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  1. Auckland lockdown extended 12 days... the day before Tenet is released. I guess Jacinda is a Nolan fan 😂 but in all seriousness they are looking at it again on the 21st and may extend it if necessary.
  2. This is meant to open on August 27th here in New Zealand. However we just got put up to Alert Level 2 nationwide and Level 3 for Auckland (where over 50% of the movie theatre market is) allegedly it’s just for 3 day while they do testing but I could see that being easily extended. Sucks for Tenet as here in NZ we haven’t had to worry about social distancing for cinemas meaning they can operate at full capacity the last few weeks, doubt that will be back in effect by the time the movie releases meaning at the very least shows will have a more limited amount of tickets to be sold, also people will likely (especially in Auckland) be more hesitant to go now than they would a few days ago. Also should note Tenet hasn’t had any presale a yet so I guess it could be delayed but I doubt. NZ isn’t a major market but I could have been a small bright spot that’s looking less likely, seems like everything is going against this film.
  3. Sure but there is examples of games like Pokémon Sword and Shield that got backlash for no National Dex and went on to be the best selling titles since Gold and Silver. Animal Crossing New Horizons had no cloud saves and is approaching 30m copies sold. Take Two interactive (GTA V, NBA 2K) is one of the most notorious for MTX but their games sale like hot cakes.
  4. I think share price is more likely tied to the fact they had a positive earnings which was unexpected, they are likely through the worst period as sports are back and theme parks are slowly reopening (although neither back at full capacity.) Also the Star streaming service is another big thing and if I remember correctly that was when the stocked really popped after hours. Mulan probably is more mixed from shareholders in my opinion with some seeing it as having a positive impact, others seeing it as a necessary loss in order to make some money back on it rather than continue to hold it back.
  5. Yeah that’s possible, hopefully we get PVOD numbers at the very least so we know how much better/worse than Trolls it did.
  6. Yeah I still think they can breakeven/make a profit. I could see something like $300m PVOD (10m people pay which is double TWT which was US only if I remember correctly) , $300-400m China and $100m rest of international for a breakeven/small profit.
  7. Only if you subscribe through those platforms I.e billed through iTunes. Also there will be payments to participants the same way they do with box office but still it’ll be better than the roughly 80% they would get from PVOD and 50% they would get from Box Office. If as many people watch Mulan as did Trolls World Tour (5m which seems low) that’s $150m, plus they will still have a box office in international markets most notably China. I don’t think Mulan is going to be the bomb people think it is going to be.
  8. True but also from a Disney+ worker: “we’ve put in enough work that it’s not a one-off” which is a great point why do all that work for one film.
  9. We might find out before the next film comes out.
  10. Wait for it to come out first, we got at least a few years before we start talking about Avatar 2 rereleases.
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