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  1. Did they really think $15 a month wouldn't look quite ridiculous next to the other streaming services, especially launching just a few months after Disney+?
  2. Disappointing but if you have to dump it on streaming at least they didn't make it as insane as Disney+'s subscription fee + $30 for Mulan.
  3. Very solid, not toptier, doesn't make me more or less excited. Not a lot of colors but a whole lot of sulking. Had Villeneuve's name not been on it my excitement would be midtier at best.
  4. Ah so they're doing what I thought they would.
  5. I would assume they're testing to make sure Pattinson didn't infect anyone. If they're all ok, could they potentially reschedule and start shooting around Pattinson to cover the scenes he's not in first?
  6. One person is enough to infect everyone else there, it's not that hardcore to shut it all down for a while.
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