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  1. The hell is this? Even after he flawlessly made the character his own after 8 movies?
  2. I am in, Mortal Engines, Alita and Bumblebee just about get there together, holding hands and all.
  3. @Napoleon Have you seen this? https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/henry-cavill-the-witcher-netflix-series-1202925521/
  4. The worst case scenario for this movie is it feeling so generic that it doesn't even feel like a Guy Ritchie movie. I hope that doesn't happen.
  5. Good list so far; shame Dumbledore isn't higher though.
  6. I hate when Marvel pulls crap like that. They've crapped all over the X-Men for the last few years, I wonder how they're going to treat them from now on. RIP Inhumans? No big loss besides Daisy.
  7. Is this really eaten as breakfast over there? It looks like such a heavy meal.
  8. I agree with you but at the same time I understand why, we are starved and we want more information so I guess we'll take any little bit we can and make a big deal out of it, it's what it is. I'm so damn excited for this movie, I'm already counting the days! Just 3 months to go...
  9. That's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever seen. The extreme right, hardcore gamers and hardcore comic book fans*(big overlap in all of these 3 groups btw) are way worse**. I participate a lot in gaming communities and I also have a big interest in comic book but that part of the fandom is horrible, horrifying and pathetic all in equal measures and some extreme members of the LGBT community being loud and overly defensive about some silly stuff(this little situation is a bit silly, no doubt) has nothing on the kind of stuff those other communities do, nothing. You're just biased as hell, this is not the first nor the second time(or third or fourth...) I've noticed that about you. Careful, don't let your prejudices fill you with hatred, there's no happiness down that road. *hardcore star wars fans too as we are all well aware, sadly. **not the whole community, just a very loud and sadly prominent part of their communities.
  10. Not sure how anyone seriously thought all four of them would make less than 100M. We'll probably end up with 3.
  11. I actually had no idea myself as I had to be away from the forums for a couple of weeks due to personal reasons so thanks for pointing it out! Enjoying the list so far by the way, I love the work chasmmi put into this forum and I feel real bad I let his survivor game down.
  12. Is it time to point out that we all have different tastes? Don't read too much into a random test screening review.

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