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Just a question about individual theater grosses

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I asked this a while back in a weekend thread but never received an answer so I thought I'd make a topic about it.


I see people all the time going on about "Lol such and such film made more at my theater than such and such other film". Or saying "Blank flim made our equivalent of 100M while Blank film made our equivalent of 50M"


So I was wondering, is there some way that everyone is able to find out the box office of their individual theaters?? Or do you all just work at your closest theaters...

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I wouldn't know the numbers if I didn't work at the theatre. But employees on tills have access to numbers back to like 2014, so like @That One Guy said, I just use a formula to calculate # of 3D vs 2D tickets, Tuesday discounts, approx # of child/senior tickets a certain movie might sell.

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28 minutes ago, That One Guy said:

If your theater has reserved seating, it’s pretty easy to track their individual sales and how well it does. @DAJK does work at a theater and knows exact grosses at his theater for each movie I’m assuming and he uses a formula to calculate its equivalent  domestic gross

there has to be a good constant number to multiply by after the start time.  When you have the disadvantage of a labtop, it seems you can only take a peek at reserved seating right up to the seconds before it starts.  Assume it is a 500 seater with 300 unoccupied.  That is like 2 grand in box office. But how much is walkup.  A HUGE theater chain at a large theater might show 25 minutes of previews.  People know this and show up late.  Reserved seating helps with it too, lol.  I wonder what that number would be.  10%?  25%? 

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