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  1. The Two IW Trailers on Youtube have gotten 203 million views between the two of them alone (not including the tens millions of views from other video uploads. The 2nd trailer is still doing really well as its been trending for about almost 7 days here in Canada at least. Don't see many trailers stay relevant for that long on YT.
  2. Out as this is clearly the movie event of the summer.
  3. So a movie featuring the Guardians will gross then GOTG2?
  4. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    YOUTUBER COUNT DANKULA WHO TAUGHT DOG NAZI SALUTE FACES JAIL FOR HATE CRIME http://www.newsweek.com/youtuber-count-dankula-who-taught-dog-nazi-salute-faces-jail-hate-crime-853470 This sounds a bit stupid because shouldn't everyone who makes a Hitler Downfall meme face fail time too? I agree it is offensive to others but as long as violence is not being preached, its a freedom of expression issue. The man could lose his job and such for his video but the govt throwing him in jail seems a bit obscene.
  5. Considering 2nd trailers get far less attention the fact IW got 179 million views in 24 hours is impressive.
  6. I be honest I was thread banned from the thread for having nothing positive to say but using that logic..technically the whole thread should be banned lol.
  7. TLJ thread remained mostly civil, it was just a harsh division of opinion about the film. JL thread was a mess.
  8. The haters are out as they cannot face the fact that the 10-year buildup of the MCU is heading towards a massive overwhelming success, and would cement the fact the MCU is one of the greatest franchises in history. (I am joking about the haters)
  9. I am thinking around TLJ for now.
  10. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Advance Ticket Sales After 72 Hours:257.6% ahead of BLACK PANTHER715.5% ahead of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR1106.5% ahead of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
  11. I think hype for IW is higher then Ultron and unlike Ultron I think there is no fight of the decade to take away buzz. I think IW should open above Avengers.

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