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THE WILD ROBOT | 09.27.2024 | Universal | Chris Sanders to direct | official trailer on page 2

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“The Wild Robot” follows Rozzum 7134 (“Roz” for short), a futuristic robot that washes ashore on a deserted island. From there, according to the official synopsis, “a tale of survival and discovery begins when she becomes the unexpected protector to an orphaned gosling, which she names Brightbill. Together they struggle to survive the harsh environment, but only succeed with the help of a close-knit group of misfit animals, who become first friends, then family. Ultimately Roz and company save the island from a robotic invasion by Roz’s manufacturer, looking to bring her back to civilization by any means necessary.”


The synopsis says the film “tells an emotional story about how we all have the power to ‘exceed our programming,’ to become more than we were destined to be. Roz not only finds a way to survive in this dangerous world, but also brings new meaning to her ‘life’ by taking on the responsibility of parenthood. The movie celebrates what it means to be wild and alive, and how cooperation is the key to survival in a harsh world.”

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This is my new animation stan since it doesn't look like Migration will live up to my naive expectations. Hoping Sanders brought more of a HTTYD sensibility here than a Croods.


Dean DeBlois also exec producing which raises my hopes.



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Think it needs to be said that you shouldn't jump to any conclusions based on a test screening reaction that leaks. I honestly hope nothing does here, because I don't want the discourse to be colored by that. There's still 7 months to go before it releases so I'm sure stuff will get tweaked. 



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