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  1. IW? Also found I did not break my arm while falling during Hiking Yesterday.
  2. I blame both directors... JJ for setting wrong expectations with no payoff and Rian for making TLJ and forgetting it was a sequel to TFA
  3. The media has been very heavily biased in favour of Disneys SW films. Being around 30 to 70 million is oneexample
  4. What's the point of mystery boxing when you then select people like rian Johnson who says what mystery boxes for the next film.
  5. One can argue ROTS is better as its full of memes and a lot of fun epic fights and dramatic moments, but saying AOTC and TPM is better is just well lol Its Star Wars, everyone will watch it regardless they say...
  6. I think that scene is why Rose is so derided, rather than looks and insert sexism argument here.
  7. If you been paying attention, the days of throwing "A Star Wars story " and guaranteeing a hit are now gone.
  8. but dont we hate them for wanting to kill the people we love? For all the deep themes the film has, the film has some prequel level logic at times.

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