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  1. Could look at this as a frontloaded Unbreakable sequel, or a more walk-up friendly Split sequel. The brand will either way cause some front-loadedness, so I'm going to expect 10x the previews for the 3-day (following the trajectory of The Nun). So 35-40 from these early numbers.
  2. Jesus just a side note before I get to Glass, one of the local Cineplex I track still has Bohemian Rhapsody as their #1 seller... 2.5 months after it opened Anyways.. Glass: Regular - 78/85 61% Bohemian Rhapsody ($31.1M) 289% Bad Times at the El Royale ($20.6M) 144% First Man ($23M) 87% Fantastic Beasts ($54.1M) IMAX - 99/431 177% First Man IMAX ($28.33M) 137% Bohemian Rhapsody IMAX ($69.9M) 39% Fantastic Beasts IMAX ($24.2M) Okay so my comps are all over the place with this one (clearly I need to get more comps lol) but I'd say based on this things are looking like 30 or so 3-day (I'll go with 35-38 cause of the Sunday bump plus my comps are wack) but I think matching Split should be the goal at this point.
  3. Glass IMAX for 7:00 (PST) has only sold 33 tickets so far Regular has 58 (in a small auditorium for the 7:00 before moving to the largest at 10:00 for some reason) Dragon Ball is sold out (big auditorium too, 200+)
  4. In. Even though I didn't like the trailer (or really the second film) it really gained much more of an audience from the first, and people really seemed to love that one too. So I imagine the following for this has definitely grown. Gonna go with 45M opening/140 finish
  5. Yikes. A dragonball movie makes 7M on a Wednesday and you're complaining that Bird Box is the bane of media consumption
  6. I think LEGO and Dragon will be closer than a lot of people think. LEGO - 48/160 Dragon - 42/135
  7. damn... yay for box office
  8. I think the level of front-loadedness/walk-ups going to depend on whether it's seen as more of a Split sequel or Unbreakable sequel by general audiences. Split was one of those instances (at my theater at least) that seemed destined to bomb due to lack of any pre-sales whatsoever (didn't hold Thursday night shows, and as of Friday afternoon there was like 1 or 2 tickets sold the entire weekend) then walk-ups went nuts. The initial rush of pre-sales before Monday definitely seem to indicate a hardcore fanbase inciting appeal. Not saying the movie isn't going to underperform, but I don't think any of the sub-30 comps are going to hold well throughout the weekend. Snow snort could definitely hurt it, but I've got no clue as to what extent.
  9. That would be just fantastic for The Upside
  10. Huh... had no idea there were still DBZ fans out there. Healthy for the box office I guess.
  11. DAJK

    Tuesday Numbers

    Great numbers for Upside, Aquaman, and Mule. Mule looks to finish near 110M, Aquaman could become DCEU's #2 movie, and Upside is already showing strong early legs. 65-70M finish definitely possible. My mom LOVED the upside btw
  12. yeesh my friend's movie opinions are so infuriating because he only ever follows the herd without having a mind of his own, but then shits on everyone else because they're wrong since "everyone else agrees with him so he must be right" Started with ONLY listening to critics. He'd come out of a movie and be like "that was brilliant, 8.5/10" then you check the Metacritic score and its 85. Maybe it was a coincidence at first, but it happened WAY too many times. Anyways he's like "saw spiderverse last night lol it was so shit" and I'm like "what actually? Did you bother to check the Metacritic score?" (kinda poking him a bit with a stick) and he's like "no didn't bother. Knew it would be shit anyways cause its Sony. If they just completely gave the rights to Marvel it would be good. Also did you see the Captain Marvel trailers??? Best trailers ever, I can't wait!"
  13. Man, The Upside really bombed in Quebec. 59k opening which (from my limited study of previous numbers) translates to barely over the equivalent of 5M. It's barely over 1/3 of Dog's Way Home's 151k opening. Either the 20M domestic opening was powered by Kevin Hart fans (whose movies don't tend to do well in Quebec) or its a complete rejection of a Hollywood remake of a French classic.

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