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  1. I'll probably see it in theaters, but does anyone really care? Even if it's good, I just can't muster any kind of excitement for it.
  2. Since his arrest in 1997, his songs have appeared in movies and shows like MST3k, Small Soldiers, Jack Frost, Sex and the City, Family Guy, two American Pie sequels, Patty Jenkins' Monster, Meet the Fockers, One Tree Hill, The Office, South Park, Glee, Elementary, Boyhood, and Gotham.
  3. You'd have to do some pretty insane mental gymnastics to find Hereditary of all movies transphobic.
  4. It was a joke, but Joker is clearly not supposed to be as old as Joaquin is. Rather 30 something, and has aged poorly due to stress etc. With Batman you can easily claim he's 10 during this movie, and starts being Batman at 25 (Pattinson doesn't look that old). 25 year old Batman, 48 year old Joker. Not the most insane thing. But I don't want this movie to be connected to anything.
  5. This is how Joker gets reworked into Matt Reeves' Batman universe lmao
  6. 228 reviews on RT have ratings. 119 of them giving the movie an 8/10 or above (that's 52%). 35 being 8/10, 37 being 9/10, and 47 being 10/10. That means 20.6% of all the reviews with ratings gave it their top score. Pretty damn unusual for a film with a 7.34/10 average rating and 69%.
  7. Really enjoyed it. Has some of my favorite ideas in any comic book movie, and it's a very impressive gradual process from the beginning to the end that never feels like it's taking to big a leap. It feels incredibly organic.
  8. They wait this long, and it dips below 75% after they do it lol.
  9. With the two recent reviews on RT, the film now has 109 reviews with ratings. 28 of them have the equivalent of a 9/10 rating, and 27 are 10/10. Combined it's just over half of the total amount of ratings. Pretty unprecedented for a movie with a 7.68/10 average rating.
  10. Once again we're back to a mere 2 out of the last 20 reviews being rotten. The average rating for these 20 reviews is 8.16/10, it's trending upwards quite a bit.
  11. Perfectly right on cue, 2 rottens to bring the average and percentage back down.
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