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  1. This thread But throwing in my 2 cents, for personal reasons, I dislike Cap with a burning passion. Superhero boy scouts in general get on my nerves. That being said, CW was a good movie and probably the best in the MCU. And for all my complaints about the MCU, I am glad Disney and WB are each doing their thing so everyone can get something they like. I need my grimdark, serious, gritty looking movies. I know a lot of people hate the DCEU exactly for that reason. Mopey Supes for example. But for me Supes snapping Zod's neck was one one the best and most powerful moments ever in a CBM. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  2. I am looking at The Conjuring series on BOM and I realize it must be (at least theatrical release wise), one of the most lucrative franchises in the business at the moment. It is basically printing money for WB on ridiculously small budgets. If Annabelle gets to 300m WW, and I think it will (actually, I think it will beat TC2's 320m for the biggest movie of the franchise), on a 15m budget, there's no way it is not in the yearly Top 15 most profitable movies.
  3. The book is fuckin amazing and that trailer looked fuckin amazing. And I hae no doubt this will be huge BO wise.Thinking 800m-ish WW.
  4. OMG that trailer!! Please come faster! Spielberg better deliver.
  5. IT's Madness!: IT over Gravity DOM (274.09m)

    LMAO at people thinking this will not beat Get Out. Are you serious? Have you seen the impact this thing has? It will be hard, but it will easily have the highest OW ever for an R-rated horror movie. I think around 80m-90m sounds about right. It will be the must see movie of the season. So IN.
  6. I find myself listening to the FB soundtrack more and more latelyvand gosh, JNH did such a fine job! It is downright charming in parts. Maybe not on Williams' level, but it is still so good! He is coming back for the sequel right?
  7. I did not mind CC that much, but I too wish something different for a very simple reason: CC is not epic enough. After the Voldemort and the (very likely) huge Grindelwald war, the event in CC feel kinda meh. We need a new big baddie. I am sure Rowling can make up an awesome villain.
  8. Considering both Tarzan and FB were 2 of the leggiest runs of last year, I would say Yates is an excellent director (and audiences certainly find it so). Plus, he has a great relationship with Rowling and that is gold. Just look how many movies have problems because of a failed director/producer/writer trio. As for that Potter sequel, you can bet it is coming after FB.
  9. Huh? DB is probably one of my Top 3 authors ever and I hate Trump with a burning passion. Also, I agree with @baumer. People are so salty over DB's success. He writes well enough that you can't put his books down. I don't need pretentious BS, I need to be entertained and he does that. And I couldn't give less of a fuck that what entertains me is a celebrated series like HP or DB's novels. And yeah, people should respect someone who manages to sell over 100m books in this day and age. Sadly, not so many people read nowadays.
  10. Nice. It gives me hope honestly haha.
  11. I saw a lot of vids on it haha, and I know it can get horrible for you. Does your stepbrother have a professional sporting past? Or he is just a running fan?
  12. I am thinking of trying Marathon Des Sables in a year or two (probably two since I have to reach my best possible shape). Does anyone know anyone who has tried it? I kinda need some advice.
  13. If Cameron can pull this off in a feasible way then regular predicting will be useless. LMAO, 1B DOM and 3B WW would become the absolute floor.
  14. Has anyone else watched THE TICKET? Amazing movie! Dan Steven's acting was great! And the ending got me really torn between feeling sorry for the character and thinking it serves him right. Still, the message was so blunt.

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