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  1. Can anyone tell me if Infinity Wars is still on course for 2B WW? I was really hoping it would cross it but I haven't paid much attention this past week.
  2. What? There was no blow back from me, I even said I respected your opinion, I only asked if you understood how unpopular it was. Which I guess, from reading your somewhat defensive reply, you do. The opinion of yours I would actually argue more against is calling Avengers more influential than Matrix. But I suppose they were(are) both very influential during their time so I guess that's okay too.
  3. That's your opinion and I respect it but surely you understand how unpopular your opinion is, right? Pretty sure Matrix was more influential overall too. They're both very good superhero movies though.
  4. I kinda forgot to put Avengers on my list... Weirdest thing, I put all my favorite ones right away and left it and Winter Soldier for later and just sorta forgot about them, my bad. They should have made the lower half of my list. Matrix was the 42th on mine though.
  5. TDK missed the list, that's my guess. He's giving way too many hints. But then again, can it really miss the list? Surely a lot of people voted for it, even if not very high? Huh...
  6. Schindler’s List is truly one of the very few movies that just shouldn't be absent from any real top 100 lists.
  7. I actually really liked that Deadpool went back in time to save Peter. That death felt a bit too mean in a movie that actually had a big heart underneath all that gore and edginess.
  8. Yeah, it was a nice little moment. And I am happy to report that nobody in my OS theater stormed out angrily after that revelation. But seriously, according to some people movies that do that lose money on markets like mine, I really hope this one shows them how ridiculous they are being when they say stuff like that.
  9. This movie delivers. Go watch it, it's better than the first one for me, even if perhaps only by the length of a baby's leg.
  10. Deadpool 2 was so good. My mind was blown. Better than the first? Yeah, I'd say so.
  11. It's been 18 years, I feel so old. Where are those epic movies these days?
  12. I can see why this playing in front of Deadpool 2 would have big reactions! Looks way better than I expected. I laughed quite a bit and I enjoyed McCarthy's character.
  13. I'll be sad if it doesn't even show up on BOT's top 250. It was first on my all-time list, that's how much I love it.
  14. Lots of theories going around about its increases. Are there even that many valid comps for it?

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