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  1. Lucas

    Annabelle 3 | July 3, 2019 | Warner Bros

    This movie better be good now.
  2. https://ew.com/movies/2018/10/11/johnny-depp-grindelwald-interview/ lot's of stuff here obviously but I'd like to point out what Yates said about Depp's "improvisational touches": I really loved how Depp used the wand in the trailer so this got me even more excited.
  3. Loving the unique posters to this. The longer this franchise can stay away from floating heads, the better.
  4. How do you go from directing Zombieland and fall into nothing but dumpsterfires after that.
  5. The current 26/100 on MetaCritic is worse than Fant4stic, Batman & Robin, Catwoman, both Ghost Rider movies and nearly worse than Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.
  6. Peter Bradshaw coming in hot with 20/100 on MetaCritic.
  7. This has been a fucking blast to read through. Thank you everyone for your participation and special thanks to the PR for this motion picture. I wasn't gonna see it but now I am.
  8. This shot in particular makes it look like something like that will happen for Credence.
  9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2018/09/25/superb-new-fantastic-beasts-2-trailer-hints-at-dumbledores-sexuality/#d4693945abce Mendelson's onboard.
  10. There is no way this is making less money than the first film. Really strong trailer with even more interesting visual ideas and possibilities for the story, but yet again I can definitely see it being muddled but I hope they manage to sort it out by its release. Really looking forward to seeing Newt again.

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