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  1. Oh wow, I lost lost?
  2. Excellent scores in a decidedly anomalous weekend.
  3. Wow, new game is up quickly this week!
  4. Congrats to all those who defeated me this week.
  5. Wonder why the Derby average is so high with 3 openers?
  6. GIS massively underperformed as I predicted $19m for it.
  7. The number of serviceable players here is incredible. Getting harder and harder to justify myself as a dominant force.
  8. I think it's fair to be dissatisfied with myself when we're pushing a year since my last victory. Of course, the talent level in the Derby has also improved immensely since then, too.
  9. Not necessarily, they may be looking into my inquiry. It has to be overestimated by $1.5m.
  10. Slamma Jamma is beyond baffling to me. The average theater for it sold well over 300 tickets this weekend??? We grossed around $470. Did some megachurches buy up tons of tickets?
  11. Would someone mind posting the rankings with Slamma Jamma removed? Curious to see what it looks like with just 9 films. Thanks.
  12. I have a line out regarding the accuracy of estimate. Will see if I get a response.
  13. Result under protest for Slamma Jamma.
  14. Slamma Jamma is looking to come in under $50K today unless some enthusiastic hoops or church crowds show up. River Rain clearly not ready for the big leagues.
  15. 1 show down here and 0 sold. Next show in 45 minutes and it's not looking good, either. We are Bible Belt and UK Wildcat country but that doesn't mean anyone cares about this film.