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  1. Hoping this somehow makes more than Justice League. That film needs to be the lowest DCEU film forever.
  2. If Legion of Doom is still in the plans, Black Adam could be in a future Justice League film.
  3. Can't believe people actually want Batista as Bane. For once I would like a proper Bane on screen.
  4. They could just skip Deadshot this film and leave the possibility of Deadshot being used in a 3rd film. The beauty of Suicide Squad is that they can rotate line ups. They can have 5 films with a new set of villains to get their heads blown. Personally I wouldn't have brought back Harley Quinn either.
  5. They are definity going to move dates. They could even put it in early 2021 if Gunn is willing to do so.
  6. Leaving an empty month to go to a stacked month. What kind of strategy is that? Plus The Rock not being in it will hurt it.
  7. Really wish they would have committed to Inhumans like they did with this. MCU without Black Bolt feels incomplete.
  8. If they recast Flagg that actor better eat chicken like his life depended on it.
  9. People assumed Aquaman would crawl to a billion. Good to see the film get another extra 100 million. Hoping for a breakout in Japan.
  10. He should be the villain. If Reeves isn't using him then Suicide Squad is the perfect film to use the character.
  11. Perfect opportunity to get rid of the tattoos. Same with Leto if he ever comes back. Sadly if she keeps them most likely Joker will keep them.
  12. The difference is the source material. The MCU comes from comicbooks. This is a franchise that comes from racing and stealing DVDs.
  13. Deadshot Harley Quinn Captain Boomerang King Shark Killer Frost Bronze Tiger Count Vertigo Black Spider Punch & Jewelee Plastique Copperhead Livewire I would love to see any of these characters.
  14. Appparently Fast 9 will take the franchise back to its roots but I can see Hobbs and Shaw outgrossing Fast 9. Just the reaction from Diesel, Tyrese, etc. will be priceless.
  15. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and Jai Courtney should stay. All other characters can be rotated. Batista would be a great King Shark.
  16. Don't like Cassandra. Looks like a major change for her character. Hopefully they don't turn her into some street kid and remove her parentage.
  17. I think they developing Blue Bettle as their Spider-Man Homecoming. Shazam really has no comparison he's a kid that turns into a superhero. Disney and Sony don't have that and WB should keep him unique.
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