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  1. What an insane trajectory for the John Wick franchise. Each movie doubling the previous OW. Has that ever even happened for a trilogy before?
  2. The Little Mermaid has the most potential of anything left to be as big as BatB DOM (and yes I'm including this movie in that statement). And the reason why is because it has a ton of pull among the female YA crowd like BatB did. Also has the most potential for interesting and compelling visuals (The Jungle Book already stole all of TLK's thunder in that department).
  3. 40m possible on a Monday in April? This movie’s box office is just a new level of ridiculous.
  4. Nah, the character and performance are incredible, and that’s what elevates the film. I’ve never taken any credit away from that aspect, it will always be fantastic. Replace that with a more typical character/performance and please tell me how it’s not a pretty generic film though. You seem to miss my whole point that IF it didn’t have that going for it, it would be lower tier. The characterization and performance are what keep it from that. That’s my point. And when did I say that any of the other movies would exist without it? Obviously not, how is that relevant to what I was saying?
  5. This just compares so unfavorably to Blackwater, Hardhome, and Battle of the Bastards, it's night and day. Really kind of sucks this had to happen in the final season after multiple masterclass battle episodes in the series history.
  6. Yeah, I gotta say, this whole ep kinda felt like a different show than GoT. Choppy fight sequence editing that was hard to see, tons of suspend all your disbelief moments that somehow these characters are all still surviving, silly Walking Dead zombie moments, cheesy super drawn out slo-mo, and the whole thing just had the undercurrent of your typical Hollywood popcorn flick where there's huge stakes but no one very important is really in danger. Very, very odd episode for this series, but I guess it's because they must want everyone important alive for the final Cersei showdown? Still think the whole thing could have been executed way better. I also wish that they had subverted expectation here, because to me the obvious thing was always to take out the dead in this ep and have the rest be the war with Cersei. But again, this is GoT and they rarely go for the obvious. Even Arya's big moment was underwhelming because they made it seem like the Night King was just staring/slo-mo walking at Bran for a year, just patiently waiting for someone to come take him out. Nice send offs for Jorah and Theon though, and the bit with the dragons against the moonlit sky was gorgeously shot.
  7. Hold up a sec, are you talking about first admissions? It would need like a 3.2x multi to challenge Titanic first run adjusted, and even then it would be far off because of 3D/PLF. If Titanic even is the actual first run admission champ. But I mean, a 3.2x multi is still crazy low for Titanic adjusted numbers when you really let it sink in.
  8. Captain Marvel's underdevelopment in her film feels even more pointless now. She's the only one who it felt like really had no place in the film and no real payoff by being in it. They should have waited to introduce her until after this one and focused on taking their time writing a tighter script and arc for her film. She's the only character I genuinely couldn't care less about moving forward.
  9. I'm not talking about the pre-death scene, I'm talking about the actual death scene. Shot and scored identically, so again lost some impact for me.
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