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  1. Pandemic Frozen 2020 Villain List: #1-Jim Carrey's Doctor Robotnik (Sonic The Hedgehog) Runner Up- Miles (The Turning) 3. Hal (The Call of the Wild) 4. The Invisible Man 5. Black Mask (Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
  2. It's amazing what you find out about yourself, in a global pandemic 😊. Before the pandemic, I was walking about 3-4 miles a day, and still not dropping enough weight. The nationwide shutdown added an extra 1-2 miles of daily walking, and I dropped that extra weight that I couldnt seem to lose 😊. Now I realize exactly how much daily walking I need. After the pandemic, I'll be looking for a treadmill machine, to do that extra 2 miles at home.
  3. This health crisis is really opening my eyes to the thin line between profitability and bankruptcy, among the big powerful conglomerate companies. I figured most of them could ride this out, no problem. Yet I'm seeing a lot of layoffs, furloughs, all kinds of penny pinching measures. AMC may go out of business! The only ones that can truly survive this is the big 4 sports (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL).
  4. Due to the Coronavirus shutting down theaters, the 2020 Villain list is frozen 😊. If there's no other releases this year, that would give the top villain spot to the current leader, Jim Carrey's Doctor Robotik (Sonic The Hedgehog), with runner-up , The Turning's spoiled, privileged problem kid, Miles 😂. Jim Carrey's villain was not a lock by any means. There were some heavy hitters coming up, like Charlize Theron's latest reign of terror (Fast 9) 😂. Frozen 2020 Villain List: #1-Jim Carrey's Doctor Robotnik(Sonic The Hedgehog) Runner Up-Miles (The Turning) 3. Hal (The Call of the Wild) 4. The Invisible Man 5. Black Mask (Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey) Robotik-"Are you in charge here?" Soldier-"Yes I a..." Robotnik-"NOPE!!" Soldier-"I..." Robotnik-"WRONG!!" Soldier-"My name is..." Robotnik-"I'm in charge!!" Soldier-"Major..." Robotnik-"ME! I'm in charge...you've never seen this before...this says I'm the top banana, in a world full of hungry little monkeys. Allow me to clarify...(run on sentence 😂) in a sequentially ranked hierarchy based on level of critical importance the disparity between us is too vast to quantify. Agent Stone? Bodyguard-"The doctor thinks you're basic." Robotnik-"Is he still looking at me funny?" Bodyguard-"Yes he is" Robotnik-"Tell him to stop, or I'll pull up his search history." 😂😂😂
  5. One of those re-imaginings 😊. The Celestials that I know from the comics are giants, and thankfully they got that right. They were thick, muscular though...the Celestials here are on a slim fast diet 😂.
  6. I had the twist figured out by the start of the third act 😂. Wouldn't have worked as part of any connected classic creature universe. Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman etc were actual creatures. This isn't quite that, its more on the sci-fi/technology end.
  7. Doing great in the US, but those OS numbers are coming in weak...no China is gonna hurt too. It's looking to likely finish in the 300-350 range, putting it well behind Rampage. Was hoping it could topple Rampage, but it's not showing much OS draw.
  8. I was one of the critics of the use of CGI, that could easily have been done by a real trained dog 😊. CGI characters should only be used when necessary. CGI creature or monster, rather than a man in a cheap halloween costume, for instance. Some of the dog's movements did look stiff and robotic, but overall they did a nice job of making you forget that its a computer generated creation. Some of the stunts that were done, I guess CGI was necessary. This is the kind of feel good, inspirational story that could have worked as counter-programing to Star Wars and Jumanji during the holiday season. Came out a couple months late. You'll probably spend the first half of the movie wondering where the marquee star is 😊...but he eventually shows up, and it becomes a heartwarming buddy movie. The grizzly bear 😂...intimidation display 😂...growl, slam its paw, splashing water 😂...A-
  9. Now I'm sensing that the man-child from the original is not in this...the doll will now possess whoever takes ownership of it.
  10. The psychological games she goes through in the trailer has me thinking I will like this 😂. BTW, is this part of Universal's connected monster universe?
  11. Really enjoyed the original. Apparently M Night did as well, he borrowed from it for his Apple TV series 😂. He's sued by someone else though. Anyway, when it was revealed that the doll is not alive, and the man-child came out from the walls, I 😲! I wonder, is the man-child still in this?
  12. HUGE mistake making the dog CGI. A real trained dog showing these emotions would have been so much funnier.
  13. Is it me, or did the comedic big guy in the superhero tights look out of place among the serious female characters 😊?
  14. I just put Ragnarok into the 3D Blu to watch it again, and it still holds up well as a top 5 MCU film 😊. -Thor vs Surtur and his army in Muspelhiem -Thor meets Doctor Strange at the Sanctum 😂 -Thor & Loki vs Hela while hurtling through the bi-frost at lightspeed, one of the coolest action scenes in the MCU -Hela ANNIHILATING the entire Asgardian army -Valkyrie taking out the scavengers, to capture Thor -Goldblum's eccentric GrandMaster 😂 -the huge reanimated Fenris Wolf approaches Hela like an adorable puppy 😂 -Korg and Miek -Thor vs Hulk in the arena -Hulk helps Thor distract Valkyrie -Valkyrie forms the "Revengers" with Thor and Bruce Banner 😂 -Loki attempts to betray Thor again, but is outsmarted -Banner jumps off the ship to transform into Hulk to battle Fenris, but crashes to the Rainbow Bridge with a thud 😂. Fenis takes a sniff at the lifeless Banner, and keeps running towards Heimdall. -Loki arrives to Asgard in a huge ship with Korg, Miek, and other former Grandmaster prisoners, for a huge fight with Hela's undead army. -Thor vs Hela -Fenris Wolf is about to maul Heimdall, when there's a tug on its tail from behind 😂. Banner had finally transformed back into Hulk! -Skurge The Executioner doing the double rifle fire from the comics 😂 -HUGE CGI giant Surtur swinging his twilight sword out of the 3D picture 😂. I had been complaining about Marvel either avoiding Thor's epic gigantic foes, or downgrading them to smaller, costumed actors. I even expected a 9-foot tall Sutur here, like the Frost MIDGETS of the 2011 film, not the firey titan from the comics. So I 😲 at the big CGI Surtur at the beginning of the movie, and the giant one at the end! Marvel had been very frugal with this in the Thor franchise. Fenris too! It wasnt a normal sized dog or a practical costume, to be cheap? It was a monster that dwarfed Hulk! With the quirky humor of Waititi, and Marvel finally getting around to bringing Thor's massive foes to life with cutting edge CGI movie technology, I feel that they had finally got a Thor solo movie right (With the huge Leviathans, the first Avengers movie put Thor in the right situation too). A little concerned about "Love and Thunder", to be honest...I just got a feeling...this is gonna be some feminist/SJW propaganda stunt, and Thor will be portrayed as weak and useless for most of the movie. The only reason they probably got Portman back on board was to be the primary protagonist as the female Thor. I hope I'm wrong...I trust Waititi...
  15. So its just doing okay overseas? Oh well...is 500M possible? That would beat Rampage. A couple of the Resident Evil movies towards the end of the series did okay, about 300M worldwide. I know Sonic will do well in Japan, but I was hoping for a China breakout. The virus is going on there right now though. 2020 Villain List update: #1 *new* Jim Carrey's Doctor Robotnik 😅 Runner Up: Miles (The Turning) 3. Black Mask (Birds of Prey)
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