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  1. Yikes, I thought that looked incredibly generic and kind of like a mid 00s CBM. Then again, the first movie’s trailers did nothing for me and it ended up one of my fav CBMs of all time. So hopefully this is just another case of that.
  2. Kinda felt like I was watching a trailer for a remake of The Crow at points. I don’t know, I feel like the tone is a bit too brooding for me. I just honestly still have no real interest in a new Batman reboot after the Nolan trilogy, even nearly a decade later.
  3. Kind of disappointed in that pic actually. It visually screams DWA to me, and not WDAS at all.
  4. I can’t fathom how a company as business savvy as Disney can still be pushing through with the WDW reopening plans given the state of Florida. Even if they don’t care about safety, it doesn’t even make sense from a business perspective. They are relying on locals to fuel business right now, and WDW runs on tourism. Not even mentioning how they set themselves up to be massacred in the media if an outbreak happens at the parks with the cases being so high right now. There would be no way for them to spin it to make themselves look good, their stock and image would dive hard.
  5. 9000 new cases reported here in Florida today. No chance Disneyworld will reopen on July 12, Disney would just be asking for a pr nightmare.
  6. The biggest problem here is an original film isn’t the kind of movie that’s going to be the one to break covid stigma for theater going. Even a Nolan one. This is absolutely a sacrificial lamb if they’re sticking with summer release.
  7. This assumes our politicians will know how to cooperate if it gets really bad. I certainly don't have any faith in that given the last 4 years and what's already happening.
  8. Nothing about the current signs of all this point to a mere recession though. I fail to see how that's possible with long term shutdown. People aren't looking at the long term picture of the economic effects. We need to enforce a nationwide lockdown for a couple weeks and then try to start getting as many who aren't in the high risk category back to work as possible. This staggered rollout of varying degrees of lockdown measures across the country isn't doing any favors.
  9. And if we still haven't stopped the virus at the point of months of shutdown (because all data points to this being a virus that inevitably comes back in waves), now we have a pandemic AND depression to contend with. No economy is going to support continual periods of shutdown without cracking eventually. We need to focus on how to get those who aren't high risk back to work, while still protecting the elderly/immune compromised as much as possible.
  10. The impact of a potential great depression is what is truly frightening. None of us have ever lived through something like that.
  11. If we’re going the shutdown route, everywhere in the country needs to just lockdown for real for a couple weeks. That’s the only way to know if it will make any difference. This “social distancing” nonsense is no good. If that’s our strategy, they’re just gonna keep saying we need to do it for longer and longer which is bad for so many reasons. They keep saying that this is gonna be an 18 month thing now with the virus, ebbing and flowing in waves. There’s no way that this can be the tactic everytime for a year and a half. Try a two week lockdown in the U.S. to see how it flattens the curve, b
  12. It came out before Italy went on lockdown, which is when everything got really bad. So hard to fault them entirely for sticking to the release.
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