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Overseas, supernatural horror tends to play best in Latin America, and Mexico did lead the charge this session for The Exorcist: Believer, levitating to $4M at No. 1 for the second-best start of a Blumhouse film post-pandemic. It’s in line with The Curse of La Llorona, and more than double Scream VIM3GAN and Smile.

Before we dig into more numbers on Exorcist: Believer, let’s note that across town, Warner Bros celebrated a milestone this session with its international box office topping $2B for the year-to-date, while in general, this was largely a holdover frame before Swift takes over the world next weekend.

Turning back to Exorcist: Believer, the UK followed Mexico with $2.1M at No. 1, in line with The Nun II and above Evil Dead Rise and Smile. IMAX contributed 7% of the UK result. In general, The Exorcist: Believer is doing well in PLFs, with $800K from IMAX internationally and $3M global, a sign that folks are still looking for that premium experience. 

Italy opened to $1.2M at No.1, having claimed the second-biggest Universal/Blumhouse opening day on Thursday. The weekend is in line with Halloween, and above all Annabelle and Conjuring films, as well as Evil Dead Rise, M3GANScream VI, and more than double Insidious: The Red Door.

Spain opened to a dominant No.1 with $966K, on par with Insidious: The Red Door and M3GAN, and above Scream VI and Smile. Germany took $938K, in line with Insidious: The Red Door, and above Scream V.


Other notable markets include Indonesia with $881K. Wednesday there delivered the biggest Universal/Blumhouse opening day and the biggest for Blumhouse outside of the Insidious films. The weekend result is the third-biggest opening for a Universal/Blumhouse film, in line with M3GAN.

India launched with $655K, the third-best start for a Blumhouse title and more than 5x Halloween. Malaysia grossed $488K for the second-biggest Universal horror opening of all time. 

Still to release are France, Brazil and parts of the Middle East this week, with Korea on October 18.

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Overseas / global

This weekend, Believer fell -45% in overseas holdover markets, milder than its -58% domestic drop.

It’s earned $40.0M overseas and $84.9M globally, or 47% overseas.

Top five overseas market totals to date are:

  1. Mexico: $6.7M
  2. U.K.: $4.2M
  3. Spain: $2.4M
  4. Italy: $2.3M
  5. Germany: $1.9M
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Universal/Blumhouse/Morgan Creek’s The Exorcist: Believer added 26 offshore markets this weekend, including Brazil and France, for another $15.9M to reach $40M to date internationally and performing above Scream VI and in line with Evil Dead Rise in the same markets. France had a No. 2 start with $1.7M from 332 screens, just off Halloween, above Halloween Ends, M3GAN, Scream and Evil Dead Rise. Brazil took $1.5M including previews in over 1000 locations, the 2nd biggest opening of all time for a Blumhouse title in the market, only behind M3GAN. The launch is above Insidious: The Red Door and Halloween. The UAE started with $500K – above AnnabelleHalloweenSmileEvil Dead Rise and M3GAN, – at a clear No. 1. The global total is now $85M, of which IMAX is $4M.


Top plays so far are Mexico ($6.8M), UK ($4.2M), Spain ($2.5M), Italy ($2.4M) and Germany ($1.9M). 

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Overseas / global

This weekend, Believer declined -50% in overseas holdover markets, slightly steeper than its -46% domestic drop.

Believer has now earned $61.0M overseas and $120.3M globally, or 50.6% overseas.

Top five market totals to date are:

  1. Mexico: $8.9M
  2. U.K. $6.4M
  3. France: $4.6M
  4. Spain: $3.4M
  5. Italy: $3.1M
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