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  1. It occurred to me Taika looks like The Rock with hair and without muscles.
  2. So I just found out Boseman is 41 and I am in legitimate shock. All these years I've been seeing him in movies I've honestly thought he was my age or younger and was born somewhere around early 90's. Wow.
  3. I'm expecting it to push 400 if the WOM is there. Not even kidding, if reception is good the family audience is going to be out in droves for it. Perfect time of year for it.
  4. Agreed. If all 5 stay in their current spot I expect those two to be the ones that get hit the hardest. IW, I2, and JW2 should all be fairly unaffected.
  5. Cars' unadjusted run might be a good comparison for this if it does get top tier Pixar reviews. That did 60/245. Just can't really see this opening much higher than 60 no matter what.
  6. Deadpool would likely just move there if this moved. Which is still big competition for IW, but less so than this movie followed immediately by DP. Gives the huge May and June releases far more room to breathe. There would be 4 mega blockbusters instead of 5 and it would be two per month. So much better for everything all around.
  7. I just don't understand why? What are they gaining from it? They cut into IW's legs, and set this movie's first month legs up to get hammered by the brutal 1-2-3 punch of Deadpool, Incredibles, and Jurassic World. Whatever money it might lose on OW as an August/September release (and I honestly doubt it would even be that much), it would more than make up for it in legs and would be far more likely to end up with a bigger total.
  8. Yeah, I have always thought it needs to move for sure, but not to December. There really is no reason it shouldn't be an August/September release. Gives them a bit more time since production has been kind of rough and gets to have the box office essentially to itself. If they really are hesitant over September - in spite of an R Rated horror movie just grossing nearly 350m in that date - then move Christopher Robin a month back to September and give this its August spot.
  9. Those 5 December releases could touch $1b in combined DOM gross. Again, not even factoring in the very strong Nov slate of holdovers. This will be huge whenever it releases, but that release date will ensure it does less than it would virtually anywhere else on the calendar.
  10. The family demo is arguably the most important of all for an SW film. Aquaman wouldn't even be its biggest direct competition, Mary Poppins would be.
  11. Mortal Engines is a total wild card, but the rest will all be hitting 100m. Spidey could hit 150, Aquaman could hit 250, and Mary Poppins could hit who knows what. And as I said, Grinch, FB2, and Ralph 2 should definitely still be making a dent for Xmas-New Year's stretch. This will barely squeak by 300 if they move it to Dec, maybe even miss it if reception isn't great. Only so much the BO can support. August/September on the other hand should be an easy 450+.
  12. Mortal Engines, Aquaman, Animated Spidey, and Bumblebee are also all that month. The SW name is the biggest of all of course, but there's just no way all of that competition wouldn't hurt it. Not to mention Grinch, Ralph 2, and Fantastic Beasts 2 will all still have a presence at the box office. Worst possible release date.
  13. Absolutely not. Next holiday is completely insane as it is, especially for the family demo. Stuff already needs to move. If they were smart they'd move it to August or September where there's nothing major for competition. Let it completely dominate that stretch like IT.
  14. He probably just has a sole Yoda AOTC scene, although hopefully longer than that.
  15. I think that's too high of a multi, but I'm not saying it won't open to that. Just that if I compare the buzz from the October trailers of both, I wouldn't be surprised to see TLJ take something like a 50m hit from TFA's OW. But we're also still a ways out, let's see how buzz goes from here.

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