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  1. If this winds up surpassing BW domestic total not sure anyone could have foreseen that turn of events. Hopefully this will be the death knell for PA.
  2. Idk how sympathetic people will be to Disney in this scenario.
  3. If 70% drop is the new norm and not just an aberration of the times then theatrical window past 15 days or so is prolly doomed. Hopefully by next winter with the usual platform releases expanding we can see the trend start to buck.
  4. Shame about Escape Room. I haven't loved either entry in the series but am invested enough to want them to conclude the story. I did enjoy Indya Moore in this one. Nice opening for SJ2, and lol at BW. Disney sure played this a certain way. Good job with all that.
  5. Would hope the Tuesday boosts get back to pre-pandemic levels at some point, but maybe that'd require the industry to be at a full recovery point.
  6. I stanned harder for these films circa 2001-2006 more than any in my life probably. They're obviously not on OT SW level of cultural cache or anything, but I think their impact is still felt.
  7. That was before Disney got in the streaming game, though. COVID provided the opportunity, but they've taken the ball and run with it. You can probably make the case that same-day releases haven't been necessary since GvK demonstrated audiences were willing to come out again. Best we can hope is no additional plans for further same-day releases for fall and beyond are announced, but I won't hold my breath.
  8. Yeah it's pretty terrible all-around. I understand the value to families, but let's not pretend Disney's endgame is to save families the cost of shelling out for multiple tickets.
  9. Yeah, I remember when Matrix Revolutions came on DVD three months after release even that was seen as absurdly early and indicative of how much it under-performed.
  10. I am somewhat impressed Disney was willing to compromise their theatrical bragging rights for shrouded profits nobody will ever verifiably know about. Sad news for the Marvel fanboys, though.
  11. It's a troubling precedent. If Disney drops the model come fall I'd happily change my tune, but it's hard to believe they're not shooting for an eventual end result where they've push out the theater middlemen more and more for the sake of reaping 100% of whatever profits are left. If it's better business for them, I guess that's their prerogative, but if the box office and moviegoing never fully recover that's a shame. Would be nice for theaters to regain some leverage.
  12. If theater business ends up dying we can probably point to Disney as the vulture that picked apart its carcass first opportunity.
  13. When is Canada going to re-open theaters? Also dual release model needs to get gone ASAP.
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