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  1. Slamma Jamma is looking to come in under $50K today unless some enthusiastic hoops or church crowds show up. River Rain clearly not ready for the big leagues.
  2. 1 show down here and 0 sold. Next show in 45 minutes and it's not looking good, either. We are Bible Belt and UK Wildcat country but that doesn't mean anyone cares about this film.
  3. The Slamma Jamma previews are taking awhile to calculate.
  4. How can you tell how a film is pacing on IMDB? BOM uses this in their write-ups, sounds helpful but I don't see this data. Is it for Pro members only?
  5. PR previews here were in the $4m range based on recent trends.
  6. Slamma Jamma had 100K trailer views. I figure maybe 1 in 3 will buy a ticket. It's a shame that one film will wreck so many Derbys.
  7. I asked my wife if she'd like to see Slamma Jamma and she thought I was suggesting something off color.
  8. @AndyLLdoesn't know it yet, but I've re-wallpapered his house entirely in Slamma Jamma movie posters.
  9. 8% for PR doesn't seem that impressive but you can't expect it to budge much against a behemoth like BATB.
  10. Looking forward to Slamma Jamma. I want to baffle thousands when I check in on Facebook.
  11. Oh, man, you went Slamma Jamma on us? I was thinking, no way Andy could be so cruel - but like my recent predictions, I was quite wrong.
  12. Not a hater, just never got into it. Was more of a Scooby Doo kinda guy.
  13. I'm with you. Never was a fan and wouldn't see this for free.
  14. Normal discount Tuesday behavior. The fact that it didn't fall off the Top 5 today is actually a promising sign. Power Rangers is being underestimated. You heard it here first.
  15. As one NCAA coach said this past weekend, there's way too much talent in this room, cutting down the nets will come. Until then, we keep battling on!