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  1. THIS. I am not one of those violently anti religious people who have become so annoying on the internet, but this whole 'If people don't agree with my religion I am being persecuted" meme so populare among the Fundies is silly. What is worse, they want to silence anybody criticisinf their religion.
  2. I have noted that SONY seems to be making a real effort to keeps costs under control; a wise move on their part. Emoji might actually make a profit with that budget.
  3. Given that officially the pre TFA EU is now considered to be mythical,citing the EU for what they can and cannot do in the Solo film is an exercise in futility. Canon is what Lucasfilms/Disney say it is. if they fell that Vader in a film means bigger box office,they will put him in the Solo film. Does this really have to be explained?
  4. I think it is that apparently almost the whole film is going to be reshot...which is unusual. For any other film other then a Star Wars film, if I were a Disney exec I would be very concerned just because of the massive cost a almost total reshoot would add to the budget,but this is a Star Wars film any Star Wars film is a licence to print money. Guaranteed, with almost any other franchise The Mouse would have pretty much gone with the film as is,do a little refilming and hope for the best,but With Star Wars you know no matter what the film is make a mint, and if you think a total redo would mean a much bigger gross, it is chance worth taking. It's not like you are going to lose money.....
  5. Yeah, history repeats itself.....3D is big for a while then collapases. It's a gimmick that is cool for a while,then gets old. Been that way since 1952. 3D will become a standard when a way is found to do it without the glasses. I understand James Cameron is spending a lot of money trying to do that. Interesting if he succeeds.
  6. I fully concur. Trying to give Besson credit for the success of Dunkirk is the silliest thing I have seen so far in this thread. Fanboyism at it's most ridiculous.
  7. I lost interest when I learned that the movie only covers the main charecters as kids. That rips the heart and meaning out of the novel. And I am skeptical of how this does at the box office.given the record of Stephan King adaptations. For every one that makes money,threr are two that flop.
  8. Justice League over 1 billion WW

    I think reviews and word of mouth will be important. Yes, people (including me) loved WW,but if the reviews and word of mouth make it look like another BvS,then I don't see it going beyond 800 Milllion world wide. Yes,WW might have restored some faith in the DCEU,but that faith is fragile. I am still amazed that the Snyder Cultist here still refuse to accept the reality:though it made money,BvS left a bad taste in many people's mouth.
  9. I think the OP was talking about domestic gross,not worldwide. At least that is what everybody in this discussion was assuming.
  10. I don't need to step in a bunch of doo to know it's doo. Anyway regardless of my opinion of quality my point still stands: Low budget faith films have a built in audience that guarantees a profit if you keep the budget low enough. As someone who should know a lot about horror movies, you should understand this concept.

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