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  1. It doesn't apply with Stormbreaker. Groot held it. Is possible Thor doesn't know how to do the enchantment yet.
  2. I bet Cap removed the serum which is why he was able to age normally with Peggy. If they ever bring Evans back in a major capacity they will re-inject the serum on Cap.
  3. Wouldn't the Loki escape be undone when they went further back on time and retrieved the Tesseract in the SHIELD BASE?
  4. Maybe FFH takes places between Homecoming and Infinity War? Is possible that all of them did get snapped though. Is not like the snap pick and chooses either. Everyone in the theater went crazy when it happened and it was nice to see Cap give Thanos a small ass whooping. Other big reaction was the Captain Marvel headbutt.
  5. Steve was always meant to end with Peggy. Don't understand the confusion. He lived a private life Peggy while his past self was still in the ice.
  6. Hoping this somehow makes more than Justice League. That film needs to be the lowest DCEU film forever.
  7. If Legion of Doom is still in the plans, Black Adam could be in a future Justice League film.
  8. Can't believe people actually want Batista as Bane. For once I would like a proper Bane on screen.
  9. They could just skip Deadshot this film and leave the possibility of Deadshot being used in a 3rd film. The beauty of Suicide Squad is that they can rotate line ups. They can have 5 films with a new set of villains to get their heads blown. Personally I wouldn't have brought back Harley Quinn either.
  10. They are definity going to move dates. They could even put it in early 2021 if Gunn is willing to do so.
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