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  1. Bumblebee won't stay at 97% lol, but I'm not convinced Poppins will be higher. Closer than it currently is though.
  2. That's why Kowalski is a supporting character lol.
  3. With a high avg rating like this, I'm expecting the percentage to go up.
  4. Can also be noted that at 61 reviews in MOS was at 66% with a 6.8/10 avg rating, which really shows the love it/hate it extremes.
  5. Lmao that's amazing. I know it's not automatic, but it happens. It happened to Alien: Covenant just last year lmao.
  6. Basically, if you get up to 75% at some point after 80 reviews, you get certified fresh. If you happen to dip beneath 70% after that - it's revoked.

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