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  1. I wonder if they’ll do something with the World War II this way. Same time period after all.
  2. Arlborn

    Tuesday's Numbers

    Yeah, I didn’t see anything that would constitute a meltdown either. How disappointing.
  3. Arlborn

    Tuesday's Numbers

    Will you really make me google his twitter instead of posting his tweets here? For shame!
  4. Rowling has never said they won’t show anything regarding Dumbledore’s sexuality at all in this franchise, quite the opposite actually. I do get that people will talk about this sort of things cause there isn’t much else to talk about yet but some of this seems a tad extreme given that Dumbledore wasn’t even in the first movie.
  5. Arlborn

    Tuesday's Numbers

    Yeah.... I’m screwed. I just hope others are too.
  6. Every single minute of this will be a rationalization of prejudice in general dressed up in pseudo-scholar tones just like everything else he's done, no doubt.
  7. I think they should do a kiss eventually in one of them. Can you imagine Jude Law kissing Depp? That would be quite something.
  8. I wonder if Valkyrie will ever come back to the MCU and if they'll explore it then since they didn't in Ragnarok. I'd like that, she's awesome. Didn't they delete a scene from her talking about her sexuality? Or am I thinking Jurassic World 2 here with the nerdy girl?
  9. A lot of real bad assumptions going on over here with some extremism and unwarranted name-calling to go with it too.
  10. Arlborn

    SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 2 - Here We Glow Again

    Haven't I made it clear enough by now that I'm the biggest Fantastic Beasts fan on this forum? Cause I am. Just saying. Dark times ahead.
  11. Arlborn

    Thank You CJohn, May Ghost Rider Bless You

    It's a real shame to see part of the BOT folklore go.
  12. I put half that... I guess we will see.
  13. Dude, do you even 8th Grade? Cause yeah, no idea there either.

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