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  1. A smaller film but this is one of my most anticipated movies of the year. Going straight to MUBI:
  2. lmao, for all the shit this movie gets, it's as fun as most modern day superhero movies.
  3. That's not how this works lmao. Disney has gotta also order WB and Paramount to give IMAX screens to Eternals.
  4. That's a great one. I was surprised they actually managed to finish the series so perfectly but they managed to give each and every character a completely earned ending.
  5. Finally started watching Community since it's on Netflix now and I'm having a lot of fun already. One of the very few sitcoms I'm actually enjoying right from the start. Might be the first sitcom I'll actually finish till the end (couldn't finish The Office after Carrell left, Friends and Big Bang Theory are unbearable, How I Met Your Mother is fun but just haven't gotten around to finishing it, and wasn't able to finish S4 of Arrested Development) unless the previous season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was its last season. Also binged season 5 Breaking Bad last week after 2 years of slowly watching the series and I loved it. Rian Johnson's final episode was the best and the ending to the show was somehow both heartbreaking but cathartic. Can't get into El Camino though. It just looks like a bad fan-film.
  6. Although of course not as big as Endgame, I remember Frozen 2, Spiderman (I think releasing on a weekday deflated pre-sales tho), Joker, and The Lion King having big presales.
  7. Bloodshot was the kind of B-movie trash I enjoy. Corny as hell and feels like it was made in the early 2000s or 90s but was also kind of interesting thematically. First proper guilty pleasure of 2020 for me.
  8. An entire grade isn't going to be forced to graduate a year late because of this. That's just gonna cause an problem 4 years later when there won't be any college grads looking for work. I'm doing the UK syllabus (which is completely standardised) and even we don't have to graduate a year later. I doubt kids will be forced to graduate a year later in places like the US where the final exams aren't standardised.
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