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  1. Yeah he isn't. Even if he was a prick (which, again, he isn't), he won't be the biggest. He's competing against people like Roman Polanski. That is hard competition.
  2. That was sarcasm. I'm just saying you're using the same argument used by TLJ haters. Although I know that TLJ was actually a pretty good movie, calling Snyder a prick because you don't like his movies is dumb.
  3. Snyder has his huge weaknesses but he also made the best zombie movie and best action horror movie of the century with one movie so it balances out.
  4. Kes, The Wind the Shakes the Barley, and Up the Junction (the other version is good too but Ken Loach's version isn't talked about much even though it helped shape UK's abortion laws) are brilliant too. I honestly doubt we would find many filmmakers as brave as Ken Loach. He's one of the very few filmmakers who are actually interested at interrogating the status quo in such a deep way (which is also why his movies are also so influential in the UK).
  5. If you told me this at the start of the year I would have agreed with you but after rewatching it, I realised how much I missed. I loved how the film was embedded in spirituality and religion and explored death and the beauty of life. Even the seemingly mediocre villain is part of what gives the movie its substance. Honestly, everyone who didn't like the movie the first time should rewatch it. It's probably the most rewarding movie to rewatch out of any MCU film.
  6. I'm REALLY excited for BoP because it actually looks interesting and weird and fun (based on the plot leaks and trailer). I am a bit interested to watch Wonder Woman 1984 and Doctor Strange 2 but that's because I really liked their previous solo movies. Everything else that has a proper release date looks boring as hell and the constant fanboy talk is just tiring to see. Same thing with Star Wars too which is why I'm glad that TROS is the last Skywalker movie. Im not interested in any upcoming Star Wars movie after TROS except for the RJ movie.
  7. I mean I guess people assume showing the police wage war against white supremacists means that it shows the police in a positive light. But the show clearly shows the police with similar fascist imagery to the Kavalry and even condemns them for being trigger happy (that opening scene and the guy in the panda mask telling off others officers for wanting to freely use weapons). Also the police interrogation scenes were more disturbing than cool.
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