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  1. Heat Vision

    Fast & Furious 9 | May 22 2020

    Leaving an empty month to go to a stacked month. What kind of strategy is that? Plus The Rock not being in it will hurt it.
  2. Why do I get the impression that villains are going to be terrible in this film.
  3. Heat Vision

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    They fucking got me. Didn't want to get hooked.
  4. I say end of the 1st act Scott and Tony arrive and they discuss their plan. Thor will probably spend a good chunk of this film looking for Thanos.
  5. That's prob what they will do to sell this film. I don't see this opening massive like some sites claim.
  6. Heat Vision

    Weekend Thread: Miss Bala $650K preview

    People assumed Aquaman would crawl to a billion. Good to see the film get another extra 100 million. Hoping for a breakout in Japan.
  7. Perfect opportunity to get rid of the tattoos. Same with Leto if he ever comes back. Sadly if she keeps them most likely Joker will keep them.
  8. So many cuts in just a few seconds. Yikes! Also the bridge was no longer damage before she went through the hole lol

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