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  1. I'll just report some Saturday numbers from Victoria compared to last night, see if it measures up: Fantastic Beasts IMAX: 741 tickets - 114.4% true Friday (19.2M) Fantastic Beasts Regular: 816 tickets - 129.5% true Friday ($21.76M) Instant Family: 119 tickets - 143% Friday (6.45M) Thinking the Beasts # will be somewhere in between... like 21M give or take. Could be very wrong, but who knows.
  2. Overlord I really enjoyed, it's definitely a future cult classic. Really well-made IMO for what is essentially a silly B-movie. The strictly war-movie that it is during the first act is very well-shot, well-acted, and while it plays like a slow-burn, it is very gripping. The movie is also really fun when it turns into a zombie gore-fest that the trailers promised. And I think the blending of the genres worked overall, but I can totally see how it would alienate a lot of people. Understandable why it isn't doing better at the box office, but I think it will have a long healthy life on streaming etc. ala Kick-Ass or something.
  3. I dunno, the first 15 minutes of this movie felt somewhat promising. The look of the film was beautiful, and it played out as it if would be genuinely well-made. But the plot was so damn shallow, and it felt like nothing really happened over the course of the story. Felt like an "interesting Sunday afternoon" for the lead character rather than an "outright adventure". None of the characters were interesting and the climax occurred much too quickly.
  4. IMO maybe it just had to do with the students (that the story followed) growing up. As they got older and real-world problems became more important, things like the house cup became less of an issue for them.
  5. THIS. Maybe a movie detailing the "first wizarding war" or whatever it was called, the time leading up to Voldemort killing Harry's parents.
  6. Pretty bleh numbers all around. Hope Ralph/Creed overperform next week
  7. Instant Family Friday Victoria: 83 tickets 37.3% Grinch (6.96M) Fantastic Beasts Friday Victoria: Regular = 861 tickets 317% First Man ($18.37M) 122% Bohemian Rhapsody ($23M) IMAX = 993 tickets 613% Overlord ($23.3M) 279% First Man ($16.13M) 182.5% Bohemian Rhapsody ($34.31M) Clearly I'm still having to build up good comps. I gotta stop using the First Man comp unless it's a very old-skewing movie because the discrepancy is very noticeable here. That's a strong showing for Instant Family, and I hope the number goes up close to 6M for Friday. Beasts I have no clue since comps are all over the map. Mid to high 20's sounds reasonable though
  8. Out, think matching the first will be very respectable.
  9. Getting destroyed is a definite matter of opinion though. For example, I would say that SM3 even adds to the trilogy rather than 'ruins' it in a way
  10. Not specifically on this site, but almost every non-critic review that doesn't like this movie is going out of their way to particularly trash Rowling. Not like just cause she delivered a sub-par script, but like really REALLY go after her. Almost like a K Kennedy type deal. Definitely sees like there's a bias, not sure if it's leftover from the Nagini thing or what but whatever Not gonna listen to any reviews till I actually see the movie.
  11. Everything except Beasts is increasing from Deadline's weekend lowballs IMO. That 12.5M for Instant Family from a 5M Friday seems ridiculous
  12. Dunno what they're thinking with 12.5M for Instant Family with a 5M Friday lmao. Closer to 18M. But I think the Friday number will still go up. Widows could definitely reach 14-15 with a 5.5 Friday. Beasts reaching 70 would be nice. Not the best drop for Grinch, but hopefully it can stabilize as Christmas gets nearer.
  13. SM1>SM2>SM3>TASM2>TASM1>Venom But I enjoyed all of them
  14. Opening a week before Thanksgiving was probably a smart move in hindsight. Definitely going to help legs be at least slightly better than they otherwise would have been. Not to mention that after next weekend, there's practically nothing competition-worthy opening till the 14th
  15. oooof 6.1M from Thursday would be pretty damn bad. Guess we gotta wait for Friday numbers to be more telling

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