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  1. I would personally say this is his best since Alien Covenant. And under The Counselor is astoundingly awful. A talky medival drama might be a hard sell it's nowhere near as of a hard sell as something like The Counselor. They really should've tried selling this as an epic (which it isn't) and focused on the last duel. But I guess it's target audience was never gonna come for this.
  2. People I follow and love gory films just saw the film and outside of the gore, the movie has literally nothing going on. Kinda hard to give a shit when the deaths are of random characters.
  3. Nah, as long as studios overwork CG artists to create weightless goop because it's cheaper and easier (kinda related to a topic that's been hot on this thread over the past couple days), hating on it is completely fine.
  4. But this doesn't work when you consider that they seemed to think that the first film was good.
  5. Loved it. Brutal film. Proof that the only filmmakers making actual movies for adults within the studio system today have been doing it for decades. And this looks like it was made for 10x the budget of the other Jodie Comer Fox movie that released this year. One thing that stood out to me is the movie's suggestion about how a woman's rape is turned into entertainment for the masses (which works on a meta-level). And I definitely didn't expect horse-fucking lol.
  6. Why are you using some rumor mill as a source? You know this is bullshit when a simple google search would show you that editors do fall under IATSE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_Picture_Editors_Guild
  7. Feel like people complaining about talking too much about this are the same people who complained about talking too much about COVID at its early stages even when it became clear there would be a big impact.
  8. You do realize there are a lot non-VFX things to post-prod that does involve IATSE? In fact even VFX-related workers like VFX editors are unionized.
  9. Bulgarian and Indian companies aren't capable of doing a lot of stuff needed for Hollywood productions.
  10. Pretty sure outsourcing like that is illegal. Edit: Seems like it's not actually. But still, there's a lot of complicated work done in post-prod for big movies like this that can't just be outsourced.
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