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  1. If they fuck this up then I won't claim it's the devil that made me do it.
  2. lol I don't think he's butthurt about people not liking his Dune when he himself hates it and disowned it immediately because he didn't get to do what he wanted with it.
  3. Celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday today with a mere phonecall.
  4. I was gonna buy food today but those shelves at the grocery stores around me are ridiculously empty so I failed, smh. Will try again tomorrow, but other than that I've managed to set everything aside so I can fully quarantine myself indoors.
  5. I'm thinking more James Wan would be the one to want to be more accessible if a casual audience hated it.
  6. If it really does push for giallo, I struggle to think any regular viewing audience would fall in love with it. Hopefully this isn't going to be a case of test screenings doing poorly so they change it around to make it more accessible.
  7. @ViewerAnon how's it compared to the other Monsterverse entries?
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