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By request, one of the longest-running franchises in the world now has an official forum home at Boxoffice!
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  2. Someone I've never heard of, or at least someone the general public hasn't heard of.
  3. I love all of Sean Connery's James Bond movies.
  4. Goldfinger Goldeneye Casino Royale The Spy Who Loved Me The Living Daylights On Her Majesty's Secret Service Licence To Kill Skyfall From Russia With Love For Your Eyes Only Dr. No Thunderball Tomorrow Never Dies You Only Live Twice Live And Let Die Octopussy The World Is Not Enough Spectre Moonraker Quantum Of Solace The Man With The Golden Gun Diamonds Are Forever A View To A Kill Die Another Day
  5. That and stay a man, which might sound reductive but the character (for better or worse) is a masculine fantasy projection.
  6. 1.From Russia With Love 2.GOldfinger 3.Casino Royale (2006) 4.Goldeneye 5.On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  7. Looks as though the dark horse...Annapurna has won with MGM signing a distribution deal with Annapurna.
  8. Pretty much this, except I think that For Your Eyes Only was probably Moore's best 007 film, and that came out after Moonraker. Brocolli felt they had carried the camp as far as they could go with Moonraker and needed to bring Bond back to earth with a more grounded, serious approach. They also felt that would keep costs down. Althugh Mooraker made a lot of money, it cost so much to make that it did cut into the profits. FYEO cost a lot less then Moonraker, and ended up making about the same in actual profit...making it a better return for investment,all important in any business. But after FYEO, they got campy again, and ended up with View to a Kill Imho the worst Bond film. Brosnan got off to a great start with Goldeneye, but then ..and this is his own opinion....the quality of the scripts started to go downhill fast. And DAD was as campy and silly as any Moore film. SO audiences were ready for the grittier, much closer to the original Bond in the books,take that Craign brought to it. And Goldeneye and Casino Royale both had the same director..Martin Campbell. He did a great job on both film, but he went on to try his hand at a comic book hero with Green Lantern.....well, we all know what happened.....
  9. Eva Green's performance is second to none, hands down. Though the French girl in Skyfall had such intense screen presence...she was mesmerizing.
  10. Pierce Brosnan like Sean Connery attracted a woman audience(even more so in a way) thanks to his Remington Steele days. Also bond became more eventful in the 90's than ever before, as Moore and Dalton were being overshadowed by action stars in the 80's. Like For Your Eyes Only, and Octopussy did fine against blockbusters such as Jedi or Superman II. But A View To A Kill, couldn't even make close to half of Rambo: First Blood Part II. Living Daylights, was the first number one bond film since the 70's. But Lethal Weapon 1 or Predator or even The Untouchables were far more sucessful. Licence To Kill was overshadowed in the middle of the summer with Lethal Weapon 2, and Batman just coming out. So audiences were interested in those instead, and wanted to see something different. But Goldeneye, came out at a time when necessary. Audiences were wanting to see a new bond, marketing(even on the From Russia With Love special edition vhs) had a very good teaser. And putting it out in a then dead slate(Thanksgiving) was smart for MGM.
  11. Daniel Craig deserves a better send off than Spectre. Guy really was the Bond for the new generation and helped make the character more relevant than he has been in 40 years. Really hope he's back for one last round.
  12. Probably cheap confidence boosting talk if true but - Annapurna apparently very confident they'll nab 25 http://awardswatch.com/forums/showthread.php?40537-007-Thread-License-to-Recast/page15
  13. It will be WB most likely. They've distributed most of MGM's recent stuff like If I Stay, Hot Pursuit, Creed, Barbershop 3, Me Before You
  14. So we still don't know who has the rights to the franchise?
  15. Craig's stunt double seems to have signed on - hence the conclusion being made that Craig is back: http://www.archivo007.com/index.php/noticias/bond-25/2344-exclusiva-mundial-daniel-craig-regresa-para-bond-25
  16. I doubt WB would want Bond against Aquaman, I think they'd go for November 2019
  17. I imagine they have a chance. If the deal stay like it is, it is hard to see studio doing well right now with their franchise like WB being interested in a less than 10% ROI Bond movie that worst of their average slate, and that could eat one of their best releasing slot. I wonder how much using Bond has a product placement for the Sony cellphone and others product was being part of why they distributed that franchise. Annapurna don't need to answer to a board I imagine and the visibility for the studio could be nice, but they still a distributor if the use Annapurna has a producer partner/financier, so it would depend on this, they would take MGM place or they have a EON/MGM/Annapurna/New distributor team ?.
  18. I really do hope Annapurna secures it. That'd jumpstart their status as a mini major studio at the very least, after my predicted success of Detroit.
  19. Because it is for one movie (I would imagine the last Craig), Sony probably start favorite, the Bonds never been has big (and arguably has good) than the Sony era since 1965. But that is Rothman, no way he resign a deal like this, were sony pay for 50% of the expense, get only 25% of a part of the profit with no access to anything after the theatrical release type of deal, making it very possible that they do not find agreement. It seem really hard to make prediction if Sony pass on it, would be pure speculation made on no reasoning for me.
  20. Hm, the way things are shaping up (script already being worked on, Craig just about decided if he's back, now this distribution thing) they could realistically have B25 out in late 2018 if they start production by the end of the year. WB do actually have an Untitled Event Film set for Xmas day 2018.
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