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  1. Well yeah, FOX just gives no fucks about timeline consistency, I guess anything can happen.
  2. I was wondering about just that. So it won't really mix with the main X-Men cast in the near future.
  3. Hey, at least it's getting made. Some of us were so sure it wouldn't even get made, eh? For those of us who were absolutely sure it wouldn't even get made just think of it this way: Anything from now on is just a bonus!
  4. Eh, that's not... I uhm... Errr... Bah, nevermind. Y'all know what I'm talking about.
  5. Yeah, it had a nice jump in viewers. Maze Runner 2 numbers wouldn't surprise me but they seem to be a bit of different cases, no? Sure, they're both YA but one is horror/CBM and the first installment while the other is the typical dystopian YA stuff(well done I might add) and a sequel, no?
  6. Well, I tend to dislike horror movies in general(I think I only ever watched 2 of them at a movie theater) but I'll still be there for this one, so count me as someone they've garnered from the CBM audience.
  7. Yeah, I certainly hope so! I've never fully watched The Fault in our Stars cause that's just too depressive for me but I really enjoy watching 500 Days of Summer.
  8. Not a very interesting weekend to me due to the obvious bad numbers incoming from BR49 but I hope the weekend goes well numbers-wise overall. This year kinda needs it.
  9. Not much a fan of horror movies myself and I still think/hope they're overplaying its horror elements for the teaser but I completely agree with your point here. At least FOX seems to continually try to push CBMs into new territories lately and that's interesting.
  10. Well it's been discussed for a bit earlier in this thread I believe so I don't think so? Put it under spoil-tag though just to be safe.
  11. Interesting teaser but I'm hoping they're overplaying the "horror" elements here cause I'm just not much of a horror fan. I'm hoping all that weirdness has a more complex root like it's part of one of the kids power that is out of control, perhaps even a bit like Legion. On a side note I see people being cynical about the musical choice and I guess it could have been better but it just seems like nitpicking to me.
  12. Yes please. Make it happen, give the man his 100 millions initially plus his other 100 millions once they realize he vastly underrated how much he'd need to make his magnificent vision come true! I'm so ready for this.
  13. That was his first productive post on this thread too, kinda sad.
  14. Tuesday Numbers:BR2049 $3.57M...

    I wish. What will probably happen is that we'll get a sequel in 35 years with double its budget though.

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