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  1. Heck yeah, happy Endgame is the number 1 movie now. No more of the condescending talking down by the Cameron fans. Stuff had gotten real old.
  2. TimRiggins sounds like a Cameronstan troll. Downplays the success of Endgame!
  3. Ghost and the darkness is a very underrated movie as well!
  4. Yep such a ‘lame club.’ Less than 1 percent of all films released in a year make a billion dollars, but those movies who do make it are total losers right?
  5. Got back from Soiderman FFH. Mysterio saved the movie for me. Very very mixed on it, leaning towards positive. No spoilers of course, but I felt like they played too safe with the movie, and didn’t take enough chances. After Endgame, they needed to take more risks. Not as good as Homecoming. It’s definitely in the bottom half of MCU movies for me.
  6. Steve Jaros had some legendary Disney film predictions couple years ago. Under predicted like every Disney film.
  7. Whoops.  Its okay though. Endgame still gonna be #1 all time after its run is over. That’s enough for me. No more Cameron-stans claiming number one.
  8. Thanks for your ‘concern trolling.’ Fits in with the rest of the debbie downers today. And yeah, you’re predictions aren’t gonna happen.
  9. Just from my perspective. Star Wars 2nd week of release was just killer. From after Christmas through New Years, it made a fuckton of money. Much more than Endgame will in its 2nd week. IIRC, there was even talk of TFA making a billion dollars domestic, but it died out when it hit the wasteland of January.
  10. Humble pie? It’s going to beat Infinity War in its 2nd weekend. Not even the most realistic people in the world saw this coming. Already crossed Jurassic World yesterday to be 6th all time worldwide, even before the weekend started, and will cross Infinity War, TFA, and Titanic by Sunday(Monday at the latest). Endgame has completed exceeded the box office expectations of everyone on this board. If they told you ‘it’d pass Avatar before release,’ they’d be lying through their teeth. Good Lord. Gonna be 2nd all time by its 2nd weekend, and some of you are melting down. Get a hold of yourself. I wonder how some of you are able to make it through each day.
  11. MCU always plays well on Sunday’s. Endgame will head for a 165 mil 2nd weekend, and the glass half empty crowd will disappear.
  12. NFL draft had a much bigger impact than the GOT. Endgame still decimated the OW record.
  13. Has crazy Ralph would say! ’you’re doomed! You’re all doomed!’
  14. Star Trek:beyond was such a great film, and the best of the Abrams trilogy. Sad it flopped though. Frontier didn’t push back enough.
  15. Gonna go watch Endgame for the fourth time tonight. Excited!
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