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A fascinating movie with that raises all kinds of questions about morality and possibility.  If this is the way the world is going, if this is where we are headed, I fear for the future.  


I saw it with not much in the way of expectations: mostly went because it was a Keanu Reeves movie. Turned out to be a good Keanu Reeves movie even tho a bit different for him. The "what if" features were great. I like a movie that actually has an interesting story, and this definitely has one; and one of my favorite kinds of stories comprise those in the wide range of "what if" stories that include sci-fi. It's full of subtle nods to cool B movies of the past, combines deeply moving, comedic, and stylized features; and is so free of artsy hi-brow ostentation. Also believe it or not this is really a very cool family movie. We need more movies that can deal with some tough family challenges and play out the "what ifs" of life in humane and believable ways. Oh and on top of everything else: there are some cool Jason Bourne type sequences and Bourne music tributes at Bourne-like moments ... very awesome IMHO but then I enjoy tributes like those. Likewise, there were cool "I Robot" elements - very appropriate and very well handled. 



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Posted (edited)

Got done watching ninja turtles 1990 and realized there were very few replicas of that type of film in the 90s.  I wonder if the studios just couldn’t afford it? 


I think these type of movies wanted to get away from just being a movie (w/ expiration), and go to the toys, video games or tv shows.  Even in The Matrix, you could hear the sound of those squeaky wheels of the doors opening in the submarine like sewer ship

The NY office setting, vigilantes and ninjas running around the streets, etc.  As a child, this movie turned me off to skateboarding and cyberpunk stuff even though the movie was one of the soundtracks in the house.  It wasn’t until seeing Pennywise the clown in the sewer on the VHS packaging of It from 97-98ish that drove me to consider "the candy" of enabling things like underage drinking


though TLK 95, eggs, hopping and cotton butts was screwy though

- cigarettes, the underground parts of TMNT, and the slippery representations on the screens (even the music video).  (PC Doom was an independent and isolated pet project


PC keyboards vs Arcade Buttons.  Congo (summer 95) vs Power Rangers (95)




Replicas is heavy with the sci-fi, lots of computers in the garage, small scale visual effects and action, and should require repeat viewings.  The movie is slow, more like a drowsy soap opera than a simulated roller coaster experience, but its heavy enough to be compared with solid X-Files episodes.  90/10 


That scene driving on the freeway in the rain in the carpool lane and unable to see is a trigger most drivers probably get a jolt from.   

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