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  1. In a year of unwanted sequels is nice to see one of them doing good
  2. Where have you been? Patty has been getting tonsof awards and recognition.
  3. Your 10 Bold Predictions for 2018

    Destiny arrives.
  4. Your 10 Bold Predictions for 2018

    1- Solo under 500 million worldwide. 2- Aquaman > Suicide Squad worldwide. 3- Deadpool 2 < Deadpool 4- Infinity War > Force Awakens. 5- Incredibles 2 becomes the highest grossing animated film of all time. 6- Rampage over 500 million worldwide. 7- The Nun over 100 million domestic. 8- 50 Shades Freed under 250 million worldwide. 9- Pacific Rim Uprising > Pacific Rim 10- Dark Phoenix over 650 million worldwide.
  5. Everyone is fighting and protesting for the Snyder cut except Snyder. That's because Snyder is smart enough not to bite the hand that fed him all these years despite his abysmal run of films.
  6. Captain Marvel | March 3, 2019

    I think the important question is.... will we see General Ross in this?
  7. Or maybe they just focus on one film at a time and forget about Marvel. At this point they must have learned their lesson that trying to catch up and be like Marvel has fucked them hard.
  8. Hamada is a great pick and he's been working on Shazam already. The next 2-3 weeks will be interesting.
  9. Going up against Rampage. Paramount has really after WB release dates lately.
  10. Watching the ending of Justice League makes me wonder if Wonder Woman being out in public at the end was Whedon or Snyder if that will have any effect on the Wonder Woman sequel.
  11. Not hearing from someone and someone sitting on their ass are two different things.
  12. I moved on from this film the moment I left the theater. I knew there was a high probability it would be bad. That being said they should have just gone with Snyder's version.

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