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Star Wars episode 6.5

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In much the same way the 'live action SW tv series' was going to bridge the two trilogies, do you think there will be anything released beforehand that will help prepare us for and catch us up to the events in Episode 7?A full fledged tv series is out of the question but I can see shorts, comics, and assorted online material being produced. The well done promos for Matrix 2 & 3 come to mind. Remember Animatrix? The last one led right up to the beginning of Matrix Reloaded. I can see Disney doing the same over the next 2-3 years to tide us over.

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I think it's more likely that we won't see something until the Clone Wars is done running. Then we'll have a new Cartoon Network show that might bridge the gap.


Incidentially, I don't watch the Clone Wars show but I've heard it's gotten really, really good, even if they pulled a Marvel comics and brought Darth Maul back to life (and introduced his long-lost brother).

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