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  1. Why do I have a feeling we are going to get a few clubs throughout fall like "It Chapter 2 over IX WW" "Joker over IX WW" "Jumanji over IX WW" "Goldfinch over IX WW"
  2. The smugness of some people in this thread Pikachu's overpredictions has to be one of the biggest failures of this Forum in a while.
  3. I mean yea, I've got my own opinion on this but I understand that not everyone will share it, and I'm totally cool with that. I also understand that I may not know the full story, or the context behind everything being said, as I'm only going off things I have read on this forum and on articles on the internet (and we all know that the internet NEVER lies or stretches the truth). But to me it seems like the real problem is the fact that actors from various minorities or different sexual orientations/genders are not given equal opportunities for roles in Hollywood. It has always been a problem, and it looks like it still is. This whole ScarJo controversy seems to be a symptom of the problem, not the cause of it. Because of course, I think any actor should have the opportunity to play any role they want. They just have to audition or be contacted by the casting directors like any other actor, and they need to have equal consideration based on their talent, not their identity. So in theory, yes I think an actor/actress should be able to play any role they are suited for talent-wise, but the problem is that transgender actors (in this case in particular) have been given very little opportunities in Hollywood. So if ScarJo wants to play a role, I think she should be able to, as long as all other actors have been given fair consideration due to their talent rather than their identity or bankability. And Hollywood does need to become more inclusive with transgender actors, including in roles where the character is not transgender. Could a transgender actor play the next Wolverine in the MCU? Of course! There is nothing about the character of Wolverine that says a transgender actor cannot play him. Because he is a character, and an actor is an actor. They are separate. But these actors aren't getting the fair consideration they deserve, that is why it is such a slippery slope. Anyways, those are my two cents. I completely understand if people see it another way, and I am not opposed to changing my views if I'm presented with a different perspective. So if people do see the situation differently, which I know many people do, I really do like that these Forums are an amalgamation of different perspectives, and I would love to discuss those perspectives.
  4. Why would I be okay with blackface? It was done, and always had been done, with the intention of being degrading and demeaning. A situation like Eddie Redmayne playing a trans character and blackface is very different. Being cisgender is not seen as a costume, and neither is being transgender. A role is a role, and an actor is literally hired to play a role. The problem here is that transgender actors are not being given the same opportunities in Hollywood (in any role, not just transgender characters). If I were to ask “why would it not be ok for a cisgender actor to play a transgender character, but fine for transgender actor to play a cisgender character” the answer would be because transgender actors do not have equal opportunities in Hollywood as it is. Unless you have another reason but I’m trying to look at the root of the problem rather than a symptom of it
  5. I'm probably going to take a lot of shit for this, but I don't think there's as big a problem with Johansen's comments as some people are saying. It is called acting for a reason, because you are playing a role that you are not. Armie Hammer's not really a cowboy, Storm Reid didn't get the role in WiT because her father went missing etc. There's plenty of situations where actors are becoming someone they are not, even when there probably are other people irl whose experiences are closer to that of the character than the actor who ended up playing the character. Do I think there is an issue in Hollywood with certain groups not getting as many roles? Of course! I cannot think of a single transgender actor/actress by name, and I'm even struggling to think of an Indigenous actor other than Wes Studi. But I think the problem here is that these people aren't getting roles in general, not just roles that most closely fit their identity. So would this mean then that a transgender actor cannot play a role where their character is cisgender? Of course not! Transgender and cisgender actors auditioning should be considered equally for the role, with the job going to whomever the casting director is the best actor for the part. If Hollywood starts casting transgender actors as transgender characters, and fails to cast them in other roles, than all of a sudden you get an environment where a transgender actor is stuck being typecast in transgender roles. I just think that transgender and cisgender actors should be considered equally for both transgender and cisgender roles. If Disney decided to do a live action remake of Tarzan, and the best person for the role was a transgender man, than of course he should play the part, even though Tarzan as a character is not transgender. I just think it works both ways, and people are failing to see the true problem here, and instead are focusing on a small part of it.
  6. So the house I grew up in for most of my life sold today. I have to be out of here for good on August 30
  7. honestly FUCK this expansion. My theatre isn’t playing it and I can’t tell you how many angry phone calls I’ve gotten saying I am “politically biased” and “oppressive”
  8. Honestly though, any parent-with-kids or 90s kid all grown up isn't gonna care whatsoever about critic reviews for something like this. "Oh, critics are saying this is too much like the 1994 version? Hell yeah that's exactly what I signed up for!" If the movie itself actually sucks, than legs will be hurt obvs, but I really do think this will be Aladdin all over again.
  9. My theatre got Stuber instead of Crawl (ugh). Only chance to see Crawl is if I catch a 10:00 show on my way home tonight, and even then I'd have to convince my mom to see it...
  10. I’m willing to bet this is nominated at the BOFFYs for Worst Picture (maybe even win) even though there will undoubtedly be dozens of worse movies.
  11. Out, I don't think it will increase from the first, but I don't think it'll drop hard either. 130/310
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