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  1. Then there will be an argument that a movie does not have the certain minority representation to be spotlighted
  2. pretty shit is the more accurate description. I just feel the creators of the show rushed the final season just because they wanted to make other films, and to me that is just inexcusable if you take your fans on a journey over 8+ years.
  3. Spiderman HC will be around 320 million by Sunday and after that it will just benefit from good summer legs.
  4. Well I be honest i would like to see some female characters portrayed with serious character flaws on screen so I would be down for that.
  5. Breaking news... we like to watch movies with characters with flaws that go on a journey... Iron man is a alpha male but over 11 years what does he turn into?
  6. Make a new spinoff or character as a female... However this is like remaking the Iron Man movies with a female... The issue is not the gender but the whole personality of Iron man is around being a 'alpha male type'
  7. Maybe they can pull off a Days of Future Past and X-Men 3 the Last Stand movie with the TLJ?
  8. Most people in North America in 2019... "What have you seen in Theaters this year?" Captain Marvel Endgame ALadain Toy Story 4 Far From Home The Lion King Frozen 2 Star Wars 9... "what about other films? "There were other films released? "
  9. The issue is that you guys present a logical answer but the debate on twitter and on this website is far more extreme. You are about equal opportunities but it seems you guys are actually calling for racial quotas in films or think that such roles should only filed by people of those groups only in the end. Personally as a minority I could care less if a movie had a 33% diverse case in it, but instead has one role of a minority that is given proper screen time and respect.
  10. A lot of the articles about this issue say people playing such roles should only be of such backgrounds only. That is a key debate issue and the controversial one here really.
  11. Then a white british, Indian mixed girl playing an Arabian Princess should have you guys rioting in the streets then?
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