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Issac Newton

Suzume | $109.6M Japan | $224.7M OS | $334.3M WW | Biggest OS for a Japanese Title ~ Bigger than Spirited Away &Your Name!!!

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Distributor Reports (in LC)


¥14,135,342,670 - Japan 

₩10,483,882,072 - Korea

NT$125,312,000 - Taiwan 

HK$15,327,991 - Hong Kong 

MOP606,150 - Macau

₫9,391,980,078 - Vietnam 

RM1,750,818 - Malaysia 

SG$130,912 - Singapore 

Rp15,991,642,000 - Indonesia 

₱61,882,104 - Philippines 

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On 3/14/2023 at 11:30 AM, GOGODanca said:

WTS data in china is massive, i wonder if it can do 100m 

I can't see that happening, Weathering with you did 40m and even Your Name did 83m, so it would be unexpected to see a 140% increase over Shinkai's last film

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Suzume's Locking-Up (Maoyan Forecast)


03/24 - ¥114M - FRI

03/25 - ¥171M - SAT

03/26 - ¥120M - SUN


¥405M OW / ¥762M Final 


Insane! If everything goes well then CBO >> JBO. Will become the Post-CoVid-19 Highest Grossing Anime/Animated Film in Opening Weekend itself! + 3 ¥100M Days is huge! Considering Scarlet Bullet took 2-days to cross ¥100M barrier (Previous Record Holder)

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