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  1. I'm a little in the dark about what exactly this means in a practical sense. Would someone be able to explain it in a "for dummies" way?
  2. Not that it's relevant, but it's funny how something like that happens (Japanese properties are created to cater to western audiences to earn that western $) and nobody bats an eye. But when Hollywood blockbusters cast Chinese performers, or have certain set pieces take place in China, it's called "having to pander to the foreign market".
  3. Aren't streaming movies eligible this year anyway?
  4. Honestly, Husavik should get a nom, if not a win. I have no idea what else is coming this way in 2020 in terms of songs, but I think it's a strong enough song to have been nominated in any other year.
  5. Honestly, if Tenet gets the kind of reception like Gravity of "You have to experience this on the big screen" (which WB may be hoping for), I could see it having that type of run. Not the same size of numbers, but a very strong slow rollout.
  6. One of my roommates was friends with an international student from China and this buddy told me that most people he knew called it "Hongcouver" which, not gonna lie, I thought was just a redneck term used in rural Canada.
  7. Just curious, do you have any information on Canadian chains, or other international chains? Do bailouts/closures work the same way in other countries as the US (especially Canada, which is where I'm interested in lol).
  8. To be completely fair, this post was from March, when there was still some hope that the human race wasn't absolutely fucking moronic
  9. If cinemas are gonna be dead, streaming services MUST start to be more transparent about numbers (for our sake). I wanna follow SOME KIND of box office jeez.
  10. That better not happen. Delay it all you want, just give it a theatrical release. OR allow international theatres to play it for a few weeks before the D+ release. Seriously, fuck the United States and its inability to get this under control.
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