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  1. I am so curious to see where the growth will stop here and when will the market stabilize. The increase was between 10-20% yearly in admissions for the past 7-8 years. And with more and more screens being built every year I am sure that 500k OW is not THAT far away.
  2. So we still don't know who has the rights to the franchise?
  3. Yeah, the bar is insanely high, but that is pretty much the only movie that has even a remote chance of doing it until the next FF. POTC set the OW record in 2011 and was the second highest movie after Avatar at that time. Even by todays standards, it did massive numbers.
  4. Just saw this. WTF?!!!!!!! Oh, and as insane as it may sound, I am betting the record is going down again this year. POTC5 is coming. Even though it will be difficult. But 250k adm at least should happen.
  5. IN actually. This looks good.
  6. Haven't updated in a while, but FF8 is coming this next weekend and seeing how all schools and unis are off and the movie will have an entire week of previews rolled in (shows starting from today), I predict it will defeat FF7 for the biggest OW ever and it will register the first ever 200.000+ admissions OW. I am thinking around 210.000!
  7. I found it to be decent. Not my favorite SW movie, not the worst either. It was well made, but had some issues.
  8. I haven't followed the forums as closely lately, but the social media reception of this trailer seemed kinda... muted? Big numbers ofc, but quite (very) weak compared to TFA. Was this noticed by anyone else?
  9. Around 800m or so OS sounds about right.
  10. Accused, but never confirmed. And besides that, he is a good actor. He will get the job done.
  11. I swear I don't get the Depp hate. What did that guy did to you?!
  12. Let me help you: it starts with JK and ends with Rowling.
  13. It's funny how people talk about the so-so reception of FB when it had one of the best legs for a blockbuster last year. And for a spin-off to a notoriously frontloaded franchise nonetheless.
  14. In for the lolz. Imagine if this will happen Some of the meltdowns here would be epic to watch!
  15. Make it over 850m Tele. It is not risky enough. But this is an easy lock, even with a big fall from the last one in the US.