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  1. John Wick shoots up The Avengers. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum had an excellent start! While the other two new releases were dead. The top 12 was at $140.9 million. Which is down nearly 31% from last year when Deadpool 2 exploded the Avengers and Book Club had a decent start. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum exploded the top spot this weekend at an estimated $57 million. That debut is Lionsgate’s best non-Young Adult adaptation. It is also Lionsgate’s first film to debut at the top spot in almost two years since Jigsaw back in Fall 2017, and Keanu Reeves first film at the top spot since The Matrix Revolutions. Speaking of Keanu Reeves it his second best debut behind The Matrix Reloaded which was also released the weekend before Memorial Day back in 2003. With overall solid word of mouth judging by the 92% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and the solid Cinemascore grade, John Wick could have decent legs for a few weeks. However, competition may be an impact. But hey this is a major win for Lionsgate, and should outgross it’s predecessor by a massive margin. As for domestic total similarities this is a rough one. So I’m gonna say for now a good target for this would be R-rated actioner Mad Max: Fury Road’s $153.6 million domestic total but it will more than likely outgross it. Avengers:Endgame repeats what Infinity War did in its fourth weekend as it’s drop is identical to each other. It’s coming close to being the highest grossing film worldwide! On the other hand, domestically is tough to say but anything close to $840 million or so is a solid target. Detective Pikachu had a stronger drop this weekend. It’s drop was even worse than The Angry Birds Movie. But it’s drop is much better than Pokemon: The First Movie which dropped nearly 60% almost 20 years ago. With bigger competition for audiences for the next few weeks with: Aladdin, Secret Life Of Pets 2, and Godzilla; Pikachu may get smashed a bit but dailies and international numbers will turn it into a profit. Look for Detective Pikachu to come close to the adjusted gross of Pokemon: The First Movie($151.8 million). A Dog’s Journey had a mediocre start this weekend. The debut is less than half of 2017’s A Dog’s Purpose and is less than the opening of A Dog’s Way Home earlier this year. The debut was even less than Million Dollar Arn’s debut 5 years ago! The thing that made A Dog’s Purpose a success was it’s counter programming option in a ho-hum time of the year at the box office, and it’s audience was satisfied with what they received. However, not all films need a sequel. So A Dog’s Journey should do around $25-$30 million domestically. The Hustle’s drop was worse than Isn’t It Romantic, and close to How To Be Single. However, it’s drop was better than Mother’s Day titles such as: Snatched, Life Of The Party, and Hot Pursuit. Which all three dropped in the high 50’s or close to 60%. The Hustle may be an appealing film for the ladies but should do around $30 million or so domestic. The Intruder is holding up decently for a Sony Thriller film. Films such as The Perfect Guy or When The Bough Breaks etc have all seen multiple large drops at this point. So overall The Intruder has made massive success thanks to its lower budget, so $35 million domestic would be a solid investment for Sony. Long Shot having decent holds as Seth Rogen films at this point drop over 55%, and this hasn’t. While this is Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron’s(discluding Tully, Gringo, or Young Adult) lowest grossing films to date in recent memory. So $30 million or so is what will happen at this point. The Sun Is Also Star wasn’t quite show shiny or bright this weekend. It’s debut is by far the worst debut for a YA adaptation since Vampire Academy and The Seeker:The Dark Is Rising. It’s debut is relatively on-par(without inflation) with Something Wicked This Way Comes and Blood & Choclate. But it’s lower than almost half of the opening day of Everything, Everything back in this weekend two years ago! The film is also the 31st worst film to debut in over 2,000+ screens. Look for this sun to be gloomy as it will just make its way past $5 million domestic and see gossipy teenagers fawn over on it in a few years as it plays on rotation on Freeform. STX duds Poms and Uglydolls saw some horrendous declines this weekend. Both films are dying off quite quickly. Poms will just come close to Book Club’s 4-day total While Uglydolls will probably make above $20 million domestic. Breakthrough saw its steeper drop this weekend. So anything close to $45 million domestic is likely. Horror film The Curse Of La Llorna still cursed with the drops in the 50’s, as it should make close to $55 million. overall 2019 so far is now ahead of 2014, 2015, and 2016. But still running behind 2017 and last year. May 2019 is running 7% ahead of May 2018 at the same point. However, it’s tough to tell if this will break May 2013’s record.
  2. @mahnamahna Ad Astra got pushed to September. Memorial Day Aladdin:$65 million 3-day/ $81 million 4-day Brightburn: $8 million 3-day: $11 million 4-day Booksmart: $4 million 3-day/ $6 million 4-day
  3. Awesome for John Wick! Should pull north of $50 million opening weekend. R-rated action films are rarely blockbusters anymore unlike the heydays of Stallone or Schwarzenegger in the early 90’s etc.
  4. this will do very well. Ever since this was announced it sounded like a potential crowd pleaser, and I’m glad it has its R rating.
  5. On a $5 million budget, it will be profitable on opening weekend either way. So even if it does $45-$55 million domestic, Universal/Blumhouse makes a profit. But in my opinion this will do Purge 1/ Purge Anarchy numbers at its high.
  6. 1) Halloween 2) The Thing 3) They Live 4) Vampires(James Woods is great in it and a fun as hell movie) 5) Christine 6) Escape From New York these are the top six I like of his with the exception of Village Of The Damned which I haven’t seen in a while I never had a problem with this guy a bunch of the others I saw as a 13 year old so I may have to rewatch some of them as an adult.
  7. 2019 January: Jason X: B Dawn Of The Dead: B+ February: Daredevil: B Down To Earth: B+ Bad Times At The El Royale: B+ March: Green Inferno: F Tomcats:C-(unsure about the grade didn’t care for this one) American Pie Presents Band Camp: C+ Gangster Squad: B+ Harold & Kumar(theatrical version): B+ Halloween Resurrection: C Knocked Up: B+ Harold & Kumar(unrated): B+ April: Van Wilder: B+ Vice( Dick Cheney Bio): B+ Pet Sematary(2019 remake): D May: Infinity War: B- The Running Man: B+ Black Hawk Down: B+ The Glass House(some teen thriller with a milfy Diane Lane): D+ Total: 18-19 movies so far. Up massively from 2018 at this point which had a total of around 11 movies watched.
  8. Damn that’s a long time. Home video doing their old ways again with releasing this near the end of the summer.
  9. Ana De Armas may be the best looking Bond girl in a while. Waiting till set photos. While Rami Malek May the liking of Javier Bardem, or Sean Connery bond villains. Spectre still disappoints me though. Yeah the opening was kinda cool. And the Bond girl being “funny” because she knows bond is gonna fuck her.... and the villain was lackluster. So hopefully this a 180 from that mess, and judging by the casting it actually looks to be good. Hopefully Daniel Craig gets better from his injury. He’s one of the few stars doing all these crazy stunts at 50+ right behind Tom Cruise(who is almost 60) with his Mission Impossible films.
  10. Tubi got commercials. I watched The Running Man on it and it goes to commercial like two or three times. But Tubi is free, Netflix you have to pay.
  11. Endgame leading again this weekend! It’s now the highest grossing Marvel film domestically. Legs will be dependent but still a major big win for Disney. Detective Pikachu debuted decently with an estimated $58 million. It broke Lara Croft Tomb Raider’s 18-year récord for the highest grossing debut for a video game adaptation. It’s word of mouth is fine. A total of $160 million sounds reasonable at the moment. The Hustle debuted fine. Word of mouth isn’t as good as other comedies(I.e. But $35 million is a good total target. The Intruder holding decent for a Sony thriller thanks to Mother’s Day weekend of course. A total on-par with When The Bough Breaks sounds a decent target at this point. Long Shot’s hold also was a benefit on this weekend as well. $30 million may be a close reach possibly. Poms wasn’t so cheery as Diane Keaton’s surprise hit Book Club was last summer. the debut was even lower than Keaton’s Book Club co-star Jane Fonda’s Georgia Rule which bombed on Mother’s Day 2007, although that’s not including adjusted ticket price inflation as well. Poms may disappear like the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders and make close to $10 million domestic. Fellow STX dud, Uglydolls got uglier this weekend. Uglydolls may come close to $20 million total. Breakthrough still hanging on. It should make $45 million domestic. Which would be a success for Fox as they haven’t had a hit since Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, this is a positive light for Disney as this is the first feature Disney with Fox partnership. Tolkien is a blur. Fox Searchlight is and always will be hit or miss. May be fine later on with TV viewings on a Sunday afternoon. Captain Marvel hanging on in the top 10. Should play well in two weeks with Aladdin drive-in combos. It is also a strong note that this is a very successful film with a Female Protagonist, and it should out gross Catching Fire very soon. A total close The Dark Knight Rises is likely. The Curse Of La Llorna continuously getting smashed in the over 50% range, but still a massive profit for a small budget. $55-$60 million is likely for its domestic total. Ending the top 12, Shazam! Playing alright, it won’t outgross the competitor’s Ant-Man. But still very profitable for WB considering their other film earlier this year that was overpredicted as a tentpole underperformed. So $145 million for Shazam! Is likely. Overall for the weekend, the top 12 was at $165.6 million which was up 28% from last year when Infinity War led and Breaking In debuted strong while Life Of The Party turned out to be Melissa Mccarthy’s Lowest grossing film, although it was more of a hit than her next film later on The Happytime Murders. May 2019 is overall pacing ahead of last year at this point and is not far from 2012, when The Avengers were making records. But can it beat 2013’s record monthly gross? It depends on how the next few titles turn out. Overall 2019 is ahead of 2014 and 2015 at this point. While coming close to 2016. And down from 2017 and last year(2018). Overall that may change with a crazy summer slate coming and potential solid tentpoles and some mild breakouts as well.
  12. John Wick 3: $41 million A Dog’s Journey: $14 million Sun Is Also A Star: $7 million
  13. Saw some clips of Singled Out. Damn Carmen Electra is hot
  14. Good for Pikachu, and ok for The Hustle. Definitely should both play very well this weekend. Poms will probably disappear sadly. As for The Avengers, it will definitely win no matter what. So May 2019 is so far doing very well.
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