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  1. I have no issues with adaptations of pre-existing material. Tomorrowland has jack shit to do with the theme park section at Disney World too
  2. And if they get lucky, they might get another Pirates of the Caribbean Controversial take: maybe Disney, multi billion dollar company Disney, can afford to lose some money
  3. Tomorrowland is great. The Lone Ranger is great. John Carter is good. Give me more of this Disney, please
  4. If WB were doing the same thing that Disney is doing you bet your ass I'd be complaining. And they sure as hell aren't innocent either with the amount of sequels/remakes they greenlight per year, but at least there's attempts to do originality every now and then
  5. A Star is Born, The Grinch, Ocean's 8, Jumanji, It, Murder on the Orient Express, famously unsuccessful reboots/remakes
  6. why even have opinions at all when you can see how everyone else thinks and just have that opinion instead? sorry guys I was just joking when I said I loved Midsommar and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, my favorite movies of the year are actually Aladdin and The Secret Life of Pets 2 because they had high audience scores
  7. that's great and all but I still don't know your thoughts on the Transformers movies. if you think they suck just know that your opinion is invalid because they resonate with the audience
  8. I thought you just implied that if the GA loves something then that automatically invalidates people's opinions about anything. So, for example, I say "Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a bad movie," and you can respond with "actually the people loved it so you're wrong." This is how film discussion works now apparently
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