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  1. This assumes our politicians will know how to cooperate if it gets really bad. I certainly don't have any faith in that given the last 4 years and what's already happening.
  2. Nothing about the current signs of all this point to a mere recession though. I fail to see how that's possible with long term shutdown. People aren't looking at the long term picture of the economic effects. We need to enforce a nationwide lockdown for a couple weeks and then try to start getting as many who aren't in the high risk category back to work as possible. This staggered rollout of varying degrees of lockdown measures across the country isn't doing any favors.
  3. And if we still haven't stopped the virus at the point of months of shutdown (because all data points to this being a virus that inevitably comes back in waves), now we have a pandemic AND depression to contend with. No economy is going to support continual periods of shutdown without cracking eventually. We need to focus on how to get those who aren't high risk back to work, while still protecting the elderly/immune compromised as much as possible.
  4. The impact of a potential great depression is what is truly frightening. None of us have ever lived through something like that.
  5. If we’re going the shutdown route, everywhere in the country needs to just lockdown for real for a couple weeks. That’s the only way to know if it will make any difference. This “social distancing” nonsense is no good. If that’s our strategy, they’re just gonna keep saying we need to do it for longer and longer which is bad for so many reasons. They keep saying that this is gonna be an 18 month thing now with the virus, ebbing and flowing in waves. There’s no way that this can be the tactic everytime for a year and a half. Try a two week lockdown in the U.S. to see how it flattens the curve, but the bigger focus should absolutely be on testing so we know how necessary this is at this stage.
  6. It came out before Italy went on lockdown, which is when everything got really bad. So hard to fault them entirely for sticking to the release.
  7. Are people really gonna throw around $20 right now for a vod rental when millions are unemployed with no income? Seems steep. And watching a movie at home is not the same kind of experience as theatrical, shouldn't be priced similarly. And that is essentially theater prices if it's just a couple watching.
  8. Inside Out has always been the most overrated Pixar for me, and even though I do love MI and Up, they’re not quite upper echelon for me. So in other words, his stuff has never been my absolute favorites of the studio.
  9. This is my real concern, especially with the models out there showing that next winter should be the real peak for it. So the world basically quarantines for a few weeks, we head into summer, and it seems like everything is fine and all of this massive economy damage was for naught. So then when it comes back with a vengeance in the winter, this time no one is willing to jump to these measures again so soon and the real damage happens.
  10. Disney clearly anticipating the worst case scenario for the theme parks here in Orlando. We just found out all the Disney college program and internship people will be sent home months early. And let me tell you, anyone who knows how the parks operate knows they can't function without the college programmers. They're a huge chunk of the pie that makes up the park employees. And there won't be new ones arriving until summer. So in other words, I'd say there's no way Disney is expecting to reopen the parks on April 1, as the current plans state.
  11. That may be the best trailer I've ever seen for Pixar. This looks like it could potentially be a BP contender, really hope the marketing isn't setting my expectations too high.
  12. Really sad for this movie, I like it even more the more I think about it and it deserved to be an IO sized hit. Granted, I still blame a lot of it on poor marketing, but now corona really killed it from being able to maybe have a Ratatouille/Coco type of run.
  13. I have no idea what the financial repercussions of it would be, but I do know if studios were to release their upcoming slate straight to streaming, the views would be through the roof. Who knows how much of the world will be on lockdown before long and people are going to be desperate for any kind of escapism amidst all this. The Disney+ views for something like Mulan for example would be stratospheric. But again, I don't know if that's the financially more viable route.
  14. Trump is literally insane/deranged. And I mean that without an ounce of hyperbole. The man legitimately just cares about his re-election in all of this and nothing else like, oh I don't know, HUMAN LIVES amidst a fucking global pandemic.
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