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  1. The point is a person who has any interest in Star Wars lore will pay to see this. I am thinking 650 to 700 million domestic at most though.
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Reality is something of this nature that happened in Vegas has likely happened once or extremely rarely at most in countries like Norway or Australia or Canada and has a left permanent dark stain on those nations that have promoted a great deal of soul-searching and change. It is now the 2nd year in a row with around 50 or more people killed in a shooting in the United States. Whether the raw total of people killed in overall shootings is less or more than before or maybe not that different in ratios and percentages to other nations. The terror and scale of these shootings is getting far worse... The reality this is not an acceptable norm at all... and those who say it is frankly are part of the problem. The man had two automatic weapons firing from Tripods down into a crowd...Yet people have accessibility to such devastation... This is something you could not even imagine in a video game, forget about real life.
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread

    You dont need to ban all guns.. Canada has millions of guns but they are strictly controlled and have mostly avoided such levels of violence. Like In Canada for me to get a gun I need to wait months, then do a course and then get character references that are interviewed and get checked like crazy by databases... Then when I get my gun, I have to keep it unloaded at all times at home under storage and have the ammo stored a certain distance away. Mass violent shootings do happen such as the killing of 6 Muslims in Quebec City in July, but frankly, it is quite uncommon.
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Find it funny that some feminist are cheering the death of hugh hefener for objectifying women.. Um objectification of women is now beyond what hugh could have dreamed in 2017... Lol idiots...seriousily some feminists are like Victorian puritans
  5. Unless they put WW the head of the promotion this is not going to explode at the boxoffice from BvS
  6. The Hype for this is less but remember Rogue One was far less hyped than a lot of 2016 films and just stream rolled over them in the domestic box office handily...
  7. Baby Driver (2017)

    A novelty at first that descended into the stereotypical is the best summary of this film B
  8. Theater bans Gone With The Wind for being "Insensitive"

    Only a delusional person would think watching Gone with the Wind means your a neo-nazi or alt-right fanatic ^^^ GWTW is not the only controversial film made you know, people can view such material objectively and I highly doubt the Alt right sit down together for 3.5 hours watching GWTW every month as some sort of ritual or something.... I don't watch and enjoy Downton Abbey thinking, I wish for the days of the upper classes to rule again? As I said the theater banning the film is fine, but suggest watching GWTW makes you support the far right supporter is absurd... Next your going to tell me watching Gettysburg with Martin Sheen is insulting rather than a movie about Gettysburg.
  9. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Watched Tranformers 5 at home. Michael Bay is a legend for his distinct style...XD... The speeches staring into horizon... The sexy girl that serves no purpose The action scenes with to much going on to comprehend. Lol in all seriousness it was a mess and glad the franchise was over. Tf1 was the film of 2007 to audiences and tf2 and tf3 did really well at the box office but suffered from declining quality but had grand action pieces. Tf4 was the film that killed the franchise...tf5 was its dying breath.
  10. The Classic Conversation Thread

    Mexico is pretty messed up country...good thing did not cross the border when I visited San Diego.
  11. Theater bans Gone With The Wind for being "Insensitive"

    A classic of why America is stupid really...it is a movie that is controversial like many movies made ever since.... How many old movies contain values and ideas that are acceptable in 2017? Um should be ban screenings of 300 as it is pretty much racist towards Persian culture??? People are not as stupid as SJW think...We do not need to be sheltered from anything that can cause offense... People in 2017 can look at this film objectively like many people on this forum have and I can say the film is rather pretty good B+ imo. Reality is people like Bano and Cmasterclay have displayed that they are for equality but display, some rather disturbing authoritarian tendencies in how they want their vision of society to be fulfilled and I am not supportive of that. It is up to the theater to play the movie, but imo banning things is not going to work really...
  12. Really disliked her performance in latest Xmen..
  13. When I visited the Warner bros studios tour in LA. No one cared for DC new version of Batman or Superman...it was all WW. She is the bright face of Dc Universe now.

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