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  1. With marketing ramping up, I have a hard time seeing this move again. Not sure why MGM and Universal haven't just moved it forward to Black Widow's old date.
  2. Black Widow probably moved because MCU movies generally make more revenue DOM than OS. And Disney seems to think it's good enough for an original animated film. MGM is also keeping Bond where it is because OS right now (not sure in November) is at a level where Bond would be profitable.
  3. You really think Black Widow will only make $150-$120 mil more than Tenet OS? Considering that it'll likely gross around $150 mil just in China, compared to Tenet's $70 mil that would mean that it would gross just $50-$70 mil more than Tenet OS-China which we all know would likely not happen. I know this, but this has nothing to do what Tenet proved. Tenet proved that a major franchise film would've been a decent success had it released in Tenet's spot.
  4. Breaking even right now is better than doubling your sunk costs, espescially for a studio like MGM (for Bond) who don't really have the cash flow to delay Bond again. And if Black Widow made $100 mil DOM and $600 mil OS, that's a profit for Disney and not awful. Same with Bond (even moreso tbh since these movies usually make most of their revenue OS). Edit: Would like to add the goal of a business isn't just to make as much profit as possible and is a pretty big oversimplication.
  5. Yeah, that's the biggest problem here. But I think Bond and BW would've been profitable if they released in the same conditions as Tenet.
  6. Tenet's gonna end up being a small flop and let's be honest, more than what most people expected here (don't tell me you expected the movie to make more than 300 mil WW) and certainly is doing decent numbers OS. Black Widow and Bond should easily be able to double Tenet numbers, OS at least which would make them both profitable.
  7. Not really though. If an original film can still make 350 mil+ in the current state, you don't think a franchise film like Bond or Black Widow can't break even?
  8. Best Actor this year is actually pretty strong this year imo, so I don't think he has a chance even if Apple tries their hardest. Actors as young as Holland rarely get nominated for Best Actor anyways (only ones from the last couple of years I can think of are Timmy Chalamet and Jesse Eisenberg).
  9. I really need to get to listening to this. It's just that if I'm listening to Sufjan music, I can't do anything else so I need to specifically allocate some time of the day to listen to the album lol.
  10. No movies last week (I did forget to mention I watched Devil All the Time the week before last and it was ass, 3/10) TV Shows: Cobra Kai Season 2: Took the final 5 episodes for me to actually start enjoying the show. As @SnokesLegs said, the adult drama and the conflict between Daniel and Johnny is the only thing that's keeping me interested. The reunion episode was also pretty good eventhough it was pretty clear what would happen at the end (older people remiscing about their life is one of my favourite tropes too). Ted Lasso: Watched the first 4 episodes and it's very rare to see this kind of lighthearted, optimistic adult comedy (only other one I can think of is The Good Place) so I found this really refreshing and a lot of fun to watch. Also the tone is a lot more quiet and subdued than I expected. Only problem I'd say is that every Brit is a caricature (you hear "wanker" even minute of the show lol) but it's a comedy so doesn't really bother me too much. Lovecraft Country Episode 5: This was fun body horror episode. This show honestly feels kinda like a Ryan Murphy show but unlike Murphy, the writers here actually know a lot of the shit that happens here is completely bonkers and have fun with it. Not really a show I'd watch seriously and I think the writers know this too. Lost (rewatch): Still on season 1 and the Hurley episode has been my favourite episode since the pilot so far.
  11. 400 mil would be enough for it to break even. Not really a significant overperformance from whatever Tenet will make (low to mid 300s). It would on the other hand need a significant overperformance from Mulan to break even.
  12. I think Netflix is perfectly capable of campaigning two films at once. And a 91% on RT means it's universally well liked. Just not universally well-loved. I also think it's gonna have a lot of relevance (which is usually something that helps, even if it's executed badly like with Green Book and Crash)
  13. Huh? Reviews are pretty good and the movie could win if it gets a lot of support from the actors branch (which I think it will). I think this will be the film that gets huge industry support while Nomadland will be the critics darling. I think it's a frontrunner.
  14. Why? Marvel's (and Sony's) usual production start is 12-11 months before release. It's probably moving if filming doesn't start by Jan. Tom Holland said filming will end in Feb.
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