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  1. Blumhouse specializes in low budget, bloodless, mainstream friendly horror films. "A ghost!!". A slamming door, the fog machine, evil spirits... I've accused them of killing off true horror in the past 🙂. Every once in a while, they'll take on a truly violent rated R production. Hopefully the performance of this film will nudge them away from the glorified amusement park haunted house attractions they pump out.
  2. He's a mindless murder machine! His instincts are, find something that's alive and breathing. Repeatedly plunge his current blunt/bladed weapon into it, until it stops breathing 🤣! Then wander off to find something else alive! He's not supposed to be capable of formulating strategy 🤣! Which is why 🤣
  3. Michael Myers is notoriously a mindless killing machine. See something that's alive, keep plunging the equipped weapon into it, until it stops moving 🤣. Yet, he's self aware enough to 🤣
  4. Huh huh huh...huh huh huh....huh huh huh 🤣... 2018 Villain List through mid Oct 1. Thanos/Ebony Maw (Infinity War) runner up: Michael Myers (Halloween 2018) 3. Skeletor (First Purge) 4. Killmonger( Black Panther) Slow start, but the second half more than made up for it 🤣 , huh huh huh 🤣
  5. Phew...what is this, the 5th or 6th bomb for Hemsworth, outside of the mcu? Dude, sign that Thor extension 🤣
  6. They may wind up bumping Goosebumps 2's numbers up, the theater was PACKED with families tonight. Original was better of course, but it was fun.
  7. If its Carnage, wouldnt that be too similar, to the villain in THIS movie?! Another Symbiote baddie?
  8. "WE can do whatever WE want" 🤣 Weird, two movies can come out not too far from each other, and be so similar...its as if someone worked on one film while spying on the other, and liked the idea and "borrowed" it 🙂. Venom is UPGRADE, from earlier this year?! Instead of a computer chip talking to the guy in his head, and assisting him in giving beat downs to foes, it's the Symbiote! Captain Marvel is appearing to be Man of Steel 🤣! The hero arrives first, followed by the enemies! Anyway, Tom Hardy will have you in STITCHES, when he's struggling with the changes the Symbiote is doing to his mind and body 🤣🤣. It didnt deserve the total thrashing it got from reviewers (#me too inspired, to help A Star is Born?), and I'm glad it still opened to 80M.
  9. Smart move by Feige. Leave Guardians 3 in limbo for a while, let cooler heads prevail. Smh...we all know what was going to happen. The new director would be the whipping boy for the Gunn fans angry over the firing. Marvel likes to bring in indie film directors, giving them a shot at a blockbuster, and it would be unfair to them to be put in that spot. Possible mailed in performances from the actors, in support of Gunn. There may even be an attempted boycott. I say quietly cancel it, and avoid an ugly situation, but Feige's got balls. Theres ways to cancel it without officially canceling it 🙂. Well, you keep pushing production back. Then, Variety has a footnote on a new article, that it was canceled 🙂.
  10. Odd...knowing his father's legacy, the son makes an R-rated, raunchy...maybe theres some ulterior motive (money) I'm not aware of, who knows. If my father was Jim Henson, would I have risked that legacy, with something like this? No. The farthest I would have gone is PG-13.
  11. You almost have to do a sequel, with that twist ending...it was an Infinity War type ending 🙂
  12. I'm gonna be right on that blu ray, that's all that matters...I loved it: Awesome movie, cant wait to see it again, in the right format IMAX.
  13. After streaming and blu ray markets, its gonna get a lot of cable action. Animal Planet, SyFy, Turner Networks, USA, etc. People brought their kids, and they loved the wolf. The advertising for the film didnt help. It was portrayed as a joyous buddy movie. That song, they're playing in the water...instead on the grim survival adventure film that it actually was.
  14. Best movie I've seen all year, maybe a couple years. Infinity War, Deadpool, that stuff...I'm not watching that for an oscar worthy experience 🙂. The 96 minute run time told me it was going to feel brief, and that was my only gripe. But it was beautifully shot, and they built an emotional bond, in a survival adventure. I didnt have time to go to the larger AMC, so I had to settle for a standard 3D viewing at the smaller location. So I feel like I didnt see it in the right format. The IMAX screen oddly went to Mile 22 at this location... I'm gonna see it again, in the IMAX format.

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