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  1. I mean of course there are going to be films that both audiences and critics are in agreement that they like/hate, that isn't really what I'm arguing, I'm saying if the two are in disagreement audience reception is more important. Some more recent examples include Venom, Aquaman, Passengers, The Lion King and Bohemian Rhapsody. On the other side of things you have the opposite who are critically well received that audiences don't like such as mother! (which I personally loved), Hail, Caesar!, Ad Astra and so on underperforming.
  2. In all serious I don't know why people are getting so worked up about reviews, there are plenty of poorly reviewed movies I like and plenty of well reviewed movies I dislike. I also doubt that reviews have a major impact on box office in the modern day, fan reception is much more important, Greatest Showman and Aladdin are two of the leggiest films in recent history and both got middling (at best) critical reviews but audiences loved them.
  3. I don’t think HBO Max is playing a huge part in this, Warner Bros. have a 30%+ share of the domestic marketplace (some of this is down to releasing more movies than other studios) What people need to realise is even with AQP2 doing really well the domestic marketplace is still far from recovering, it’s still well under $1B year to date. In fact 6 of the 8 films that have crossed $30m domestically this year are day and date digital (Demon Slayer and AQP2 are the exceptions). Theatrical exclusives like Nobody, Wrath of Man, Peter Rabbit 2 etc. are not faring any better than In the He
  4. A side note on the side point of Solo killing the anthology (Star Wars Story 🙃) films and their relation to Disney Live Action adaptations. Disney+ pretty much is the home of the Star Wars Story now with Kenobi, Rogue One Prequel etc. Although the likely over performance of Mando probably had just as much if not more to do with that as Solo under performing. Disney+ is also the home of the lesser live action adaptations with Lady and the Tramp and in the future Peter Pan and Wendy, Pinocchio etc. moving there, so don't think Cruella was going to change much in that re
  5. We will likely never know for sure, because for all the success of TJB that didn't get a sequel when all was said and done for numerous reasons, which can be the same for any film they can fall apart at any time during pre, filming or sometimes even post production. Also as we know from Cars box office figures can sometimes be misleading (although I'm not expecting gigantic merchandise sales fro Cruella) and there are other factors in this case PA which is a huge unknown and we don't even have any reliable third party data yet, my gut tells me it is lower than Raya and Mulan but I
  6. Usually, wouldn't they just to decline to comment on an article about a sequel though. It could very well fade away and become nothing as what happened with TJB2 (which the first one made nearly $1B at the box office) or countless other in development titles but it seems weird for Disney to comment on it. edit: TJB sequel news doesn't have a statement from Disney for instance https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/jungle-book-2-works-jon-882624/
  7. A Disney spokesperson gave comment though (which usually doesn't happen I think):
  8. Big drops have become the normal for 2nd weekend lately and compared to some other films AQP2 and Cruella are looking to hold up fairly well. Also with Summer weekdays that may have taken some of the demand for the weekend.
  9. I want to make a gif or photoshop with Linedelof's face on all the characters of *that* Leftovers scene so bad, but know it would way too NSFW to show here.
  10. The main issue with Samba TV if I remember correctly is that it is Opt-In so sampling is not aligned with the US/Global populations according to age/gender/race etc. which can give a skewed result. Also Nielsen is also only giving us data of viewing through TV as well (and only US) so really it is more a baseline of TV/Film results rather than a complete set of data, although it is still generally the closest we get to ratings from streaming services.
  11. Ah you are right, the studio name is still Warner Bros. (as it has always been) it's just the parent company name that was changed (which to be fair getting rid of the Time part of the name was probably a smart idea) Forgive my ignorant comment.
  12. I just hope this means they are called Warner Bros. again, WarnerMedia was an unnecessary name change.
  13. AMC possibly acquiring some of the Arclight theatres. source: https://deadline.com/2021/06/amc-entertainment-stock-sale-230-million-acquisitions-talks-landlords-arclight-cinemas-and-pacific-theatres-1234767004/
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