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  1. Tyrese is the one talking, but assure you, there are others among the F&F regulars, who feel the same way. Notice no one is stepping up to side with The Rock against Tyrese? There was a half hearted statement from Vin...other than that there's crickets 🙂... But the regulars, that were there from the start, are unified in staying together. Tyrese is taking the role as the mouthpiece.
  2. The Rock is a moral victory type of guy 😂. H&S is the highest domestic opening OTHER then Disney or Marvel this year. That's like saying The Warriors would be world champs, if The Raptors weren't there 😂. The Raptors ARE here, and they ARE the champs! H&S catching dust! The highest audience rating of all the F&F movies...we all know what the REAL approval metric is 😂...$$$...and H&S is coming up 3rd or 4th! It's the tactic of creating a worthless "sub catagory", to proclaim yourself the greatest 😂😂
  3. Where's the gay porn scene? I know it's there, he likes this 🙂...he's got some a-listers with the power to veto, the only thing that could have stopped this 🙂...
  4. Natalie Portman as lady Thor...how will they make this work...Portman is, how can put this, "vertically challenged" 🙂. She's not the most physically intimidating, so her casting as an astrophysicist was perfect. Lady Thor in the comics suggested someone a little more statuesque, like a Charlize Theron or Cate Blanchett. Or even the Sif actress, Jaimie Alexander! Tessa Thompson has height issues as well 🙂. But they sorta made that work...
  5. Jake Gyllenhaal's ra-ra speech to his underlings at the bar, was all that was needed, to cement his place as the new #1 villain of 2019 😂😂 Then he goes on to "direct" his show, ordering his underlings to produce only the greatest performance, to leave no doubt that he is the new hero of the people 😂😂
  6. I think this film is being underestimated. It won't do The Meg numbers of course, but it will surprise the analysts.
  7. Django and Hateful Eight had a male gay porn vibe in some scenes...I wondered, is this a thing with this guy? Researched his past movies, it IS a thing with this guy... Not my cup of tea...there's a scene in the trailer, with Leonardo and Brad, that heavily suggests that Tarantino is doing that again.
  8. 😂...Charlize Theron's "Cipher", the co-villain of 2017 (Hela, Captain Salazar), is returning, huh huh huh 😂...
  9. Gonna see it again in what I believe is the proper format for those amazing illusion sequences, 3D. I'll have to sit through the first 75% of the movie...a Tom Holland comedy, with no sign of Spider-Man...😴...before Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio becomes unhinged, and saves the entire movie. Oh, shoot, AMC...the nearby theater has only two 3D showings, the first at 3:45PM (add 17 minutes for previews, to 4:02PM), a lot later than I wanted. OT Sunday Morning. I'd get out the theater around 6:15... It's the bigger AMC further away, that is playing the 3Ds throughout the day, starting at 10AM. Freak it, I'll have to do that 3:45PM, quickly get back home, prepare for tomorrow morning, and most importantly sleep 🙂. ...know what? Now I'm thinking about getting up early enough to make one of the early 3Ds at the large AMC 🙂. I'm gonna do that. The smaller AMC has been messing up, not having the cheddar gourmet popcorn, to mix with the caramel 🙂. The seats are better there too. Then I can get home early, relax, and not have to rush to get everything done, so I can get enough sleep. I'd be ready to go to sleep too, after getting up early 🙂!
  10. Pass... Tarantino...has a fetish for...gay porn...and likes to shove in your face in his movies. There's a scene in the trailer, involving DiCaprio and his stunt double Pitt, and the dialogue suggested there will be another one of these cringey, distasteful scenes. If it's two hot women making out, I,'m all for that 🙂. He prefers the, uh, other kind of...so, I'm not interested...
  11. 2019 villain list, through early July 1. *new*Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio (Spider-Man: Far From Home) 😂 Runner Up: King Ghidorah (Godzilla 2) 😂 3. Samuel L Jackson's Mr Glass (Glass) 4. Thanos (Avengers: Endgame) 5. Chucky (Child's Play 2019) 6. Ma (Ma) 7. Rodan (Godzilla 2)
  12. One more movie? You figured that out, after the mid-credits scene 🙂? Anyway, at the time I arrived at the theater, standard version was the only one early enough to see. I want to see it again in 3D, for the illusion sequences. A Spider-Man movie without Spider-Man actually in it 🙂...sucks, but Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio is so great, which will allow me to sit through this Tom Holland comedy again, to get to the wonderful illusion scenes. Also, the way they tied this in to Infinity War and Captain Marvel was weird...they made the assumption that you already saw those two films. They show footage of the students turning into dust, calling it the "blip" or something, yet no mention is made of Thanos. If this is your first MCU movie, someone has to explain to you what this blip is all about. Secondly, they never explain who the Skrulls are...its assumed that you saw Captain Marvel...
  13. Good and bad... The good first. Sony, not Marvel/Disney, may have created (and killed off) the greatest villain ever in the MCU, including Thanos-Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio 😂. Knocks off King Ghidorah for the current 2019 villain of the year. If you've seen Gyllenhaal's freelance photographer in Nightcrawler, it was no doubt he'd be a great unhinged villain 😂. When Spider-Man first battles Mysterio, its an AWESOME effects sequence, casting doubt on what's real and what isnt 😂 From that point on, the producers play mind games with the audience. Can this guy be trusted, or is this a Mysterio illusion? The bad...Marvel Studios gets off on making 99% of the movie about the actor, and only 1% the costumed superhero, that you're in the theater to see...and their influence is here clearly. It's a Tom Holland movie, with merely a cameo from the BILLION dollar merchandise moving iconic red suit! I dont get why Marvel Studios does this...dont they think the kids coming to the movie are there to actually SEE Spider-Man? Are they trying to sell the movie to audiences outside the fanbase that is getting them a billion per movie?! Are they trying to sell the movie to critics and the oscar committee, so they limit the superhero in spandex? It's like they embarrassed to make it a superhero movie! There's an initial battle with the water monster. Tom Holland fights that entire thing as TOM HOLLAND, not Spider-Man. He's in street clothes firing the web slingers. Marvel Studios loves doing this! The guys are in street clothes, unmasked... Theres another fight with the fire beast. Okay, he's in a get up, but it's still NOT the merchandise moving red suit! It's a black ninja outfit! He confronts Mysterio, and he's STILL not in the suit! It's still the ninja thing! Whoa finally the red suit appears, but it's only part of that INCREDIBLE illusion sequence I mentioned earlier! It wasn't real! Finally...the last 1% of the movie, they decide, hey why dont we put Holland in that red suit that's making Marvel more money than every superhero, including DC's, combined 😂! If you're a Tom Holland fan, well, you'll love this movie! If you're a spider-man fan...red/blue suit, white eyes lenses-I'm preparing you for a massive disappointment! That being said, Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio still saves the movie, as the new #1 villain of 2019 so far! Grade? Gyllenhaal, and a great illusion scene brings it up to B+. If he's not in the movie, C+!
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