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  1. The most surprising thing is that the reaction to Depp being there (and in the trailer) seems to be great so far lmao.
  2. The marketing for this so far alone is better than the entire campaign the first movie got...
  3. I feel so sorry for Rowling and for everyone involved. This fanbase is so impossible to please sometimes. She already said (and now Law too) that they will address Dumbledore's sexuality in the series. How is that not enough? Why does it have to happen in the second movie? There are 3 movies left after that ffs. Just wait and see what happens before you throw with mud.
  4. I can't with y'all clamoring over every stupid comic book movie and saying THIS looks ridiculous. LMAO. It looks like a blast. If it is half as good as AC bring it on.
  5. Rowling basically confirmed the series will end somewhere in 1945 with the great duel between Dumbledore and Gridelwald. After defending Depp for so long they won't let him go and yes, he will be in all movies since he is the Voldemort of this series. Also, I repeat, no one give a damn about Depp being in the movies. Actually, I think it will help OS, where Potter is strong. Depp is still very much a draw there.
  6. James

    BO Germany/Austria: M:I6 stays on top

    Any chance anything beats Infinity War for the year? On Insidekino I see IW sold about 3.32m tickets and Fantastic Beasts sold 3.47m back in 2016 so maybe that?
  7. Does FB2 have a shot at £65m? The first one did 55m and I am thinking the addition of Dumbledore and Hogwarts being back might boost the hype even more.
  8. James

    Romania Box Office

    I believe it will be big but you need 4 quad audiences for 2m and Venom is not smth I see families participating in.
  9. James

    Romania Box Office

    Unless something surprises, Avengers looks looked to win the year. And 2018 overall looks to be down from the last one for the first time in about 10 years. Blame it on the lack of attractive title in the Fall-Winter seasons. December looks weak (granted, there are a lot of big movies but aside from Aquaman, none of the looks to make a lot of money - Marry Poppins is pretty much unknown). Nov also looks weak, aside from Fantastic Beasts. That should easily do over 1m. Maybe The Grinch will surprise. Illumination is strong in the market. October has Mowgli, First Man and Venom. I think First Man will make over 1m. There is a tradition of a strong SF movie opening in Fall and making big bucks. September looks like a complete disaster. The only movie I see having a chance at 1m in August is MI6. And July looks interesting. Hotel Transylvania 2 should make over 1m. The Incredibles might break out. AMATW should also have a shot at 1m... maybe. But overall, we will have no title over 500k admissions.
  10. James

    Tuesday Numbers l JW2 $18.4M

    Just because this forum is so nerd heavy haha. But I am surprised with how good it's late legs are.

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