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  1. So this is the trailer for a movie adapted from a Romanian bestseller that just had one of the biggest openings ever here. I realize I am out of the loop with what is happening in my own country when this movie is everywhere and I just now hear of it.
  2. Throwing in my 2 cents, Cap1 is a slog of a movie and it took me three attempts to finish it. So here's to hoping Cap Marvel is more like Iron Man... now that I will watch it but still. Actually I might watch it in a few years, when there will be nothing interesting out. I tend to do that will all superhero movies. Still haven't got to Aquaman, WW, BP or the second AM. But life is long. It might be the fact that I am watching them at home that makes them bland and forgetable. I have only watched 4 superhero movies in cinemas: TDKR, TASM 2 (because my brother wanted to watch it), BvS and X-Men Apocalypse. And incidentally, BvS and Apocalypse and TDKR are all in my top 5 superhero movies. But I just don't feel like they deserve the ticket price. Idk.
  3. James

    J.R.R Tolkien Biopic

    Can someone move this to the main thread? It is opening in a few months and we already have a trailer.
  4. The official Middle Earth map for the new Amazon series. It extends east more than the previous official maps. People theorize the eastern most mountains are where the Elves awakened.
  5. I have no idea how big this will open and I will only say this once because I don't want anyone to think that I am trolling: gosh, this looks so uninspired and boring from every point of view. It had the worst Marvel trailers ever and Brie Larson looks like she is in pain playing this role. That or she can't act to save her life. I am not a big Marvel fan but I can't believe I am saying this about what seems to be a sci fi movie, considering I love sci fi to death. Ok, rant over, just felt the need to add my valuable conribution to this thread.😂 Bye.
  6. You are joking but if there was ever a movie with the potential of reaching Avatar levels, this is it.
  7. Rewatching Fellowship of the Ring and it might be just an appearance but one thing that always makes me love it is how PJ took his time to build up Middle Earth. That sequence in the beginning with Bilbo describing the Shire is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen on screen. Something you never see nowadays, when they try to keep the movies as short as possible at the expense of the story. I really hope they take their time with that Amazon series, especially since they will make up a lot of the plot. With Middle-Earth the world itself is a huge character. And hope they film on location. Makes a huge difference.
  8. I think that is an overreaction. I am sure most of us would be fine with 300m on OW.
  9. Dude, it is literally the highest grossing media franchise. It is not some subjective title. It literally makes more money WW than any other entertainment brand. Warcraft is small potatoes compared to it.

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