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  1. Episode 7 second best ep imo. Just fantastic. This show is way more legit and mature then I ever thought. Also a big surprise for me in this episode, don´t know if it was know as I´ve stayed mostly away from promotion. Wow these 3 eps is going to be insane
  2. Should also be noted that the Marvel channel also has 8,5M on the trailer. Just like the first trailer views are being shared between those two main channels. So it´s more like 30M views day 1 EDIT: Seeing this is already pointed out. Apologies.
  3. The more time passes, the more that last ep stays in my mind. So much depth to the writing beyond the big moments in the episode. Really love how this show is much more mature than the original while at the same time staying true to the characters and themes of the original.
  4. Think the reason there was no thread was because people just posted in the MCU thread but very nice to have a own thread. Wow. Agreed @Youngstar, this show is on a complete different level from the original. Have to see the last 5 episodes but it´s so far one of the best shows I´ve seen in a long time
  5. Beau DeMayo just reactivated his Twitter and posted about the show. Doesn´t take about the firing but reading what he posted I easily see why the show is so good with the perspective he has to the characters but also the journey the go on. Won´t post it here as it contains some major spoilers for the show but interesting that he reactivated his twitter to post what he did.
  6. X-Men 97 episode 5.... WOW. Arguably some of the best we have gotten from the MCU this show. Writing is really fantastic. Could easily watch 5-6 seasons of this.
  7. Perfect trailer, easily biggest movie of the year, don´t think DM4 will be bigger than this one
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