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  1. But compared to what European countries went through during WW1 and WW2, in terms of a scale of 'suffering' its not comparable. Residential school system is likely the worst thing that happened in Canada i think though.
  2. India was never a real democracy... Stop listening to Elites and people on Twitter to understand the mood of india. It was always a country ripe for any authoritarian type to take control with a nationalist and religious fervor.
  3. Breaking news ... Modi to speak at 9AM Monday Morning calling Corona a 'Pakistan Agent.: He urges all Indians to use their Water Hand Pumps in defiance
  4. The big problem in India is that there is no real opposition. As much Modi is not a great leader, he is a very good communicator and takes dramatic decisive actions (not for the best) while Pappu and others in Congress sound like well uff ....even though their critiques are valid. Like my parents and elders in my family dont like Modi but they 100% support his dramatic action of putting a lockdown...while you and me know that for the lockdown was not planned at all.
  5. The thing is that we in the west have been unprepared mentally and logically for this. Some are calling it "the big nap". We have a good run and frankly forgot the past and how unstable history can be. I would saw people who were students of history say this coming.
  6. Lol my friends are really going full style conspiracy on the Virus on our whatsapp chat.. Whatsapp has been horrible in spreading fake stuff with Corona..
  7. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-exposures-might-most-dangerous-184640808.html This is why even younger people must be careful about washing hands and social distancing. A high amount of virus exposure could be deadly to younger people.
  8. Yeah that is true think most people on far left are too naive as their fault or puritanical in their belief. That is why i dont really like people who are on the extremes as they dont help humanity as a whole.
  9. I dont thin that is a partisan issue really. Anyone who is to the far left or far right likely lacks critical thinking skills. Critical thinking requires self awareness XD
  10. its crazy, i remember seeing mountains of Kashmir from my village in india in 2002, then in 2009 and lately you can never see them anymore.
  11. Many people under 25 for the first time ever are in their lives are seeing the Himalayan Mountains from their cities in the Indian lowlands due to no pollution.
  12. Me being a business analyst is essential as I work for a bank even though currently we have zero projects going and everything is on hold I being assigned to other tasks but I just want to work from home.
  13. So an emergency Text message came out saying only people going for groceries or medicine should leave the house but i am still expected to go to work Monday... Um what lol
  14. The Mahabharat tv show is not as easy to follow... pretty much only gets interesting when the Dice Game Stars.
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