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  1. I actually thought of that myself and it got me wondering if the Spider-Sense is good enough to understand that Nick Fury was no threat to him? It's all a bit nitpicky though.
  2. I really enjoyed this trailer, more so than the Homecoming trailers and the Captain Marvel stuff I have seen, for example. And I really liked the last Captain Marvel's trailer too. I also feel that people are overreacting and overthinking too much about its impact on Endgame spoilers, I honestly feel like it's better to just let yourself be taken for the ride.
  3. Just on an extended vacation abroad with family and I’ve taken some time off stuff that was taking too much from my time meanwhile but I should be back in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it!
  4. Hey Napoleon, thank for worrying! Just traveling abroad with family for a few weeks and it’s been more hectic than the last few years so I took a little break from things which were taking too much time to just enjoy it! Don’t worry, I should be back sometime this month once I’m back to that post-apocalyptic place that we like to call “home”. -inserting obligatory “FUCK BOLSONARO“ here-
  5. I had no idea you were back! Welcome back, you were missed. Movie is making all the money by the way.
  6. Done right this movie should have plenty of real cool looking scenes since the book had so many.
  7. It's nice that there's something for everybody out there, including this article.
  8. They filmed extra stuff for it and it's still three minutes shorter? Damn, I wonder how that will turn out. I'm also a bit afraid of Disney seeing this as a potential dry run for a PG-13 Deadpool...
  9. Thankfully. I'll take those rare big epics in any way I can.
  10. This man knows what's up. Although I'll say that I didn't "love" Suicide Squad, just really enjoyed it and had fun watching it. Venom though? What a blast! If this one is "as bad" as those movies then I'm a happy guy.
  11. Lots of people complaining about too few Slavic actors cast in it and I think they have a point. Also loads of people complaining about other minorities cast in it and I think they are fucking racists. Oh well.
  12. If it gives them more confidence in it being a success then so be it. I trust them about this one.
  13. Good one. I admire them for having the guts to green-light such an obvious flop although maybe they should have just gone ahead and done something new in this quasi-medieval setting instead of just doing yet-another Robin Hood movie. It might even have done slightly better as something a bit more fresh.
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