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  1. Pretty interesting comments, new stuff from the twitter guy is also pretty interesting. When asked if the ending was bittersweet he said "more just bitter", also mentioned that while the climax needs to be refined in the editing room, it means interesting things for the rest of the series. Oh and Leta was the character he enjoyed watching the most.
  2. Really enjoying the posters for this, hope we see more like it in this universe.
  3. I can only assume if it's flashbacks like those, the problem is only how they're weaved into the movie in the current cut because like @TheBigYawn said, they sound exciting to watch.
  4. It was never a bad situation, but if a lot of it purely comes from him not liking flashbacks and not the flashbacks themselves, sure.
  5. There's definitely that too, but that's most Potter movies, that kind of composition is used heavily in Prisoner of Azkaban as well. It's also a possession story, literally just Harry Potter doing their version of The Exorcist, with literally an exorcism scene by the end of it.
  6. That's when it depends on what you want the movie to be about. What they clearly went for is a movie about dreams and reality and blurring the lines between them. So the opening of the movie is rather odd with Dementors showing up out of nowhere and then to make it weirder, this old lady knows about magic and then of course you have the Dursleys not believing in it, thinking it's all fake and Harry's fucking about as usual. Setting a kind of "is this real, is this not and how do we convince people either way?" mood for the rest of the movie.
  7. I agree it's the worst edited of the series, it focuses on the right thing for what the movie wanted to be about (dreams/reality blabla themes) but I'd be really curious to see an edit that was... maybe 20 minutes longer.
  8. That's not even what I'm saying... You're assuming far too much, like cutting things would somehow make it automatically bad or that I don't trust Heyman and Yates when I've been one of their biggest supporters.
  9. Most likely, but when multiple people brings it up (even multiple people at test screenings), there could be something to it.
  10. This one's interesting. I've seen interviews with Redmayne who's brought up multiple scenes that got cut. Is this David Yates going Order of the Phoenix on the movie (a lotta cutting, that is)?
  11. It's the difference in tastes that we are pointing out.

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