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  1. You're being really optimistic lol. WOM isn't going to save a film that opened so low.
  2. That explains the really high cinemascore. If there were more families in the film, I feel like the cinemascore would have been lower. It's definitely a film made for older audiences. Not sure how that translates to legs.
  3. lorddemaxus

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Saturday looks really high. Chance Saturday makes 200 million yuan?
  4. The problem with Spider-verse is that the target audience for it is much older than the usual animated film. Families likely won't watch it (I don't see kids being interested in this movie or even finding it funny) and many adults wouldn't want to watch animated films because animation = for kids (although there are some exceptions like the Pixar sequels which appeal a lot to an older audience because of nostalgia). It's the same reason why adult animation is dead (outside of TV) and masterpieces like Anomalisa couldn't even make 10 million WW. This is also why it's doing worse than even The Lego Batman in many overseas markets. That film was more family/kids-oriented.
  5. lorddemaxus

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    wtf this thing below got posted twice
  6. No, its definitely going over JL. 30 mil is probably happening. Christmas legs are a thing in the UK too. I think even if Mary Poppins plays out like The Last Jedi, Aquaman could end up playing Jumanji here.
  7. Umm, they are both biracial and both movies were pretty unclear about their ethnicity. Only the comic relief characters can be clearly identified as African American.
  8. No too sure about China. The jokes for Spiderverse was very dialogue-y and the Chinese are super racist (which is why Black Panther flopped after opening weekend) so having a black lead character isn't going to help. Also,Spiderverse dropped from 2nd to 4th place from Wednesday to Thursday in the UK. It's all up to America now. When the hell are Thursday preview numbers coming out?
  9. lorddemaxus

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    10 mil in less three hours seems hard to accomplish right now.
  10. Spiderverse opened lower that Mortal Engines in Germany... An opening of 85k.
  11. Holidays don't really affect international by much. Usually a small boost. The biggest boost is always domestic. I'm guessing a 70/30 domestic-overseas split by the end of the run.

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