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  1. Good scene but I would've cut it too. Although it feels far too disconnected to only be those 50 seconds, like there was more to it to lead it up to that moment, which might be why it was cut if that really was it.
  2. Lucas

    Annabelle 3 | July 3, 2019 | Warner Bros

    I hesitate to give him any credit for It considering his track record. If he's somehow succeeded with Annabelle 3, I will still hesitate to say it's working because of the script lol. Sandberg did make the second one work far better than it should have so that might be what's happened here and Dauberman's just stronger as a director.
  3. Lucas

    Annabelle 3 | July 3, 2019 | Warner Bros

    Shocks me, even though I love this universe and these characters in particular. Is directing really where Gary Dauberman should've been all along?
  4. Took another look at RT and CoG has naturally gone down to 37% while after 2 years FB1's fought itself to 75%.
  5. Sure, I don't care lmao. Knowing it doesn't change my view on the movie any more than not knowing. With the option of knowing, I just thought "why not?", doesn't harm anybody, I won't exactly go around telling people, and it doesn't change anything for me. I'll still see it opening weekend ready for another strong David F. Sandberg movie.
  6. Lucas

    "Generational" Classic Movies

    The ying and yang of BoxOfficeTheory culture and dynamic.
  7. I asked for the PM because I'm not invested in the plot of Shazam or where it could be going (still looking forward to seeing it). If the full script was out there I'd probably read that too. It's not that I'm so excited to see it that I just can't wait to find out, it's quite the opposite lol.
  8. Already forgot about the extended cut, it'll probably be the one I check out next time I see it.
  9. Watching the trailer still doesn't make me think B&R levels of disaster, I really struggle to comprehend how they could possibly have fucked this up beyond belief.
  10. Lovely news and it's great that we're at least getting some kind of info. Now what if it's also because they're locking another director into it? 🤔
  11. Should emphasize that I enjoyed the movie. I didn't think it was a mess, just messy, it still feels like a movie someone properly put together unlike actual disasters. But I also don't think my thoughts matter as much, if I saw the movie and then saw that the reviews had it at like an 80% or so on RT I would've gone "yeah pretty much, I can see that", but it's not anywhere near that number, it's at 38%, clearly it didn't work out the way the previous 9 films did. FB3 could open higher than CoG thanks to it apparently being simpler and lighter, but it also very well will see another drop because of lack of interest in CoG. They could tell you it's simpler and lighter, but audiences wouldn't care if they didn't like CoG and completely forgot about everything that happened. The longer a franchise goes on, the harder it is to keep vital information in the viewers' memories - and they're already lost by CoG. I love Yates, I love his take on the universe, I love how casually bold he can be, I want to see more despite how long he's been around, but interest is clearly being lost somewhat by people, even fans. First Fantastic Beasts did well with the audience and critically, but it wasn't that big of a smash success, there's still a good portion out there who didn't like it - and now there's this one. I think Yates, Rowling and Heyman know very well what they're doing, it just depends on how much it'll actually work out in the long run for a franchise like this. I think Rowling can write competent scripts, but there are still tons of people utterly lost when watching the movie - even though the followed the first just fine. It's got so many wonderful things and ideas to the point that it's too much, which leads to the messy parts. I liked everything in it, but it's too much. It might be the worst movie I've ever seen without anything I properly disliked.

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