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  1. Ramayan has always been more popular than Mahabharat. I assume it'll get even more viewership tomorrow because Kishkindhaa Kanda is going to start and all the kandas from now on are really really popular as Hanumanji will be featured heavily from now on.
  2. The situation in Italy and Spain is obviously very bad but I just saw Switzerland's update on the worldometers site and they're in the pits as well. Their total cases / 1M population is absolutely ridiculous.
  3. I don't know about other Indian people on this forum but I quite liked it because it showed they are ready to follow Govt. orders. But as is always the case here, people tend to overdo things, there was no need to burn crackers etc.
  4. Trains, Metros, Buses etc. locked down in India until 31st March. Good decision considering how it has started increasing exponentially in the last 2 days.
  5. Can anyone tell me if you can catch this virus twice. Like for example - if someone tested positive and then got better but after sometime caught it again. Is it possible or is it one and done like chickenpox which very rarely happens again (usually Shingles).
  6. It's a bit of a shame Lionsgate opted to promote Bombshell instead of Knives Out for awards considering how big of a smash hit this has been. Bombshell will actually end up as a flop I think. Reviews for this one are also infinitely better. If promoted well this could have won at least some Ensemble awards.
  7. Happy New Year to each and every member of BOT who's a better B.O expert than Scott Mendelson
  8. Akshay had always given hits, but it's just that he gave hits and flops in patches. still remember his 2006-07 phase where he gave 5 hits in a row, then in 2012 again, he gave 3 or 4 hits. In 2009 he had 5 flops in a row. In 1994, he did 12 movies in a single year and 7 of those were hits. It's just over the last 3-4 years, he has become more consistent and now he's also giving 200cr grossers. Next year, he has 5 releases again, guy is a machine.
  9. Most of the others are correct. I don't understand the need to point stuff like this out, if you don't believe in his numbers just wait for the studio estimates.
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