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  • Disney Update: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Estimated for $220.05M Domestic Weekend

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  1. Geez, what a roller coaster ride for the projections. We went from looking like 200-210 to possibly 220+ to maybe even 230-240 to now looking like 215-220. Lol.
  2. I got it at my TLJ showing and if I didn't know better I really would have thought it was Mad Max 5 at first.
  3. I just don't care for the 3 as much after this movie. TFA's characterization of them was fantastic and they all felt so likable and memorable, but I felt it was pretty lacking in this one. I felt like Rose got better characterization than them.
  4. It really does make me angry, because that third act could have been something truly special with characters to give the tiniest damn about. Ugh, Edwards somehow manages to ruin things even when he doesn't. He needs to Trank up so he's kept away from blockbusters with high potential.
  5. That seems like a stretch. Also marketing two movies like BP and IW at the same time is a much different scenario than say marketing two Avengers films or two SW films at the same time.
  6. I guess we're just casually dismissing arguably the most iconic film character of all time as a "No Name" character now?
  7. SW as a May tradition has permanently been eradicated anyways, so I really don't know why Disney would be so married to it again all of a sudden for Solo.
  8. I still think the biggest issue with Solo is it not feeling like an SW movie. There won't be the force, lightsabers, jedi, sith, etc. Probably some space battles, but otherwise I feel like it could tread into feeling like any random action movie.
  9. That's always been the most logical spin off with lots of potential, imo, don't know how it's still not even announced.

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