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  1. Looking not too bad for my Survivor so far. Life Itself must be having insane WOM since its Friday number is 11x its previews...
  2. This movie better at least come out in theatres. Release New Mutants on Disney's streaming service if you really want to, but I'm excited for this.
  3. Taking a Pixar class at the moment, and am learning about just how much of a technological marvel the advancement of CG animation was at the time, and all the time and work the folks at Pixar put into it, I really feel bad saying I agree with you. But I do, I really miss hand-drawn animation. Kinda wish that "Me and my Shadow" movie over had DreamWorks had actually come to fruition.
  4. DAJK

    A Simple Favor (2018)

    It's fine. Pleasantly surprised at the comedy. Just wasn't all that intrigued how the film wrapped up. Was more of a "oh that's it? hmm" Feig is so damn good at comedy though. It oozes here even during all the serious stuff.
  5. DAJK

    Peppermint (2018)

    Graded it a B but it's closer to a B-/C+. Don't see what's so wrong with it to deserve 11 RT. It doesn't break the mould, and it isn't anything you'll remember at the end of the year. But the action is competent and Garner gives a good performance. You really feel for her character in the first act, and seeing her get her vengeance is satisfying.
  6. The fact that these trailers basically start by showcasing footage from the first film give me zero confidence in this whatsoever.
  7. Assassination Nation just looks so stupid IMO so flop away. Life Itself I thought looked kinda good before reviews started coming in 😕 Woulda probably seen it too if I was still getting free movies.
  8. DAJK

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 9 - Strife Itself

    You had a hell of a run Slambros. Glad you were able to stick around much longer this year
  9. I wanna say yes this really could do 300+. A lot of the cards seem to be falling into place, the xmas release, Disney's backing, popular cast, well-received trailers. But I predicted 240M for Christopher Robin, and I don't want to do something like that again in the same year.
  10. LMAO I love one of the youtube comments: "It's only available for 2 days to make sure both people have a chance to see it"
  11. DAJK

    Monday Numbers

    I thought that Predator drop was awful, but it seems to be in line with other drops this week. Nun not looking super hot, but at least it'll still have a 2x multiplier.

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