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  1. Ralph 2: $50 million 3-day/$72 million 5-day Creed II:$27 million 3-day/$40 million 5-day Robin Hood: $10 million 3-day/$14 million 5-day
  2. Not bad for Fantastic Beasts 2. But yikes for Instant Family and Widows. This holiday season looks to be a famine already. next weekend will have two hits and a bomb.... This Holliday season may behave like 2004.
  3. Maxmoser3

    Wednesday numbers

    Did the snowstorm have an impact on the box office?
  4. Pokémon the movie back in 1999 did $31 million OW with $50 million 5-day and finished with $85 million in the states back in 1999 dollars. Adjusted for almost 20 years of ticket price inflation, today it would $55.8 million in its 3-days and finish with $154 million domestic. On rhe the low end, Detective Pikachu will perform with the adjusted numbers of the Pokémon movie. But with Ryan Reynolds using his Deadpool wit, that should be a good target. But... never underestimate nostalgia, I see more a $60-$70 million opener with near $200 million of RT and audiences are pleased. But $150-$160 million is a good total target. Then $500 million or so worldwide is enough for a sequel or two. but $300 million ow is too insane for this, Infinity War part II coming out and May 2019 is where the bloodbath begins. So I’m out
  5. Maxmoser3

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    Whatever happened to Rooney Mara?
  6. Fantastic Beasts: $68 million Instant Family: $20 million Widows: $14 million
  7. Maxmoser3

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    Fede should stick with horror
  8. Maxmoser3

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    ok for the Grinch, should be sucessful even if it’s not a $250+ grosser Spiders Web, missed its chance. Should have the biggest drop off for a sequel this year. Overlord will do $8-$9 million, it needs $10 million or above. But we”ll see. Hell... does anyone remember Krampus?
  9. Grinch should do well next weekend. Fantastic Beasts will likely do ok. Widows will do Sicario 1 & 2 numbers. Green Book would be a modest earner. Ralph 2 will do well. Creed II may make respectable returns. Robin Hood looks good but it will bomb not too big of one. I see Assassin’s Creed numbers. November 2018 should be fine. December will have 3-4 hits with some bloodbathed bonbs. overall my thoughts on 2018 films: really liked to liked: Deadpool 2 Halloween Spy Who Dumped Me Equalizer 2 Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom eh: Life Of The Party Ocean’s 8 hated: Black Panther Skyscraper Overall box office: Good to see Bohemian Rhapsody do well this weekend, well deserved for Fox after not having a hit since Deadpool 2. Should do $130-$135 million domestic. Nutcracker looked like shit and it bombed bigger than normal. Everyone realized that not all live-action Disney film this year are so great and wonderful. Nobody’s Fool will do well off an lower budget for Paramount, which is quite wise for them after last year was such a big struggle. Halloween getting hit this weekend isn’t surprising but no matter what is a massive profit for a horror slasher flick. Star Is Born is holding quite strong. Which is insanely good. Considering I remembered when it was going to be a summer release that it would do just Great Gatsby numbers.if $200 million does happen then that’s excellent for WB! Venom is alive and $200 million+ happening is good but not surprising. So Ant Man 2 numbers aren’t surprising. Hunter Killer dying off... who cares Goosebumps, Hate, and Snowfoot are doing ok. Goosebumps should do $50 million, Hate U Give should do $25-$30 million, and Snowfoot should sneak past $80 million.
  10. Grinch: $65 million Spiders Web: $13 million Overlord: $5 million
  11. Bohemian Rhapsody doing very well after that preview number! $40-$41 million seems more reasonable and a total of $100-$110 million. Nutcracker oh dear god. It looked terrible from the start. But it’s extra floppage is even worse than I imagined. Nobody’s Fool looks generic, it should do Uncle Drew numbers more likely.
  12. Bohemian Rhapsody: $29 million Nutcracker: $21 million Nobody’s Fool: $14 million
  13. Maxmoser3

    Thursday Numbers: ASIB:$2.01M

    Nothing is big right now.
  14. Well since my reaction meme wouldn’t work. Very good start to a pretty good horror movie! Halloween should do anywhere from $155-$175 million domestic(although I wouldn’t be surprised if it does higher) While everyone else noting that it’s the 2nd besthorror debut, slasher record, Blumhouse record, and franchise record, it should also be cool to note that for Universal Halloween’s debut is on their top 12 best debuts! Right in between the Despicable Me sequels. So overall one of the best debuts to this year in my opinion Star is born is still playing strong and should play strong until the big heat of the holiday season bloodbath. venom is doing very good, as $200 million is possible. Goosebumps 2 is still alive, and should make $40-$45 million total. First Man was slightly beat up, Universal is making it’s money back from the little loss this gets with Halloween and their other mid-range hits. So $45 million is likely. The Hate You Give did decent in expansion as it’s limited release was meh. But could play sucessful for the next few weeks Smallfoot is a leggy wonder for the kiddies. With lack of family movies until November 9, Smallfoot should play well and $80 million could be on the table. Night School playing strong as well, as this maybe the most sucessful comedy of the year and should make $75 million total. El Royale dropped typical. So Netflix should save it’s fate in digital and home video. Old Man & His Gun fared alright for its expansion. The film’s ads looked fun. It should be interesting how much more it does in the next few weeks. overall, the top 12 was up a massive 96% increase from last year when Boo 2! A Madea Halloween led a lackluster pack of five underwhelming new releases with $21.2 million and finished with $47.3 million making it the lowest grossing Madea film ever! Overall 2018, as a year is still at a record pace as it’s 11.0% ahead of last year! And October 2018 is now still slated to beat 2014’s record! It all depends on next weekend if Halloween can bring in $30+ million it’s second weekend and holdovers Can continue to play strong, since the new releases look quite lackluster as Hunter Killer should do between $5-$7 million and Johnny English 3 should do $2-$3 million.

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