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  1. If we can't criticize (in a respectful manner) our own failures, then how are we supposed to take pride in our successes?
  2. Just want to say I'm currently watching GoT (for the first time). I'm nearly halfway through season 3. Richard Madden is far and away my favourite character since Sean Bean died, but I'm starting to get worried because Madden started getting a lot of non-GoT work around 2014 and I'm scared it's because he, let's say, was no longer needed on the show
  3. Not as widespread, but the people who did hate it really didn't let anyone else forget about it. Kinda like Brie Larson in 2019. Not as many people hate her as people who hate the Sonic trailer. But the people who don't like her won't shut the hell up about it.
  4. Dog's Way Home did our equivalent of nearly 27M opening weekend back in January. Dog's Purpose we got 3 weeks late as a filler and it did nearly 50M in one week. I feel like this would have done better than the movie they decided to keep instead (Poms/Uglydolls split)
  5. Actually, an older gentleman came in to work today to watch endgame. He said he had never seen another superhero film in his life but a friend of his gave this a glowing review. I spent a minute or so filling him in on the MCU lol and he practically went in blind. Loved it.
  6. There's literally no theatre within 2 hours from me playing this So I'll either have to wait and see if my family is planning a day trip anytime soon, or if a theatre closer to me gets to play it as a filler in one of the coming weeks.
  7. I absolutely love that Keanu Reeves story. Especially as someone who's always working the box office at a movie theatre, that's my dream right there.
  8. I love Keanu, but I also think he can’t act worth much compared to other professionals. I don’t think the two opinions need to be mutually exclusive.
  9. "We just spend 150M+ on a big budget film that doesn't have any relevant franchise ties to the 2010s? Well, we better not market it at all and hope it's a big box office bomb. Summer needs one anyways, we might as well volunteer."
  10. I'm going out on a limb and say Jurassic World 3 (because I can't imagine the reactions if I said JW3 and people thought I mean Parabellum) is going to have a 175/500/1.5B run
  11. It definitely deserves legs, but probably is going to top out around 145 imo
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