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  1. No, but the Friday numbers seem to be extremely inflated for all the movies in the top 5 (compared to previous years) so I expect a 5-15% drop on Sat for all of the top 5 movies this Friday, except for Breakthrough.
  2. Wouldn't Saturday decrease especially because of this huge 157% jump?
  3. How come Disney hasn't release 24 hour view count for this movie?
  4. I love the second GOTG movie especially because of how it hones in its themes on family. I loved how the whole opening credits sequence was just the GOTG characters acting as Groot's parents. IW also carried some of that. Honestly, I think the GOTG characters are the reason I found IW to be at least enjoyable.
  5. I just rewatched Black Panther and I liked it a lot more this time. The characters stood out a lot more, I found it a lot easier to empathise with Killmonger, and the score still rocks. The only problem is the soundtrack which was just forced into the movie (clearly for marketing and merch purposes) and the songs chosen and the songs Kendrick created for the movie were extremely subpar. I also thought that some of the stuff from before Killmonger comes to Wakanda could have been cut or made shorter because Killmonger comes to Wakanda real late into the movie and the real conflict only starts after the one hour mark meaning that the conflict wasn't as fleshed out as I wanted it to be. I still think the conflict was brilliantly done and the movie was still able to get its message out beautifully. Still have Infinity War and Ant-man and the Wasp to rewatch.
  6. I think Dumbo's drop is too low. I'm expecting more like 40% drop.
  7. I thought this was the funniest line from Infinity War. I bet James Gunn added this line in: Rocket (to Groot): Ever since you got a little sap, you’re a total b-hole. Keep it up and I’m going to smash that thing to pieces.
  8. A lot of people hate it because they don't like Thor to be more of a comedic character but I think he works better as a comedic character and Chris Hemsworth is better as a comedic actor. He was even the funniest part of that Ghostbusters remake.
  9. No. But the guy who leaked the footage talked about who dies later I think.
  10. According to an earlier leak that corroborates with this video leak, what you said won't happen.
  11. Was a private screening so the theater can't be liable. If anything it will be the billionaire who would be liable and if you know anything about super-rich arab guys (especially from Saudi), they can easily get away with anything scot-free.
  12. lorddemaxus

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I knew he was assassinated on the 14th but I thought he died right away. TIL.
  13. lorddemaxus

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    April 15th is a terrible day. It's the same day the Titanic sunk, the bosting bombings happened, tiananmen square protest/massacre started, Hillsborough disaster happened, a day after Lincoln's death and now this.
  14. Too bad that Uglydolls is releasing a week before and will clear the drought.
  15. You haven't even read any of the studies to call them bigoted though. Bigotry is only bigotry when it is hateful and unreasonable. Outside of my use of the word "hobo" (which I already apologised for), there is nothing that I said that would make me a classist or ignorant. And you have constantly stereotyped people who study in international schools as idiots (and have used that as a derogatory term towards me) and I could consider that as bigotry too. Either way, good thing I don't see you contribute much out here. I mean at least not enough for me to care about if you think my positions are credible or not.

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