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Favorite Bond Score

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Good list overall. Not sure if On Her Majesty's Secret Service would be my #1 choice, as I find The Living Daylights more enjoyable to listen to overall. But they're both great scores.


Though I have to disagree about Diamonds Are Forever. Like it or not, but I think Diamonds Are Forever might have the most themes out of Barry's Bond scores, and it's actually why I appreciate and enjoy the score a lot. Out of the Bond scores, it's one of a handful that I actually keep coming back to listen to again. The only stuff that really feels recycled to me, are the standard Bond music cues and what-not. 


Also I disagree about Moonraker.  It has way more going for it, then just Flight Into Space if you ask me. Shame, a lot of the original recordings are missing, much like with Octopussy, A View To A Kill, The Spy Who Loved Me, and The Man With The Golden Gun.


Good list regardless. Bond has rarely disappointment me on the music front. 

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I agree about DAF.  Love that score, especially the Mr. Kint score.

LTK is awesome too, granted Kamen is boring a lot from his Lethal Weapon and Die Hard. But it just works so well with Bond

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