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  1. Maxmoser3

    US WEEKEND THREAD l 7.4M Previews

    Us doing big! Universal doing big for a horror film is insane! People want to see an event film, those pre-sales back in January and that trailer around Christmas as well as coverage of the film like every week it felt. As well as Jordan Peele invading the Super Bowl with promo ads for Twlight Zone and Us was one of them. If it does $80 million ow or even $75 million ow. That’s huge. Candyman 2020 will be huge as a summer tentpole next year. Pet Sematary will do well but not IT or Quiet Place level well. It should do $30-$35 million ow and $90-$100 million domestic if its a breakout. La Llorna should do $20-$25 million ow and do $55 million domestic. Ma could be a big summer surprise move that to Memorial Day.... watch out Aladdin.
  2. Five Feet Apart: $10 million Wonder Park: $9 million Captive State: $2 million
  3. October? Poisonous failure
  4. Out. $215-$220 million will what it will make.
  5. Captain Marvel: $145 million
  6. This is a weird year at the box office
  7. Madea winning... that’s crazy. But Madea will get smashed next weekend but it will probably hold up.
  8. This and Hobbs & Shaw will be the big ones of August 2019. Angry Birds 2 will be The Smurfs 2
  9. Stranger Than Fiction and Semi Pro(which I like) made more than This
  10. Get Hard and Daddy’s Home 2 i like. The House was terrible. Daddy’s Home 1 sucked. And this sounds like a train wreck from hell
  11. Maxmoser3

    Monday (2/25/2019) Numbers - HTTYD 3 $2.33mn #1.

    Typical Monday
  12. The movie looked awful. Will it’s time to stop. I haven’t seen this but I saw The House and that was shit
  13. Maxmoser3

    KINGSMAN: THE GREAT GAME | 11.15.19 | Fox

    I wonder if there will be any ass play involved
  14. Next weekend: Madea: $15 million

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