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  1. Just got out of this movie and gosh, was it bad. The incessant pandering, the plot holes (my audience literally started laughing at Finn's 'IT'S A FEELING' moment (plus it made no sense sibce they could have sent the signal to another ship but plot I guess), the cringe dialogues. This is literally the worst SW movie ever made. I can't believe it. TLJ was actually better. In what world we live in??😂 And don't even get me started on Rey Palpatine. My audience laughed. They literally laughed.... Maybe it could have been good but it was so mishandled and so crammed... Ughh. I don't even know who to blame. Lucas might have had bad dialogue and stuff but at least he tried.
  2. Already almost 11m views. And the number of likes is just wow. This is breaking out. The dog best friend angle is just so good! Reminds me of the first Secret Life of Pets. Even the animation style is similar. I am thinking a 70-80m OW atm.
  3. OMG THIS LOOKS SO SO SO GOOD! Damn the nostalgia. My most anticipated movie next year!
  4. I also hope for some epic Lightsaber fights. The fights described in the Star Wars novels are way closer to the PT than the lame ass fight in TFA. What's the point in being a Force user if you can't use it in a fight.
  5. I would freakin love for that to happen, evn if Chalamet is the worst possible actor for Paul. I just want to see sci fi doing well.
  6. I think WW and Mulan have the biggest chance. Honestly, it will be good to have the riches more evenly distributed. Maybe smaller films or riskier projects like Dune will have more of a chance to break out. 2019 so far feels very unevetful in terms of BO surprises.
  7. He was picked by Sony. Dinsey wanted Asa Butterfield lol. And doesn;t his contract mention another 2 films with him as Spider-Man? I don't think he can walk away.
  8. Ugh this thread. This might be a box office forum but different people like different things. And if you are not interested in something it will feel like a total nonevent for you. Just like Endgame was for me. I have no interest in it or it's run. I will probably watch it with friends at some point after it comes out on blurray if they bother to get it (one way or another). Pikachu on the other way is by far my most anticipated movie of the year. And pretty much the only movie (maybe aside from Godzilla) that I have any interest in paying to see in cinemas. That is why it's BO run will also be infinitely more interesting than Endgame for me. Because I am actually invested in it.
  9. Ummm, people here are fighting all the time about guys fighting in spandex suits. So what's your point?
  10. This will easily explode and make over 100m for the OW. 50M predictions lol.
  11. Gosh I can't wait for this Endgame thing to pass. I can't enter a single thread, no matter for what movie, without seeing an Endgame post...😑
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