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  1. The Conjuring 2 was at a 65% at 52 reviews so it is possible although the current MetaCritic score isn't the best sign (thought it's gone up there as well).
  2. Some more reviews have come in on RT. 94% now with an 8.28/10 average rating after 35. The MetaCritic equivalent remains pretty considerably lower at 73/100 with 16 and I don't know if it'll get up much higher.
  3. Even now, how many third films in a series in this genre can get a fresh rating? Let alone in a spinoff series.
  4. If the third horror film in a spin-off horror series to another horror film ends up fresh, it's quite the achievement for the genre.
  5. Embargo might have dropped now. One fresh review on RT so far and a 70 and 75 on MetaCritic.
  6. Thought the review embargo had dropped when this came out like 2 hours ago but I haven't seen anything else since
  7. I had honestly forgotten as well until I saw her at the funeral in Endgame and it came back to me.
  8. I know right. No but seriously that's how Homecoming ended, she's even the one who sends the Spidey costume with him to Europe as we see in the trailer.
  9. I think we're just on about the same thing, but with different ideas of how to go about it. We want way more consequences to pile up, I just don't feel like his identity being revealed to everyone will be the best choice in the long run. After the initial shock (although Aunt May and Ned already knew and we kiiiinda know MJ knew all along, she's even said as much in interviews) I just can't imagine anywhere close to what Spider-Man was all about anymore. Flash would be even more of a loser, Peter would be the most popular kid in school, his teacher would for sure give him more leeway when he breaks the rules, etc. Hell if anything, I'd just picture an Iron Man 2 redux if anything were to happen (and Iron Man 3 actually). We've already seen stories where everyone knows who the masked hero is in the MCU with Iron Man. I feel like Tony Stark in general has gotten in the way of what makes Spider-Man interesting in general (there is no way he'll ever have money issues). My only hope, and it seems like I'm gonna be right, is Tony Stark will serve as the Uncle Ben for this Peter Parker and he'll finally have that emotional and personal motivation to be Spider-Man that was severly lacking in Homecoming. Though... so much of that struggle will be gone if everyone just knows who he is.
  10. Ironic you talk about consequences when Homecoming did such a poor job of having consequences build on top of each other adding to Peter's struggle of leading a dual life. It's like they intentionally wanted to give Peter as little conflict as possible in his every day life, even though that's what Spider-Man is about and that's even what the movie is about. Every time he does something like abandoning Ned at the party because of his Spider-Man duties - Ned just forgives him immediately and nothing comes of it, he abandons that contest thing he was signed up for, put the whole team in danger - but they win anyway and are all okay. He even gets detention and walks away from it with no consequences. He's even obviously far cooler than Flash in the film who's constantly embarrassed (Peter's just immediately accepted back into the team after abandoning it and takes Flash's spot). Then of course there's no personal conflict in the whole film and his entire motivation for being Spider-Man is reduced to "I just want to help the little guy". From what I've seen from Far From Home, it already looks like a marked improvement on having actual consequences. I remember one clip in particular where Peter had to ditch MJ who's clearly into him - because he has to go on a mission for Nick Fury and it actually feelt like it might go somewhere for his personal story (although when MJ will find out precisely why he left...). But what's funny is you seem to think just because a plot point has consequences then it's automatically the best choice for the movie/franchise. You can have plenty of consequences even without everyone knowing who Spider-Man is, that's what Spider-Man is about. And yes, I can't have real opinions on the movie before I see it, although none of this has anything to do with the actual movie since his identity is being revealed in a post credits scene. Basically it can't possibly harm my opinion on the actual film, but I'm worried about the future because they already haven't done a great job with Spider-Man except for making him fun and light. This could be yet another step into butchering the emotional side of the character.
  11. I agree it does and I can't argue that it won't make for a killer premise for the next movie. But what about after that?
  12. The whole idea of Spider-Man is the struggle of trying to balance his two lives. If everyone knows who Peter Parker is, no one will question where he is if he's not available anymore. That entire idea is gone and the dynamic contrast of nerdy Peter Parker and confident & superpowered Spider-Man won't really be a thing anymore. It's especially a shame for this universe as we don't really have that kind of play with any other superhero. Everyone knew who Iron Man was etc, Spider-Man was the one whose identity being secret actually mattered.
  13. Thankfully at least, Spidey's identity being revealed to the world is a post credits scene so it won't try its best to harm this film. But the future...
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