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SOTM 13: Quite possibly the last one of the game

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SOTM 13:By the end of the game, will the 6 new wide releases left (http://boxofficemojo.com/schedule/) total up to more than 100 million dollars?There are several ways to get points.Answer correctly about the gross: 10,000 pointsAnswer incorrectly: lose 5000 pointsTime bonus: Answer by Sunday August 26th at 9pm, and if you are correct, receive a 7000 point bonusAnswer by Friday August 31st at 3AM board time, and you are correct receive a 3000 point bonus Anything after the 3AM deadline will not be counted.Total bonus: You also have the opportunity to predict any of this weekends releases totals by the end of the game. The catch is this:The films totals must be answered by Monday August 27th at 9pm and in order to get points, you have to be pin point accurate.Call any films total by the end of the game, and be within 2 mill, get a 7500 point bonus per film.If you are off by more than 2 mill, you will lose 15,000 points per film.You can go for all three (Apparition, Premium Rush and Hit and Run), you can go for some, you can go for none. This is a very big chance at some very big points. But you can lose a lot as well. Abstain from all of this, get 5000 points.Good luckIf there are any questions, ask them here.

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