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  1. For those who paid close attention, was McGonagall ever mentioned as Minerva McGonagall in the movie? I was just wondering if there is any way this could just be a family member of hers?
  2. I fucking loved it too and I'm completely in love with Newt as well! He just might become my favorite character of the whole Wizarding world by the time these Beasts movie finish. Hell, he just might be it now. That's good information actually. Would they lie in the credits? How about some faith? The twist was literally the last scene of the movie, it's obviously meant to be explained in a future movie, you'll just have to wait with all of us. I honestly think having the books before the movies all those years ago really spoiled the Potter fandom in general when it comes to this kind of stuff from the movies. Just don't watch it then, honestly. I freaking loved it myself but if you don't care about these characters then just go on with your life and save us from having to read your eventual negative opinion about everything in this movie which I'm sure will come if you watch it with such mindset.
  3. Just watched. Loved it. Watching it again on Saturday. Newt is my man.
  4. I had no idea you were back! Welcome back, you were missed. Movie is making all the money by the way.
  5. Done right this movie should have plenty of real cool looking scenes since the book had so many.
  6. Coming into this thread expecting high quality discussion about the movie itself: Leaving this thread disappointed:
  7. They often jump the gun these days. I remember that until a couple of years back, before their rise to fame with BVS/Suicidal Squad, they mostly waited on those big movies until there were 70ish reviews before putting up a consensus but nowadays they jump on it right after the first batch of reviews, which usually means having a consensus up for big movies after around 20 reviews.
  8. I don’t see Yates leaving in any realistic scenario; Rowling trusts him a lot.
  9. Generally speaking BOT is a place that has a love-hate relationship with most big franchises. Plus it’s full of cynical people. But as as you have found out some people, such as yourself, do indeed get used to it. Most don’t stay for long though, it is a niche forum after all.
  10. I was thinking the same but I didn’t really check too closely because I don’t wanna get accidentally spoiled by a negative asshole review randomly putting big spoilers in their blurbs and/or headline as it happens from time to time with franchise movies. A certain sort of critics just doesn’t care. Still I really don’t think it gets out of the 45-65 range. Who knows though, it’s still early. But In the end, as I said before it’s the fanbase’s reaction that counts.
  11. Someone is gonna be very disappointed in the upcoming weeks.
  12. Well, after seeing these first reviews I’d say it’s probably staying in the 45-65% range, most likely at around 55%. It’s unfortunate but it doesn’t mean as much as some people think, not to me anyway. Now we wait for what really matters, the movie itself and the huge fanbase’s reaction to it, including my own! I’m very optimistic about the fans(myself still included) reaction to it from everything I’ve read about it.
  13. So embargo lift is only later today? Oh well, I'm curious.

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