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  1. so can someone explain why didnt all the kingdom declare independence? anyone???
  2. The shot of Drogon destroying the Iron Throne was the best scene in the episode. Like that was a twist that seemed earned.
  3. Come on not single shot of what dragon and Danny ended up... Wtf... Fuck dumb and dumber..
  4. Wait why can't all the kingdoms declare independence if the north can leave. Lol....
  5. Lol jon and Tyrion argument sounds like a fan base argument about what Danny did.
  6. Revenge of the Sith is a super flawed movie but it at least has some decent fan service and keeps you entertained. Add in to the fact the movie inspired a billion memes...
  7. Forget about my involvement, that thread, in general, will already be a disaster
  8. you do realize talks to do such things usually are years in the making? D&D clearly were looking to do something else when the decision was made.
  9. You do realize that D&D did not shorten season 7 and 8 for artistic reasons. It was because they wanted to make a star wars movie.
  10. When it comes with GOT and TLJ, critique online by some fans either stays just within some internet circles but if it reaches a critical mass it becomes mainstream. Therefore the backlash to the show has 100% reached the mainstream which hurts the brand a lot.
  11. Mad Men is more enjoyed as a journey then the eventual destination the series end on.
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