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  1. Hasn't been finalised (as that is what the article is all about) but yeah 1.5 months vs 12 months is a huge difference and if it does get extended longer than 12 months to benefit local pay tv and free tv I can see why Disney is playing hard ball. Also in the article they mention that piracy is a big concern in France (obviously worse with lots of day and date releases this year) but even with the more traditional window I imagine a lot of that is locals getting illegal copies when they release in Canada with French dub/sub rather than waiting for years to see a film at home, prob
  2. Should preface at the top here this only impacts theatrical distribution in France due to them being an outlier in windowing. In France the theatrical window has been much longer, was 3 years to streaming I believe but was to be changed to 1 year as long as some local investments are made. However local pay and free TV are pushing back, this was another part of the article. So basically Disney in threatening to avoid theatrical releases if they are going to get fucked and as @Legion of the Ten Crores mentioned the other studios once they have their streaming servic
  3. source: https://variety.com/2021/film/global/france-windowing-netflix-disney-1235064204/ The archaic windowing laws in France might actually hurt cinemas there if this happens.
  4. Source: https://variety.com/2021/film/global/france-windowing-netflix-disney-1235064204/
  5. The American Dream... If it's not COVID More like the American Nightmare. Also are we going to really act like Trump was the only president of recent memory that made the US a joke, how quickly some forget George W. Bush.
  6. Try pressing enter/return after you have pasted it, that usually does the trick for me.
  7. A tweet from Marvel Indonesia an hour ago says September but no clear date.
  8. Don't know. Right now we are Level 4 at least until next Tuesday then after that Level 3 which is also still no cinemas. Maybe some time in October depending on what happens with the outbreak. Rest of the country is Level 2 which is a limit of 50 people at an indoor setting with social distancing (2m distance) with mandatory mask wearing, so don't know how many people will opt for that.
  9. Without Auckland which is our biggest market and with social distancing measures. NZ was already a small market but this isn't going to add much. On top of that Auckland would have heavily over indexed as most of Chiwi (Chinese Kiwi) population is in Auckland.
  10. All of ViacomCBS streaming service including Paramount+ (the other big one is Showtime, also niche services with Noggin and BET+) is at 42m subscribers worldwide, should be a bit higher with the recent Australia rebranding and NFL returning which always gave CBS All Access (what Paramount+ was before it relaunched) a boost. ViacomCBS streaming revenue was at nearly $1B last quarter (this includes Pluto TV revenue on top of all the paid streaming services) This post which I regularly update puts it in perspective vs. other companies (Netflix, Disney, Warner etc.) in ter
  11. People are not allowed to leave Auckland anyway (unless they have an approved reason), so there won't be any spill over unlike some other countries have had in the past.
  12. Same, hopefully nothing takes its IMAX run away (looking at you Bond 25...) but even then will watch it on whatever cinema screen I can. It reminds me of Raya where we were in Lockdown so I got the film on PA but loved it so much I saw it again in theatres. 😭
  13. Another week of Level 4 for Auckland at least, then Level 3 (which is still no theatres) Level 2 for the rest of the country still which means limited capacity theatres outside of Auckland. Going to hurt Shang-Chi here for sure, will probably be more of a Disney+ film for people here.
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