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  1. OdinSon2k14

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    Is this the biggest blunder, since they spoiled one if the biggest heel turns in the history of the cinema, John Connor, in the Terminator Genisys final trailer 😂? It's what happens when you have too many cooks in the kitchen! To many chiefs! Far From Home should have obviously been released around Nov/Dec. If you saw Infinity War, and you're watching this trailer...you're wondering how is Spidey and Fury here, and what is this happy jolly high school movie going on here 😂! It's supposed to be kept DOOM AND GLOOM, until after Infinity War! Half of everyone is DEAD! Sony, not beholden to Marvel/Disney, has their OWN agenda, to get summer box office money 😂! So they release it 2 months after Ininity War, the trailers overlap...smh...and you're spoiled as to the fate of Spidey and Fury! BTW...are the "Elementals" shown in the trailer, the aftermath of Infinity War? Like, did they come out of the microverse of something? The old tricks, to satiate an actor's ego 😂...of course Jake will spend 99% of the movie without the fishbowl helmet on, LOL
  2. I enjoyed the movie, but the ending puzzled me.... Endings a little weak, but one of the better movies this year.
  3. About to check out The Mule, which I should have seen last week, instead of Bumblebee, which blew donkey balls 😴👎. Let's make a Tranformers film from the E.T. script!
  4. They were going for an ET type of thing? The kid and the alien? Totally missed what a Transformers movie is about. 👎😴
  5. Like, wow...if this is the change people wanted, from the Bay movies? Be careful what you wish for. It was a snoozefest, no wonder the critics loved it. You cant trust their opinions on blockbusters like this, because they detest action and CGI. The RT score in the high 90's suggested sleeping pill, but I went against my better judgement. For example, Aquaman has more CGI and action, got an RT score in the 60's-and it was 10X more entertaining than Bumblebee.
  6. Eh...I was much more impressed with Aquaman this weekend. Should have known something was up, with all the critics liking a CGI-fest. Very SLOW...they were going too hard for Rotten Tomatoes points. It's more of a teen/highschool/YA romance movie, that just happened to have some Bumblebee scenes in it. It fully becomes a transformers movie at the VERY end. I guess you can include the Cybertron intro. There was a giggly, Marvel Studios type audience. Okay, it was a joke, meant to be funny-but it wasnt THAT funny 🙂. If you're going to the theaters tomorrow, I'd suggest Aquaman first.
  7. I dunno...the animation looked...odd at times...it was nicely drawn? But when the characters moved, it looked like the frame rate was low. Wasnt exactly "choppy"? But...almost choppy.
  8. You're low-balling Aquaman 🙂. I can easily see 85+.
  9. Double header today. Mortal Engines Matinee, Spider-verse. I'm interested in The Mule too, but I'll have to do that next time.
  10. Marvel is so TIGHT with their footage, that you learn to stop waiting (it's like watching paint dry), and just get on with your life, and whenever something comes, it comes. You'll be waiting with anticipation for MONTHS, up to like the 12th hour before release. WB/DC, Sony, and FOX are only too happy to show off months before release. I heard the trailer was coming, then Saturday I realized it was out. A day late. I just happened to do a routine check of the comic movie site. There was so much other stuff going on this weekend, that secretive Marvel got lost in the shuffle. Oh well...almost nothing... Thing was, Black widow..."creatures" in the universe. BEINGS 😂. That's the word, beings. Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, and Bruce Banner aren't creatures 😂.
  11. I was really at the theater to watch the Wilder vs Fury boxing match, and I saw this, to waste some time. Part horror movie, part redemption story. Thought it was okay.
  12. Geez, literally a million people and companies worked on this film...the end credits go on and on and on 🕐...
  13. OdinSon2k14

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    Not what I was expecting 🙂...the trailers promised 50% WWI, 50% zombie apocalypse. Its truly

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