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SOTM 11: Tower's Total Token

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SOTM 11:

Between August 3 and the end of the game, which film will have the highest gross:?

TDKR: 8000 if right, -7,000 if wrong.

Bourne Legacy: 8,000 if right, -7,000 if wrong.

The Expendables 2: 8,000 if right, -7,000 if wrong.

Total Recall: 10,000 if right, -8,000 if wrong.

The Campaign: 12,000 if right, -8,000 if wrong.

Other: 15,000 if right, -8,000 if wrong.

Abstain: 2,000

Good luck!!

Due by Saturday Aug 4th morning at 10AM Boxoffice.com time. In other words, after Friday numbers are out, your answer is due.

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