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  1. I just HBO Maxed it...I agree with a lot of the criticisms...a little underwhelming. Sub-Zero was awesome though. One thing that bugs me in movies...a guy will get cast, and he has a deep foreign accent. The guy that played Kano is Australian or South African? If you got a deep accent, talk SLOWER 🙂. He's firing off lines and destroying it with that accent, and you're like, what did he say? Oh well, on to Wonder Woman 1984. 150 minutes, whoa...
  2. They did that thing again...where they release a movie too close to a previous one. The previous movie then has a short window in which to leg it out in the theaters. It also shows that the second movie was obviously the priority...
  3. The reduced hours of the movie theaters right now forced me into a subscription to HBO Max. I'll be getting around to Wonder Woman 1984 after Mortal Kombat and Justice League Directors cut (may take 2 days to finish that, over 4 hours). Keep hearing bad things about it, but I've loved movies before that no one else liked 🙂 I refuse to upgrade from my Samsung 1080i 55" 3D set for flat picture 4K, because I view it as a technological downgrade 🙂. I'm skipping a generation in the hopes that they'll re-introduce 3D. So I have a miniature theater experience at home. I tested the faux 3D function on Godzilla vs Kong and loved it. The streaming apps are gonna be the way to go until the theaters go back to full operations.
  4. You almost have to make a Godzilla sequel. The last impression of the monsterverse can't be the absolute beating Godzilla got 😂! You're like, there can't be a sequel if Godzilla's DEAD, because there's about to be a murder here 😂! Godzilla has to regain the respect!
  5. Does this bother you too? Godzilla has a classic distinctive roar. They messed it up the entire series 😂. It's starts of high pitched, like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!". Like a baby crying? Then it dives into a deeper tone! "oooooohhhhh!!!!!!" "AaaaaaaaaaaaaaOooooooooohhhhh!!!!!" 😂! They couldn't get it right the whole three movies!
  6. I can see a third and final Kong movie, a hollow earth crisis? I don't know where else you can go with Godzilla. Nice 4-movie franchise, one stinker, Godzilla 2014. Godzilla is over here, let's show something else over there 🙂. You know hollywood though 🙂. This movie is kinda the rebirth of theaters from the pandemic, and this momentum could embolden the studio to go ahead with a 4th Godzilla film. They can't really add Ultra Man because of what's at the end of this movie 😂...maybe baby Godzilla, that was a notable movie. Almost forgot, a frequent sequel tactic! The !
  7. The streaming apps might actually be making up for the loss of theater revenue. Especially when you eliminate the theater's 50% split from the equation. Sometimes I would do a double-shot at the theater, especially if the matinee is the second viewing of a film I saw the previous week. So my plan was to do an early second viewing of Godzilla vs Kong, then my first viewing of Mortal Kombat. I have to get there early when I do this. The nearby AMC is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday now...well I'm off Mondays and Tuesdays. The two other theaters are open every day-but starting at 4:30PM...thats not gonna work for a double-shot, it'll be too late in the evening. So that lead me right into the waiting arms of the streaming apps 🙂. During the pandemic I missed Justice League Director's Cut, Wonder Women 1984, and some other second tier films, in addition to Mortal Kombat. So I signed up with HBO Max. The 14.99 is peanuts compared to what I'd spend at the theater 🙂. My own home theater, grub, couch, and I got glasses and the function to put a 3D effect on the picture 🙂. The theater hours are just too inconvenient right now. Its still best to see certain movies on that towering theater screen. But I'll be happy with my 55" until theaters get back to normal. I'm pretty sure streaming services are experiencing a huge increase in revenue because of this.
  8. Oh, really? I knew Paramount can't be this crazy to challenge Marvel 😂. Thor 4 will have it all in the bank by then.
  9. How is this Theater/Streaming same day model working for studios? Im not an economist...they would have to depend on NEW subscribers to the streaming service, to offset the theater losses. Or they would have to pay-wall the movie on the app. Or, are they just accepting the minute, if any, profit on the movie, writing it off as a pandemic loss? A lot of these movies that were slated for the theaters cost upwards of 200M to produce!
  10. Head to head with Thor: Love&Thunder...Thor only got that May summer kickoff date because the James Gunn scandal pushed Guardians 3 back. Thats the only reason...Ragnarok pulled off the upset over DC's big "Avengers" team up, Justice League, forcing this sequel on Feige 🙂. But to go against Tom Cruise's A franchise, thats a tall order. Perhaps Marvel Studios can put enough FEAR into Paramount (?) to pull out of the date. Marvel is good at that 🙂. Maybe an aggressive advertising campaign can make Paramount blink. Not that its gonna crush Thor 4? They will both cancel each other out, and only see moderate success. Cruise also happens to be big in China, while Thor is not. That bothers me...but on the same token, Marvel is big in the US, and Cruise isnt. So I see a "draw".
  11. I had this as the climax to a 4-movie franchise, but people are talking about another Kong and Godzilla solo release. I don't know where they can go from here...already done KOTM...a remake of baby Godzilla? Where Kong ended up could set up a possibility for Kong 3... One dud, 2014 Godzilla. That team forgot to actually put Godzilla in the movie 🙂. Overall this will be a great franchise on the home market for years to come.
  12. I tell you what, the villains may have been crazy, but their plan would have WORKED if
  13. The sizes...I wondered how Kong could be the same size as Godzilla? It more like they...resized Godzilla to Kong's Size. If Kong is able to be that means he's still Skull Island size. It's Godzilla that the CGI team re-sized. Beautiful job by the CGI teams. This is why I've always wanted Legendary Pictures to do a Thor film 🙂. Marvel does CGI, but theyre a costume and makeup studio at heart. So the Thor films have been frugal in the effects. They've avoided Thor characters that would be too CGI heavy. You gotta have CGI to bring Thor's world, and monstrous enemies to life. Thor 3 scratched the surface. The giant Surtur swinging his sword out the 3D picture at the end in Ragnarok was very impressive 🙂. I was like, these guys are getting it now! But I know in my heart that Legendary would go bonkers with Thor's giant foes, like the Midgard Serpent. Legendary has always been totally on board with CGI, no matter how expensive!
  14. Can I say this here? That's the first time I have ever seen Godzilla It's really Kong Skull Island 2, guest staring Godzilla for most of the film, so be prepared for that. People complaining about the human guys, but there was one unhinged fella that kept their scenes funny and interesting 😂. Alright so: 1. GvK 2. KOTM 3. (2.5 really) Skull Island 4. Godzilla 2014
  15. Thanks. Waiting for the 3D viewing to start in about 30 minutes. AMC doesn't do IMAX 3D anymore...just IMAX flat. 3D is the best option for a sci-fi 3D fest like this 🙂 I got KOTM slightly ahead of Skull Island. Rodan coming out of the volcano and taking flight, to hurricane force winds 🙂...King Ghidorah, MORE Godzilla in the movie this time... Skull Island comes up a close second, via Samuel L Jackson's villain 😂. The look on his face, as he thought he burned Kong to death 😂 The first Godzilla comes up a distant dead last...the director came up with a brilliant idea of a Godzilla movie without Godzilla IN it 🙂. It's just two monsters fighting, why don't we show something else while that's going on 🙂 That stinker may have dampened anticipation for KOTM.
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