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  1. Rest assured, as soon as actuals come in @sfran43 will post tweets here before they are even available on twitter.
  2. THE funniest comment I have read in a long long time. Saturn Award FTW !!
  3. Although it's not going to happen but Spidey-Scarlet Witch buddy movie is going to rock. "You can control my mind ... that's awesome girl"
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal is trending WW on twitter. Power of MCU
  5. ROI is not the only metric but it is applicable in this situation. 1) Raees budget - 125cr , India gross - 177cr, WW gross - 270cr 2) Jolly LLB2 budget - 50cr, India gross - 150cr, WW gross - 180cr 3) BKD budget - 50cr, India gross - 160cr, WW gross - 195cr Now let's say hypothetically if Raees finished it's BO run at 200cr, even though more people saw it, it's verdict will be a flop as the money was lost on the movie. Would you still say it was the bigger hit? This is why Jab Harry Met Sejal at 70cr dom is a flop but Pyar Ka Punchnama2 at 60cr is Superhit. Coming to your second point AIW is a much bigger hit than AQP because the difference in collection is more than $1.5B. Not comparable at all whereas the 3 movies mentioned above did comparable business and 2 of those movies had less than half of 1st budget. If AIW finished with something like 700M WW then yes AQP is the bigger hit. FWIW, the metric that I follow is gross profit on a movie which I think is also more for JLLB2 and BKD. This is my longest post on BOT
  6. It's not about highest grosser but bigger hit. Raess budget was ~125cr whereas Jolly LLB2 and BKD was ~50cr. ROI of both JLLB2 and BKD was greater than Raees.
  7. Jolly LLB2 and Badrinath ki Dulhania were bigger hits than Raees. Moreover Kaabil was not even a success, it's box office collections given to media were totally wrong which is expected as Papa Roshan calculated them through his special calculator.
  8. When MIB3 opened in 2012 May, The Avengers made 26M total in OS markets that weekend dropping 50%. It's OS total was 781M at that time. It made a further 114M after that albeit 45M of that came from Japan which opened later in August. So 114-45 = 69M.Giving a slightly worse multiplier to AIW from it's 31M OS-China weekend probably gives it 75M more from here. 55M more in China is expected and atleast 75M more in US-Canada is expected. It's current cume is 1.813B so adding all of the above projected total to it gives 2.02B total. This I think is the least AIW will do WW.
  9. As I watched DP2 in India, people here don't even know there's a movie called Say Anything. I was the only one in my theatre to get this reference. I laughed out really loud but then I saw people staring at me (it suddenly hit me that no one knows about this reference) so I stopped. Although what really surprised me was that everyone got "You are so dark are you sure you're not from the DC Universe" reference. That part killed at my screening.
  10. JW2 trailer got great reception when it played before DP2 in my theatre. There's something about watching dinos on big screen, it always looks great. What we also need to remember is the last one made 22M in India which is absolutely monstrous but what makes it even more impressive is that it's 1st weekend was only 5.5M The lifetime business quadrupled OW business. The only HW movie to have better WOM than JW in India this decade is TJB. I expect JW2 to cross 30M with ease unless it sucks.
  11. I ran out of space on my mobile reading @terrestrial's post Great post tho
  12. Deadpool 2 WW > Solo WW

    This looks more in favor of DP2 then Solo after DP2's OS OW numbers IMO. Hard to see Solo doing anything substantial in Asia ... for example I don't think it'll do even 2M in India. 20M in China seems optimistic too. From the UK thread ... not much hype there too. I think it's going to have more than 50% DOM split. 650M WW is a good benchmark for the time-being.
  13. It's budget is only 17M and it passed that in China too on OW along with DOM, so obviously it's good When all is said and done it's WW gross would end with more than 20 times it's Prod. budget.

    700 after 300OW should be a cakewalk. If it doesn't do that then that's BvS level territory bad. Plus Japan is also left. My prediction is 750 from current OS+DOM and 10-15M in Japan. 765M WW. Another Deadpool movie that will do more business than Jesus OS.

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