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  1. TLJ just was not an entertaining film really to audience and that is why this film series has gone from being the zietgiest of the decade in 2015 to just another big budget blockbuster trilogy... Anyways I am in as frankly JJ knows how to make a fun movie.
  2. I think marketing indicates this will be a sizable blockbuster in the 600 range. If anyone was expecting a huge Endgame like total, I dont see that buzz but that is an unreasonable expectation.
  3. Well tom some in society, logic is people who go to a strip club are 'lowlife' so its okay to do to that to them... Being honest i feel going into the Hip Hop Scene is like a good way with people with a checkered past to make it big these days, because you get a lot of passes.
  4. Lol reviewers like that just make people like Jordan Peterson wealthy I am not saying Incels deserve kindness, I hate their guts... However i feel there are a lot people with mental illness regardless of race who are easily prone to radical ideals and that should not be dismissed with "play the violin on my finger"
  5. I think it makes sense to show both sides in Pearl Harbour but not so much at Midway.
  6. unsure but find MCU films dont sell that epic on Home Video it seems... but they get rewatched a lot like crazy oddly so its weird lol
  7. Be honest Seattle has some of the worst traffic I seen in North America.
  8. The first three seasons were really good. After a certain event the show became very much more like a soap then a dramatic series but still good sunday television.
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