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  1. Jiffy

    Wednesday numbers

    Looks like some pretty harsh drops all around aside from ASIB.
  2. Under. It'd need better legs than Gravity from Week 2 on. I could see it if it were able to parlay success from a substantial awards season re-expansion.
  3. Jiffy

    A STAR IS BORN - 42M OS - 136.6M WW

    Fantastic holds in Europe.
  4. Nah I understand wanting to manage expectations.
  5. Yeah, I'm not holding out much hope.
  6. What are we expecting from Italy and Germany at this point?
  7. Jiffy

    True Box Office Hits before 1980

    TOTAL BOX OFFICE GROSS: $5,737,846,000 (Adjusted in 2016 USD) Damn okay Olivia de Havilland...
  8. Seems like a great hold for CRA in AUS.
  9. Jiffy

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom DOM

    Fair point, I just figured teen girls may have been a lucrative demo for this. What's the record for highest grossing R-rated musical?
  10. Jiffy

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom DOM

    How much may the R-rating limit its potential, though.
  11. Ever since $600m domestic became a lock I've been pulling for $600m OS and ideally OS > Domestic.
  12. Was hoping it'd stay above $25m but still amazing nonetheless.

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