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  1. Since this franchise is moving to TV (which is a shame), is Dune Part 2 the only theatrical release Legendary has coming up?
  2. What? Their two biggest tentpole shows from last year suck.
  3. Barry Keoghan being in the movie was confirmed ages ago. His name is in the description of the teaser trailer. He plays some police officer or something.
  4. The best post-Burton Batman movie is the previous longest one, so I'll take it.
  5. Finished rewatching the Bay Transformers movies and I doubt this will look even half as good as the ugliest looking one (the first one).
  6. Already pushed the boundaries with the hair sex in the first film.
  7. Some of the jokes go on for too long (that Louis CK one for example) but appreciate a show that's this unabashedly stupid. That reveal in the final moments of episode 2 would be something that would be "serious" in other shows but Gunn just leans into how stupid it looks and I was was laughing my ass off here.
  8. Beating Hawkeye doesn't mean much considering that it wasn't quite highly viewed (compared to other Disney+ tentpole shows) either.
  9. So... is this show a flop? Seems like most people are bored as fuck and viewership numbers are low.
  10. Just finished Scream 4 earlier today and is now my favourite of the franchise (and even more relevant to the state of Hollywood franchise pics now). Would've been the perfect way to end the franchise too, but I guess someone knew that there's more money to be made. 4, 1, 3, 2 is my ranking
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