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  1. It's 6 in the morning in California right now. He probably just woke up.
  2. I'm still pretty skeptical about Free Guy's reviews. Atm at 70 on critics choice which would usually mean a pretty mixed score from the aggregate sites.
  3. Nah, I'm right. Do show me any piece of marketing that focuses on the "emotion". Everything focused on 3d and the spectacle of the film. Also, 2001 A Space Odyssey was a hit.
  4. The buzz around the film is the scale and spectacle, which definitely attracts a wide audience. If people wanted "emotions" and "story", the highest grossing movie of all time would not be Avatar (or any blockbuster in fact).
  5. I stopped watching Rick and Morty after Season 2. My friends are still into it for some reason. I watched the Planetina episode from the new season with them and I couldn't even finish it (they had a pretty muted response too so don't get why they keep watching).
  6. I'm not sure why people are thinking that @Plain Old Tele would pretend that it isn't terrible for TSS if it opens to similar numbers. I'm pretty sure he would think it's terrible like most people here. Weird whataboutism.
  7. Seems more like Netflix itself was concerned with Blonde's quality and cancelled its Venice premiere (I guess it makes sense why the person who talked about Blonde and Macbeth not going to Venice explicitly said Macbeth was rejected but refused to explicitly say that about Blonde). https://www.worldofreel.com/blog/2021/7/aqk3sp3cyzf6efgkjjgsw66liz36do
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