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  1. Do people actually know what Kennedy's position is, and that Filoni or Favreau being put in her role would mean they would work on their Star Wars shows less and not more?
  2. On the Deadline denying Joker 2 thing: Mike Fleming is a cretinous weasel who "debunks" whenever someone beats him to a story, which is hysterical considering how many times he just lifts stories from other sites and runs them as exclusives, so take his word with a grain of salt.
  3. Any person who bought that "I'll only do a sequel if the story is good" horseshit clearly forgot about Hangover 2.
  4. Even the shots that have been released of the Snyder cut clearly have unfinished effects. Some of them (Wonder Woman killing Steppenwolf) are clearly still animatics. If they weren't black and white it'd be much more clear how far from theatrical-release ready any sort of Snyder Cut is. At most I think we'll get deleted scenes on HBO Max, like how Endgame has all the alternate cut scenes on Disney+
  5. According to the reports that all references to the X-Men or the concepts of mutants being an established thing got cut...it doesn't sound like it is. They can't use a connection that no longer exists to promote the film.
  6. Leto isn't even coming back for Birds of Prey, a movie his character actually appears in.
  7. Yeah no. They aren't going to axe The Batman for a special edition of a movie that was already a bomb.
  8. The reason is that Ferrigno got paid for the other Avengers films because they composited his voice for Hulks roars, where in Endgame its all Ruffalo.
  9. Since they already have writers rooms and showrunners, it sounds like all of the Disney+ shows after Falcon and Winter Soldier will arrive in 2021. So from Shang-Chi to She-Hulk that means the MCU will have 63 releases in 2021. The Scorsese Stan Outrage crew will be mad all year. 😎
  10. For all the claims that the film is complete, there's a reason all these shots are in black and white: the VFX are not finished.
  11. Wow, as if the godawful redesign wasnt bad enough, now BoxOfficeMojo has some pages box office history locked behind a paywall for IMDBPro.
  12. If those talks with Reynolds were for a Deadpool movie it'll be very interesting to see how it does. An R rated movie with an MCU level budget/marketing would certainly be a contender for the new record.
  13. I got a feeling that's more gonna be due to Hawkeye and Ms Marvel switching places. They might put Hawkeye on the backburner till the whole Renner stuff either cools down and it turns out not to be as bad as reported (like with Guardians 3) or they have to take action (like the first thing they did with Guardians 3).
  14. Wow, BoxOfficeMojo's redesign is straight fucking garbage. The old design was vastly superior and didn't have IMDB's godawful UI
  15. I mean it's pretty obvious Black Panther would eventually come up in this discourse. As a Best Picture nominee it was bound to come up when the 8 billion takes on box office finally were exhausted
  16. Disney released Pulp Fiction and are about to release a wacky buddy comedy featuring Hitler. Deadpool will be fine.
  17. Funny that Coppola thinks Marvel is "despicable" but not Victor Salva raping children. Huh.
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