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  1. What's the record for highest Monday gross?
  2. Game Night was overrated af for me personally (love the Jump Street films, though). WMW looked pleasantly basic, but the reviews may have me reconsidering.
  3. Honestly ashamed of myself for having indirectly given this my money through AMC A-List.
  4. Hmm, BOM has 1,236 theaters, the-numbers has 1,243 theaters, BOR has 1,250 theaters. So what's the tea? Not sure if there is an error for all three.
  5. They fixed the theater count on DBB now. $8,640 average from 1,233 theaters... very impressive.
  6. Jiffy

    101 Dalmatians (1961)

    I used to watch it every week.
  7. There was also Furious 7 and Minions in 2015, but yeah the point still stands.
  8. Jiffy


    These are a few of My Favorite Things.

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