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  1. Geostorm is a solid B+ level movie that gets really goofy but you’re fully invested in it though all its goofiness. I genuinely enjoyed it.
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Geostorm is a very solid movie. Not even unintentionally good. I legitimately enjoyed it. I’m not joking here.
  3. Ignorance bothers me . But I have better things to do (Geostorm in 30 minutes), so I'll stop for now.
  4. The "wizarding world" is not WB's most successful IP; DC is the clear cut winner since their 3 most successful films domestically are DC products (it's definitely in second place though). the only "fan favorite" in the new film is Dumbledore, so I mean you kind of have a point there, but The Flash could also be considered a fan favorite by comic book fans. Teasing first photos doesn't necessarily mean they have a trailer ready; they're just willing to show the fans some material to keep them occupied until a trailer releases eventually. And as I've said before, 7 and a half months before release =/= "too late in the game." In fact, if anything, it's better that they market it a little later so it'll be fresher in people's minds come release date.
  5. okay cool, but Warner is still confident that RPO will be a hit given that they started marketing it 8 months before its release date and they are already attaching it to multiple movies. If they decide to release a trailer for FB2 with RPO, then they'll do so with the impression that RPO will be a success.
  6. Same multi as Deepwater Horizon gets it to 8.23M for the weekend. Fine start, given that Sony isn't gonna lose much on the film.
  7. yes, big screening for the film, rave reactions. everyone hailing it as a new masterpiece, better than the godfather.
  8. The "showing off major new characters" point doesn't work because Justice League had to show off The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman in their marketing and they still waited until March for a trailer to be released.
  9. Not big enough? That big-budget movie based on a hugely popular novel that features multiple pop culture icons and is directed by Spielberg is not a big enough product? Are you forgetting the other big films that come out between RPO and Han Solo? Even ignoring the fact that I doubt it doesn't come out with RPO, there's still Rampage, New Mutants, and Infinity War. Even if it does wait until Infinity War, that's still 6 and a half months until release, which is still enough time to market it.
  10. I've been getting some hilarious YouTube ads that just say "YOU COULD HAVE SAVED HER, I GAVE YOU ALL THE CLUES" in an overly dramatic voice
  11. Thursday numbers: 2049 - $1.29M, It - $415K


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