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  1. I am heart-broken . Would have been much easier to swallow even if he had lost 3-6 in the 5th but this just sucks. I don't know how Federer will recover from this or me for that matter😰
  2. Is anyone else getting this problem of getting redirected to the first page by clicking on any page no. ?
  3. Her name appears thrice in this poster and six times during the trailer. I don't understand this excessive need of plastering your name multiple times as it frankly looks ridiculous.
  4. @SteveJaros - Your Strike Rate is amazing. Are you planning on TS4 under 210M DOM club.
  5. Aladdin looking at 100M+ in Japan as well as 320M+ DOM. It's biggest day in S.Korea will be in the 3rd weekend. 850M+ WW is on IMO.
  6. https://deadline.com/2019/06/dark-phoenix-rises-in-china-with-12m-launch-day-are-dark-times-ahead-overseas-1202628273/ OS and China numbers for DP as well as CHN numbers for Godzilla.
  7. Since the release of A:EG, none of the movies except Aladdin did more in their OW than A:EG previews. Looks set to continue this and next weekend as well. Don't know which non-Disney movie will do more except Hobbs and Shaw.
  8. I don't understand this at all. If people enjoy certain movies who are we to judge them. Now, except Despicable Me 1 and 2, I don't like Illumination animations at all but you can't deny there's market for them because people/kids enjoy them, that's why they churn out such big hits. As for Disney Remakes, the kind of WOM Aladdin has is already in front of you. I thought BATB was utter shit but majority liked it, so it is what it is.
  9. POTC 5 opened with 78M 4 Day Weekend whereas Aladdin was 116M, so ~ 1.5 times. POTC 5 2nd Tuesday was 3.4M whereas Aladdin is 7.8M, so ~2.3 times. POTC 5 added ~50M after it's second Tuesday, I am guessing atleast 100M for Aladdin so 300M DOM looks in good shape IMO.
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