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  1. The Predator’s trailer looked unappealing like was it supposed to be silly or serious. There’s a reason why it bombed, and i think it was the marketing tone and the tone of the actual product. The Meg’s marketing did that but it worked. But for a serious franchise no. The Predator will be about forgotten as Riddick was 5 years ago within a month.
  2. Dull weekend only good debut was A Simple Favor. The Predator is dead. But somehow, we’re still the second best september at this point. But by next weekend will be a downer.
  3. House With A Clock In It’s Walls: $22 million Life Itself: $2 million Farenheit 11/9: $750K
  4. Ouch... poor Predator. I guess making it one of the most confusing tones in a trailer and trying to be relevant doesn’t click. Fox will be in a hurting for sho. A Simple Favor’s preview number isn’t too bad. It’s more of a weekend player than a preview player, the film will more likely play well tonight and tomorrow’s matinees. White Boy Rick is no surprise, it looks ok. Probably more of a Netflix or home video film than the big price of admission.
  5. Maxmoser3

    Tuesday Numbers

    What if A Simple Favor outperforms The Predator?
  6. Nice to see something other than a superhero movie by Disney do better than expected numbers, and The Nun will probably now do $110 million domestic. Considering that horror movies are sparking up big since last year. Crazy Rich Asians still strong, and if it does $200 million somehow that wouldn’t be surprising. But still it’s a nice profit for WB. Peppermint’s debut is more ok than horrendous or even outstanding. If it’s budget is really $25 million then I’d say it’s a small hit considering outside of Taken Director Pierre Morel has had films not even make the $25 million mark domestically, and the fact that Jennifer Garner isnt a big marquee name like she with Alias and such. $30-$35 million shouldn’t be too bad. The Meg still doing better than expected, it should pass $500 million worldwide next weekend and prove to be a massive profit for Warner Bros in their amazing 3rd quarter! Searching dropped fine, but should only do $20 million domestic(if that). Mission Impossible: Fallout still holding strong as it’s now the highest grossing Mission Impossible worldwide and should become the highest grossing Mission Impossible domestic very soon(without ticket inflation). Christopher Robin is still alive and should hold up strong for the next few weeks as family movies are stale this fall(with the exception of Smallfoot or House With A Clock In It’s Walls). So Disney will have it close to or just above $100 million when it ends it run in late November/early December. Operation Finale is a small stinker but held so-so. May make $20 million, but not enough to break-even per say. Alpha passing $30 million is pretty good, but may be hit in the next few weeks. $35-$40 million(hopefully $40 million is still alive). BlackKKlansmen had its biggest drop yet this weekend! Overall it’s still a big hit considering director Spike Lee’s recent track record, and could make $50 million domestic. God Bless The Broken Road seemed more less cursed than blessed. It will be in theaters for a few weeks and make $5 million if lucky. Incredibles 2 was hit hard after it’s amazing expansion. It’s still enjoying a nice happy healthy run! Next weekend projections: still appears to be typical September at its best with The Predator more likely debuting in the $21-$24 million range akin to Resident Evil. A Simple Favor will probably do between $9-$12 million. White Boy Rick will do $5-$7 million. And Unbroken 2 will do $2 million.
  7. The Nun will sneak past it. It may honestly be the only $100 million of this month, which is the lowest performer for a film in September since Maze Runner or The Lion King re-issue
  8. The Nun will do higher 40’s and will do just $100 million
  9. Predator: $24 million Simple Favor: $12 million White Boy Rick: $7 million Unbroken 2: $2 million

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