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  1. Has AQP2 even restarted marketing yet? There's been no new trailer or anything.
  2. Slightly better daily holds for the weekend than Broly would give it around 6.5-7 mil. I'm going with 6.9
  3. You don't think a blockbuster will get nominated, especially after such a unemderwhelming year? I think Dune is likely getting a nomination. Its going to be the big tech contender of the year and unlike BR2049, it wont have a film like Dunkirk releasing the same year. Also, your list has 5 Fox films and I don't think one studio has gotten 5 BP noms in the same year. I think the O. Russell project (he's definitely having an expose coming out soon) and Next Goal Wins aren't getting anywhere. Also, the screenplay for Don't Look Up is giving me doubts that it'll be big. I know Vice did well, but Vice released very late and got carried by pre-release buzz.
  4. Don't Look Up is probably DOA, but I think Streep's nom is almost guaranteed. She's basically playing a female Trump in the movie and it sounds dumb, but seems like the kind of role voters will love.
  5. Didn't watch much but watched some pretty good films over the past two weeks
  6. Didn't care much for this movie, but the best part is that this adds to Taslim's relatively successful Hollywood career. He had a great supporting role in F&F 6 and in Warrior, and now he's in a successful video game movie playing an iconic character. Really hoping he becomes what Iko Uwais didn't really manage to (Uwais really deserved better roles in better movies).
  7. The quote I brought up wasn't him talking to Disney execs tho but him talking to the interview about his own thoughts. Plus the other quote of him talking to Disney execs seems to me like he's bragging to Disney execs that the film looks great just because it's shot on location. On a side note, the implication that Feige hired Zhao without seeing any of her previous films is weird too (when he says he didn't understand this was her "signature style" until after he saw Nomadland, after they shot Eternals).
  8. Nah, no one's taking a dig at Zhao or saying that anyone can make a film look great on practical locations. They're making fun of the fact that Feige's acting like he's never shot stuff outside of a studio before. Dude's just owning himself right here:
  9. Shooting a movie in actual locations instead of a green screen being touted as some radical, innovative idea is pretty hilarious.
  10. Yeah, but the Nomadland being the last thing of the night wouldn't have been nearly as talked about as Boseman winning being the last thing of the night. Nomadland would've won regardless of whether it was the first thing to win or the last, so I don't see why Disney would care about having Nomadland last. Not really the first time the network has tried to influence what goes where in the Oscars either.
  11. People are blaming the producer for the mess but I think people are ignoring that maybe the network/Disney might've made the decision to move the categories around for Boseman. They very clearly had a big influence during the ceremony today (bigger than the past couple of years I feel) and have the power to do something like that and ending with Boseman would've boosted ratings for them. Will defenitely be interesting to see if more info will come out of this.
  12. I feel like if anything's gonna pull more people to watch the Oscars next year, it would probably be the two big musicals. Will likely be the biggest crowdpleasers of all the contenders. In The Heights probably has a shot at first post-pandemic $150 mil+ gross.
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