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  1. Long time no see. Hopefully Tenet will have good legs. The OS holds this weekend are great so that gives me hope.
  2. Yes but why are the beaches open?? Why are there no sanctions for going out without a good reason? The US still records around 30k new daily cases. That's a huge number. It simply doesn't make sense to me.
  3. Ugh, this is so bad. And the US still has another update or two to go for today I think. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  4. That's not how it works. A lot of people live with their family, grandparents and even parents included. You might not care about this thing's effects on you because you are young but that shouldn't mean other people have to be affected because you can't respect a TEMPORARY quarantine. My country has thousands in quarantine but some are like SCREW IT and do what they please. Thankfully the government just moved today to increase the penalty for intentional disregard of the health measures in a time of crisis to up to 5 years in prison.
  5. I would freakin love for that to happen, evn if Chalamet is the worst possible actor for Paul. I just want to see sci fi doing well.
  6. I think WW and Mulan have the biggest chance. Honestly, it will be good to have the riches more evenly distributed. Maybe smaller films or riskier projects like Dune will have more of a chance to break out. 2019 so far feels very unevetful in terms of BO surprises.
  7. Gosh I can't wait for this Endgame thing to pass. I can't enter a single thread, no matter for what movie, without seeing an Endgame post...😑
  8. Can't wait for all this Endgame thing to go away so we can properly track Pika.
  9. I friend just texted me about seeing US at a late night screenening here in Romania. He said it was so bad people started leaving halfway through. I have no idea what the movie it's about but now I am curious to watch it.
  10. The first one is pretty much the best Disney retelling aside from BATB so yay for this.
  11. So this is the trailer for a movie adapted from a Romanian bestseller that just had one of the biggest openings ever here. I realize I am out of the loop with what is happening in my own country when this movie is everywhere and I just now hear of it.
  12. Can someone move this to the main thread? It is opening in a few months and we already have a trailer.
  13. The official Middle Earth map for the new Amazon series. It extends east more than the previous official maps. People theorize the eastern most mountains are where the Elves awakened.
  14. Rewatching Fellowship of the Ring and it might be just an appearance but one thing that always makes me love it is how PJ took his time to build up Middle Earth. That sequence in the beginning with Bilbo describing the Shire is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on screen. Something you never see nowadays, when they try to keep the movies as short as possible at the expense of the story. I really hope they take their time with that Amazon series, especially since they will make up a lot of the plot. With Middle-Earth the world itself is a huge character. And hope they film on loc
  15. This is WB we are talling about. Doubting them on a horror movie is not wise. That being said, this is not approaching IT levels. That one had out of this world hype. Still, I could see 150m DOM if it is great movie. And speaking of WB horror, this year is packed for them. This, The Conjuring and La Llorona. I can see all of them over 100m dom.
  16. Just watched Mortal Engines. I was entertained and then I checked the budget. How in the world did this cost only 100m? It looked more expensive than anything Marvel or DC put out.
  17. Trailer views are important indeed. But this is the first live action pokemon movie, something everyone anticipated to look like a mess. IW and TLK well received have big screen predecesors. Plus, TLK is barely above Pokemon and the views for the first Endgeame trailer will not come even close to the 214m plus views of the first IW trailer, even if that one had more time to build views. Either way, it will be fun to track these runs.
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