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  1. With Aladdin looking increasingly likely to hit 4x, this is the tiny club it would join for 4x 30m+ summer openers this decade: Wonder Woman - $103m OW/4x Aladdin -$91m OW/??? Inception - $62m/4.7x Despicable Me - $56m/4.5x Ted - $54m/4x
  2. What if it goes all the way to 400 with an LD expansion? I mean, there's zero kids stuff in September until the last weekend of the month.
  3. Just wanna throw this insanity out there: If Aladdin had Inside Out's 8th weekend multi, it would finish with 378m. Now granted, IO did get a big Labor Day expansion that Aladdin may not have, so in that case that won't happen. But on the other hand, it's sure to get a double feature boost next weekend and with the way it's been holding Disney would be kinda crazy to not do a big re-expansion around LD time. So maybe 380 isn't so crazy after all. Aladdin has been destroying IO's weekend holds pretty much every weekend so far.
  4. Now that the record is in the bag, we can safely say the trend of highest grossing film is at the end of each decade for the last three decades. So 2028/2029 for the next record breaker?
  5. Grinch was an underperformer OS though. Saved face with fantastic legs DOM, but otherwise it wouldn’t have done much better than SLOP2 is. Their cheap budgets are really helping them with these last two, but if they start going any lower than SLOP2, even the cheap budgets won’t be enough to be profitable. They really need a fresh shot in the arm. And Minions 2 ain’t it.
  6. TS4 vs TS3 battle heating up now. Still has a decent 7m lead, but slipped below TS3's 4th weekend gross. I think it's going to be a photo finish. Ironically, TS4 may still win in admissions if TS3 was over 50% 3D for its whole run.
  7. Damn at Aladdin slipping out of the top 5, but yay at its best hold yet. I definitely think over Jungle Book and the 4x is happening now with the double feature boost it will get next weekend.
  8. I agree. The third act really saves it and is a lot of fun, but up until then it was just sort of *ahem* crawling along with not much going on.
  9. Crawl was decent. First two acts were really sluggish I thought though, but the third act really saved it. Definitely not as good as The Shallows though.
  10. If Thor and Hulk are involved, maybe. Otherwise we'll be getting none of the OGs, and that's going to take a bite out of box office.
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