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  1. I would say Palpatine coming back is the only fan theory people are really talking about. Fan Theories about the main new characters and such is pretty non existent.
  2. and whatever is offered will be much more expensive in Canada. I remember watching a commercial for a LEXUS RX 350 for lease for like 400 dollars a month and I got excited and realized..."damn American prices..." 🤣
  3. What i mean is that there could be a price war at first which could keep prices lower for a while.
  4. Frankly I think the streaming companies are being a bit silly if they think a lot of people are going to sign up for 3-4 streaming services at once.
  5. Interesting Emma Watson says being single life is great... However Single Life is great when you are rich and famous and you have many friends and could have relationships with anyone you want ?
  6. I will be streaming all these greats shows from Netflix, Apple and Disney + on my IPTV box
  7. Ranveers portrayal of Khilji in Padmaavat was a historical atrocity lol (it was so inaccurate) however his acting in that film was something else, made the film memorable for me.
  8. True they can get a decent hit out of it... Its based on a very famous battle ... in Punjabi in 2019 people always say when there is an argument or fight "panipat dhee teejhe larliye lagaye"
  9. Saw the trailer for Panipat... Looks Great but yikes the Main Actor seems like a huge miss.. Ranveer Singh and even Hitrik would have been perfect in this and it would a guaranteed superhit as it covers one of the most famous battles in the history of India.
  10. As I said the Death of Iron Man in Endgame or Wolverine in Logan are likely some of the most deeply impactful deaths on audiences in modern movies in a while... just because it did not happen in a standalone film does not mean it was not good cinema lol...
  11. People want to watch smaller films but want to for a much cheaper price on VOD at home or for free (illegally). The issue is people these days wont spend 20 bucks to see Endgame and then 20 dollars to see some smaller film. That is why Disney dominates so much as they realize a lot of people only watch 3-4 movies a year in theaters and they capitalize off those people.
  12. As I said before Marvel is groundbreaking in its serialized storytelling which a lot of outdated people do not see as cinema but frankly it is what modern audiences want
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