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By request, one of the longest-running franchises in the world now has an official forum home at Boxoffice!
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  2. Someone I've never heard of, or at least someone the general public hasn't heard of.
  3. I love all of Sean Connery's James Bond movies.
  4. Goldfinger Goldeneye Casino Royale The Spy Who Loved Me The Living Daylights On Her Majesty's Secret Service Licence To Kill Skyfall From Russia With Love For Your Eyes Only Dr. No Thunderball Tomorrow Never Dies You Only Live Twice Live And Let Die Octopussy The World Is Not Enough Spectre Moonraker Quantum Of Solace The Man With The Golden Gun Diamonds Are Forever A View To A Kill Die Another Day
  5. 1.From Russia With Love 2.GOldfinger 3.Casino Royale (2006) 4.Goldeneye 5.On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  6. Here's an interesting discussion piece: The Tailor of Panama was Pierce Brosnan’s Best “James Bond Movie” http://therenaissancefan.com/slept-on-classic-the-tailor-of-panama
  7. This is tough but I'm going to give it a go.... The Stinkers: 24. Moonraker D 23. Octopussy D 22. A View to A Kill D+ 21. Die Another Day C- 20. The Man With the Golden Gun C+ 19. Diamonds Are Forever C+ The Rainy Day Flicks: 18. The Living Daylights B- 17. Live and Let Die B 16. License to Kill B 15. For Your Eyes Only B 14. The World is Not Enough B 13. Tomorrow Never Dies B+ The Great Ones: 12. Dr. No A- 11. Quantum of Solace A- 10. You Only Live Twice A- 9. Thunderbolt A- The Classics: 8. The Spy Who Loved Me A 7. From Russia With Love A 6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service A 5. Spectre A 4. Goldfinger A+ 3. Goldeneye A+ 2. Casino Royale A+ 1. Skyfall A+ So for me the bond ranking would go: 1. Daniel Craig 2. Sean Connery 3. Pierce Brosnan 4. George Lazenby 5. Roger Moore 6. Timothy Dalton
  8. 1. The Spy Who Loved Me 2. Goldfinger 3. Thunderball 4. Goldeneye 5. Live and Let Die
  9. 1. From Russia with Love 2. Dr. No 3. Goldfinger 4. Casino Royale 5. Live and Let Die
  10. I know many of you wont be agree, but yes Spectre is a best James Bond film for me ever! I know that Sam Mendes couldn't match the heights he set after filming Skyfall, but the two main reasons why I am rating this film more than any is due to Daniel Craig remarkable performance and some classic outfits. I am a huge fan of Bond's clothing and accessories, and Spectre is surely the first film which is featuring that many outfits (both casual and formal) after Roger Moore's vintage double breasted coat era of Bond. I have to praise the efforts of costume designer Jany, she has done a remarkable job in updating the level of 007, from his Rome's classic long double breasted coat to Matchless brown suede leather jacket, everything seems just too perfect
  11. Doesnt this look good? http://www.hexder.com/categories/spectre-suits-jacket/
  12. Die Another Day, Casino Royale and perhaps if Spectre impresses me, then that will be counted in my favorites too.
  13. Nope, sky fall is the overrated movie .
  14. Skyfall ( it's the only one I've seen the whole way through)
  15. 1) on her majesty's secret service (George Lazenby IS James Bond like Ian Fleming wrote him in his books and the guy actually became a good actor plus it has the most beautiful woman I have ever seen Diana Rigg in fantastic form ) 2) from Russia with love3) gold finger 4) for your eyes only5)live and let die6)casino royal7) the living daylights8) golden eye
  16. definitely not Tom Hardy. cant bear him Wouldn't mind Fassbender but not sure I would really like Elba though
  17. Longbottom, Neville Longbottom Matthew Lewis: I do think it will be someone around that age (b. 1989), maybe a few years older but not much more, when they get around to replacing Craig.
  18. 1 Casino Royale 2 On her majesty's secret service 3 Skyfall 4 From Russia w/ love 5 Goldeneye
  19. 1. Casino Royale - Best story and interesting throughout and made Bond well loved again. 2. Goldfinger - Its the film that defines Bond to this day and epic one liners.. 3. Goldeneye - Great story, great characters and a Russian Agent as a Nypho Assassin who kills while making love with her thighs, any guy can't deny that. 4. Skyfall - Great looking film 5. From Russia With Love -Likely best story for a Bond Film and the fight was epic. 6. Dr. No -The film that started it all and I love the "underneath the mango tree scene" 7. The Spy Who Loved Me. -Great mix of everything for a bond film, fun action, fun story and a fun film. 8. The Living Daylights - Nothing special but an enjoyable film. 9. Thunderball . - A mess of a film but hey interesting story, cool action and some nice women. 10. Tomorrow Never Dies.
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