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  1. I agree with you you I think Weathering With You and Frozen II will both crack 10B and I imagine closer to if not exceed 20B. I’d give a small chance to Toy Story 4, Lion King and Rise of Skywalker.
  2. No Captain Marvel showings is an interesting choice. I would’ve thought they would keep it on to benefit from double screening with Endgame.
  3. Why you got to play to play with my emotions like this
  4. Yeah that’s super depressing in a good way not quite on Grave of the Fireflies level but came close. Another good recent one was In this Corner of the World, so check both of those out if you haven’t seen them yet.
  5. I feel you man, and we still got the Mandalorian panel to come really hoping we get to see the footage they showed of the investor day.
  6. Can’t wait, awesome title and even more awesome trailer. Can’t wait to see how the close out the trilogy.
  7. This is all great news, it’s so cheap hopefully it doesn’t take too long to roll out into NZ; also I’m pretty sure the website crashed not working for me unless they are updating it. https://disneyplus.com/
  8. Update: Shinkai confirmed on Thursday that the film will get a worldwide release, and releases have already been decided for North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Source: Eiga.com It will apparently if I remember right role out much quicker than Your Name, I assume that means all major territories by the end of the year, could also mean day and date. In Australia and New Zealand we only had to wait a few months for Your Name to come to theatres so the wait wasn’t too bad, hopefully it’s the same for this one.
  9. Garden of Words is top three for me for sure, but I kinda like the somewhat happy ending of Your Name compared to his other works and I think 5 Centimetres per Second has a better sad ending than Garden of Words. All three are excellent though, kinda like picking your favourite Ghibli, Disney or Pixar movie there are many choices, just comes down to personal preference.
  10. I think Frozen II will do more, it’s going to be hard for Shinkai to top Your Name, box office of his other films is not great, that said I think this one will still perform closer to Your Name in terms of gross than his earlier works. On a non box office note, Your Name is my favourite movie of this decade so far and was such a great emotional journey hope this film can come close to matching this loving the look of it and the fantasy abilities the girl has. Also it wouldn’t be a Shinkai film without a train shot
  11. Good to see Shazam has picked up a bit domestically and looks like a really solid opening, just got back from watching it a second time and still really like it. Hope it legs out in the OS markets.
  12. The best part about this is that Paul Rudd doesn’t have Twitter so he tagged some random guy in it. I also love how much Brie live-streams Star Wars!
  13. That’s true it would be very good in terms of return on investment, I guess my expectations are just bigger given how much I like the film. Also the film feels a lot different than other DCEU films, so if it performs well that might give them the incentive to make more films like this.
  14. Hope Shazam can have a solid opening otherwise good legs are going to mean too much. I mean being optimistic and giving it 4x legs on a 45 opening would only get it to 180, plus doesn’t seem to be doing too good overseas. This is sucks because the film is pretty great.
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