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  1. i think people are being quite harsh on Cats, a movie that is unlike anything I've ever seen before and a movie I recommend everyone should see.
  2. just so we’re keeping score, Ken Loach has won the Palme D’or twice and Marvel has won it zero times.
  3. guy literally just said he hasn't watched many Marvel movies after being asked about it. but yeah he's butthurt, i guess.
  4. add the director of City of God to the list https://variety.com/2019/film/asia/ken-loach-fernando-meirelles-marvel-movies-criticism-martin-scorsese-1203378609/
  5. well if he's gonna be asked the question in an interview, then he might as well be inflammatory. it made fanboys mad so it worked!
  6. I can guarantee to you that Disney and Marvel don’t give two shits about diversity. Their films have diverse casts because they’ve learned it boosts ticket sales, and that’s the beginning and end of their reasoning. Not saying that diversity isn’t good (it is, unequivocally), but it’s hard to praise them for it when their version of diversity is having an “exclusively gay moment” in Beauty and the Beast (hint: it’s barely there) or having the only explicitly gay character in a Marvel movie be the director casting himself in a one scene role that can easily be re-edited for China.
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