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  1. 3pm IMAX sessions is sold out now, evening shows are mostly full in both Albany and Queen Street. Will give an update again closer to release.
  2. Yes and no, new app but not redesigned. It is already out on the likes of Roku and Playstation (don't know how it runs now but it is meant to run better although looks exactly the same apparently) source: https://thestreamable.com/news/hbo-max-unveils-updated-app-on-roku
  3. Stoked for this love a bunch of his films like Your Name, 5 Centimetres Per Second and Garden of Words. I'm sure this is going to look stunning!
  4. Jan 19 - Monster Hunter Feb 6- Earwig and the Witch Feb 25 - Demon Slayer March 17 - Raya and the Last Dragon March 25 - Godzilla vs Kong May 1 - Mortal Kombat May 29 - Cruella June 6 - A Quiet Place Part II July 14 - Black Widow July/August - Jungle Cruise at Hoyts August 8 - BlackPink The Movie August 15 - The Suicide Squad August 15 - Free Guy December 3rd - Eternals December 3rd - Shang-Chi
  5. Agreed that Only Murders did it better that episode committed hard and was probably the best episode of the season.
  6. I'm sure it has been pointed out already somewhere online but this show has a bunch of similarities to Only Murders in the Building, last nights episode obviously with the portrayal of Echo and the techniques they used to give her point of view is the most notable instance. Liking the show so far, some of the cinematography is a bit lacking although the action scene last night was pretty great, love what Hailee is doing and her chemistry with Renner is shockingly good and enjoying the Xmas comedy tone. Hopefully it gets even better in the 2nd half of the season though.
  7. Should be late enough that not many more ticket sales will happen today. Firstly I noticed that Gold Class seats must be separated enough that they are not doing spacing all 30-40 seats seem available at both Albany and Queen Street, which brings me to the only near sellout in Albany the 7.45pm GC session shahid has 3 seats (out of 40) left. 6pm and 7.45pm VMAX are also very close to being sellouts (with social distancing measures) In total for Albany only VMAX and GC sessions are up and there is 8 VMAX sessions and 4 GC sessions so far. In Queen Street both the 6pm and the 9:10pm IMAX sessions are sold out, the 12pm and 3pm IMAX still have plenty of seats remaining 12pm has sold 67 and 3pm has sold 42 (up from the 26 I posted earlier very slow going) I think max allowed is 100 in one showing. 7.20pm GC is also just ok with 26 out of 40 seats sold. In total there are 4 IMAX showings, 3 GC showings and 8 regular showings. The regular showings are unsurprisingly not selling great either (wow have no sales or just a few tickets sold) with the exception of the evening shows (7.30pm and 8.30pm) in which the IMAX sessions are sold out which are doing ok probably about half full. Lots of room to improve here in the next two weeks.
  8. I’m kind of shocked how slow Spider-Man is selling for during the day sales considering older school students (and probably most in general I would think) will be off school by December 16th. For instance the 6pm IMAX has sold out but even with limited seating the 3pm still has plenty of decent seats (12pm doing a little better) I’m sure come the day it will sellout but unlike most of the rest of the world presales here seem solid but not record breaking, maybe there will be more sales tonight though. And honestly glad I didn’t have to deal with queues and errors when getting my tickets, so a win for me on that front. Will have another look late tonight and see how many sellouts for opening day at Albany and Queen Street just out of curiosity.
  9. Didn't know this thread even existed was a decade too early 😅 I feel COVID kind of increased the trends already in place long term of less admissions, higher ticket prices and a little more recently increase in share of tickets and revenue coming from PLF.
  10. Yeah that is a great price I see why you go so often. I went multiple times a week when I had the cinebuzz student $10 tickets (I think IMAX was like $13 or something with the student pricing as well lol) and a free ticket every 7th movie was a great time. I was going still going about once a week before COVID but will probably only go about once every 2-3 weeks going forward I imagine maybe a bit more often during winter and Xmas time though.
  11. Luckily my mates are good with going during the day, so managed to get decent seats at VMAX in Albany but wow it cost more than I remembered, I swear last time I went to VMAX it was a little cheaper it could be the online booking fee as well haven't had to book online for a while.
  12. @Gamora tickets on sale. Not going to track sales as social distancing ruins everything so comps are fucked but everything after 6pm has all the good seats gone for opening day at Albany (mostly due to social distancing)
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