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  1. James

    The Warner Bros. Thread

    Isn't It Romantic Warner Bros. (New Line) 2/14/19 Shazam! Warner Bros. 4/5/19 The Curse of La Llorona Warner Bros. (New Line) 4/19/19 Detective Pikachu Warner Bros. 5/10/19 The Sun Is Also a Star Warner Bros. 5/17/19 Minecraft Warner Bros. 5/24/19 Godzilla: King of the Monsters Warner Bros. 5/31/19 Shaft (2019) Warner Bros. 6/14/19 Untitled Conjuring Universe Film (2019) Warner Bros. (New Line) 7/3/19 Untitled WB Event Film I (2019) Warner Bros. 8/2/19 It: Chapter 2 Warner Bros. (New Line) 9/6/19 The Kitchen (2019) Warner Bros. (New Line) 9/20/19 Joker (2019) Warner Bros. 10/4/19 The Goldfinch Warner Bros. 10/11/19 Wonder Woman 1984 Warner Bros. 11/1/19 Margie Claus Warner Bros. 11/15/19 Superintelligence Warner Bros. (New Line) 12/25/19 Looking at WB's next year - wow, that is packed. Shazam!, The Curse of LL, Pikachu, Annabelle 3, IT2, WW2 are bound to be hits. I am pretty sure Joker and Godzilla 2 will also be very big. Considering how popular The Goldfinch is as a book I think it will also do good numbers. That leaves very little for RISKY territory, unlike this year where most of their movies where risky bets. There is ISN'T IT ROMANTIC, SHAFT, Magie Claus and 2 Melissa McCarthy comedies. And I think most of those will at least do decent too. I think WB will break their DOM record. EDIT: Forgot about Lego 2 which should also be a success and Minecraftb (is that even happening?) Also, they did over 2b in 2017. I think this year they will do 2b again or come super close to it. And 2019 looks like a sure 2b year as well.
  2. It might be just the fact that I love any fantasy movie set in a desert/oriental background, but I can't wait for this. I've never been so hyped for a live action Disney movies. And now I want to watch Aladdin the animation (I don't think I ever watched it fully).
  3. James

    Wednesday numbers

    LOTR will never get old😍
  4. Ughhh, I can't wait for this come out and do great DOM just because of all the constant underpredicting on this site. You would think that the spin-off of a very fontloaded franchise that does over a 3 multi convinces people that it was well received. But noooo, all I see is: FB was not well received, it didn't make an impression DOM yada yada yada. It just pisses me off. If an other sequel would have such a multiplier people would cheer for it ffs. And this after coming after 8 movies in the same universe that prove there is not a single franchise out there that has more constant grosses than this one.
  5. James

    Biggest bomb of 2018

    It is Solo. Yeah, AWIT did bad, but Solo will was probably the one most expensive box office disasters ever. A 275m budget and probaby another 150m in marketing. AWIT looks insignificant in comparison.
  6. Yes, but Nagini would be disfigured by the curse little by little.
  7. Have you heard the theory that Nagini is in fact Voldemort's mother? It seems plausible to me and it would explain why Voldemort chose to entrust part of his soul with her. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/1024630/Fantastic-Beasts-2-Crimes-of-Grindelwald-Harry-Potter-theory-Nagini-Voldemort-mother
  8. James

    Monday Numbers

    Seeing how adult ASIB skews and that it is ahead of Venom on both MT and Pulse my guess is it will have a way lighter drop than Venom on Tuesday. If it will drop at all.
  9. Finally watched it. It was surprisingly fun for the most part. It did not feel like a SW movie at all though - not a bad or good thing, just my opinion. The pacing was way too fast though and in some parts the writing was unbelievably lazy. Still, as I said, fun. B-
  10. UK, France, Germany and Russia plus some minor markets. The rest of major EU plus LA and Asia starting from next week and on.
  11. So ASIB increased from estimates again. I wonder if WB will report the weekend separately from the previews or with them.
  12. A Star Is Born gets a solid A CinemaScore tonight and a 90% on PostTrak and 4.5 stars. Who doesn’t love the movie? Females turned out at 66% to guys’ 34%; both gave it a solid A. Over 50 bunch at 42% graded it A. Under 25ers may have been small in their turnout at 14%, but they loved the Cooper-directed movie the most with an A+. Those over 25 who made up 86% of the audience gave A Star Is Born an A. https://deadline.com/2018/10/venom-a-star-is-born-weekend-box-office-lady-gaga-1202476614/ Wow, this is skewing soooo old. The legs will probably be phenomenal.
  13. I am always stalking but only comment for interesting weekends haha. ASIB+VENOM is just to much not too. Actually the next few months look more interesting to me BO wise than the Summer was.

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