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  1. Lol they should leave the man alone. Although it's funny more than anything.
  2. So close. Oh well. Just like with surpassing Hero in the US.
  3. Flat from last weekend? Or was that underestimated?
  4. Over-performance from Call of the Wild, but my god that budget...
  5. BOM updated and still only has it at $190m WW. Have they ever been off by so much after updating with weekend actuals?
  6. I think viewing habits have shifted too strongly toward the post-theatrical market for us to see a ticket-seller on the scale of Titanic again (outside of emerging markets).
  7. Was wondering when someone was going to make this thread! I guess its roll-out had been rather segmented but now with the Oscar boost it will be fun to follow.
  8. $800m WW is probably the floor.
  9. Hmm thought I'd heard 2,300 being bandied about. Still a good expansion.
  10. Wonder if this would have ever received a release in China even without the coronavirus situation? 'Tis a shame that sth like Green Book got to nab $70m there while this didn't get a proper release.
  11. Hmm I hadn't realized Parasite never got a China release. That's a shame but makes its WW total even more impressive.
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