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  1. Exactly! I even brought up that why is something like Black Panther being used for people to treat others with more disprespect. The movie is supposed to be a force for good, representing a very underrepresented demographic in Hollywood as well as giving millions of people a sort of icon that Hollywood rarely produces. So how come so many people have to fight back?
  2. Ohmygod we're talking about post-colonial criticism in English and the prof brought up Black Panther on a tangent. He then asked me "oh you work at the movie theatre dyl" and just asked sort of for my opinion on how the movie works from a cultural perspective. And that girl who got mad at me a few weeks back about being a "white male" in class (I'm one of three boys in the class, only one who is Caucasian) and this girl wasn't just sitting in the corner and wasn't like "don't you dare impose your racist or sexist opinions on the rest of us how about that" and the prof just got mad in front of the class "what did I say about making comments like that [girl's name]"
  3. The problem with expecting Panther to win 4 weekends in a row is that, even if it has Wonder Woman legs, which would be pretty much damn near impossible, it would do 48M for its 4th weekend, which is where i would say WiT will probably end up give or take a few million. And thats IF it has Wonder Woman legs, which would pretty much guarantee 800M which just isn't happening
  4. Watched Fruitvale Station again... Sure, Panther was good and Creed was great. But I'd still say that FS is still Coogler's best film
  5. Guess I should have made a due date to join the club.... in a way I guess it feels like cheating to join after numbers but you know what, I'll leave it open until midnight EST on the 22nd so there are midweek numbers but not quite a look at how BP will hold up for its following weeks
  6. Not necessarily, especially cause I didn't like Last Jedi. I just don't want a movie that's as much of a runaway success as Black Panther to be called a disappointment by anyone, which tends to happen on this site when expectations run wild
  7. Instead of going crazy, I think we should just look at o/u 600M DOM for now. I doubt overseas will increase much on that, but 1.2B WW is certainly nothing to scoff at
  8. Dammit... 4th place oh well still love Teal Harle. I went to school with a lot of his family
  9. Sniper. Hunger Games I'd put second, but I wasn't in middle school when it came out and there was DEFINITELY buzz through the roof
  10. I'm working today for the matinee and readingthis makes me want to be extra careful on shift... I want to make sure this bullshit doesn't happen to anyone.
  11. Also, looking at snapchat's story of Black Panther reactions, this movie is truly the cultural zeitgeist movie of the year if not the past few years, like how Wonder Woman took that title last year. Seeing the reactions makes me ecstatic. I just love it when people can find so much from a movie, and as a film fan, I think that's super important
  12. I think I know what's going on. They must have switched BP and Samson's numbers. The only logical explanation

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