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  1. Looks so dope! Giving me anime and Avatar The Last Airbender, I’m so in for this.
  2. Oh man in excited for this trailer. I remember Adele Lim (the writer) talking about how important it was to represent South East Asian culture but also throwing in some Hong Kong action sequences both of those things have me very excited (particularly after Disney and Pixar’s successes with Moana and Coco respectively)
  3. CGV, the largest chain in South Korea, plans to close 30% of their theatres over the next 3 years 😢 source: http://m.koreatimes.co.kr/pages/article.asp?newsIdx=297814
  4. CGV to close 30 percent of its theaters due to pandemic slump Source: http://m.koreatimes.co.kr/pages/article.asp?newsIdx=297814
  5. That the tv series but yeah thats the one. Here’s the imdb page for the movie if you want to check it out. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11032374/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_2
  6. Ah that seems more likely, huge anime TV show and Manga so certainly possible. Gonna be honest I have no idea what’s releasing at the moment so I just looked on Wikipedia and that was the only kinda big release I could see.
  7. I mentioned that in another post that Media Networks and Parks are usually their profit driver. However the second part of your statement isn’t true (at least not yet but it will be at some point in the coming years) Media Networks with the Fox acquisition are actually up in both revenue and operating income for the FY so far compared to last FY and that’s wth a lack of sports for ESPN as part of it. Marketing costs will likely go down with SVOD but yes they are still costs that Disney will have to manage, same with participation profits and a new one will be paying for technology and server costs. But as I’ve said numourous times now I don’t think Disney is getting out of theatrical completely and instead will only put a handful of their biggest films in theatres whilst the rest go straight to streaming. Also don’t think this is a deathblow to theatres but they will certainly be weaker than before but that was already going to be the case with this pandemic anyways.
  8. Before the bad times, Disney would make more profit from Parks/Consumer Products and Media Networks in one quarter than it would from the Studios in a whole year. With the way the stock jumped I think Disney in some ways would rather have a streaming multiple and lose those Studio profits especially with the way the world is right now. I still don’t think they will personally go all on DTC as their is still some prestige to getting headline like they did for Endgame but I wouldn’t fault them from a business perspective if they did go all in on Disney+.
  9. Haven’t checked the Netflix figure to see if it’s right but you realise that very little of Disney’s profits come from Studios (and even less directly from theatrical) right? In 2018/2019 their two best years they only got around $2.5-3B in profit from studios in those years. You also mention that Disney is better at exploiting their content as you put it which is true. They planned to spend around $5B on original content for Disney+ in 2024, let’s say that’s $8B next year due to the shift in DTC and they get 100m subs at an average ARPU of $10 thats $1B a month and probably at least $2-3B in profit. All this is just to say Disney+ could be as profitable as theatres if not more so if they wanted it to be although it’s keep likely they transition somewhat, leave 3-6 of their biggest movies for theatrical to get that big buzz. Move the other 6-8 big movies that would normally be in there’s like Soul direct to Disney+ and keep the price the same and try to get as many subs as possible.
  10. I’m sure being shot for IMAX helped increase the ATP, especially compared to other local films.
  11. The difference for the film industry is VOD is already bigger than theatrical as I mentioned in the post, to give a specific example Disney (which is the most successful when it comes to SVOD) made about $11B from studios in FY19 (that’s theatrical as well as TV deals, digital rental, physical media etc) versus in the first 3/4 of FY20 they have already made $12B from their Direct to Consumer business. sources on Disney: https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/app/uploads/2019/11/q4-fy19-earnings.pdf https://thewaltdisneycompany.com/app/uploads/2020/08/q3-fy20-earnings.pdf As far as Mulan that is more PVOD and I mentioned in my post about how the studios won’t be moving toward that in my opinion: As far as PVOD/digital rental I don’t think that will overtake theatrical and there is a clear reason that films are getting pushed back in that theatrical provides a nice amount of revenue and sometimes even profit before it moves onto the other platforms and places to be sold, that value chain is hard for Disney, Warner and Universal to give up especially on their biggest releases.
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