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  1. I was talking DOM, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Slumdog comes out on top worldwide too adjusted. In terms of DOM or WW admissions, Kings Speech is the only one that has come close since.
  2. It was relevant at the time at least though. No other BP winner has been as successful since. TDK was never ever going to win in 2008 if we're being honest, so discussing it is a moot point. The real mystery will always be how on earth they didn't even nominate it but deemed The Reader worthy instead.
  3. Though it should be noted that the movie that did win BP that year is arguably the one that had the most mainstream relevance of the past decade of winners.
  4. This is definitely the same thing as Christopher Robin from the plot. Looks gorgeous though, I'm sure technical awards galore are in store.
  5. I personally like the teaser, but I think it’s kinda awful from a GA appeal perspective. I don’t think most casuals are going to have any idea what the hell this is really supposed to be about or why they should care even if they love MCU from that. Trailer is far more niche than typical MCU marketing.
  6. Even though I agree that this could be a dud, I still find it wildly ironic how people are so easily willing to say this will flop yet insist TLK is going to be the biggest thing ever when Aladdin wasn’t too far out of the ballpark of TLK in terms of biggest and most beloved animated successes.
  7. I don't think IX is touching 600 without a very well received marketing campaign and movie. And of course I've expressed my doubts on TLK hitting 600 many, many times.
  8. Glad it had such a good second weekend there. That could have been really bad with that OW.
  9. Well I guess we were long overdue for a real surprise breakout this summer since nothing really has. IW and I2 overperformed most of the expectations, but the expectations were already huge.
  10. Just noticed the OW in Japan last weekend. Yikes, that's one of the lowest for Pixar there, not much better than Cars 3. Might not make half of the first there if it doesn't have amazing WOM. Wonder what happened?
  11. Not that I've had any real doubt for weeks, but 600 is officially locked for I2 after this weekend hold. Depending on what the Labor Day expansion does for it, it may end up going up to 610. If it gets to 612, it will have the same post second weekend legs as Inside Out.
  12. With a 6.3m third Sunday vs Rogue Nation's 4.9m third Sunday, Fallout gets to 219 if it just adds the same amount as RN from here. Needs to hold slightly better than RN from here to beat War of the Worlds, though it did hold a little worse than RN this weekend.
  13. Yeah, that's a pretty huge breakout for The Meg. I think that tops every single other shark film OW even adjusted for inflation. Jaws 2 would have been the record before I believe, with about 39m adjusted.
  14. If they're being so brazen with the category name as to outright call it "best popular film", I feel gross is bound to be involved here. This is clearly not a category they're making with any prestige intended.

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