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  1. Heard that a certain kaiju is teased at the end. Is it true?
  2. WB does this every year it seems. They have over budget bombs like King Arthur, Jupiter Ascending,etc. I'm just glad it wasn't Ready Player One.
  3. There's videos and photos of Rodan's look. If is legit then I'm even more hype for King of Monsters.
  4. Out. Alita won't even reach 400 million.
  5. They look great and not grey spinning rust bucket Decepticons like in Bayformers.
  6. A fire breathing T-Rex would lose Vin Diesel. After Diesel crashes a satellite into the Grand Canyon first of course.
  7. I'm sure it will be fine. Thurber and Peyton aren't going anywhere and will probably do more films with The Rock in the near future. Hate to say it but one of them will definitely direct Black Adam.
  8. I'm guessing this kingdom is the opposite of The Trench. Trench became unevolved deep sea cannibals and these guys became poets and philosophers. I'm guessing Xebel will be Atlantis opposite. Atlantis is a bright and majestic organized kingdom while Xebel is brutal and barbaric and all about the strong surviving.
  9. WB is bringing in the heat this Comic-Con. Looks like Fantastic Beast is sitting this one out though.
  10. Personally I think they should slim Godzilla down a bit. Hope there's massive destruction in this film. Especially when King Ghidorah hits with those Gravity Beams.

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