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  1. I don't think doing "well" internationally well help the movie much though. Like, it could make 300 mil OS (which I think is decent) and still be a flop.
  2. Nah, if it loses DGA and SAG, it will be a frontrunner but I think 1917 can still win.
  3. But I think the chances of the DGA not giving the award to Mendes is pretty low though so if 1917 wins the PGA, then I think its winning Best Picture (unless it somehow loses at the DGA).
  4. If 1917 wins at the PGA, I think it's the frontrunner above OUATIH and Parasite because it will also likely win the DGA.
  5. There should never be another Pirates movie that Gore Verbenski's isn't attached to. He's the reason that first three movies were so good.
  6. Even with the brand damage the second film did, I think this is too pessemistic.
  7. For the superhero movies: The Batman - 520mil/1.35 bil Spider-man 3: 450mil/1.2 bil Thor 3: 380 mil/1.15 bil Dr Strange 2 - 320/1.05bil Suicide Squad - 290 mil/800 mil (I think WB could incorporate some sort of synergy with Batman here even if they are part of different universes similar to what Sony did with Venom) Black Adam - 180 mil/500 mil Few other blockbusters: Avatar 2 - 650 mil/2 bil Jurassic World 3: 350 mil/1.3 bil F&F 10: 220 mil/1.1 bil The Matrix 4: 380 mil/950 mil Mission Impossible 7: 260 mil/820 mil (The final film will cross 300 mil dom and a billion WW)
  8. Parasite is probably winning editing then. Three of the last five editing-drama winners won editing at the Oscars.
  9. Birds of Prey, Sonic, Dune, West Side Story, Croods 2, Tom and Jerry will make more than Dolittle. Oh wait, you think they aren't blockbusters just because you don't like them.
  10. So WB is doing a university screening of the movie at the University of Michigan on the 29th (same day as the London screening). I'm guessing that means the US premiere is sometime between the Mexico premiere and the UK premiere. Seems good to me. Edit: theres no Mexico premiere. Seems like the cast will just be in Mexico to promote the movie. The premiere part seems to be some BS rumour. Seems like the actual world premiere is the London one.
  11. Yeah, seems like this song is a flop. Confused why they didn't release the Halsey song today. Espescially considering that her new album released today. I'm pretty sure the next two singles will do better tho.
  12. Aquaman's second trailer had worse views than Shazam's second trailer. I guess Aquaman wasn't a breakout. I know the first trailer had more views but a sharper decline in views from first to second trailer must be bad right? Birds of Prey's first trailer also had only 4 mil less views than Wonder Woman 1984. I guess this means WW1984 will only open to 60 mil.
  13. They also did early screenings for Doctor Sleep. Didn't work well there. Premiere is next weekend so it doesn't really matter...
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