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  1. This focus on sports name reminds me an issue back in high school about a focus on gestures vs the big picture. In grade 11 there been a long push for a course on personal finances offered by the school to give students a basic understanding of finances so they make better financial decisions. However instead we got a class about racism that really was talking about racism to people who already know all about it (class was all indians and black people). Now my issue is that a class about racism is good but considering how there is a such a huge issue with yo
  2. Thing is Reagan was an actor but he ran for President 3 times and was Governor of California for 8 years which is like running one of the top ten countries in the world. So by the time he was President he had a million times more experience about Government then Trump did.
  3. Musk is a meme, acts odd and strange and in an era with so many boring or terrible world leaders people are becoming increasingly drawn to celebrity to solve our issues. Like I could legit see the Rock Running for President in the future.
  4. Depends pre cave tony stark would 100 percent act like musk...however after being in cave he came a changed man. Musk is to much a meme to be cancelled.. However when you become a meme you get people out to get you non stop as well. It's a double edge sword.
  5. If things were not so serious right now and that people actually listen to what Alex Jones have to say, having another Joe Rogan/ Alex Jones podcast would be epic right now.
  6. That is why I become very suspect of corporations acting 'ethical'. Always see if there gesture they are doing actually changes their business model and hurts their bottom line for a greater good or is just virtue signaling for PR.
  7. So they can get all this effort to change a team name but not pressure a company to stop using child labour in third world countries or stealing water from local water tables. Odd how the corporate world works with its 'ethics'
  8. Yeah, but she had her father die at age 5 and her mother is her only real family. With the US border closed, none of her uncles can come either to take her place either. Like it's hard to explain but an Indian wedding is way more a family affair and doing a wedding without one 'elder' in her family would just become rather very difficult and would likely make her very upset and sad. It be rather selfish of me and my family to make her marry without her and we can delay 7 months. Rather have a happy wedding lol
  9. Anyone who says that is Likely 1. Never been to the USA 2. Likely uses random activists as Twitter to get the news 3. Dumb
  10. I am pretty sure the type of audience who watches Mad Men has some level of intelligence to figure that out. Everyone is just deathly scared of a twitter mob these days.
  11. just that indian wedding are a family affair with a lot of traditions around the mom and such being involved. I rather wait and make sure she marries happily.
  12. The huge 2nd wave has made start a backup plan to move my wedding from oct 2020 to April 2021. What is the point of getting married if the brides mother cant come.
  13. Bars can open during covid 19. Bars are open where I am but people can sit out doors only. There Is no need for a full shutdown if the initial lockdown happened correctly and was opened in a staggered way
  14. Think it's time to put a law if you confirmed positive you must self isolate for x days or face jail. A person being known positive and going to a party is the same thing as a person driving a car drunk. What I mean instead of locking everything down I think it's time to put in targeted rules to just go after idiots.
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