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  1. Pretty wild that 6, 8, Hobbs & Shaw, and now F9 all were at 73% at this point on RT (30 fresh 11 rotten). Furious 7 was quite a bit ahead with 88%, and Fast Five with 83%
  2. I'll add to this that I also agree that FFH is a rotten film (and multiple other recent Marvel films), and I'm not particularly looking forward to BW either. All of that is fine, but you cannot ignore that he has positive reviews for a whopping 88% of all films he has reviewed (that are on RT). That does not scream "clearly he has a preference for DC", he just finds things to like about most movies in general.
  3. I'm saying stop trying to claim a critic is DC biased or has an agenda against Marvel. Even changing it to "personal taste/preference" in the case of Menzel is far from accurate when he has positive reviews for 7 of Marvel's last 9 movies.
  4. Stop this. (and no Captain Marvel is not his 2nd highest rated since 2017, you're forgetting Black Panther). But stop this.
  5. The quote-tweets to Menzel are fucking horrible and wildly unsurprising.
  6. There's far more that goes into it then that but none of this has anything to do with my original post lol. You're saying all of this like it's obvious they would end up with a disaster on their hands just because they let Steve Kloves rewrite a screenplay, even though getting critical approval has literally never been a problem before for any film Kloves has written (even outside of Potter).
  7. He's a solid screenwriter (and an Oscar nominated one before Potter), and has already adapted half a dozen Potter books into critically acclaimed films. That's not just some accident he stumbled into over and over again to massive success. "He had the books to rely on" sure, but you're saying that like he's starting from scratch here when he literally has a finished Rowling script by his side just like the books.
  8. I'm very curious what went on for them to delay the movie so Steve Kloves could rewrite the script to fix things, then go ahead and finally shoot the new and improved version, only to then still end up with a disaster that needs a ton of reshoots. These are delays on top of delays just to keep reworking every single part of a film's production lol.
  9. Love many things in Crystal Skull, and pretty much all of them are Spielberg directorial choices (and most are in the first half of the film), so I remain quite sad that he's not doing this. But fuck it, I'll take what I can get.
  10. Looking forward to this but the title is really annoying.
  11. Oh yeah, I was watching the movie and got to the classic Conjuring opening text crawl that these movies have - except the text wasn't crawling, it was a static fade in and fade out thing until the title. It irritated me a lot when it happened because I thought that was such a pointless change and that they should've just been consistent with the first two films. It also felt awkwardly paced and I barely had time to read the text before it faded out and the next section faded in. I didn't think about it too much after that, I just watched the rest of the movie. ... until a few hours
  12. I can't yet decide between this and Annabelle Comes Home, but the others are very clear to me. 1. The Conjuring 2 2. The Conjuring 3-4. Annabelle Comes Home/Conjuring 3 5. Annabelle Creation 6. The Nun 7. Annabelle 8. The Curse of La Llorona (shouldn't even be fucking on here)
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