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  1. Been wanting to go back to theaters to see it again, so I just might in like two weeks or so. 😎
  2. I sure hope we're not giving the general audience enough credit here, I would love that. I do think what helped Joker massively is people love and know that character. I certainly don't think it would've grossed a billion had it been called 'Arthur' and be completely divorced of the IP. The reverence for the Joker character coupled with the great reviews is what got most people into theaters to start. Hell, I remember getting a text from my mother saying she was interested in seeing it, and there is no way in hell that would've happened if it wasn't the Joker.
  3. Blade Runner 2049 wasn't unleashed for "free" on the world on opening day, 'nor was the marketing playing it up as a much more audience friendly film than it really is. It did go from sitting at 8.5-8.4 during its entire theatrical run to quickly dropping once it became available on VOD. Dune can have a much more extreme reaction much faster.
  4. Once it hits HBO Max (and torrent sites), there's gonna be loads of people giving it a casual watch on their laptops thinking "this was supposed to be good, and I like sci-fi", get really bored almost immediately, and the IMDb rating subsequently goes down significantly. It's gonna do that anyway, but unleashing it on the world for "free" that soon will only make it more extreme. Not that this matters lol, but I wouldn't put any stock in the 8.7 it currently has, 'nor compare it to Joker.
  5. Reached 100 reviews now, 77% and the average rating has gone up to 6.4/10. Certified fresh looking more likely.
  6. It's a great film, a breath of fresh air for big blockbuster filmmaking. In the age of quips, and an excessive need to look at the audience and nod to confirm that "yes, we know big concepts are silly"... this has the same level of maturity to the way it approaches scenes and characters as great indie dramas, just with a budget and scope that makes it look bigger than the biggest blockbusters. I was very high on it to start, after a little while it started petering out even though it remained very good, but then something would happen that brought it up again, and kept moving along
  7. Chalamet is far removed from the usual main character in a big blockbuster. Potentially not the best for a general audience mostly familiar with Marvel performances, but a huge win for me looking for anything different in big movies. He's really great in it, and brings a level of maturity to how he approaches the role that puts the performance many notches above other franchise leads. I could say the same for many aspects of the film.
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