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  1. You gotta start somewhere. Hell Jonathan Demme just died, and that Oscar winning director's first movie was a women in prison exploitation flick for Roger Corman.
  2. But wasn't the Internet claiming that one of them wasn't getting enough ads? Clearly WB isn't doing enough for King Arthur.
  3. No credit for Cap from anybody? Walking Flag did $700+ million with TWS without Stark or Spidey.
  4. If any DCEU film can do it it would be that one on both counts. though it's weird seeing DCEU partisans being pre-emptively defeatist about WW's prospects.
  5. Funny I didn't even complain about him liking said movie. (Read my OP again.) I only mentioned a fact that yes he liked a certain controversial blockbuster considered as such around these parts. Nothing more. #projection
  6. Which is funny because those two first Raimi movies plus the first two Xmen movies tonally informed the MCU formula.
  7. I remember years back him bitching about these spandex movies helping to put him and other action stars of his era out to pasture.