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John Marston

The Exorcist (1973)

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15 hours ago, John Marston said:

the ultimate horror movie




its original run was 193m domestic which adjusts to  $892,754,000


I haven't seen it yet. Wonder why it was so huge. 


Groundbreaking special effects (that still hold up today), shocking subject matter, it was the first major film to traverse many religious/social norms, and it played to the deep-rooted fears many people had about the supernatural and the unknown in disturbingly realistic/grotesque fashion. It is hard to put yourself in the mindset of audiences back then 40+ years after-the-fact, but people hadn't seen such violence/gore depicted on-screen before, and it shocked some people to the point of requiring medical attention. Also, consider that even with the historical stigma against horror films, it was viewed as so accomplished a production that it warranted 10 Oscar nominations (several of which were in major categories). That's simply unheard of either before or since.

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it was a rare breed where a horror film won oscars. Top notch cast, and a 13 year old unknown that is still remembered today for her groundbreaking performance. It built up genuine story and scare rather than have jumps gore for the sake of scares and gross outs. Still there were scares and gross outs in the film. The crawl down the stairs is one of the best moments in horror, ever. 


It is one of my favs. It can play in theaters every year on Halloween with re releases. And each year it could make more as viewers take their friends to experience it. One to own. 

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