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'Remember The Hunger Games' was trending worldwide yesterday.

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On 12/29/2016 at 9:58 AM, Mockingjay Raphael said:

That's not a surprise, Brazilian fans are always putting The Hunger Games on WW trending topics.


It is trending all over the place today.  I have no idea why.




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14 hours ago, Mockingjay Raphael said:


sort of. She didn't say it in those abrupt clips.  She said she would never get to eat dinner out if she didn't give people the evil eye when they start approaching her table, and given how hounded she is by paps and pseudo fans who sell her autograph on ebay, I can completely understand.  But I grew up around the studios and we would never think of approaching a celebrity while they were eating.  She takes tons of selfies with fans when she is on a promo tour or going to an event.  It is situational, if she feels like her privacy is being violated.


I've seen pictures of her with sheer terror on her face, tight, face to face with her bodyguard as he tries to maneuver them through a crowd.  I've seen clips of those professional autograph seekers pushing over security barriers to get to her, and pap photographs with long lens cameras that are absolutely a violation of her privacy.  But, for example, in this last Passengers promo tour, fans took selfies with her all the time, and she backed into them.  She was the only celebrity who did that at the golden globes in 2015, and you could hear the crowd saying 'oh my God!' and gasping when she argued with her publicist to go over to them (wearing over a hundred and fifty carats of borrowed diamonds - a site wrote up how the insurer for the jewelry site probably had a heart attack when she did that.) 


So it is sort of true, if you really are grasping for a headline.



















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