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  1. The hunger games franchise was never killed by anything, but the fact that the last 2 movies were meh at best really hurt the strength of their ending. Saything that maze runner killed THG series is ridiculous IMO.
  2. If the movie really is great I could see a Mad Max type run for it. But that damn runtime is gonna hurt it, lots of theatre's hvs to cut down showtimes to 1 or 2 evening shows rather than 3. Also that budget worries me. But 120+ domestic should be good, and maybe 350WW
  3. What time is the trailer supposed to drop?
  4. Mojo finally updated the intl total for Hitman's Bodyguard. Probably only a week away from hitting 150M WW (off of a 30M budget no less). Much-needed hit for Lionsgate.
  5. It was great, we had a good amount of the staff members come in either dressed as kingsman or statesman!
  6. Budget id assume would be around 100M with all the delays and such. That being said, I'm still expecting 60M domestic and 200M OS, so even this one alone will break even.
  7. I have to say, I'm straight up shocked at Ninjago's performance. It's marketing was much better than Storks, and I did not think it could possibly do as poorly as it is...
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Wtf is up with these pikachu like buttons?
  9. Enjoyable for sure! Not as good as the first, and not going to be in my top 10 of the year (despite being in my top 10 most anticipated). Sure there was some stuff that didn't work at all, but 70% of the movie at least was pretty good!
  10. Doubt Kingsman is going to go over our equivalent of 14M at my theatre tonight... And Ninjago probably only 7M. Can't remember if something is going on in town tonight or not, but hopefully tomorrow is way better. On the other hand, I looked fucking sexy in my kingsman outfit
  11. If they keep a lot of the same plot points from the book, this movie is gonna be really heavy. And if they pull off these parts from the book, I think this could definitely be the best of the bunch. I also like how, this third book in particular, it feels like something completely different than the first two. That being said, the ending sucks. Absolutely sucks, so they should change that up.
  12. Didnt covenant do 36M from the name preview number? I can't see this falling below that, given AC's pretty bleh reception from the GA
  13. If my theatre is any indication, this is doing over 3M in previews.
  14. Regardless how good or not this looks, I'd be shocked at anything under Paddington #'s.

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