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  1. This pretty much kills The Prom's cinematography chances (one of the few categories it had a chance at).
  2. As I said, it probably doesn't change much for you guys if this goes to HBO Max. The movie will still get a theatrical release in Germany and Singapore, unless the countries gets HBO Max by then, which I doubt. Will only affect America, and maybe Latin America and Nordic countries if it launches there by May next year. You guys only have to be worried if this goes to Netflix.
  3. This doesn't really change much for intl people. Movie should still get a intl theatrical release if anything other than being sold to a global streamer happens.
  4. No one has a clue how Peacock is doing. Sign-ups doesn't mean crap.
  5. Movies: The New Mutants - 3/10 Empire of the Sun - 8/10 Mangrove - McQueen manages to capture the powerlessness of being trapped and oppressed by the system at every turn unlike any other courtroom drama I've seen. Best film of the year. 9/10 Ocean's Thirteen - 8/10 Out of Sight - 8/10 Beetlejuice - 8/10 Happy Gilmore - 7/10 Notting Hill - 6/10 The Adventures of Tintin (rewatch) - This was the film that introduced me to Spielberg all the way back when it released in cinemas (I had seen his other films before, but this was the first time I knew who he was) and it's just as fantastic as I remember. There's this level of energy and momentum to this film to it that's missing from virtually every other Hollywood blockbuster released this decade. 9/10 Run - 6/10 After Hours - 7/10 The BFG - Contains some of the best fart jokes of all time. 6/10 Resident Evil (rewatch) - A pretty fun time. Still have no clue how some local kids channel aired (which is how I first saw it) this about a decade ago. 6/10 Gangs of New York - Daniel Day Lewis throwing a knife at himself was hilarios. 7/10 Always - 6/10 TV shows: Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 - Some fun "pew pew"-ing I guess but someone's gotta replace whoever is shooting the action scenes for this show. This show has some of the most terrible shot and edited action of all of Star Wars. His Dark Materials Season 2 Episode 1 - Honestly, don't even remember much of this episode. Enjoyed how over-the-top the witch stuff in this is though.
  6. Judas is very likely coming out before next year's Oscars deadline (it got submitted for the SAG awards) and Kaluuya is supposedly going for supporting.
  7. I can't believe people are falling for this. Disney isn't going to cause brand confusion by having 3 different Netflix-type services. They aren't going to introduce a service that eats into their pretty large Hulu market either. And Star is not meant to have exclusively adult content and neither does Hulu. There's a ton of non-R rated content that doesn't fit Disney's brand. They aren't gonna include all this in something called "Disney 18+".
  8. If the actors didn't return I'd agree. But I'm expecting something closer to Bad Boys for Life here. I'm expecting a large number of boomers to come out for Top Gun. Space Jam probably won't be as big, but it still has some potential with whatever shit is being throwing at it.
  9. I don't see how Uncharted or Tomorrow War beat Top Gun or Space Jam, espescially the former. Chris Pratt star power is dead at this point and Uncharted will probably get Sonic pre-redesign level reception from fans. I expect both Top Gun and Space Jam to do at least the numbers of their predecessors.
  10. Space Jam's a kids film (like Minions 2, releasing a week before Shang-Chi) so they won't be targeting the same audience and Uncharted is a flop wherever it goes.
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