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  1. Goddammit this is still super disappointing even though I’ve pretty much been expecting it for the past 24 hours. Not cause it’s Star Wars and I want my beloved franchise to do better. But because the movie really is good. I’m not sure what lesson I want Lucasfilm to learn from this... I’m mostly fine with the quality of their output, maybe marketing? Solo didn’t look all that appealing. Idk
  2. I used to run 10km about 4 times per week back when I did sports. Twice I’d aim for 40 minutes twice would be 50 minutes. But when I started working and quit sports I stopped cold turkey and hadn’t run for years. Started again recently, and sure it’s been hard the past few weeks but I’ve gotten up to doing 7km in 35 minutes. It’s really just persistence if you ask me. Get a routine going, even if that means running not continuously but stopping to walk for 1 minute every 5 minutes, depending on your level of fitness. Also, I recommend running trails instead of a track or the street. The changing scenery and not just a flat hard surface helps me when I’m doing distance
  3. Still don’t see why DP2 can’t hit 300. After this it has 2 weeks of minimal competition
  4. Well, at least 37 is WAY better than 32. 40 would make me pleased
  5. they could, but it's not like Big Bird is coming in and sleeping with McCarthy. It's just a pun really
  6. Hook did 262M adjusted. While this shouldn't be expected to top that, it would be a nice goal
  7. Is that all? Idk, it just doesn't seem to be worth taking them to court
  8. I'm going to try the number 1 movie each weekend until the end of the year. Why not May 25 - Solo 82M June 1 - Solo 38M June 8 - Oceans 8 39M June 15 - Incredibles 2 151M June 22 - Jurassic World 145M June 29 - Jurassic World 68M July 6 - Ant Man 90M July 13 - Hotel Transylvania 46M July 20 - MamaMia 32M July 27 - Mission Impossible 64M August 3 - Christopher Robin 65M August 10 - Christopher Robin 37M August 17 - Christopher Robin 26M August 24 - either Christopher Robin or Slender Man at 20M August 31 - Kin 16M September 7 - The Nun 55M September 14 - Predator 42M September 21 - House with a Clock in its Walls 31M September 28 - Night School 43M Oct 5 - Venom 103M Oct 12 - Venom 48M Oct 19 - Halloween 69M Oct 26 - Halloween 30M Nov 2 - Bohemian Rhapsody 59M Nov 9 - The Grinch 95M Nov 16 - Fantastic Beasts 88M Nov 23 - Wreck It Ralph 60M Nov 30 - Wreck it Ralph 33M December 7 - Wreck It Ralph 20M December 14 - Mortal Engines 39M December 21 - Aquaman 66M December 28 - Mary Poppins 58M
  9. Since when were the Sesame Street characters being featured in this marketing/film
  10. I saw a few mentions in the International thread that ppl are thinking Nutcracker might not get an official release given the Freeman stuff. Is that really a possibility? I mean yea, Disney doesn't want to tarnish their brand, but it really doesn't look like Freeman has a huge role or anything. If they really want to they could easily re-cast and re-shoot. Plus it looks like they already put a lot of money into the movie. And could earn a lot of money back as well. Wouldn't be surprised with a 175DOM, 275OS run
  11. Part of it is due to budget, with it being rumoured so high due to reshoots etc. Part of it is due to the fact that Star Wars is, well, Star Wars. The franchise used to be the giant that towered over all giants. Now its seen as a giant among giants, and a blip in their overall box office reputation is naturally seen as something to discuss. Overseas isn't doing super well at all either, so the movie needed to do something domestically to turn a profit.
  12. Just take a quick peek inside the weekend thread. And honestly, I'd say even if Solo came close to 300, this club, while unlikely, would still have a chance
  13. It just dawned on me that a 32M OD means a 18M true friday

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