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  1. Didn't expect this to have more views than the Toy Story 4 teaser.
  2. Better start working on that film series with Red. This is gonna blow up.
  3. Apparently Detective Pikachu was well received in test screenings so is a good start. Detective Pikachu will open the door for many Pokemon projects.
  4. They need to start developing a film series with Red as the main character. Aim for a 3-5 film series with the character.
  5. Could see this ending between 75-85% on RT. Could be a hit in China. Plus if it gets good reviews early it will build hype for the US release.
  6. Heat Vision

    The Warner Bros. Thread

    Watching that 2019 line up reminds me why Warner Bros is my favorite studio. The studio always delivers a diverse slate on a yearly basis. Minecraft ain't happening and shouldn't happen. Bad idea.
  7. Looks like Wan pass director duties of Conjuring 3 to Michael Chaves. Apparently this might be a hit. Llorana is a huge tale in Latin America. Many countries have many different versions of the tale.
  8. Budget will be at least 180-190 million. Although there isn't any big name actors here so salaries shouldn't be crazy. Not to mention production was smooth.
  9. Wikipedia says budget is 100 million is that accurate?

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