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  1. Villain List Through Mid-June #1-Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat 2021) Runner Up-APEX Cybernetics CEO Walter Simmons (Godzilla vs Kong) 3. MechaGodzilla (Godzilla vs Kong)
  2. If the theater is gonna keep these inconvenient hours, I'll most likely catch this on Disney Plus, which I just got, after Loki released. The theater is back open, but, the first viewings start at 6-7PM? I've always been a mid-afternoon guy, occasionally matinee. Rare late nights, I did a 11:45PM for Infinity War...
  3. Huh huh huh 🙂...Natalie Portman is NOT taller than Tessa Thompson 🙂...if the second Loki episode uploads at 12AM, I'll be able to view that tonight 🙂
  4. Disney lured me in to their streaming app with Loki 🙂. Glad I got it. Great picture quality and surround sound. I must say that because while HBO Max also has surround sound, Peacock, strangely does not...the other streaming survice I subscribe to, Curiosity Stream, doesn't either, but I mainly have that for science/nature docs, not a home movie experience. There's a function on the audio receiver to re-route the Peacock/CuriosityStream audio through all 6 speakers, so I do that. Audio hit and miss aside, the picture quality of streaming has surpassed cable. Anyway, the
  5. Almost forgot to mention a great moment in Thor's clash with the Celestials 😂. The big red leader Celestial, 2000 feet tall, is standing on these two podiums. Thor hurls Mjolnir, shattering both podiums, sending the giant crashing to the ground on its butt 😂!
  6. They're loosely connected to the Thor universe but I know very little about them. They werent featured much in the comics. I DO know the Celestials 🙂. Thor once picked up a gigantic sword and hurled it through the leader's chest 🙂. It pulled the sword out and melted it like nothing...all the earth gods, Zeus, Odin, Egyptians etc, combined forces to animate a giant sized Destroyer to stop the Celestials (11-12 of 'em) from passing judgement on earth. It didn't work 🙂. They annihilated the Destroyer, and would have offed Thor if it wasn't for the intervention of mother earth. So the
  7. I thought Loki was later this month, its out already. My plan was to sign up for Disney+ when it releases. I'll sign up on my day off and watch the first two episodes. I'm expecting "okay" production values...the Thor universe being sci-fi/fantasy, I'm always gonna have a problem with frugality of Marvel Studios 🙂. It seems like its grounded into some interrogation setting...whatever they have to do to avoid too much animated (not inanimate) CGI. Hope I'm wrong, but Marvel Studios is tv level production company. Thats fine if its...Captain America...Iron Man...human type stories.
  8. I'm gonna...wait and see some impressions...someone's gonna have to convince me to see this instead of the SAW movie I missed...I chose Quiet Place 2, because the SAW movie viewing was an hour and a half later 🙂...QP2 was underwhelming...don't want to go 0-2. These "Blumhouse" line of horror films, that have taken over the genre, and crossed over into the mainstream boxoffice? I don't find them scary... sanitized, bloodless, non-violent, packaged for the mainstream PG-13 audience. The last Halloween movie was scary 🙂. The movie with the blind man was scary. These Blumh
  9. Also, in the trailers, the man says the people still alive out there, aren't the kind of people worth saving. I expected a lot more from that than what it turned out to be...
  10. Copley's Agent Kruger (Elysium) is the villain of 2013 😂 (smack) "you remember now!!" "I want whats in that head boykee!!", chaos, and ship crashes 😂 Should be interesting if he's the villain 😂
  11. I know there's gonna be some "wokeness" in this movie, the question is, how much. Thats what's concerning me right now. If Natalie is "Thor" for a portion of the movie, I'm okay with that. If Hemsworth/Thor is "taken out" of much of the movie (or made to look incompetent), and Natlalie is actually the hero, and conqueror of the villain, we're gonna have a problem with that 🙂.
  12. I uh...liked the original a lot better than this...you know when studios get an unexpected hit? And they try to stretch it to a trilogy? And the second movie is kind of a time waster, to get to the third movie? That's what this felt like. Krasinski wasn't aware of how huge the original was going to be. 50M OW, 1st place. Barely beaten by Dwayne Johnson's Rampage the second weekend. It then miraculously came back to crush Rampage to regain the top spot 🙂. Had Krasinski knew this, he would not have killed himself off in the first film, so it seemed like he 😂
  13. Really? Well, that's out the way, I can go right to Justice League Director's cut 🙂. Have to make that a two-parter, there's no way I can sit through a 4-hour film. I saw that new Christopher Nolan movie on there too. It looks like a movie with an abundance of twist and turns, which I'm not fond of ("twists"), but I'll check it out.
  14. 2021 villain list through April: #1-Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat 2021) Runner Up-Apex Cybernetics CEO Walter Simmons 😂 (Godzilla vs Kong) 3. MechaGodzilla (Godzilla vs Kong)
  15. I just HBO Maxed it...I agree with a lot of the criticisms...a little underwhelming. Sub-Zero was awesome though. One thing that bugs me in movies...a guy will get cast, and he has a deep foreign accent. The guy that played Kano is Australian or South African? If you got a deep accent, talk SLOWER 🙂. He's firing off lines and destroying it with that accent, and you're like, what did he say? Oh well, on to Wonder Woman 1984. 150 minutes, whoa...
  16. They did that thing again...where they release a movie too close to a previous one. The previous movie then has a short window in which to leg it out in the theaters. It also shows that the second movie was obviously the priority...
  17. The reduced hours of the movie theaters right now forced me into a subscription to HBO Max. I'll be getting around to Wonder Woman 1984 after Mortal Kombat and Justice League Directors cut (may take 2 days to finish that, over 4 hours). Keep hearing bad things about it, but I've loved movies before that no one else liked 🙂 I refuse to upgrade from my Samsung 1080i 55" 3D set for flat picture 4K, because I view it as a technological downgrade 🙂. I'm skipping a generation in the hopes that they'll re-introduce 3D. So I have a miniature theater experience at home. I tested the faux 3
  18. You almost have to make a Godzilla sequel. The last impression of the monsterverse can't be the absolute beating Godzilla got 😂! You're like, there can't be a sequel if Godzilla's DEAD, because there's about to be a murder here 😂! Godzilla has to regain the respect!
  19. Does this bother you too? Godzilla has a classic distinctive roar. They messed it up the entire series 😂. It's starts of high pitched, like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!". Like a baby crying? Then it dives into a deeper tone! "oooooohhhhh!!!!!!" "AaaaaaaaaaaaaaOooooooooohhhhh!!!!!" 😂! They couldn't get it right the whole three movies!
  20. I can see a third and final Kong movie, a hollow earth crisis? I don't know where else you can go with Godzilla. Nice 4-movie franchise, one stinker, Godzilla 2014. Godzilla is over here, let's show something else over there 🙂. You know hollywood though 🙂. This movie is kinda the rebirth of theaters from the pandemic, and this momentum could embolden the studio to go ahead with a 4th Godzilla film. They can't really add Ultra Man because of what's at the end of this movie 😂...maybe baby Godzilla, that was a notable movie. Almost forgot, a frequent sequel
  21. The streaming apps might actually be making up for the loss of theater revenue. Especially when you eliminate the theater's 50% split from the equation. Sometimes I would do a double-shot at the theater, especially if the matinee is the second viewing of a film I saw the previous week. So my plan was to do an early second viewing of Godzilla vs Kong, then my first viewing of Mortal Kombat. I have to get there early when I do this. The nearby AMC is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday now...well I'm off Mondays and Tuesdays. The two other theaters are open every day-b
  22. Oh, really? I knew Paramount can't be this crazy to challenge Marvel 😂. Thor 4 will have it all in the bank by then.
  23. How is this Theater/Streaming same day model working for studios? Im not an economist...they would have to depend on NEW subscribers to the streaming service, to offset the theater losses. Or they would have to pay-wall the movie on the app. Or, are they just accepting the minute, if any, profit on the movie, writing it off as a pandemic loss? A lot of these movies that were slated for the theaters cost upwards of 200M to produce!
  24. Head to head with Thor: Love&Thunder...Thor only got that May summer kickoff date because the James Gunn scandal pushed Guardians 3 back. Thats the only reason...Ragnarok pulled off the upset over DC's big "Avengers" team up, Justice League, forcing this sequel on Feige 🙂. But to go against Tom Cruise's A franchise, thats a tall order. Perhaps Marvel Studios can put enough FEAR into Paramount (?) to pull out of the date. Marvel is good at that 🙂. Maybe an aggressive advertising campaign can make Paramount blink. Not that its gonna crush Thor 4? They will both cancel each other
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