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  1. Strange...the smaller AMC has Mile 22 as the IMAX movie, and Alpha as the standard. Alpha is type of adventure film that belongs on IMAX, while Mile 22 is a popcorn shoot-em-up. The larger AMC has it right...Alpha is the IMAX 3D feature, and Mile 22 got the standards. I'll figure out what I'm gonna do...the distant AMC has the right formats...
  2. The run time doesn't guarantee a disappointing movie. But what you can expect is QUICK moving battles and action scenes, that would normally last a bit longer in 120+ films.
  3. Not a priority to me either...after watching the glitzy, big budget, special effects of movies, the tv shows are...rather bland. Due to budgets, the tv shows are more grounded and...ordinary. Agent Carter was just a time piece show. Agents of SHIELD had some supernatural elements, but at its core, it was a super powerless agent show. ZZZZZ The Netflix shows are grounded... That's why I was very interested in Inhumans! These were actual superhuman beings,and the effects were cable grade! It's funny that, when Marvel Studios first started the MCU, they used green screen post production CGI, but everything else was almost TV level. Costumes, paint only, avoid effects heavy characters, or diminish their look...they'd spend money on the big Avengers blockbusters, but solos I'm talking about here. Scaled back.... That's not the case today, and while Marvel Studios is not quite at the effects level of other blockbuster studios, they've certainly become much better than their tv counterparts.
  4. Any new director Marvel brings in, to polish Guardians 3, will be met with an unfair and classless attack from Gunn fanboys. We all see this coming a mile away. Theres ONE way Marvel can avoid this though 🙂. Within Marvel Studios are people that would be IMMUNE to any kind of Gunn fan backlash. Feige can avoid the trouble, by giving Guardians 3 to...GOD 🙂. AKA the RUSSOS. One, or both. They are the closest thing to god, among the Marvel fanbase. They will be so conflicted, and wont badmouth or boycott. Dont put Waititi in this...did a wonderful job with Thor 3. He doesn't deserve to be the scapegoat pinata, over Gunn's firing.
  5. I see movies like Alpha (and Revenant) more for the cinematography than the actual story 🙂. They're like big budget Nat Geo specials, with a plot. I'm interested in Mile 22, just for some dumb popcorn action. Not too interested in Crazy Rich Asians...Ken Jeong doesn't do it for me, too over the top.
  6. Dude, in all likelihood, Marvel Studios will have X-Men, Fantatic Four, AND their iconic villains by the time Feige lifts the curtain on the phase 4 slate.
  7. James Gunn...pictures of a party surface...Disney had to do it...you hire the guy back, something new surfaces, and you look like an idiot. Disney and Marvel have a 90 billion brand, focused at kids, to protect. I would just cancel Guardians 3...just quietly leave it off the phase 4 unveiling. Waititi is uh...open to Thor 4, uh 🙂... Its pretty obvious that any new director will be unfairly lashed out at by the Gunn fans. Marvel shouldn't even put Waititi, or whoever, in that position. Ant-Man faced a similar popular director issue, and that didnt hurt Marvel, but this is a lot more volatile 🙂. Marvel's putting it out there, that they're using Gunn's script, but that's not gonna stop the backlash aimed at the new director, and the film.
  8. OdinSon2k14 234 Posted July 22 2018 Rogues list through mid-August: #1-Thanos/Ebony Maw (Infinity War) 2. Skeletor (The First Purge) 🤣 3. Michael B Jordan's Killmonger (Black Panther) 4. Walton Goggins' Mathias Vogel (Tomb Raider) 5. Felix Kendrickson (Blackkklansman) 😂 6. Josh Brolin's Cable (Deadpool 2) 7. Megalodon (The Meg) 8. (Transtlvania 3) 9. (The Equalizer 2) 10. Charlie Day's Doctor Newton (Pacific Rim: Uprising) 11. STEM The Computer Chip (Upgrade) 12. (Deadpool 2) 13. Indo-Raptor (Jurassic World 2) 14. Janson (Maze Runner: The Death Cure) 15. Blind Creatures (A Quiet Place) . 16.The New Founding Fathers (First Purge) 17. Patrolman Landers (Blackkklansman) 18. Anthony "Gas Pipe" Casso (Gotti)
  9. What genius decided to do that jump scare in the trailer, where the woman is focused on the silent nun in front of her, and another nun rushes her from the left 🤣? Audiences are getting a kick out of that 😂😂
  10. Where's John David Washington been?! He's in his mid-thirties, and this is the first time I've heard of him. I didnt know he was Denzel's son until someone told me about a week ago. I dont watch Ballers...stuff like that 🙂...he definitely has Denzel's voice pattern 🙂
  11. There was some absurdity, but Blackkklansman was the best movie of the weekend. The Meg was an entertaining close second. Slenderman was...about what I was expecting...which wasn't much.
  12. Statham almost sabatoged himself, running his mouth about the PG-13 rating 😂! Keep your trap shut, at least until after the first two weekends 🤣!
  13. OdinSon2k14

    Halloween over 80 million OW club

    Out...in this superhero era, 30-40M is the ceiling for something like this.
  14. This has to be the biggest opening ever for a Statham starring role.

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