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  1. Not to bring doom and gloom but we can’t fully rule out DA playing like Entourage. That one was decently big out of the gate but died QUICK
  2. Actuals 1.5, 1.3, 2.1. While my comps weren’t the best, I do kind of want to pat myself on the back for knowing my market well enough to know when/how to adjust those comps. Shoulda gone a bit higher with Astra (followed the First Man comp slightly more) but oh well. great job to everyone who had some pretty great estimates in this thread last night
  3. Honestly you can have first pick with colours, you deserve it given how much work you've put into this thread I'll switch to orange, unless that's already taken, just put me wherever you like
  4. Alright here we go: AD ASTRA IMAX: 7:00 - 117/431 9:30 - 21/431 138 tickets total 203% First Man IMAX - 2.23M 138% Bohemian Rhapsody IMAX - 5.38M 40% Fantastic Beasts IMAX - 3.64M 35% Aquaman IMAX - 3.16M 105% Glass IMAX - 3.89M 23.5% Captain Marvel - 4.86M 92.6% Shazam - 5.45M As you can see, comps are rather all over the place, but it's clear that this definitely did overperform here (likely due to IMAX, but still it did perform favorably to other "gotta see it in IMAX'" type movies, so maybe this is a good sign?). Not sure how much the IMAX had to do with it, but this really is a strong performance, and while my comps are likely going to be no good, I can't really see anything under 1M at all. I'd say 1.2 is the floor, but I'll go with something like 1.35M if I were to guess. First Man would generally be my go-to comp, but even that one seems too high. Oh well. RAMBO: 7:00 - 23/86 9:30 - 20/86 43 tickets total. 43% Hustlers - 1.075M 27% John Wick 3 - 1.55M 54% Pet Sematary - 1.25M 39% Glass - 1.44M Not bad, I would have thought a movie like this would appeal more to the old white crowd of my city, but alas it seems to be playing in line with other adult-oriented flicks here. Given other people's reports tonight, I wouldn't fully rule out any of my comps, so I'll go somewhere in the middle and say 1.2-1.3M but we'll see how close that actually is. DOWNTON ABBY: 7:00 - 204/250 9:30 - 24/250 228 tickets total. 228% Hustlers - 5.7M 225% Rocketman - 3.95M 144% Bohemian Rhapsody - 5.62M 345% First Man - 3.8M I was going to cut my comps in half just to compensate for all the old white people in this city. So half the average (of these 4 comps at least) is 2.38M. Funny enough this is about the same number of tickets sold last Thursday here (I don't have the exact number written down but it was in the 220-230 range, and that came out to 2.2. So while some of the other comps suggesting sub-2 may be true, I'll go out on a limb and say 2.1-2.2M.
  5. Green, I'll try and get more consistent with my tracking if this ends up happening
  6. You know I think someone should create a spreadsheet looking at everyone's individual theatre reports and their proximity to true numbers when numbers come out. Give us an idea of how we're doing.
  7. I mean, it matters in the sense that I want something interesting to happen at the box office. So if this comes in below expectations (say, below 20M) and Ad Astra bombs, this is gonna be a weekend that had a lot of potential but kinda klunked it.
  8. I'll do a report later tonight but obviously Downton Abbey is killing it here (I'll post the raw numbers, not just my adjusted estimates based on being in the "old white people" capital of Canada). Rambo meh so far But Ad Astra I looked really quick and thought holy crap. I would think a good comp is First Man, but it's already outsold First Man's entire Thursday night with just the first show (which doesn't start for 3 hours) so if walk-ups are good I could see this doing surprisingly well (whether that holds for the actual box office or just my small sample who knows) but it is at least encouraging.
  9. In a way I do agree with Futurist in that discussing why Sicario had "no" problems and Rambo does would open a can of worms, but maybe it does need to be opened. There are definitely differences to how Sicario and (presumably) Rambo is portraying people, but they are two very different movies, both of them designed for entertainment. I think it should be the job of the audience to be able to make the distinction b/w fantasy and reality (which the problem is, many are unable to do), and it shouldn't be Hollywood's job to hand-hold. That being said, Hollywood also has to watch out for how it is portraying people on screen, and as long as it is not generalizing (or trying to intentionally generalize) than I don't see a problem with it. People are going to interpret it however they want, and I think that is more of an issue with the individual rather than the collective.
  10. Close to 30 would honestly be great for Gemini Man. If it's as good as people are saying, it could leg it to 100M. OS should also be pretty big too (200-300).
  11. Hustlers has been having some damn strong weekdays. If this weekend doesn't completely collapse, I could see it passing 90M
  12. I didn't enjoy both, but I liked this post because GOOD FOR YOU so many people are incapable of handing others' opinions, even when it comes to something as trivial as star wars. As someone who liked the prequels, I thought Star Wars fans should be envious of me because I had 6 star wars movies to love instead of 3. Now I wish I had 10 instead of 9, but oh well
  13. I mean… I'm not sure how to respond to this exactly. Yea, there's lots of people who will probably assume "oh because in this movie the bad guy was Mexican then all Mexicans are bad", and those people are either 4 years old, or idiots. And it shouldn't be up to Hollywood (imo) to sidestep and tip-toe around political issues so that the lowest denominator doesn't get confused. That being said, there are probably a lot of people who'll say this movie is going to appeal to the lowest denominator anyways, but I don't think that's a fair assessment either.
  14. that would be a real shame if this club succeeds the movie looks so damn good (I might come back to this post in a week if I hate it tho lol)
  15. Dang alright I might have to start getting excited for this. Thought it would get eaten alive by Joker but it would be nice if this could become a hit.
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