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  1. Lol at Solow falling out of the 2018 DOM top ten to #12 soon.
  2. I think the BATB trailers were excellent, and I say that as someone who found the movie to be one of the most pointless and granola remakes to come out of Hollywood.
  3. It would be nice to see them close out the decade with a bang, because man it was one hell of a decade for WDAS is this ends up being a great capper.
  4. The streaming takeover has officially begun. Really damn sad too, because there will be nothing sadder than if the theatrical experience goes extinct.
  5. MovieMan89

    Miracles do Exist: Frozen II over The Lion King DOM

    Say what you will about Frozen, a new story is always better than yet another rehash. So F2 beating TLK would send the right kind of message to the mouse.
  6. I think this will be one of those cases where PG-13 doesn't really matter to parents. Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  7. Ok, the reaction this trailer got among kids in my showing of LEGO 2 was absurd. You would think they all got told they were going to Disney World. This is going to blow the fuck up.
  8. MovieMan89

    Miracles do Exist: Frozen II over The Lion King DOM

    I'm IN. 500+ seems pretty likely given all the factors working in its advantage. I am still not convinced TLK will be cracking that with family audiences being so burned out when it hits.
  9. Nothing's going to touch Endgame DOM or OS this year, but the #2-6 spots are looking to be a mighty interesting battle I must say (can't leave TS4 out of the mix yet, especially if Pixar pulls it off).
  10. I definitely agree it's an effective teaser, even for ones like me who have always thought Frozen is overrated and came to hate the pop culture oversaturation it reached. But yeah, marketing like this + zero competition for its release frame + if it's well received then I will say challenging I2 numbers DOM might be possible. And OS will obviously be massive. #2 of the year WW is seeming pretty locked.
  11. The first half of that trailer reminds me of the Kubo and the Two Strings teaser. The last half looks like a Brave sequel. Definitely not what I expected.
  12. Stitch merch has been very popular for years. In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out it's their most profitable merch from any non-princess WDAS film. I can actually get behind an L&S remake. That one could lend itself nicely to live action if done right. The right girl for Lilo will be key though.
  13. WW maybe. Think there's 800+ OS potential. Maybe another 400-450 DOM. Still haven't seen anything to warrant the predictions for TLK on this forum. It seems like there's decidedly less buzz than there was for BatB and right now I'm not convinced it will beat that. IX is unlikely to go above $1.1b. F2 might be hard for it to beat though unless there is a decent DOM dropoff.

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