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  1. I don't even want to get into it much but the people creating the controversy surrounding Wilde's character seem to be exaggerating her portrayal in the movie. She seems to have a relationship with the FBI officer in the movie (and isn't just paying with sex). In real life, she was in a relationship with an Atlanta PD officer.
  2. Pure Bayhem is when he knows its ridiculous. I hated it whenever the movie decides to be a serious thriller about modern day Middle Eastern politics. Needed more stuff like the magnetic boat setpiece.
  3. What's with these terrible Marriage Story takes on Twitter? I'm seeing the same crap with The Irishman
  4. Below 90% doesn't sound that good for a sequel to a seemingly beloved movie. I would have expected 92% or 93%
  5. Based on what I've heard about this movie, it seems to be exploiting hot topics like feminism and toxic masculinity for brownie points and explores those topics ineptly. The actual horror aspect also seems pretty generic which is a shame. People should watch 2006 remake. Its really creative at times and probably one of the better horror remakes out there.
  6. Wouldn't 5.5 in previews mean 60mil+ for the weekend? I don't see the previews to OW multiplier go below 11x.
  7. Should be an international Netflix release on Jan 31st then. Great to finally see a proper international release date.
  8. Literally no one is gonna say or read the subtitle though. Have you ever heard anyone say Birdman (or the Unexpected virtue of ignorance)? Nah, it's just Birdman. There's a reason why it's in brackets. The title here is just Birds of Prey.
  9. @TMP Iger's gonna have a meeting with Scorsese. Same kinda meeting that Jimmy Hoffa had with Tony Pro in Florida?: https://www.indiewire.com/2019/12/disney-ceo-bob-iger-meeting-scorsese-mcu-diss-1202196911/
  10. Nah, that was the Spike VGX Awards. That was before The Game Awards (which was created because the VGX Awards was a shitshow and died). I think McHale did present an award last year or the year before at The Game Awards though.
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