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  1. A Panda of Ice and Fire

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    So many juggernauts, but we’re forgetting the greatest of them all.
  2. In June 2005, a magical documentary captivated the hearts of audiences and grossed an adjusted 110m DOM. The only documentary to gross more than it was the Michael Moore’s Bush satire. March of the Penguins more than doubles the second highest nature doc and was able to outgross films like “This is It” and Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. Even Popstar, with its (let’s call it) mixed reviews, failed to gross higher than the documentary phenomenon March of the Penguins. Discuss this incredible, unprecedented success story that captured the heart of people around the globe.
  3. No 17.4m are for people who watched it “live” in the US (Nielsen measures US viewership, not international). The 30m figure for S7 is for people who watched in the US after the premiere. That means with about 50m US subs, 60% or so watched GoT S7 during the month it premiered. 142m HBO subs worldwide and a similar ratio would get an average of 85m viewers total for S7. Now obviously, that’s also not counting the massive amounts of people who illegally or multiple people watching a stream together (watch party).
  4. People will do everything they can to discount the phenomenon that GoT is.
  5. Except McD’s doesn’t make the art. You May have an argument for Starbs!
  6. That doesn’t even count the people who watch through streaming in the US. I believe Season 7’s cumulative average per episode on their first week was about 30m in US Let’s see what this one averages per week in the US! Could it push 40m?
  7. The title does not say Movie Franchise Wars! However you are partially right, this is a fanboy wars thread. GoT and Pika Pika stans are not fanboys they’re fanadults!
  8. No because GoT will still be going on and GoT is bigger than Endgame, duh
  9. Even if it were, Game of Thrones is bigger than Avatar! Everyone knows Jon Snow, Dany (Khaleesi), Arya and Tyrion. Nobody remembers the name of whoever the lead is in avatar
  10. A Panda of Ice and Fire

    Avengers: End Game $1 Billion Opening Weekend Globally.

    OUT, Maybe Pika Pika will do it though
  11. UPDATE THE TITLE! It should now say ”Direwolves, Dragons and Boobs take the throne!”

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