new DCEU if it was clear that we still had a Superman.
  22. Some guy on Reddit leaked all of this 4 months ago and nobody noticed. The whole thing feels desperate. The corporation grasping at whatever straws are left. You can't tell me that thins is the foundation you want to build a Justice League from? With an 80 year old Batman? No Superman?
  23. I think it makes no sense for Flash to go back in time to change what happened in Man Of Steel. What would be his motivation to do that? Things didn't end tragically for anyone at the end of the theatrical cut of Justice League, from what I remember (I refuse to rewatch that). Besides, the entire destruction of Metropolis and Zod's eventual death happened because he and Faora were determined to kill people one by one. Even if you think Superman could have avoided that, that's not the logic presented by the movie, and there's nothing Flash could say to Superman that would change tha
  24. Going back to Man of Steel (a film that came out 9 years ago) and retconning the ending this late in the game seems futile. It wasn't all that well liked by the GA but it's been so long now, do they even remember it or care enough that it's "in the way" of a fresh slate so to speak?
  25. Maybe I'm being naive, but there was always something odd to me about the 6 fucking months filming for this movie. It's massive. I wonder if they filmed the movie with many different key scenes to know which one would fit better. I know that it will have cameos and people in this industry are busy, so it was better to film it many times than call them later for reshoots. I'm really curious about the screenings.
  26. I think they have plans to adapt Crisis on the year DC will turn 100 (2034). We know that this saga is big and have a lot of heroes involved, and that would explain a lot of things that they are doing (maybe). A reboot starting in The Batman would be amazing to me, but Matt would never agree. But it's not a secret for no one that DC is always better doing their work individually.

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