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  1. You see, when Disney does something, its gonna be done RIGHT 🙂. That Star Wars show on Disney+ has big budget special effects. They didnt avoid anything that required too much CGI work and costs. Marvel, unless its the big Avengers film production, has always been more on the frugal side, especially their TV and streaming stuff. The TV shows, excluding Inhumans, featured grounded characters, in which they could get away with tv level production. The Netflix shows...grounded characters, effects kept low... I BET you...those Disney Marvel streaming shows will feature slightly below movie level production and effects 😂! Look at that Star Wars show! The effects are somewhere between premium cable and movie level! The Loki series will INCLUDE the various nine realms monsters, mutants and freaks that were avoided by the Marvel Studios movies! I've wanted Legendary Pictures to do Thor, but Disney may get the job done 😂
  2. I liked the movie...but if they plan on continuing with this franchise, they need to realize that T2 is OVER. It's not happening again. This is the third attempt to make T2 happen again. Go in a new direction. Move things forward. Stay in the future. Go into SPACE! 300 years from now, the machines have colonized all the planets of the solar system. There's plenty they can do to inject something new.
  3. The little sister too 🙂. Be aware...the movie draws a young teen crowd. They were mostly behaved at my screening, just some talking, the young girls with the B word at the female stars 🙂...
  4. Is the movie gonna scare you? No. But the producers have a talent for memorable supporting characters that steal the show 😂. I would suggest seeing this for the cellphone shop clerk (😂), priest, and doctor 😂. Reminds me of the first Happy Death Day, in that it was more memorable for the comedy than the actual horror.
  5. You see the Zombieland 2 movie? I wanted Maleficent 2, but AMC has a new thing now, where some of the screenings are captioned, a huge visual distraction for me. Anyway, Zombieland 2 has some fun with Terminator 2: Judgement day 😂. The new "upgraded" zombie...😂...is called the "T-8000", and is much harder to kill than the lesser zombies 😂.
  6. I gotta ask...the years have not been kind to Linda Hamilton...wow...what happened? I'm sorry, that's more than just age...theres gotta be some alcohol abuse, maybe drugs...
  7. Is it me, or has this gotten a major special effects upgrade from the original?
  8. The Rock is quite possibly the worst actor of this new millennium 😂. Another comically dry performance...
  9. Remember the trailer guys for Genisys spoiling one of the biggest heel turns in the history of cinema, John Connor 😂?!
  10. I'm rooting for Will here. He was the biggest movie star in the world at one point. Then that monumental collapse. After Earth, in which he made a movie so his son could star, really turned the audience(and critics) on him. He was in limbo for a while. He appears to be making somewhat of a comeback. This is looking like mild misstep, but he's got Bad Boys Forever(?) coming, which is sure to be a hit.
  11. I'm seeing it Saturday. If not, Sunday definately. Just looks interesting.
  12. I carry a back sack, for my tablet? This is the first time I've ever had it checked. They're this worried about violence during this movie?
  13. What is this supposed to be? Is this leading to a clash with Batman in the sequel? Or is this just a one-shot?
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