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  1. Incredible. So irked this is gonna miss the 20x multi DOM by like 2-3m though. It's gotta be our last chance for that to ever happen for a wide release.
  2. 6th weekend TC's for the 600+ grossers: Black Panther - 3,370 The Force Awakens - 3,365 Avatar - 3,141 The Avengers - 3,129 Jurassic World - 3,117 Titanic - 2,771 The Last Jedi - 2,456
  3. ICOI is gonna have an insane hold this weekend based on the MT performance and now this notable expansion. I'm wondering if it even manages to stay flat or a slight increase? Graet TC hold for BP. Lmfao @ Hurricane and Gringo.
  4. I love how "only in theaters" is a thing now for marketing. Ya know, opposed to getting Netflix'd.
  5. With so many family/kids films cluttering November, that could work to this movie's advantage too. The only big release besides Dark Phoenix going for an older audience. And no I don't think these films really target families even though HP definitely did.
  6. True. They're probably just gonna continue to let it be off the radar until May and then just go HAM on the marketing. Maybe the best strategy at this point tbh. IW's earlier release should be beneficial with that.
  7. If the WOM sucks, Dead2ool would have been appropriate to follow in Fant4stic's footsteps.
  8. This is in desperate need of new - and more importantly effective - marketing. That first trailer has done nothing to pique the GA's interest it seems, discussion and awareness feel ridiculously low for an SW film (or even just a blockbuster this close).
  9. Said tragedy worked 100% to the film's advantage at the box office, not against it. Just like with TDK.
  10. Wan is still extremely unproven outside of horror and inside of a tentpole like this as far as I'm concerned. One film does not a track record make. Besides, F7 had so much going for it to do well that had nothing to do with Wan's involvement or direction. AM has a lot going against it.
  11. The odds of it hitting 700 are way higher than missing 600.
  12. I get the sense WB has already given into AM not being able to do much of anything to turn DCEU at the box office around. Certainly not like they were gonna cancel it after JL that far into it's production. This definitely seems like the one with far more potential for that.

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