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  1. True American Sniper was huge. Being from Canada, it wasn't quite the phenomenon it was in the States. Sure it was big, but it was more of a "strong movie of the week". My roommates from Europe have never even heard of it on the other hand. Bohemian Rhapsody meanwhile was massive everywhere, whereas in the US it was more of the "strong movie of the week"
  2. to be fair, BR is better than some billion-dollar movies already. Even if you're on the "don't like it" side of the fence, it's miles better than something like Age of Extinction. Either way, it would have been a nice accomplishment to show studios that biopics can be profitable. I wanna see more of those. It's partly why I'm disappointed Rocketman didn't break out as big as it should have.
  3. You know, I kinda would have liked to have seen Bohemian Rhapsody cross a billion. Just so we could have a non-special-effects type typical 'blockbuster' movie actually join the club. I guess you could say Joker did, but that's still a CBM.
  4. I honestly doubt this would open much higher than 40-50M no matter when it opens. Pre-pandemic, it screamed Interstellar to me box office wise.
  5. Honestly... this movie deserves a bit more credit than it got. It's not up there with Jungle Book/Cinderella as the "great" live-action adaptations, or maybe even Aladdin as one of the "genuinely good ones". But it was WAY better than the first, and actually pretty enjoyable for an hour and a half. The final act was a hell of a lot of fun.
  6. Nolan should NEVER use Twitter. Don't let a smart man like that stoop that low. Twitter is the very depths of the Internet, the stuff the Internet scrapes off of its shoe after it thinks it stepped in horse shit.
  7. @MrPink I think another thing that concerns the human element of re-opening theatres/other business is that what people are comfortable with is going to vary individually, probably forever. There are going to be people I guarantee that for the rest of their lives will think it's never again ok to go to a movie or a concert etc. Heck, there are still people that refuse to go on planes 20 years after 9/11. The only thing businesses can do is listen to health authorities. If the authorities say it's safe, that's who should be listened to, because there's always going to be idiots saying that "it's never ready" or "it was always ready".
  8. The human element however is going to vary around the world, which means that the business element is still insanely important. For a lot of the United States (the centre of the universe), the situation is going to be a lot worse come July than it will be in a lot of other movie-going countries. Therefore it's up to the studio to make a business decision of whether to, for example, forego a US release (or limit it to certain areas of the United States that have recovered much better than others).
  9. See the problem with this is that it's not falsifiable. Even if Tenet makes 800M, people can just say "oh well it woulda made 1.5B pre-pandemic"
  10. Whatever happens, I think the idea of opening this in July is gonna be high risk high reward for WB. Tenet is either gonna bomb HARD in this date, or it's gonna be a giant zeitgeist movie
  11. Hollywood's a symbolic centre. Why on Earth would a studio place millions of dollars on superstition, or the fact that "Hollywood is the centre of everything"? It's not where all of their money comes from.
  12. One of the biggest moviegoing markets in the United States. That would matter if there was only 5 or 6 "moviegoing markets" (however the term is defined). But that's, say, 20 million people (give or take, I don't know the actual population of the county) out of a country of 350 million and a global (moviegoing) population of around 5 billion. Of course, if a lot of other population centres do the same as LA, then yes it would be very reasonable to delay this. But losing a potential couple million bucks by having one city unavailable for ticket-purchasing really isn't a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.
  13. Why is LA the be-or-end-all for a movie? It's kind of an egocentric way of thinking, is it not?
  14. Look at everyone already protesting the lockdowns, even when there ARE government regulations about going out. Imagine how many more people are going to be fine with going out once they get the "all clear"
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