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  1. I wonder how strong Captain Marvel is going to be. Hope she's not stronger than Thor or they will have a lot of explaining to do.
  2. People saying Thanos should have given the planets more resources have no clue. You give resources to an overpopulated planet and it will be become even more overpopulated which will lead to more wars, hunger, sickness,etc. Not saying Thanos was right either but is not logical to give a population the means to destroy themselves even further. At the end of the film, Infinity Gauntlet is heaving damaged. It seems his arm was damaged as well there were no signs of a scar on Thanos chest. Was this a mistake or did he heal with the remaining power of the gauntlet?
  3. So Hulk smashing out of the Hulkbuster was just a toy? Or did they reshoot the Hulk/Banner arc?
  4. The Black Order is one complaints in this film. Their CGI was bad and they were poorly handled but at the same time I can understand why since this is a huge movie with much more important characters. Ebony Maw definitely was the strongest but his death was weak. I assumed he would be able to survive space. Not mention Black Widow going toe to toe with Proxima and Corvus shouldn't happen. She kicked Corvus like he was a 50lb girl. My second complaint is the battle in Wakanda. The most advanced country in the world and they use swords/spears. Not enough use of their vibrianium resources other than the shield. Thanos was my favorite part of the film followed by Stormbreaker Thor (who could probably wipe the floor with Hela now). What Quill did was absolutely atrocious but Strange said they only win one scenario which will probably play out in A4. I can only imagine how the other scenarios were if that's the best one. It also makes sense he didn't use the time stone since he probably died in every scenario anyways. All the original Avengers are alive so the next film is going to be very interesting. As far as the post credit scene goes I hope they explain why Fury hasn't contacted Captain Marvel all these years. They gonna have to explain why she didn't fight in NY, Sokovia and she never crossed paths with Thanos in space.
  5. Either they'll wait to Comic Con or attach it to Jurrasic World Fallen Kingdom. I say they wait till Comic Con.
  6. So far WB doing well in China this year.
  7. People acting like this has a 200 million budget
  8. Hope they do this spin off and The Rock doesn't appear in Fast 9. Comparing box office would be fun.
  9. Liman is known for crazy reshoots. Nothing new.
  10. I want a third film 😭 Didn't expect it to do more than the first film tbh and it seems like they have pissed off the audience from the first.
  11. Just give up Fox.

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