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  1. Horror hardly ever does crazy business at my local theatre in Canada, with the exception of It and Split. Are there any exceptions to the general rule of "horror not doing great in Canada"?
  2. WAY up? I mean 1.015 to 1.083 is certainly AN increase, but I wouldn't consider it at all substantial lol
  3. I have this friend whose "taste" in movies is so out of wack he would get soooo many :notcool: reactions. Basically, he thinks he's too good for any blockbuster except one that's directed by Nolan (fine... Nolan's a good director but, really?) For probably the fifth time he's done this, he was complaining to me about the MIB International trailer, and how they feature "from the director of Fate of the Furious" and literally goes off about how "directing a movie like that is just embarrassing idk why they would want to advertise that" and how "instead, they should say something like from the cinematographer of The Piano, at least that way it'll make smart people interested". Has he ever seen the Piano? Ha, certainly not, he couldn't even tell me who was in it or what it was about, just that he looked it up on IMDB.
  4. just out of curiosity, in what sense do these other places reference this site? Do they bring up our early numbers, or the users' analysis of the numbers? Or are we referenced as some kinds of trolls or something
  5. It's just… everyone complains about Disney live action remakes, yet nightmares like this exist..
  6. It's just scary how facts are not facts any more, but rather simply opinions and phrases that people can choose and pick to fit their own narrative. Captain Marvel made a lot of money. Some people liked it. Other people didn't like it. Either way, both groups are probably excited for Endgame. I don't really see what's so complicated there.
  7. I definitely don’t think people should be saying things along the lines of “people who liked us only did because of Jordan Peele’s name” but at the same time I also don’t like being told “you only liked Bohemian Rhapsody because of the music” or “people only like green Book because it makes them, as white people, feel better about themselves” i think it works both ways; people should be respectful of someone’s movie opinion even if they disagree with it
  8. Going into the strip club got the most laughs out of my audience. Also "that tastes like literal vomit"
  9. I dunno, I wouldn't harp on anyone saying that plot holes contribute to their dislike of a movie. I myself know of plot holes in movies I love and in movies I hate. Sometimes they jeopardize our enjoyment of the movie, sometimes they don't. For me (and I'm assuming Baumer too), I couldn't get past some of the "holes" in Us's narrative. But for other people it won't bother them at all, I think it in part also has to do with how much one is or is not already enjoying the movie. And yea, I would argue that some of the "unanswered questions" could be considered "plot holes" but other people would argue otherwise, and that's totally cool because this site would be incredibly boring if everyone had the exact same opinions on every movie.
  10. actually shut the fuck up about people with ASD. You must be really lonely irl because your sense of fun seems to be making as many insulting comments on an online forum and hoping people notice you. I'd feel sorry for you but you're just an asshole
  11. Either way, what ever it takes from OW is going to be added to overall box office anyway so I don't think it's really that big of a deal.

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