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  1. I was gonna buy food today but those shelves at the grocery stores around me are ridiculously empty so I failed, smh. Will try again tomorrow, but other than that I've managed to set everything aside so I can fully quarantine myself indoors.
  2. I'm thinking more James Wan would be the one to want to be more accessible if a casual audience hated it.
  3. If it really does push for giallo, I struggle to think any regular viewing audience would fall in love with it. Hopefully this isn't going to be a case of test screenings doing poorly so they change it around to make it more accessible.
  4. @ViewerAnon how's it compared to the other Monsterverse entries?
  5. Review embargo dropped and it's looking as solid as the early word.
  6. ayy I like this a lot. Not up there with You Know My Name and Skyfall but it's better than the Spectre one.
  7. HOLY FUCK IT HAPPENED! So fucking happy for Parasite, and I didn't even have to sacrifice any predictions. This was my best year yet, 22/24 right.
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