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  1. Feige said after the panel that the movie DOES have LGBT rep in it, so it may just be someone who hasn't been cast yet
  2. It might be a lot if they were ALL movies, but a lot of these are TV shows (and, from the sounds of Mandalorian, weekly TV shows), so it's not too much all at once
  3. That's definitely untrue. A lot of Harvey is taken from Long Halloween. It's not based on one specific comic (like how Dark Knight Returns is basically the comic of the same name combined with No Mans Land) and doesn't use Holiday but it's a huge influence. That's even where "I believe in Harvey Dent" is from.
  4. the fucking TASM2 thread is ruining Spider-Man threads from BEYOND THE GRAVE
  5. I told y'all the expectations were too high. These reviews (if they hold, which given a full week out they very well may), are gonna SEVERELY undercut it's legs and opening. It might pull an Aladdin and still do very good but I'm sure now it'll do much less than people were guessing.
  6. Now that they're showing a lot lre of the animals talking and singing my concerns about it....appear to be warranted. Without a human actor to lean on like Jungle Book the emoting looks really really weird. It's photorealistic but they can't really "act" Though I guess the alternative is the Mowgli route where it's super expressive but doesn't look like the actual animal at all.
  7. Yes, I'm sure Get Out would be exactly the same if Jordan Peele were white. Or Creed or Black Panther if Coogler were white. Or How They See Us if Ava Duvernay was white. No way their real experience informs the way they tell stories. Nope. Not at all.
  8. Looks like my guess that Marvel was immune to the Summer Slump is planning out. It looks like this summer people are waiting more for specific big movies with strong reviews (Endgame, Wick). Toy Story fits this too, though it did under tracking (which I always considered a bit high given it's MPAA rating but still)
  9. How on earth did you only get an impression that Toomes might know when he literally holds Peter at gunpoint when he figures it out.
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