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  1. Well, if anyone still had doubts that TROS was unequivocally a reaction to the TLJ backlash and meant to course correct, Trevorrow's script confirms it. That movie is 100% a sequel to TLJ. Not that I wanted that mind you, but hey at least two of the movies in the trilogy would have been cohesive instead of zero. Ugh, I just can't stand how there was nowhere to go after TLJ that I would have liked. Such a waste of all of TFA's potential. That movie is still an incredibly well done modern blockbuster on its own terms with so much promise for its sequels.
  2. It will be interesting to see how close Frozen 2 and TROS end up DOM. I don’t think it’s possible for the F2 upset, but maybe as close as 30m below could end up happening.
  3. Lowest attended mainline SW film is all but locked for TROS at this point. The fact that even Not An Event is going to end up clobbering the big 9 film SW saga finale at the box office pretty much says it all.
  4. And wow, I can’t believe I’m ranking two of the ST films below 2 of the PT ones. If you had told me that after I saw TFA I would have said it was probably impossible.
  5. Saw it today. It’s such a strange film. I found the first hour and a half or so wildly uninteresting, and the last hour was just a lot of trying to tug at the emotional heart strings and failing without the build up for the proper pay off. Which admittedly was impossible with the movie this wants to be following TLJ. Rey being a Palpatine and Kylo redeemed were just too convenient at this point. None of it felt rewarding or natural in progression. And overall, it really did turn into a ROTJ remake in act 3. I mean, I loved the homage that TFA struck with ANH because it worked well in the context of the first film in a trilogy/nostalgic ties to the OT, but in the case with this film it just made the whole trilogy seem so unnecessary. Not that I would have rather had subverting expectations purely for the sake of it like a certain other film - because I surely wouldn’t have - but still...if they couldn’t really do anything unique with this sequel trilogy, then in the end I wasted my time. With that said, I did find this movie a lot easier to swallow and certainly more likable on the whole than TLJ, but unlike that film, this one is poorly made overall. The worst since AOTC for sure. Good pacing is nonexistent, and there was the most cringe dialogue since the PT in this one. Easily the worst of the trilogy cappers, and only ahead of AOTC and TLJ for me. I am beyond over the Skywalker saga. Time for something completely different with this franchise, though I’d be 100% in the KOTOR adaptation camp.
  6. Any remotely smooth course for this trilogy would have easily put TROS at a 300+ OW given TFA’s performance/reception. Of course these numbers aren’t going to seem impressive in context.
  7. Ok, but 575 is not TLJ’s multi. No reason to believe it does more than a 3x (530)
  8. I wanna go to TFA's opening weekend and tell everyone here that in a few years an Avengers film would make TWICE as much on OW as Episode IX. Lordy the carnage that would ensue. In fact, I'm almost certain I remember posting something along the lines that weekend of IX standing a good chance to be our first 300m opener lmao. Really emphasizes what a fall from grace this whole trilogy was, perhaps the biggest ever in terms of the untapped box office potential left on the table for IX from its 2015 prospects.
  9. Not sure why anyone's assuming 500 DOM s a lock? A worse multi than TLJ certainly can't be ruled out considering the initial weekend performance. I think 500 is much closer to best case than worst case. TROS seems very likely to be the least attended Skywalker saga SW film (AOTC's 483m adjusted but doesn't have any PLF/3D inflation, so TROS probably needs 30m or so more to win).
  10. Definitely not a promising weekend IM for TROS. Me thinks under TPM DOM is possible, with a slight outside chance of under ANH.
  11. It would be impossible for TROS to be JL comparable at the box office, so it’s a ridiculous notion. If it makes under 1b though, that’s a pretty disastrous fall from grace for the franchise.
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