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  1. This is for all movies watched monthly this year! I wanna make this List for fun guys! Wanna see how many films and grade everyone watched in 2020! Have fun! January: Waist Deep: D+ Dr. Giggles: C+ Showgirls: C Shaft(2000): B+ Bad Boys For Life: B Jay & Silent Bob Reboot: C+ Boogie Nights: A- February: Leviathan: B+ I Feel Pretty: C+ Reefer Madness(1936): D- Miss March: D- Ernest Scared Stupid: B Wayne’s World: A- Total(so far): 13
  2. Coming to DVD & Blu-Ray March 17th!https://www.amazon.com/Richard-Jewell-DVD-Digital-Billy/dp/B082JNS2JM/ref=pd_aw_sim_74_18?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B082JNS2JM&pd_rd_r=a712cde8-762b-4450-9753-c6d6246bf468&pd_rd_w=MO3HG&pd_rd_wg=GdEsa&pf_rd_p=1230b84b-e8c2-49eb-bec4-dea2f773620a&pf_rd_r=4PQ714Y2M1H2XWKGB6SY&psc=1&refRID=JHJN06VB7CB2YJSVPKVX
  3. The title of the film defines how the Fox studio and Will Ferrell’s career is heading towards a “Downhill” slope.
  4. It seems like 2020 box office so far is having mostly luck with delayed films like what 2015 had at their slate at the beginning of that year. Fifty Shades Of Grey, Kingsman 1, and even I think Spongedumbass 2 was delayed even! While yeah Jupiter Ascending was a major bomb and so was Dooless. But who would’ve thought at the beginning of 2020, 90’s nostalgia would be making most of the money! Bad Boys For Life may outgross the adjusted total of Bad Boys II($209.3 million). Sonic also now becoming the best debut for a video game adaptation! Also becoming the best debut for Paramount since Mission Impossible: Fallout! Sonic’s domestic total I won’t project yet. Harley Quinn still in limbo but President’s Day and Valentine’s Day I figured would give her a boost. $100 million total is out of question for sure, $90 million isn’t out of question still... hopefully overseas would save it but it’s hard to tell for right now. Not bad starts for both Photograph and Fantasy Island, both moderate budgets and should be both small successes.
  5. Call Of The Wild: $11 million The Boy 2: $5 million
  6. Eh this looks like the biggest highlight this week thus far is Parasite! Also another thing people forgot to mention here this weekend was that Uncut Gems is now the highest grossing A24 domestic release! Both Gems and Parasite will be in a year that they will outgross the domestic totals of Seth Rogen, Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, and Liam Neeson led films! Also both films outgrossed Cats!
  7. It’s insane to look at how much last Sunday impacted the box office with Super Bowl just about half of the holdovers this Sunday increased! Also neat to see the Award Nominated films this year make over $30 million! Parasite will make over $40-$45 million or so. Knives Out close to $160 million and still hanging on to the top 10! Little Women well past $100 million. Bad Boys For Life still our crazy box office success story of the year! However, it’s a shame that Harley Quinn isn’t doing so well. WB has been kind of shaky for the past few months. the R rating wasn’t a problem for Harley Quinn Just the fact that people walked out of Suicide Squad pissed. Now if this was a spin-off to Joker yeah I could see this be like an Alice 1 to Alice 2 drop off. But probably $85-$90 million doesn’t seem surprising for Harley
  8. Invisible Man could perform like Us then in a few more weeks then if this is how February is turning out. Harley Quinn id check out but maybe not for $20, dvd or blu $13-$15 or wait till eBay, they have new releases $10 or so. Stinks it will probably miss $100 million, but remember WB has done it before with Rampage or Edge Of Tomorrow or even Pacific Rim! Sonic I think will probably perform like maybe Ninja Turtles 2014, but I have a feeling $45-$49 million 3-day will probably be it’s best bet! Fantasy Island with the lack of horror films, it’s appeal should bring it to $13-$15 million 3-day next weekend. Yeah it’s a PG-13 horror film but it’s concept could bring in an audience. March is gonna rely on three titles sadly. Onward should do $60-$70 million opening weekend. Then Quiet Place 2 will probably debut on-par with it’s predecessor, similar to what The Conjuring 2 did with The Conjuring 1. Mulan is the biggest gamble next month, it could do similar to Cinderella or Oz or it could explode like Beauty & The Beast. But it could also perform like Dumbo. But Disney never fails at the box office, hell their lowest earning major title made $113 million! for the projection of 2nd quarter I”ll wait till Mulan comes out.
  9. Sonic: $47 million/ $62 million Fantasy Island: $14 million/ $18 million Other two releases won’t do shit
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