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  1. Old and Snake Eyes looked like they would both suck! I think people also forget the Olympics, streaming, people going out and doing stuff is a big factor to why people haven’t went to the movies so much! if I wanted to watch Snake Eyes I’d watch the 1998 Nicolas Cage movie! I’d be more satisfied!
  2. May 14: Spiral June 19: Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard June 25: Fast 9 So far: 3
  3. Anybody remember when Rock Of Ages bombed almost 10 years ago? That’s how I feel about the performance of In The Heights. Both films just looked mediocre and are also by the same studio! Peter Rabbit 2 was a sequel we really didn’t need in all honesty! And A Quiet Place 2 joining the $100 million club for the first time since Sonic The Hedgehog is wonderful!
  4. A film I really enjoyed! Liked the main character and thought Hillary Swank was some fun to watch as the villain! Lots of unique George Orwell references! And kinda ballsy for today’s cinema, this would be the type film I’d feel like would be perfect to see in a drive-in screen and I mean that in a good way! Very good one!
  5. Flawed? Yes but I had a lot of fun with this one! I liked the Maxwell Lourd villain and even Cheetah was cool! I enjoyed some of the action and fight scenes! Honestly I liked this more than the first one and thought it was surprisingly decent for what it was!
  6. People also forget in 2005 we had a lot of successful comedies! The 40 Year Old Virgin was very big! Considering Steve carell was not even a big name! Also it came out in the doldrums of July! It even outgrossed the Dukes Of Hazard reboot which sold on as a The dude from Jackass & Jessica Simpson hell Wedding Crashers outgrossed the combined total of Dukes and Virgin! But it had great timing! And a funny premise! Vince Vaughn was a big seller at that time! Summer 2004 he had Dodgeball for example. also Adam Sandler was still a big name, The Longest Yard rema
  7. Two weeks before Christmas isn’t always a death sentence.
  8. Conjuring and Monster Hunter will probably get pushed to 2021.
  9. Summer 2021 will be a bloodbath at the movies. But virus or no virus this film doesn’t have any trailers or posters for it yet... by now we would have a trailer.
  10. September is when things could hopefully tone down! But if this film comes out on Labor Day I cant wait to see this forum get all excited when that opening weekend record happens. I still have the original on dvd sealed may give it a watch this summer
  11. Not a surprise on this release date change. I called November 6th as a potential change. If this virus worsens in November then I’d say push this to February 12th or March 5th 2021
  12. Summer next year! Not bad considering the minions love to come out on odd years(exception of Despicable Me was 2010)
  13. For now a solid release date. Thanksgiving would make a killing off of this. If this gets moved due to covid-19 worsening in the fall(If that happened... we don’t know) I’d say the first quarter needs some blockbuster lovin’
  14. Place this one in September. IT’s slot would be perfect!
  15. Place this for Awards season a la Fall or Holiday season.
  16. Give this one a September or October release date. If not the 2nd weekend of November doesn’t seem dead.
  17. Move this to either August 7th or August 28th. August 28th they could move The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard to the Fall or January/February. Horror/Thrillers do very well weekend before Labor Day.
  18. Push Eternals to 2021. Give this the November 6th release date.
  19. Christmas would be solid for this! I’ve said that for a lot of films within the last 20 minutes on here. But Sing did fantastic in the Christmas slot four years ago!
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