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  1. I'd say the biggest demo that seems interested in this are 7-10 year old kids.
  2. DAJK

    Tuesday's Numbers

    I’m so glad I didn’t do the Survivor Flash Fight with that HT3 increase
  3. Mama Mia's gonna do something crazy like 4.5-5M previews, but will end up with around 35-41 for the weekend I think. Equalizer will be more stable throughout the weekend, with maybe 3M previews and around 30 for the weekend.
  4. I dunno, I liked the first trailer better. This looks like it's going to have a rather boring first half filled with training and derivative ''who's the thief'' plots from side characters, followed by a rather fun second half involving a heist etc etc
  5. DAJK

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 2 - Here We Glow Again

    Also damn, some of the movies listed for the weekend challenge look damn difficult. And is the penalty/prize for losing/winning the flash fight the same?
  6. DAJK

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 2 - Here We Glow Again

    Yay Beasts! Love u guys thanks for making us the top team for the week @Rorschach @YourMother the Edgelord @That One Guy @ZeeSoh @Empire
  7. Bumping this. Now that I won with my incredibles club, I'm 2 for 3 this year. Will this make it 3 for 4?
  8. Adrift for me has been the biggest casualty of the summer. Really great movie that sadly flopped. Hopefully more and more people catch it at some point because it really is good.
  9. GREAT op I must say, but I'm definitely out on this. Cameron's involvement is the only thing that makes me mildly interested, but the trailer looks bad and there's so much competition in December that I really think this is going to be another Ghost in the Shell
  10. @Slambros said he got 0 on it
  11. Dammit, Purge and JW going up and Skyscraper going down with actuals does not help my Survivor
  12. DAJK

    Christopher Robin over 120 mil DOM

    IVe still got that over Solo club if anyone wants to join
  13. I think this result pretty much gurantees a HT4. The fact that it's still opening above the third one, and in summer no less when the Halloween angle isn't as strong. I think a HT4 in Sept/Oct 2020 could do similar numbers, if not a slight drop/off to 35/120

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