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  1. Jiffy

    A Star is Born OVER 200M club DOM

    Not necessarily. It had the 2nd best post-Thanksgiving drop and a 4x multiplier in December is not too much to ask.
  2. Yes, we saw The Favourite on Thursday and had assumed it was a Wed release like the rest, so was surprised when no numbers were reported for those days.
  3. This is getting pretty ridiculous.
  4. This took quite a hit this weekend... $200m OS looks a stretch now.
  5. Looks like ASIB will need a 4.4x multiplier to get to $200m from this weekend... wonder if it'll rebound next week with Thanksgiving. $200m is probably dead for BR.
  6. Jiffy

    Thursday Numbers

    Looks like ASIB may be in for its first "big" drop this weekend. Edit: Oh I did forget about the snowstorm effect last night so maybe nvm.
  7. I'd defer to Corpse's judgment on it, but seems like it ought to be capable of $20m.
  8. I think $200m OS is a possibility with Japan.
  9. Jiffy

    Wednesday numbers

    ASIB leap-frogging back up to #2 lol.
  10. Jiffy

    Wednesday numbers

    I wonder if ASIB ekes out 39 consecutive days at $1m+ (with VD on Monday).

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