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  1. I just want to say it's weird being around for the sequel and the original of such a cultural phenomenon. For something like Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Star Wars etc. I was too young at the beginning of the century to really remember the previous ones coming out... they just "always existed" in my mind. But Frozen I explicitly remember its marketing, the lead-up, the increasing projections, the insane Xmas run, the music getting in everyone's head.
  2. BOPro forecasting 40M opening weekend for Dolittle, 120-170 domestic. That's like... 3x what I was expecting lmao
  3. Just gonna be a quick report tonight: Beautiful Day 89 tickets 72.3% Zombieland - $2.08M 36% Downton Abby - 756k 89% Hustlers - 1.55M 88% Rocketman - 1.54M Overall very solid here. Included zombieland cause it's a pretty recent comp here and that one did pretty well in Victoria, as I assume something like Beautiful Day would. Everything is pretty encouraging, especially considering Downton was inflated here for sure cause I'm pretty sure the filmmakers literally thought of this city when they made the movie Anyway gonna go with something like 1.4M based on these comps, but given how overperforming these types of movies are here, I'll temper it and say closer to 1-1.15M Frozen Holy crap I just realized it's after 10:15... don't have time to post all my comps but let's just say it was massive here, somewhere in the 16M vicinity.
  4. I'd say Jumanji needs 50M to not at least be 'seen' as a disappointment (relative to expectations, not budget).
  5. Unless Midway somehow gets annihilated this weekend, it's looking to finish with 55M or so, which is pretty solid considering expectations.
  6. So if Jojo can get a handful of major Oscar noms, can it reach 30M?
  7. I'll probably have to back out (hope I don't screw things up for ya @grim22). Reached my credit limit for the month, and I just had to pay my housing fees and I've got to do my xmas shopping for my family coming up, so my budget is extremely stretched until January apologies if I caused anyone any inconvenience!
  8. To be fair, from at least the trailers, Kristen Stewart looks like she's having way more fun in this than she's ever done in other roles. Like, she's actually got some emotion to her (and yea I get that you can chalk it up to the characters she's played in the past) but I've never seen her "have fun" before.
  9. So excited for this. Saw the trailer for the first time last night at Jojo Rabbit and it definitely looks up my alley.
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