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  1. Had a weird dream last night that Conjuring 3 opened with 19M this year, but had a 150M overseas opening, and people started calling it "Bohemian Rhapsody 2.0" which... yup ok doesn't make sense
  2. Can we just acknowledge for a moment that Knives Out is still making over 100k per day on weekdays after opening to ~30M, and it's practically March.
  3. I totally agree, and yes I do applaud places like Twitter for being able to call out a dumb response when it occurs. But it turns into a pile-on so quickly, it seems in some ways that people (not necessarily referring to just this instance) actively want something to be mad about. Honestly, I'd do a complete social media cleanse if I wasn't 21 years old and the fundamental way people my age interact wasn't social media.
  4. Twitter is a cesspool of toxicity. Trying to read anything regarding this movie at all is like the worst thread on these boards multiplied by a thousand.
  5. Totally agree. Obviously I'd prefer to have the box office be $0 for the year if it could mean no one else dies from this virus. But given this is an industry I know about (relatively speaking) and care about, it's a proxy for how different industries around the world are going to be affected. I just hope, for example, movie studios don't take the wrong message away from 2020. For example, say coronavirus fear increases dramatically in the US and, say, No Time to Die completely bombs as a result. As long as studios are aware of the external factors affecting the box office, and don't make stupid future decisions because of a failure to understand, I'm okay with seeing some flops here and there.
  6. So probably a finish around 165M or so for 1917? Honestly that's pretty great for it, given that it's a war movie with a decidedly non-American focus.
  7. Ugh I just want "original" content to break-out this year (yea, I'm calling IM original in this case cause at least it's an original script despite the character). 2020 is definitely an off-year for the big franchise fare, and it's a chance for some new properties to make their mark. We already had dormant franchises like BBFL do huge business, as well as potential franchise-starters like Sonic. Call of the Wild overperformed relative to expectations. I want to see this do great.
  8. Damn so this movie's Friday # could very well be below 8M? That would be HUGELY disappointing
  9. Yes but just because a movie has "gay appeal" or "straight appeal" or whatever kind of 'appeal' doesn't mean someone who agrees with those themes is going to necessarily enjoy the movie as a whole. And by saying the only reason people disliked it is because it changed aspects of the original movie is just plain wrong, since obviously people like/dislike movies for different reasons.
  10. You know, a movie can be just... bad, regardless of whatever social messages it has. And I think a lot of people on these boards, given their love for 'cinema' are able to separate the two. Movies might not have any real social subtext and still be great movies. Movies can be super progressive but even 'progressive people' won't like them because they're shitty movies.
  11. Crawl and Scary Stories were summer releases where previews are higher, while Doctor Sleep (supposedly) had a built-in audience. While the comps suggest low-to-mid 20s, I'm hoping the release date time of year and WOM can propel it to 30+
  12. Imo it would be stupid to re-open theatres in China anytime in he next month at least. If they want people to go back, only re-open essential businesses and industries; movie theatres aren't one of them.
  13. Hoping CotW holds up nicely against Invisible Man and can make it to 80M+
  14. I'm honestly loving it that Whannell and Wan are both (becoming/already are) acclaimed directors. Would love to see them team up and co-direct something one day (or be a writing/directing duo like the first Saw). When does the embargo lift btw?
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