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  1. ... well yes, of course Sony is not in a good position on this? That's my entire point. Not being in a good position so Disney can get what they want.
  2. I know all this, but it's usually not as public as this and involves a mob of people calling for pointless boycotts against Sony unless they sign whatever Disney says. If it had just been stupid people on the internet, fine, but now the actors are getting involved as well and rallying against Sony.
  3. I don't fear for myself or because I have any kind of stake or care in either company, I fear about the precedent that would set if Disney managed to get their way here. You're putting words in my mouth like how it would financially affect me which company gets to decide where Spider-Man will piss, I don't care about that. I'd much rather Spider-Man (and all superheroes) took a break from movies completely over any of this. I don't care for Sony, but I do care about what kind of monstrous precedent it would set for the industry if Disney gets their way. Especially considering how much it seems like Disney threw this to the press to make Sony seem like the bad guys. If it's in any way a tactic by Disney to get Sony to sign that paper, it's bad.
  4. I really fear Sony will be bullied into accepting Disney's ludicrous terms.
  5. This is fucking hysterical, I love this, I laugh hard at this, and I can't wait to see where this goes. Disney's greedy, Sony's stupid, it's perfect.
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