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  1. I mean, by that time, America could probably get better too meaning a PVOD release won't even be necessary.
  2. As I said in the other thread, almost impossible to do a theatrical release in Latin America, South Asia, China, and MENA until late August/early September. These countries would probably account for a huge amount of Tenet's gross under a normal release and PVOD is rarely used in these countries.
  3. Even if studios wanted to do an international-exclusive theatrical release (and VOD everywhere else), they'd still have to wait till the fall at the earliest. America isn't the only place that's geting pummeled. The situation in Asia and Latin America isn't good either. At this point, they can only do a Europe and Oceania-only theatrical release which won't help them since Asian and Latin American countries are the countries where movies seem to do worst on VOD. Edit: I'd say a staggered theatrical release could work for certain movies but for movies like Tenet and superhero movies, where its important that the movies don't get spoiled, that won't work either.
  4. Way what's looking? There's nothing that shows that there's gonna be another surge in those two months. There are only predictions based on the assumption that the virus is seasonal (eventhough there's been no study on how seasons affect the coronavirus and if anything, what we're seeing over the summer shows there's not much correlation).
  5. Yeah, I hope they build proper sets here instead of green-screening stuff. On the other hand, Greg Fraiser is doing the cinematography here and he worked on The Mandalorian where they built sets like this: which they could use for a lot of stuff, espescially exterior shots instead of green screen.
  6. It's probably gonna increase the quality too. The best looking Gotham Cities are the ones that were created in studio (the Burton and Schumacher films).
  7. Also adding to the last minute FYC This should be somewhere pretty high in my list (probably the highest among the 3 Malick films that will be in my list).
  8. Yeah, I loved it a lot. Perfect amount of camp and geniune sincereness. I'm gonna try to catch up with rest of Brian De Palma's work next month (only other movie of his I've seen so far is Mission Impossible).
  9. Movies: A Fistful of Dollars - 7/10 For A Few Dollars More - 7/10 (they didn't do a good job with tying up Mortimer's backstory to this and the rapey stuff felt unecessary) Michael Clayton - 10/10 Happy-Go-Lucky - 10/10 25th Hour - 10/10 Blow Out - 8/10 (would've been higher if they gave Nancy Allen more to do) Manhattan - 6/10 (loved most of the movie but specifcally hated the pedo stuff and the creepy ending) Artemis Fowl - 2/10 A Star is Born (1954) - 8/10 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - 10/10 Only Angels Have Wings - 9/10 Let The Right One In (re-watch) - 10/10 Once Upon A Time in the West - 8/10 Days of Heaven - 10/10
  10. So, these are films I watched/rewatched over the last week that will make it into my list. If anyone wants to watch a movie tonight or tomorrow before the deadline, I'd say give one or two of these a go: Happy-Go-Lucky will be in my top 10 while both 25th Hour and The Good, Bad, and Ugly will make it into my top 30.
  11. Bond's gonna make 400 mil at most in Europe. It's not going be profitable solely due to one market.
  12. I'm hearing pretty good stuff about The Old Guard but I still have this feeling that it's another one of those unimaginative and forgettable action films that never actually indulge in their craziness and have fun with themselves. I'm pretty skeptical especially because every single action movie this year, except for one, were exactly like what I described above. Netflix also made an action film just like that a bit over a month ago.
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