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  1. If this is you coming out, congrats; however, I don't understand why you'd only gravitate towards men with anger issues
  2. I like the one action set piece in Sicily, but the rest of the action was incomprehensible and looked like garbage. The climatic battle was particularly ugly-looking.
  3. Can’t reply to the Aquaman thread for unknown reasons, but it’s not good at all. Way too much going on visually to the point where it looks ugly, and its story is indistinguishable from any other superhero movie. Oh well
  4. That One Guy

    Mortal Engines | December 14, 2018 | Universal

    Valerian rules. Don’t believe the haters.
  5. I assume that the people who made the movie had a lot more on their mind than just "let's get an Oscar," but what do I know?
  6. Technically, a 36x multi isn't impossible.
  7. I’m glad that, for once, people aren’t laughing at the misfortunes of a big budget bomb.
  8. It was polled in limited and received an A+ CinemaScore according to some of the trades. Don't think it counts though.
  9. It's not impossible to get 7 and beat the record either; Bumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns both come out soon and have a shot at getting it. Been a great year for crowdpleasers. Edit: Green Book also apparently got it, so we're already at a record year lol
  10. MULE, THE (2018) With good audience reception and the fact that it targets a 70+ year old demographic and is going into the holiday season, this should have excellent legs. Maybe a 7x+?

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