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  1. Then who do you think is brigading the RT audience score? The Boogeyman?
  2. Are those guys illiterate? Or they being thick intentionally? It was BOP that predicted 140-180 mil, not the industry. The industry predicted 100 mil right from the start and increased it to 120 mil last week.
  3. lorddemaxus

    Tuesday Numbers 2/19/19

    Wtf. The Lego Movie 2 made more this Tuesday than last Tuesday?
  4. How about your Alita over Ant Man and the Wasp club?
  5. As a Been Mendelsohn Stan that makes me really happy.
  6. Why would critics be on discord, Twitter or Facebook groups? It is more likely the audiences who rate on RT are on those groups (especially discord, why would critics ever form a group on discord? Most probably don't even know what it is). Critics don't use Facebook either as a way to form groups with other critics either. Like I said, there are a dozen or so servers for audiences to talk about the movie on discord, fan groups on Facebook, etc. Critics don't have that. I mean the people who are brigading Captain Marvel RT audience score are mostly from a few dozen anti-SJW groups.
  7. Then ignore what she says and just go have your escapism by watching the movie. You aren't forced to read or listen to everything she says.
  8. Some random blog and geeks and gamers (aka incel trash) are your sources of her being anti-white and anti-male? That indiewire article doesn't count since they are only reporting what Larson said. They don't call her any of that crap. They never even interject their opinion. She legit just said she wants a more diverse range of press reviewing the movie and interviewing her and the Captain Marvel team. She didn't say white men aren't allowed to do any of that.
  9. Both Star Treks surely broke even and maybe even profited. Their respective domestic grosses were pretty big and should have covered a big portion of their budget. If studios say otherwise, it is bullshit Hollywood accounting.
  10. Lol at the outrage at her saying something that has nothing to do with identity politics. She is talking about how people can find it easier to tell stories because of things like phones. You can just make a movie with a phone nowadays. Guess the nerds needed something to be angry about.
  11. What she said makes sense. It is easier for people to make movies (including women) now because of things like phones. I mean High Flying Bird just released and was filmed with an iPhone and is probably the best film of the year right now. What she said has nothing to do with SJW-ness or diversity.
  12. She isn't attacking anyone and many critics have come out in support of her.
  13. THR updated their Captain Marvel predictions:
  14. Black Panther and Percy Jackson had a better drop but that is it. But the multipliers of both movies won't get Alita to 140 mil.

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