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  1. Pretty great performance it's holding much better here and in Australia than I would have thought going in to it. Probably a positive sign that post COVID theatrical could return to doing very well.
  2. To quote Confucius “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.” I feel both sides are overly confident here, there are still too many unknowns that will need to be determined such as: - will we get more mutated strains - will people want to get out and back to normal - will the global recession and rise of streaming impact cinema - will the vaccine actually be taken up by enough people (specifically in the US) as you have frontline healthcare workers (who should be one of the most receptive groups to getting the vaccine) who are hesitant : “Yesterday I had a – not a fight, but I had a friendly argument with more than 50% of my nurses in my unit telling me that they would not get the vaccine," he told Morning Edition. Some of those nurses have had family members admitted to the hospital, gravely ill with COVID-19. But he said some nurses and hospital staff members — many of whom are Latinx or Black — are skeptical it will work and are worried about unfounded side effects” source: https://www.npr.org/2020/12/16/947248103/at-houston-hospital-head-of-covid-19-unit-sees-some-staff-wary-of-a-vaccine All of these and other numerous aspects will determine what does eventually happen but right now I’m neither super optimistic nor pessimistic as there is both good and bad news right now and that will likely continue to play out throughout the next few months, we will probably have a much much better idea of how things are looking in March/April once we have a good (or bad) amount of vaccines administered and we fully understand the impact of the UK strain.
  3. Thanks @Eric Gardner that means a lot, I also appreciate the hard work you, @Wondy and the rest of the admin/mod team put in. As far as movies there is no sign that First Cow or Minari will be released here in NZ before the deadline which sucks as they were/are 2 films I was very much looking forward to seeing. I'm curious if you would count The Gentlemen as a 2020 or 2019 release? As it was previewed in 2019 but got a proper release in both the UK and US in January 2020. User FYC (I've got multiple of each, going to have to narrow them down) MOST VALUBLE USER: @Eric Gardner @Wondy @Gavin Feng FUNNIEST USER: @lorddemaxus @Porthos @WandaLegion BEST FORUM MOMENT: The coronavirus thread, where most people were well behaved (and if not dealt with quickly by the mods) and we were able to come together as a community and support one another.
  4. In this instance it likely wouldn’t be sold off but rather spun off and then merged with NBCUniversal. Presumably AT&T and Comcast would each own 50% of that combined entity. Again I don’t think it’s happening but that is what is being proposed (and by quite a few analysts in the media space now) by particularly those that feel Netflix and/or Disney has/have already won which is certainly not true. I mean even if Disney and Netflix eventually get to 500m subs say 10 years from now what’s to stop HBO MAX from getting to 200m in the same timeframe and that would still be a very successful service in my opinion. The winner/s takes all mind frame by some has really grated on me recently. Also to answer the second part yes AT&T are hurting badly as they have a bunch of Debt which is getting worse as they have to bid for some C-band spectrum which will likely cost them at anywhere from $4B to $20B+. On top of that the pandemic has hit WarnerMedia hard (just like every other media company) and HBO MAX has underperformed many people’s expectations (although they may turn that around depending on WW84 signups and then subsequent churn)
  5. Closest I can think of off the top of my head in the media space is The CW (although that's just a channel not a whole company) and Hulu which at one point was just NBC and Fox (with a minority stakeholder in providence who sold in 2012, Disney bought in to Hulu around 2009 not long after the launch.) Both have had their fair share of problems due to parent companies having different views of how things should be done and not wanting to cannibalise existing parts of their business. If the combined NBCU/WM could be run without outside interference from AT&T/Comcast it wouldn't likely be quite successful but that's a big if and its assuming that AT&T/Comcast don't think they have the scale which I think is likely not the case. I feel it would be more likely they would acquire a Lionsgate or MGM to grow rather than merge with one another.
  6. The proposed merger isn't between AT&T and Comcast, it's between NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia which is roughly the same size as Disney-Fox although main difference is that Warner doesn't have a broadcast tv channel, where Fox and ABC meant that Disney couldn't acquire that portion of Fox for legal/antitrust reasons.
  7. From a US standpoint probably just sports and news the would need to be divested (likely sold to a seperate buyer) if we use the Disney-Fox deal as a guideline for future media M&A.
  8. Great interview from Korea Times with the person who did English Subtitles for Parasite about the future of Korean Cinema and impact of Netflix and Disney+ in the region. Source: http://m.koreatimes.co.kr/pages/article.asp?newsIdx=301590
  9. 23rd was just early sneak showings for Australia and New Zealand and just evening sessions. Boxing Day was the offical opening for both countries.
  10. Reorganisations in Hollywood this year have been wild. Source: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/hollywoods-executive-shuffle-inside-the-seismic-shifts-in-televisions-top-jobs?__twitter_impression=true
  11. Sure Far From Home was below average but Homecoming was great. Also I’m a fan of Patty Jenkins, like WW84 more than most it seems, and would be happy for her to do a Spider-Man film but I don’t need to disparage the previous films that have come out. Not just you but what is with all this DC compared to MCU (and even Star Wars) bullshit. All can be great and all can be bad but one being good doesn’t make the other bad and vice versa.
  12. I don’t think it was a second wish, more that Max used one (or multiple) wish/es from people to give the ability to her. Much like he would trade wishes for the Guards earlier in the film etc.
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