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  1. Random question... I see that Minions ($27m) and Inside Out ($25m) are the highest grosses in USD listed on BOM. Were these actual totals reflected in their OS gross or are these glitches related to the currency fluctuation?
  2. Wow, seeing it so close to IW in this context really hammers that home. Also how much EG was boosted by China.
  3. A shame if IT2 comes in under the first by a substantial margin since it looks much better than the first. I guess the hook/novelty of the kids in the first one was a big selling point.
  4. Insane that Ne Zha just came out like that and reaches $700m. What are its admissions compared to Endgame?
  5. Mark made a summary page for A:EG like ones he made before for Titanic/Avatar to show how things progressed since release: After "the time after Titanic" and "the time after Avatar" I prepared "the time after Avengers: Endgame".Out of 40 listed countries, Avengers was already passed in 19 countries, 13x by The Lion King, 4x by Toy Story 4 and once each by Aladdin and a local production...*http://www.insidekino.com/BO/Avengers.htm*to be precise: In three countries Avengers was passed by more than one movie...
  6. Hmm its OS weekend was down like 50% right? I wonder what caused it to take a hit? Screen loss?
  7. $20m would be great. Hopefully the Friday increase is healthy.
  8. Yes that's what I gathered noticing some of the multipliers there from the Wiki list of #1 films/yearly totals.
  9. I wish a full weekend chart were available with archives. Would be interesting to see how the market helps legs for NA gross overall.
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