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  1. Some sad news “The last thing we needed to hear as the box office and exhibition were rebounding from the pandemic was a piece of bad news, but word spread like wild fire in distribution and exhibition circles that the Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres won’t be reopening. The chain has issued a statement below. Last week, I was hearing that the chain was shooting for a Memorial Day weekend reopening with A Quiet Place Part II and Cruella, now those hopes look dashed, and at an unfortunate time because it’s expected that Los Angeles County could get the opportunity to operate at 100% capacity in movie theaters well before California Governor Newsom’s June 15 wide-open order. Here’s the chain’s statement: After shutting our doors more than a year ago, today we must share the difficult and sad news that Pacific will not be reopening its ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres locations. This was not the outcome anyone wanted, but despite a huge effort that exhausted all potential options, the company does not have a viable way forward. To all the Pacific and ArcLight employees who have devoted their professional lives to making our theaters the very best places in the world to see movies: we are grateful for your service and your dedication to our customers. To our guests and members of the film industry who have made going to the movies such a magical experience over the years: our deepest thanks. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve you.” source: update to end of article (some locations probably going to be sold, others closed permanently which makes sense considering some of the locations historically perform well) : ”Behind the scenes, what I hear that’s technically happening is that Decurion has handed the keys back to the landlords on all their Arclight and Pacific properties. That doesn’t mean the chain is bankrupt, rather is part of a thick lease negotiation. What happens in this instance is that the landlord decides which keys to keep, and which they’d like to return to the exhibitor. No word yet that the chain is up for sale; I think they’re waiting to see what leases they get back. Many of the Arclight venues the chain doesn’t own, and it’s those that I’m told where they’re really upside down on their leases. But not boding well for Arclight and Pacific’s reopening is that we also hear the chain gave notice to its theatrical staff. News broke on IndieWire over the weekend that Arclight’s new Culver City location was in arrears on its March rent to the tune of $181,900.40, due in full to collections agent Caitlin Brannon.”
  2. Hope you feel better soon, I’m sure the shot will be worth it in the long run.
  3. Yes, some chains choose not to show Raya and the Last Dragon due to the terms that Disney wanted.
  4. The bigger question is will a chain bet on Top Gun and Space Jam for July and leave Black Widow out. If the feel comfortable doing that then Disney are going to have a hard time at the negotiating table.
  5. Black Widow is no more a kids film than Godzilla vs Kong, so I’m not so sure about that. As far as theatre-Disney negotiations we will probably be able to tell what chains are likely to play Black Widow by May because Cruella is coming out then and I imagine it will be similar terms for both films. I also wouldn’t be shocked if Disney packages the two films to chains and they have to play both or none, which is clearly an asshole move, but all of these companies want their revenues to return towards normalcy, I don’t personally have a bet on what will happen because I don’t know what terms or conceits either side will offer but I’m sure it will get heated like it almost certainly did with Warner and Universal in the past. As for the bad guy narrative, I really don’t think the average person will hate on Disney if their movies don’t appear at a certain chain of anything the theatre will take the brunt of the blame, which is unfortunate (as the blame should be shared between both parties in the event that happens) but as Wanda mentioned the memories formed in theatres are because of the movies we see and less so about the love of the theatre (again this is most people, personally even if theatres only showed a small selection of movies I’d still go every month or 2 because I love the big screen experience.)
  6. Difference between HBO Max and Disney+ PA is that you have to pay a fee on top of Disney+ to watch Raya so that revenue can be solely attributed to Raya. This is true 3rd parties only give us a small glimpse of how something may have performed. With that said Disney clearly decided to keep PA going for a reason and that is likely due to Mulan and Raya being relative successes internally (we don't know what metric they are using to work this out, but it is clearly what they are working out) otherwise they would not have moved an additional 2 titles to PA one of which is an MCU film. As for streaming services being more transparent you kind of explained why that won't happen, they have no reason to at all. It sucks for us who love to see the data of how something performed but as I said in another post a few days it's best to watch what Disney do not what they say, if they end up moving their whole slate to PA then it will have been a resounding success, if they move some titles to PA going forward it would be a moderate success, if they stop PA after BW or at the end of the year then it was likely just a helping hand for titles during COVID.
  7. Assuming these titles say theatrical only and in 2021 MI7 Encanto Jungle Cruise
  8. Full article for those interested: The most interesting tidbit: First off they mean the 6th, I had to do some digging to find how many US purchases were made for UFC 259 and found some information: Source: So say a little under 3x 600,000 might be ~1.7m buys but wording makes it hard to differentiate between if that is just Saturday or for the whole weekend. Edit: also important to point out this Antenna Data stuff is all US only, so not close to a full picture of the PA performance.
  9. Solid 7/10 movie, some of the action was great. The most traditional Godzilla film of the bunch in my opinion. Human characters are still weak but unlike KotM they aren’t as big a part of the film and we get plenty of both Kong and Godzilla.
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