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  1. I'm really hoping Wonder Woman breaks out in Japan.
  2. Still sticking to my prediction that Guy Ritchie will leave this project.
  3. Didn't like the film but looks like they already doing a better job of setting up Sinister Six than Sony.
  4. Hoping this has a decent run in Japan.
  5. If China can save The Last Knight, I don't see why it can't save this.
  6. Don't even know what to say about this.....
  7. Hope the sequel is smaller scale and more intimate. Stay away from wars.
  8. Daredevil would have been my pick but of course that isn't happening. Ant-man is my guess. Unless they bring in Cap.
  9. This film has a hefty 260 million production budget. What does it need to break even at this point?

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