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  1. Would be funny if he instead slated the movie because he didn't get credited lol
  2. They've been really hesitant with slapping a certified fresh on this one over at RT lmao. 182 reviews in at 76% and they still won't do it just in case it dips. At this point they should get it over with, the average rating is strong enough and the flood of reviews has slowed down.
  3. Ah, so it's about how extreme fandom is a mistake and does almost nothing but cause misery for viewers, creators, and franchises under the guise of the next generations now being trapped in a legacy sequel of their own making. Not everything works, but I cannot deny it's a Scream film. I don't think it's as sharply pointed (lol) as any of the Kevin Williamson scripts, 'nor is it as charming as any of the Wes Craven directed films, but a fifth film in a franchise about a guy in a halloween costume chasing someone up the stairs should not be this solid. The opening and the third act
  4. Just saw the fourth one and it's such a strong return to form after three. 10 fucking minutes in and it has managed to parody the opening of the first one, comment on the Scary Movie parodies, the torture-porn subgenre of the 2000s, the Scream franchise's own legacy, the needless horror sequels and remakes, modern technology's affect on the genre, and also digs at Jason X and Scream 3. The supporting characters, & the third act reveal are the best they've been since the first film, and damn it's so much more alive than a legacy sequel has a right to be. Indeed visually though i
  5. What the hell would they title the next film
  6. If it can hold on to a low 7 average rating, that'll be big for this type of movie.
  7. Some hardore raves out there. TheWraps became a 93 on MetaCritic.
  8. I do not see the love for 3 at all, especially in relation to the other films. Even a mere two minutes into it it's noticeably worse in dialogue, choice of location, and as a film in an ongoing conversation with the genre it is in. It makes no sense to me how Scream 2 can open with a joke about the trope of a woman taking a shower while a killer stalks her in the Stab film, and then the Scream 3 opening does that but for real. I love the opening to the three other films, they're brilliantly subversive and clever, and then there's Scream 3 being the most tired version of a slasher opening it ca
  9. I'm guessing there's no CGI Wes Craven at the end.
  10. How about compared to the other Screams?
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