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  1. They could give him another spinoff TCU movie, it's the fact that it's The Conjuring 3.
  2. It's utterly bizarre that this wasn't marketed as a Conjuring Universe movie from the very beginning, there would definitely be more hype. Of course that's fine now as it won't damage the brand as much lol.
  3. Yeah it doesn't look that busy lol. Visual-effects meetings on Endgame just sounds like it'd be other people telling him how things are going and probably show him some footage and he'll go "that looks good, that looks less good maybe put some more work on that", meeting about a costume design for something not coming out until about 2023 would be just as easy "yeah it looks good but something might be off with it, give me some more options by monday, we have years to get this right". Also imagine reviewing work on a theme park attraction as part of your job 😂
  4. It'd be awesome for the numbers if it happens but I'm still out. It'll probably be very close but 1B seems too perfect.
  5. You do realize that if we had literally seen his face in the trailer multiple times he'd be trending just as much. A laugh followed by Ian McDiarmid on stage is just as much of a confirmation that he's back as official footage of the Emperor would be.
  6. No way there was ever a plan. Palpy stand-in in The Force Awakens because they didn't have Palpy at their disposal, Palpy stand-in in The Last Jedi who they then kill off to get rid of a Palpy figure... Actual Palpy returns in The Rise of Skywalker. Why would anyone plan out their trilogy like this?
  7. In a single trailer, Ep 9 has already brought more fanservice things back from the past than The Last Jedi.
  8. I actually laughed out loud watching this. It came across like someone taking shots from a nature documentary and making a fake Lion King trailer out of it. It's the kinda thing I'd think was so well done it'd make me laugh and enjoy it in a meme way.
  9. Opens with a 37 on MetaCritic.
  10. https://www.slashfilm.com/hellboy-review/ Biiiig oof
  11. I believe we have a couple of hours to go before the embargo drops (maybe I'm wrong, I dunno), but one review seems to have sipped through the cracks on RT as usual.

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