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  1. Please watch The Age of Innocence (his best film), Hugo, Raging Bull, or any of his religious films before saying he makes dark and cynical movies. He is only known for his dark and cynical movies (except Raging Bull which is very much a heartfelt movie).
  2. No songs = no billion Without songs, it wouldn't be any different from other Chinese historical epics and China wouldn't give a shit about the movie. And why the hell would it makes 350 mil in Japan?
  3. I keep seeing that June Pixar film referenced. Will it even release? Still no announcement of what the movie is. At least we knew the concept of Onwards two years ago and got a title announcement last year. Still nothing for the June film. I think Tenet is guaranteed because Inception made 291 mil and this movie will be similar to that. Even Dunkirk and Interstellar were only 10 mil away from 200 mil and both were more niche films than Tenet.
  4. Unlike Pikachu (or the entire Pokemon franchise), the Joker has already been in three huge films (Batman, TDK, and Suicide Squad) and was one of the main selling points of two of those.
  5. Unlike Pikachu or Poppins this will have a big opening. Legs will be terrible. The movie will need to be executed with absolute perfection to work but even then, the movie is still too dark. 80 mil OW and 190 mil DOM finish seems about right to me. 200 mil OS also seems about right.
  6. The animals in the Jungle Book looked relatively more cartoony. Nowhere near as photorealistic as this. And that movie also had a human kid (who couldn't really emote himself but still was enough to get the audiences to relate). This movie is all animals.
  7. This is basically me. I don't really care about WB as a company and hate their owners but I mostly end up supporting their movies because I usually like them or am hyped for them. I mean I have liked The Lego Movie 2, Shazam, and Detective Pikachu than every other big studio film released yet except for John Wick 3 and Endgame (only liked this more than Shazam and Pikachu). I'm also guessing I will like It 2, The Kitchen, and Dr Sleep quite a lot too. I'll end even up supporting Joker because I want more mid budget superhero films. WB has been giving the kind of films I want so I end up supporting their films. It's not even something that started as an adult. Even as a kid, Cartoon Network and the old WB cartoons (Looney Tunes and the Hanna Barbera stuff) was all I watched.
  8. Mainly an affair between European countries and I'm pretty sure that the fact that it portrayed The Central Power like they were Nazis alienated half those countries too.
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