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Kitchen Sink (1/19/2015)

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new interview w/Ed




In 2014, Westwick will also star in “Kitchen Sink,” a satire of the vampire/zombie fad that’s recently swept Hollywood. “The last thing I ever wanted to play was a vampire,” laughs Westwick. “I get asked if I’m Robert Pattinson all the time. I had this hair before him!” Yet for “Kitchen Sink,” the Brit goes full-on vamp, donning prosthetics and demonic contact lenses. “It’s something different for me,” he says. “It pokes fun at the genre in a really witty, intelligent way.”



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Interview w/Hudgens




Capone: I’ve got to ask you about KITCHEN SINK because I was a huge fan of NATURAL SELECTION, and what Rachel Harris did in that movie just floored me. But this is very different than that; there’s an incredible cast, mostly comic actors. VH: Yeah, it’s a comedy.  Capone: What can you tell me about that? VH: Man, it’s amazing. It was the first comedy I'd ever done, and I had the most amazing time.  Capone: Some people might disagree with you about it being your first comedy. SPRING BREAKERS is one of the funniest things I saw last year, despite all of the really intense stuff. VH: SPRING BREAKERS was written to be whatever Harmony had planned. But I feel a lot of the comedy came from the actors, from the improvisation, from being in the moment. It wasn’t necessarily written that way, whereas KITCHEN SINK is written that way. It’s set in high school in a time when zombies, vampires, and humans all live together as harmoniously as they can, and I play another completely different character. She is the token hot girl, but also the village stoner. She goes through a little bit of a transformation herself, but I love it. I had the most amazing time on set. Everyday we would all say to each other, “I can’t wait till this is done so we can actually watch it and enjoy it.” Because in it, we were cracking up.  Capone: Is there any sense of when it’s coming out? Vanessa Hudgens: I would assume October.


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