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  1. and it was boring as fuck and the heros of the film went away from the main plot of the film to free animals. Its such a pointless sequence.
  2. No, the political tones were a huge miss as it lead to a scene that really felt out of place in the film and seemed could have been screentime used for a 100 more interesting things were likely going on with our characters. The premise of the film is that we are this race against time to save Rose's friends and the Rebellion but we are focused on one single injustice in a galaxy full of a billion injustices. It really takes away from the urgency of the main plot. Its like if Ant Man was racing to his house in Endgame to see if his daughter is alive and then stopped along the way and comment for 5 mins about how much litter is in his neighbourhood. I know many like to think only neckbeard alt right types would point this out but I loved all the politics and tones in Black Panther because it actually added value to the film. In this case it really was widely seen as a low point in the film. (Canto Bite)
  3. Jan 2009 was wild You Paul Blart, Gran Torino and Taken blowing up within the first month of that year...
  4. Was a really good film... The filming style was interesting and cool but i think as a result sort of robbed us seeing the epic action of the war on a grand scale as well at times.
  5. The issue is that RIcky's monologue got way more attention then anything else from the Golden Globes anyways. The only way these award shows break out into the mainstream psyche it seems if someone does something crazy (wrong award oscar Moonlight) or if someone says something crazy. So unless the new hosts do something crazy or interesting they will be rather low key which is what I assume the Hollywood elites want to protect their fragile egos.
  6. As a minority myself, i am sick of tired of people like yourself viewing the world through only race and sex. In the real world outside of Twitter, Joker was well liked by females and People of Colour
  7. The joker is a movie used as a stick to beat stupid people with who by creating a fake controversy made the film far more successful then it would have ever become
  8. The major issue i had with Little Women as I dont find the characters struggles to be really interesting and it does little to explore the time period of that time at all and the events. Something like Cold Mountain was much more interesting to me. I was very interested in the film as I find that civil war america is a fascinating time period of history and something i have a lot of interest in. Its nothing about a film about women is never interesting to me XD
  9. Is politics getting in the way of assessing which films are actually good? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jan/13/little-women-joker-stop-seeing-important-mediocre-films
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