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  1. Surprised that Warner hasn’t come out with a figure for Scoob. Maybe they don’t want to get on NATOs bad side, but I have to assume it’s done quite well for them.
  2. 1. Finding Nemo 2. Inside Out 3. Monsters Inc. 4. Up 5. Toy Story 2 6. The Incredibles 7. Toy Story 3 8. Toy Story 4 9. Coco 10. Finding Dory 11. A Bugs Life 12. Ratatouille 13. Wall-E 14. The Incredibles 2 15. Toy Story 16. Onward 17. Monsters University 18. Cars 19. Brave 20. The Good Dinosaur 21. Car 3 22. Cars 2 Top 15 are all As or A+s Bottom 5 are all Cs
  3. It said something along the lines of Mulan would be on Disney+ approximately October 27th.
  4. I wore one when I would go to the supermarket last month, but now that things have calmed down with new cases I’ve stopped. I assume people have similar reasoning in Australia, with cases being way down from a month or two ago.
  5. Apparently this was shown on TV a couple of hours ago, should find out tomorrow if Tenet is keeping its date or not. Sorry for the low quality in advance it’s not an offical tv spot just something someone recorded off a phone or something by the looks.
  6. I believe that was the writers strike season, it’s the most forgettable season for me but that being said it’s still great and better than most shows nowadays. Lost is my favourite show of all time, I really need to do a rewatch myself.
  7. Here in New Zealand we are moving down to Level 2 in New Zealand which means no more bubbles (although still social distancing and best health practises.) That means Cinemas can open from Thursday although it’s unclear at the moment if they will send there is no new product and there will be strict measures put in place to stop and community spread. Here is a quote from a Reuter’s article as proof of Cinemas opening Thursday. Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-health-coronavirus-newzealand-ardern-idUKKBN22N0GR
  8. Meet the Robinsons might be my least favourite WDAS movie, although Bolt is up there as well.
  9. Czech Republic is using testing to get the wait down, it says within the article that a test will be down before they fly and then within 72 hours of their arrival once that comes back negative they are good to go. So probably 3-5 days of quarantine rather than 14 at least in this case.
  10. Chinese Authorities Say Cinemas May Now Reopen, as Cinephiles Rejoice Source: https://variety.com/2020/film/news/chinese-cinemas-reopen-coronavirus-1234602534/
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