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  1. Well, apparently the movie was hurt more by the lack of publicity. But given that WB moved it so many times, I guess they didn't expect much from it anyway. Too bad though, seeing how it is doing quite well OS.
  2. Actually, dark worked great in the last season of the Flash TV show. Have you watched it? Barry finally had a real enemy and it was so nice to see an overall arc rather than evil guy of the week episodes.
  3. Well, a disaster film has to have disaster in it. I pay for the destruction porn and the impossible escape. That is why all the movies above did so well with general audiences. The problem with Geostorm tanking (at the BO) is the lack of marketing and the delays. As cruel as it may sound, WB had a shot to capitalize on the bad weather in the last few months. A publicity stunt would've raised the prospects of this movie, if not in the US then OS for sure.
  4. Oh god, this makes me sick. If JL turns out to be hugely different in tone than BvS then bye bye DC for me. At least CW makes something RIGHT with Arrow. And the last season of Flash was decent, even if they didn't go nearly dark enough for it to be awesome. I have to catch up on LoT.
  5. I am felling sorry for Fassbender. The guy is an amazing actor. If anything, I can watch a movie he's in knowing that if everything else sucks, at least I will get a great performance. I watched Hunger a few days back and it was brilliantly acted. And his Macbeth is one of my all time favorite films. I am also feeling sorry for Geostorm and I hope OS will be huge enough to save it.
  6. Playing the devil's advocate here, critics generally have the whole disaster movie genre going over their heads. 2012 has 39% on RT and that is THE disaster movie. Same with San Andreas, The Day After Tomorrow. For some reason, any big scale end of the world disaster movie doesn't go well with critics.
  7. I know there are still some months to go and fix the CGI but gosh this looks cheap compared to the first PR.
  8. Anyone else thinking 75m could happen for Blade Runner on OW? As for the studio talk, there is a reason a lot of people support WB. There is no other studio out there that takes as many risk as them, with big budgets for untested properties. Granted, they can be hit and miss and WB, like any other studio, looks to make money. And they have franchises too, but I also think they are the ones that push the most for creative freedom.
  9. IT is looking to register some enormous OWs in both Germany (Second best OW of the year apparently) and France. It is already at 500m+ WW by Thursday. I think 700m is in the cards.
  10. Does that mean WB will get the state side profit? Because if so, they will make A LOT of money, seeing how the didn't actually pay for the movie, only for the distribution.
  11. Serious question: do I have to watch the first one to understand this one?
  12. @Gavin Feng @Olive does Geostorm have a release date already? I think it could be potentially successful no?
  13. So basically WB is all but guaranteed to make money on this.

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