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  1. That One Guy

    MIB International UNDER 110M

    If it's that actor, I imagine he's hesitant because of the last time he did promo for a movie
  2. it's not playing at Cannes because Tarantino is making the movie for a July release date and he isn't finished editing it
  3. Maybe I can bend the rules and make it so Toy Story 4 has to hit 250M before The Lion King comes out
  4. PENGUINS (DISNEYNATURE) Buena Vista 1,815 N/A N/A $500,169 -- / $276 $500,169 / 1 This might come as a shock, but I don't think Penguins is gonna hit 250M
  5. That's great and all but when you try to convince people that a movie you've never seen is bad, could you at least do it in one post and use multi-quote like most people do?
  6. He'll be banned within the first 40 pages for spoiling After
  7. Curse of La Llorona? More like Curse of La Boreona
  8. damn you can’t defend Wan? guess he’s done in Hollywood. rip James Wan’s career.
  9. Can’t help but feel like the trailer for this would be drastically improved if it blasted Imagine Dragons at the title reveal
  10. They fuck once in this movie that advertises itself as being Fifty Shades of Grey for kids
  11. @CJohn I’m in an empty theater for After right now and I’m almost an hour in.

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