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  1. Reviews so far aren't too promising compared to every other Revival era film. Really hope WDAS stops with the sequels and goes back to what they do best (originals/fairy tales), but this is still going to make a crapload no matter what. What I've heard of the soundtrack is super dull though, so I can't see it being any kind of phenomenon like the first since that one's success was so dependent on the soundtrack being massive.
  2. Surprisingly enough, I think the emotional heart of this works fantastically but the comedy falls flat. Would've guessed it would be the opposite issue with Waititi. His humor has always landed perfectly for me in the past. Wouldn't mind seeing a straight up drama attempt from him after this though.
  3. This decade was better than the Renaissance overall. Sure, most aren't BatB/TLK masterpiece tier, but almost all of these movies beat the post TLK renaissance excluding Mulan. And Moana is BatB/TLK level.
  4. What a film, my goodness. The seamless genre blending is absolutely mesmerizing, I truly don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it when it comes to genre mixing. Not even saying anything of the themes, performances, score, and cinematography - all first class. This movie will win Best Picture if the Academy Awards are based remotely on merit anymore.
  5. Jolie has basically done zilch since the first Maleficent 5 years ago, so I’m sure that’s boosting MoE at the box office. She was one of the few true box office draws around and I’d bet her finally being in something again is offsetting how much MoE likely would have tanked otherwise.
  6. Rey's lightsaber is really really wonky looking. I hope it's just a bad case of unfinished effects, because if what we saw in the trailer ends up in the movie it's going to be laughable.
  7. Lol, not even close. A floor is a worst case scenario. If this were to get TLJ reception coming off of TLJ and Solo, it would be lucky to scrape by 500. Not that I think TLJ reception would happen, but you can't rule out bad reception.
  8. Some exciting shots, but all the nostalgia stuff at the beginning can't help me realize how little I've come to care about these ST characters following TLJ. Dark side Rey is super bait and switchy, but is an extremely desperate feeling move if it is legit. My guess is it's some kind of vision of what would happen if the dark side prevailed. This film has a LOT of work to do though, don't envy JJ.
  9. I don't know, just from that art alone I feel like this might just be Inside Out with a slightly different lens. I'm personally more excited for Onward and Raya and the Last Dragon.
  10. Beginning to think even streaming is a bad idea. Just burn it to the ground and be done with it. At least then it will actually have a fan delusional legacy ala The Snyder Cut, opposed to what it would be in reality.
  11. H&S having much better legs than I expected, but then again there's been no real competition. Will end up grossing about as much as an F9 with an organic drop off from F8 though.
  12. I don’t know if every single sub-franchise will necessarily be a trilogy. Just because it has before doesn’t mean that will for sure continue with all of them. AM3 would kind of surprise me at this point for example. They can’t lose sight on making sure they’re consistently introducing new characters and sub-franchises, that’s how they will keep the future of the MCU going strong. They’d be smarter to start making team ups that act as sequels to two of the subs. Like maybe DS3 and SC2 can be the same movie for example.
  13. Yeah this looks like it could actually be a ton of fun just based off the vibes of that pic. I’m down to see Stone in full scenery chewing mode, hope the script is super campy.
  14. That's an option too, but it requires so much ambition that I have no idea how Sony wouldn't fuck it up based on their track record with big scope. I don't know who they'd get for it, Raimi certainly isn't the right choice for something like that.
  15. The ship has sailed on that exact iteration that was planned, but I definitely think an interesting story could be told with a 15-20 years later lens.
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