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  1. Went to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando last night. It was fantastic! The Bill & Ted Show had a Get Out reference.
  2. Madea:$20 million, Only The Brave:$14 million, Geostorm:$12 million, The Snowman:$10 million.
  3. So a debut close to $25 million for Happy Death Day? That's really good considering it's a modest budget not-so horror horror film. It should probably have average holds and make north of $60 million in the states, while overseas could be half of that or on-par(that's a projection). Either way Universal and Blumhouse are enjoying a great 2017! Here's to 2018 as they have The Purge 4, and Halloween among many others... Jason Blum I take my hat off to you good sir Blade Runner... RIP Blade Runner. The Foreigner that's actually an ok start for an action film that's primarily overseas markets, and should break-even in the states.
  4. Decent start for Happy Death Day, it should debut in the high teens to low 20's this weekend. As for The Foreigner, that's not bad either considering it's audience comes on the weekends and matinees. That should debut between $11-$14 million which isn't bad for a modest budget action film that's making most of its profit from overseas
  5. HAPPY DEATH DAY | 10.13.17 | Universal

    65% RT score more likely will be a film audiences like it fine but not amazing.
  6. HAPPY DEATH DAY | 10.13.17 | Universal

    That's true. But audiences could be 50/59, I'm guessing a 55-65% audience score.
  7. HAPPY DEATH DAY | 10.13.17 | Universal

    If it sneaks past 70% then we should have maybe a possibility word of mouth is ok for audiences.
  8. I'm excited for this film! Hopefully universal brings the first trailer or teaser around for Thanksgiving!
  9. Horror 2017

    They need a booster. He fucked over the company very dry. But this is about horror films not some greedy fat fuck, and his pretty much-younger wife.
  10. October 2018 is very interesting! This one sounds like it would be really good!
  11. What's the deadline? I'm iffy about this club. Considering it was supposed to have Megan Fox in it back in 2007. I'm not in the geek club but Blade Runner will have decent legs.

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