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  1. It's somewhat inexplicable/embarrassing, but I guess their catalog of hits (which is quite strong, to be fair) is that indelible with the public.
  2. I just noticed BOM has Bohemian Rhapsody at $24m in the Netherlands (somehow). Where does that rank all-time? In USD I only see Titanic ($29.7m) and Skyfall ($25.1m) higher.
  3. Jiffy

    Thursday (03/14/2019) Numbers - Early Estimates.

    Impressive number for CM. Hopefully the Friday increase isn't conversely muted.
  4. I feel like I see more people down on objectively successful runs in this thread more than any other all due to expectations built on pre-sales.
  5. The R-rating is the most under-stated aspect of its success.
  6. WB should extend the ASIB: Encore release if they want to edge out BR domestically.
  7. Jiffy


    Oof embarrassing.
  8. What's the record for highest Monday gross?
  9. Game Night was overrated af for me personally (love the Jump Street films, though). WMW looked pleasantly basic, but the reviews may have me reconsidering.
  10. Honestly ashamed of myself for having indirectly given this my money through AMC A-List.
  11. Hmm, BOM has 1,236 theaters, the-numbers has 1,243 theaters, BOR has 1,250 theaters. So what's the tea? Not sure if there is an error for all three.

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