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Bruce almighty 2003

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After 15 years it still holds the record for the highest OW for a live action original comedy. Proof that Jim Carrey was by far the biggest comedy star of the 2000's and how far a great concept can take you. 


It was the 5th highest grossing movie WW in 2003 which is unimaginable these days for a comedy to achieve. Really remarkable run that seemingly gets overlooked. 

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This was an amazing run.


I didn't like the movie much. C+. Great cast but Aniston was not given a good role. The movie was feel good, sunny, just humorous and emotional enough, spoke to faith and love. Crowd-pleaser with a good release date. Nemo, 2F2F, Hulk, Charlie's Angles 2, T3 released close to it and apart from Nemo other's were much bigger disappointments (imo) and didn't fire much at the bo.

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Came out of nowhere big time, fun movie no doubt about that. Jim Carrey did not have a comedy hit(discluding Grinch) since 1998 with The Truman Show. 


Universal positioned it in a solid slot on Memorial Day which was right after The Matrix Reloaded, and it was shown to play as strong counter-programming against it but wasn’t expected to be the winner. Films involving comedy and religion is a gamble as films like Oh God! Was just a definite one and done back in the 70’s as the sequels were stinkers or bombs like Wholly Moses! Which was a summer film back in ‘81 or even Bruce’s sequel/spinoff Evan Almighty was a major financial failure  4 years later.


so in conclusion, the film’s success contributed to a crowd-pleasing storyline, some originality, and solid tent-poling in a summer that was quite sequel heavy. 

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