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  1. Eternals was never SUPER strong at my theater. But that might be because Dune and Bond have been sucking all the oxygen (Bond opened to our equivalent of ~115M locally, and Dune ~105M... insane). Last Night in SoHo is selling decently, wouldn’t be surprised if it can pull 10M, but my area is usually strong for arthouse content, and A24 type stuff so it’ll play well here regardless I guess. the competition got Dispatch and Antlers so I don’t have much way of tracking either of them this week unfortunately.
  2. How wide is Dispatch even going? Because no theaters in my chain are getting it this weekend in my area. Would guess ~400 but maybe I’m wrong and they’re just thinking “screw it, Canada won’t like it”.
  3. Dune is one ticket ahead of Bond’s pace today at my theater for true Friday. Truly staggering numbers. We knew Bond would be huge. This is just insane. Canada coming in to get Denis his sequel. Never forget your roots I guess.
  4. Dune’s last 24h of presales have really slowed down here. But I can 100% chalk it up to limited capacity; all of our early evening shows are sold out, and even the 10PM and lager shows are filling up. Good news is that now that my province is requiring proof of full vaccinations this weekend, that next week we are back to full capacity. Box office is truly back baby!
  5. I’m sure Charlie can attest to this but Dune is overindexing in Canada compared to other films recently. Also, BC is one of the strongest regions in the country for it, and I live in the heart of where Dune is performing the strongest. So my comps won’t really matter, but this movie’s still killing it here.
  6. Dune is going to do our equivalent of 70-80M opening weekend here, if not higher. It’s a freaking monster in my region.
  7. Huge here. HUGE. more to come. Busy day today, it’s 3 AM and I haven’t slept yet
  8. It would have done more at my location (MUCH more) if it wasn’t for our capacity restrictions, and the fact that it “sold out” all the theatres it could.
  9. Halloween was behind NTTD in Canada yesterday lol (and that’s including Thursday rolled into Friday). Says 2 things: - Bond is huge in Canada (#commonwealth) - Halloween is more of an american thing
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