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  1. + the weather is absolutely awful even for 'spring' so I imagine some ppl just went to see beaches Will go see Baywatch a couple of times for this very reason
  2. cant speak for everyone but for the ppl I know its fantasy/period film factor/ tropical locations + adventure/fun aspect + Jack is an iconic figure
  3. so on the 2nd time watching the movie I can def say that the moment I actually felt Kaya was acting great is in the scene 'My name is Barbossa'& in his death scene really heartbreaking I wish she was less bland the rest pf the movie & I could relate to her charcter in some way. (instead she was running around shouting how she's smarter than anyone) also 4 scenes that really stand out & make it feel like its the same franchise as the Gore trilogy are def 1 Barbossa's death 2 Willabeth reunion/ Jack returning to BP as the Cap 3 The hangman scene 4 Flashback with young Jackie without them the movie would lose a lot of its appeal imo also its more apparent the 2nd time (& after rewatching POTC1-3 once again) that the movie's biggest drawbacks are the lack of memorable quotable dialogue & quality humour, & memorable characters (or lack of returning original characters) Gore (& previous screenwriters) really had the ability to make even minor characters stand out (like Pintel & Raggetti or Ana Maria) basically I expect much more from this franchise (even just as a cinema lover & disreagarding the fact Im a devoted fan from the beginning) than something like TF where its enough to add some WHAM BAM explosions & the public will eat it up
  4. I do want the 6th movie but only with Gore back Idk about reducing the costs, I want sea battles & all the location shoots & VFX is pricey. I dont know how much Bruckheimer himself gets. he's a huge fan & I can see him already reducing his own salary & pour it into the production. Hopefully the gross would be enough to continue tho it could be a good finish of the franchise storywise. Great opening here indeed as I expected (the indication was there from the beginning considering that it was voted the most anticipated in the history of a main movie website) but yeah with past ER it def could have beat POTC4 $60 something mil I wish more markets that matter were as enthusiastic about the franchise. superheroes is where its at now WW def will take audience from it next wkend in some markets for sure (((
  5. great early news! (tho to this day I cant warp my head around how Deadpool could have grossed that much )) Hate that movie with a passion ))) I'll make sure to add more of my $$$$ this sunday I wonder how many copies it has in comparison to other blockbusters from the record OW list
  6. thx for the update keysersoze123 Better be indeed prepared for the most conservative outcome prediction from kinobusiness for the opening weekend here http://www.kinobusiness.com/news/piraty-na-gorizonte-obzor-novinok-uik-enda-25-28-maya/ General reception (aside from reviewers) seem to be positve enough (not on par with the trilogy tho) juni expects 2 mln rub overall which would be excellent
  7. Decided to go & listen to my brain a bit & give it a B rating instead of A- (massive fan of the franchise so I'm not 100% unbiased) SO it was much better than OST & I will be sad if its the end of the franchise Tho it will be a beautiful end. SO negatives first. 1. Wasnt really coherent. Felt uneven, really disjointed line of sequences. Like 'get everyone together for that purpose'. 2. I wasnt really emotionally attached to new characters. Some of them really underdeveloped (Shansa witch). Some of them felt like bland copies of original characters from the trilogy, main characters dont have chemistry (obvious Henry/Carina vs Will/Lizzy), David Wenham (new Beckett), Bardem (new Jones) 3. British fleet seemed more useless & toothless (lol not sure this is the english word for that))))) than in the trilogy. Their end was as anticlimatic as their storyline... 4. No really memorable quotes from Jack/Barbossa etc that I used to like & quote in real life back then 5. No interesting dynamic/chemistry from Depp with new leads. (Yeah maybe I should've include this in #2.) Again better not to draw comparisons with the trilogy b/c in tone it doesnt match it but I still wanted to be attached to their newly formed team but I really wasn't (til the climax of the movie) 6. Too much focus on women being lesser beings then men. Like hammering over the head isnt necessary. WE GET IT Carina is super smart & cool! 7. Gross humor. Wedding really? I dont want Transformers-like humor in a movie like POTC... 8. Carina/Barbossa stuff on the ship felt cheesy... but the payoff really made me forget about that 9. Not really a big flaw but Salazar's crew were too scary to me 10 The biggest flaw is lack of original characters (Will, Liz, crew, parrot)))) Pros finally that outweighted the cons 1. Much better than OST (yep everything is seen in comparison to that blah cold & soulless film) 2. Superb effects (for my untrained amateur eyes!). Some interesting camera angles throughout. 3. Underwater battle! I was holding my breath the whole time. 4. Acting from Depp, Bardem & Rush as usual top notch. they do best with wat they are given. 5. Soundtrack wasnt anything new but I really like the use of old themes esp Turners' when Henry was onscreen will def check out when its released. I probably missed something. Maybe there WAS some new themes. 6. Safe stealing & hangman action sequences were really reminiscent of Gore which was exciting & filled with humour 7. Questionable positive but the new leads while not perfect but they were not annoying (GOTG come to mind when some characters seemed try-hard charismatic) 8. Sharks sequence was again a scene I held my breath. 9. Generally this has a sense of adventure. & period/fatasy adventures I like more than superhero franchises/schi-fi so I'm sad that this probs wont have a next movie. (Im not really a Potter fan & that seems to be the only big scale fantasy franshise that is going) 10. Much more sea sequences than OST 11. Some of the original characters really brought more life to the movie like Murtog & Mallroy with their endless bantering, Marty, Gibbs. Seeing them all true to their characters warmed my heart 12. All in all funny. Not only gross humour as I feared reading some of the reviews. Esp with that Jack/Henry jail talk about his parents 13. Sir Paul has a memorable scene 14 The whole ending COTBP style made me super giddy & I left the theater in high spirits. Really heratfelt & shed a tear That was exactly the feeling I had in 2003 having seen Pirates1 for the first time... 15. Barbossa's fate & the way it was filmed. Shed a tear. too bad the build up with Carina wasn't as impressive. 16. After credits scene (should have been midcredits cause only 10% of the people saw it) Yeah I'm silly Orlando looked super pretty here so bonus points for that 17. No matter how uneven it felt the film ends on a high note & hopefully some viewers will be back for multiple viewings or just leave the theater more satisfied. 18. Really worthy seeing on a big screen. All in all I feel its the end judging by how many people are trashing it but Im more than excited to another couple of films But only with 1 condition Gore come back!!! He really was born to film these movies.
  8. SK thread FF8 was 2,908 So wont expect much China seems to be doing great tho (uncomparable to FF8)
  9. lalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. OKish movie Loved the 1st better Stunning visuals. great tha the movie has its own style But some things were too much to me too much sentimentality ('OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH MY FAAATHERRRRR/SISTERRRRR' I got SOO tired of this by the end of this movie) Good humor, cute Groot (again thought sometimes it was TOO MUCH cuteness) also too much sequences with music (from the 80's ????) 1st time it was exciting & new but more & more stuff about that player & action scenes set to this music made it annoying to me (maybe b/c I didnt listen to it in my childhood & it didnt connect to me on a personal level) + maybe it didnt respond that much to me b/c Im not american ...
  11. saw King Fu Yoga this wkend really need more chinese movies on our screens Jackie is such a sweetheart So much positive emotions after the movie. Sad it doesnt do better BO wise Cant believe POTC is next week already! Seems like Ive been waiting forever for this
  12. thx for posting tracking for POTC Obv its not FF franchise so Im gonna be happy for anything over 200m
  13. First Time was such a great movie The whole crowd was weeping by the end good that its not a complete disaster at the BO as 1st days seemed to indicate
  14. hmm I think being russian clouds my judgement I suppose it is less funny for non russians to watch this movie ridic plot with the submarine aside I enjoyed the jokes (too much directed at Roman & after a while it gets tiring) basically I was bit bored... I cant forget that so ...the team really I cant see without Han & Gadot characters. I did like the plane sequence & zombie cars
  15. btw juni do you have any prediction for FF8 & TF5 ????
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