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  1. The Upside wins the weekend. $50 million or so total is likely. Aquaman passing a billion is great! Should make DC very happy after Justice League was considered a crumbled dud. Although it wasn’t a bad performer just was hit by Thor 3, and BVS being mixed. Dogs Way Home... should make money back. But it exists. It won’t be like A Dog’s Purpose level but ok. Holdovers are average. on the sports spectrum: sucks to see Indianapolis out of the NFL, and I hope the patriots lose today but probably not... but this isn’t the sports thread.
  2. Glass: $49 million 3-day/$66 million 4-day
  3. Captain Marvel tracking is great already! Glass drop really they are thinking a domestic dropoff because of the critics score on Rotten Tomatoes which honestly doesn’t make an effect too much anyway for the most part. Aquaman will probably win the weekend again for sure. The Upside doing higher teens is actually decent considering the hell that it went through. Dog’s Way Home Is faring alright. On The Basis Of Sex i like the title, but i probably shouldn’t joke about it in all honesty. Replicas looked like Death a mile away. Holdovers.... eh. It’s not the holidays anymore. but should be interesting
  4. Not bad for Upside. Considering it’s a dramedy turn for Hart. Decent dogs way home. Should make its money back. Replicas fuck it.
  5. Every non-Disney film under $250 million before the lion king is a more easier bet than this club* *correction just saw this was a non-Disney club but this is a pretty easy club.
  6. For Escape Room not bad of a debut for a small budget horror flick. $40 million total is a strong chance if it gets hammered in the next few frames. But still Sony should be happy with the turnout. Aquaman almost at a billion is quite impressive, one of the most tepid projections ever for 2018, is now one of the most interesting in quite a few months. Aquaman outgrossing Justice League and such is pretty impressive. So $300-$335 million total seems possible in the states and a $1 billion squeeze from international markets. Mary Poppins bouncing up but eh. Bumblebee is doing well for Paramount should hold another week as it should pass the $100 million mark very very soon, which would make Paramount’s 3rd $100+ million film, which has been a first since 2013! The Mule still holding strong. If it gets awards push, it can make it to the $100 million mark by the end of its run. As it’s Clint Eastwood’s most sucessful acting film since Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino. Christmas films: Vice held fine but political films about past presidents or depicting a presidency/administration are a rough gamble. It all depends on award season if this is a hit or a loser. Speaking of loser, Holmes & Watson had a big drop this weekend. It outgrossed past holiday comedy failures like Father Figures already, and it outgrossed Will Ferell’s previous dud The House. Overall, the film will end the case soon with audiences. Everything else is good. But Second Act is still living. Green Book isn’t actually a dud like I thought. Beale Street and Basis Of Sex should be interesting how they do with awards season and the Oscars coming very soon. 2019 Is down almost 6% from last year at this point. But Glass should liven up the box office on MLK weekend. Which Glass I have been mentioning a lot on this thread but January 2019 has a moderate to dud slate which is typical.
  7. Emilia Clarke was a bad choice for that movie. Sarah Connor should not look like Britney Spears from the early 2000’s.
  8. Dogs Way Home: $13 million Upside: $11 million Replicas: $3 million
  9. Marwen still looked like the best movie for a middle age person to watch while getting high.
  10. Maxmoser3

    Little | April 12th, 2019 | Universal

    Packer is a better Tyler Perry.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised Seydoux gets killed off. And bond gets a different chick like nothing happens. We”ll see how this plays out in a year if it happens.
  12. $15 million for Escape Room is good. holdovers eh. Aquaman will be a potential 4-week flick. Considering next weekend looks like mid-range releases to more moderate releases. Glass is going to do big for last two weekends of January February looks to be average. Lego 2, and What Men Want should both do very well! Isn’t It Romantic should do How To Be Single or I Feel Pretty numbers. Happy Death Day 2U should do on-par with its predecessor. Fighting Witb My Family will be more moderate. Atlita will bomb. How To Train Your Dragon 3 will dip from the second one but Kung Fu Panda 3 seems a doable target. For March, Madea first weekend seems meh. So the 8th, Captain Marvel should do Guardians 1 numbers. If it did Wonder Woman numbers that’s awesome. Us should perform similar to Get Out. Dumbo could be either like A Wrinkle In Time at worst to even At best Cinderella ‘15/Jungle Book ‘16. The rest of the year let’s see how the first quarter is. Last year we had a few surprises with Black Panther, I Can Only Imagine, Den Of Thieves(it’s a surprise to me), Insidious 4, and Peter Rabbit. Also would Game Night be considered a surprise too? I don’t think so I’m my opinion.

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