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  1. It seems the movie sticks to the darker tone of the book which is a good thing imo. I liked Disney's version quite a bit, but that was clearly not Kipling's version (unfortunately).
  2. LMAO, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Sony only owns the rights to the Spidey movies (similar to how Paramount takes profits from the TF movies, but Hasbro owns the merchandise). So their only source of revenue is the movies. WB owns the Wizarding World in it's entirety, one of the biggest merchandising franchises ever. The money they make from movies are only a small part of the total fortune. Granted, if the movie would have been a box office bomb like Solo, maybe they would have to seriously course correct. But it will make at least 650m WW. And even without counting merchandise, you have the ancillary market. Just take a look at other franchises wit similar budgets that were successes in WB's eyes even though they made less WW and didn't have nearly the merchandise power of the WW (Kong or Godzilla).
  3. James

    BO Germany/Austria: Grinch climbs to #1

    Wow, that would be fantastic!
  4. When will you see it? 10 hours to go for me and surprisingly I've had almost 0 spoilers.
  5. Lol why are we considering the early Deadline numbers again?😂
  6. Russia increased 33% on OD vs the first one. The increases all over Europe are quite huge. 600m OS at least is happening. Betting on 650-700m right now.
  7. According to BO.com it got 48k tweets today. Pikachu got 34k today and that is it's 4th day of Twitter tracking (400k+, 281k, 95k). Of course the IPs are not comparable, but 48k tweets is nothing to write home about.
  8. I know social media hype is not usually huge for family fare but even so this trailer barely registered. Hopefully it is succesful because it looks very good. Someone here said Christopher Robin numbers and I agree.
  9. James

    BO Germany/Austria: Grinch climbs to #1

    1.2m in previews. Is that good?
  10. The OS signs so far are very good. Esp from Europe where everyone said it would decrease. And the Asia increase should be healthy too.

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