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  1. That ending was a bit sinister... ? They didnt actually show it, but it was a sinister way to end the movie 🙂.
  2. If the Galactus rumors are true-that one EndGame poster has Galactus' colors-I dunno 🙂...he could get the MCU treatment, and now he's a normal sized being 🙂...when he's supposed to be 4-stories tall...
  3. Did the Russos forget or ignore the fact that Thor obtained the Odin Force in Ragnarok?! Thor summoned it, as he was getting pummeled by Hulk in the Grandmaster's Arena. It was powerful enough to blast Hulk 100 feet away! If GrandMaster had not intervened at that point, Thor was well on his way to putting a beatdown on Hulk! The Odin Force was also strong enough to blast Hela away (temporarily 🙂) and mow down her minions. When Thanos picks Thor up, I'm thinking the Odin Force should have come into play...I'm not saying Thor should have mopped the floor with Thanos and the Black Order, but it should have been a more tightly contested fight 😂. Thor goes through the entire movie, with not so much as a hint of his newfound Odin Force. Electricity flows through his fingers? There was a rumor that Waititi approached the Russos with advice for Thor, and was told to go pound sand 🙂. They missed Thor's new powers! Thor igniting the dying star was the most epic part of the entire movie. His Wakanda entrance ignited the theater crowd. Nearly kills Thanos. So I'm not throwing shade at the Russos, but they missed that one detail, that should made that opening scene a LOT less one side 😂
  4. ...the group included DOCTOR STRANGE, dude 😂. The only reason he was a match for Strange was because he had the glove and 4 stones! Without that, what was he going to do about the sorcerer supreme?! Without the glove and stones, all he has is brute strength, and his army! You need magic to combat Strange!
  5. He was actually on his way to losing to the Titan team! They overwhelmed him, Mantis got in his head, and the gloves is nearly ripped off! Had Starlord not become a selfish idiot, this thing this done! You're right about the earth team though. He easily went through all of them, BUT Thor!
  6. No wonder Thanos first plan was to send his minions to retrieve the stones 😂...he went through hell, physically and emotionally, to get them all! -He had to kill one adopted daughter, torcher the other -battle a combined Avengers/Guardians team of Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spidey, Star Lord, Drax, Mantis, and Nebula -take on another combined Avengers/Guardians team of Scarlet Witch, Cap, Falcon, Black Widow, War Machine, Winter Soldier, Hulk Buster, Black Panther, Rocket, and Groot. -have Thor's new weapon, StormBreaker, driven through his chest He earned every last bit of that part one victory 😂
  7. An unhelmeted Cap is going to DIE from a blow to the skull, no matter what Thanos' intention is!! Thanos is powerful enough to swat Hulk away like a housefly! If you fall into a silver back enclosure at the zoo, it's not its intent to harm you 😂!! But if it grabs hold of you, bones will be broken, and likely a lot worse, just from the sheer POWER!! He has at least two feet of height and leverage, as he punched Cap in the head 😂!! He's DEAD!! Panther is wearing vibranium, War Machine has Stark armor, Banner is in the HulkBuster, you can buy ALL of that! No kind of logic can explain a human skull able to withstand a blunt blow from a cosmic being that pummeled Hulk 😂😂!! A human skull cant with stand a BAT! A BRICK! You gotta be careful that when you offer excuses for Marvel, what you're not REALLY doing is mindlessly defending them!
  8. Watching Infinity War again, and it reminded me of one of Marvel Studios' occasional brain farts 😂...its understandable, with such a large production schedule... Thanos, with one stone, beats down The Hulk like a walk in the park. At the end of the movie, Thanos is in Wakanda, with 5 stones, punching an unhelmeted Captain America in the head. Thanos gets the last stone, snaps his finger, and leaves. THEN...Captain America GETS BACK UP, like nothing happened 😂! If Thanos is powerful enough to pound Hulk unconscious, you can imagine what other beings he could crush! Cap, with the helmet on, okay, I could buy that! Basically a roided up human...he's...DEAD! That blow should have cracked his skull like an egg!! Back into his brain! It's like, the Thanos/Hulk fight was done by another department, and that just...never came to mind, as they were shooting the Cap scene! Cap weights down a chopper in Civil War... I watch DCEU movies too, and cant remember too many brain farts like that. Superman and Wonder Woman battled Doomsday, while Batman sat in the bleachers 😂! He certainly was not gonna get up from a clean punch to the skull!
  9. For an IMAX showing, it was pretty full. The "lower bowl" seats on the floor only had a few people, but the rows going up to the top were almost completely full. Funny moment...its nearly impossible to be out cold, in a deep sleep, in an IMAX theater 🙂. They crank that sound system up to thunderous levels. Yet, when the lights came on, after the after credit, there was this guy seated in the middle of the theater, out cold 😂. Everyone was laughing, like, should we wake him up? We all stood in the lower bowl laughing, while someone woke him up. Then someone said to him, "good movie huh?" 😂. Wow...if an IMAX sound system cant wake you up out of sleep 😂
  10. It's weird, the Skrulls are here, but without their "champion" guy, the Super-Skrull, because the Fantastic Four hasn't been introduced yet. So they're dominated by the Kree and their champion, Ronin The Accuser. That certainly wouldnt be the case if Super-Skrull was there 😂
  11. Yeah, the movie was just okay up to that point, then she goes up to confront Ronin's ship, and my eyes lit up 😂. We're about to get an epic throw down to end what had been just an ordinary Marvel solo film. Oh well.
  12. Almost forgot, they teased a full powered Captain Marvel vs Ronin The Accuser, which would have elevated the movie, but it didnt happen...
  13. It was a...typical...Marvel solo effort. They go all out every 2-3 years, when the Avengers production ramps up. These solo efforts...uh...they typically wont blow you away. Like Aqua Man, where they created a fantasy world? You see the shortcuts Marvel takes, to get the solo movies out the door. The Kree Supreme Intelligence is known as basically a huge head in a tank, connected to tubes. It wasnt gonna happen in a Marvel solo film 🙂. The Supreme Intelligence is now simply a reflection of the human you admire most...🙂...another actor. Its...tv level...decisions like this that you get from Marvel Studios. Once you accept that Marvel is only going to do just enough in these movies not named Avengers, you can move on 🙂. The all-mighty hero that was being hyped? I...didnt...see that. When she was helmeted and glowing at the end, that was badass. Yet, I'm still not feeling that force, that gonna crush Thanos and his gauntlet. I saw another hero that shoots laser beams, can fly, and punch things. I can see her HELPING the other guys beat Thanos, but not solo. They had fun suprising you with who was and wasnt a Skrull in disguise. It appears though, that the Kree will continue to be Marvel's "aliens", while the Skrulls were a side race. Good movie, but Marvel's solo movie "B-Team" was at work again 🙂.
  14. Did you feel as though you were robbed of a proper ending?! If the movie winds up not performing to expectations, that is where this will end...

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