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  1. Wow! Holdovers did really well this weekend! I need to check out the film Hustlers sometime hopefully in the theater or I may to unfortunately wait. The trailer looked fun as hell. It’s debut is great! Considering that Jennifer Lopez hasn’t had a major hit since Monster In Law back in 2005. Everything else was animated or did alright but nothing spectacular. I have a feeling that this could do around $100 million domestic total!
  2. Downton Abbey: $20 million Ad Astra: $18 million Rambo:$15 million
  3. Really good preview number for Hustlers! I really liked the trailer to the film back when I saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.
  4. Well... who knows. It could sneak past $100 million or it could increase its unkown. Halloween Kills will do probably $95-$115 million domestic next year.
  5. Horror sequels are commonly known to suffer massive declines from their predecessors. Only exceptions were The Conjuring 2 to the Conjuring domestic as that were 7.5% or 74.5%(the smaller one sounds better) declines or something of that nature, and Scream 2 to Scream 1 was at 9.84% unadjusted. IT Chapter 2 will do about $110-$115 million less than its predecessor, $215-$220 million domestic sounds like a high for it. As next weekend, it should do $32 million which would be enough for the top spot as Im thinking Hustlers will do $20-$23 million second place
  6. Films that made $70+ or more. Good Boys should do it. Midsommar is successful but not a blockbuster. Crawl and Scary Stories were both better than expected hits(same with good boys).
  7. This weekend is rough. However, Labor Day has always been dead. The most lively Labor Day were both 2012 and 2013. over 15-20 films over a $1 million in 2013, and that crazy turnout of One Direction: This Is Us and Instructions Not Included doing very successful for a little release. 2012 was primarily the decent success of The Possession, although not a very good movie decent turnout for a horror film during a rut year for horror films at the box office. 2015 even had War Room holding up just fine and made it to the top spot! This Labor Day nothing exciting.Angel Has Fallen won but who cares.Sad to say this summer has only a few success stories except Disney. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Rocketman, and Yesterday were the only major successful non-sequel films this summer! I know 2019 is in a rut. However, Fall 2019 could do anything. I don’t think theaters are dying, it’s just studios don’t know how to compete with Disney this year.
  8. It’s budget is over $90 million. International markets would help it. Also Fox(minus Disney merger) has been in a rough patch this year minus Breakthough doing profitable.
  9. IT 2017 had crazy marketing starting off in the spring of 2017. The posters with missing kids, the insane trailers that summer, and crazy tv spots everywhere. The sequel doesn’t have that going for it. It’s just the brand this time around. And that’s not great in marketing land. The rest of September looks to be solid though.I think Hustlers could be JLo’s first hit in years, Rambo 5 could do modest, Ad Astra will tank, Goldfinch could pull in some small cash, and Abdominale should do well considering families haven’t had a big animated film since Toy Story 4. However doing a monthly forecast is too hypothetical. Since August we had only three to four films do profitable. While studios have some major flops like The Kitchen, and Blinded By The Light for example. Then some potential small bombs like Angry Birds 2 which is bombing the states but internationally is making back... but probably not enough to save the film.
  10. I have a feeling IT 2 will fall short of $100 million opening weekend.
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